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Feb 21, 2017 The Firearm Blog was recently provided the Taurus PT709 chambered 25 yards, I first loaded up my Glock 19 to establish a baseline of accuracy. I know that a lot of people bash Taurus and, to be honest, I was one of them until I picked this one up. 380 and 9mm and they have been great guns and very accurate. Taurus wouldn't win any awards for customer service, but I know they've made huge gains in improving that. It comes with a 12-round capacity magazines. The Taurus PT92 needed a little break-in to smooth out the action which resulted in the anodizing being removed (thereby exposing the softer metal) and the PT917 flat-out needed work. Pros: Perfect Accuracy Great FPS (328) and range (85 yds. From what I know, their flagship guns: PT92, PT1911, and Model 85 have  I love the 92 model guns. Second Taurus give a life time Warranty on its guns. I purchased it about a year after the 24/7 Compact came to market. The Taurus PT-100 has earned the following ratings for concealability, firepower, and overall suitability for concealed carry by persons with a valid CCW permit. 97 QuickView Beretta vs Taurus. I would own either though, I only got the Taurus because I got an AMAZING deal on it. For more information on how these numbers are calculated, please visit the Concealed Carry Factors™ information page. Taurus PT92 Green Laser Rod. patreon. The Taurus PT92 has horrible accuracy - but read on My friend had one and tried to get rid of it for years because it shot so bad. After roughly 300 rounds it has handled most ammo with almost no problems. This Automatic Pistols Assembly/Disassembly download makes it simple, thanks to author J. This big service pistol is the spitting image of the Beretta Model 92FS (with a few improvements) and sells for $100 to $150 less than the glamorous Italian’s price tag. I have a Taurus PT92 that has almost 35,000 rounds logged through it. 025 ADS accuracy: 0. Reliability depends on if you buy a decent pt92 from the start, cz puts out a smaller lemon ratio. You are not logged in. Frame and slide of this pistol are made either from carbon steel with blue finish or stainless steel with polished finish. I watched "Shoot 'Em Up" again and noticed that one of the guns (a Taurus If you're passionate about Pistols/Handguns then we have something amazing for you. Magazines are much more available than the Taurus $549 at Academy (definitely not the only place I'll look) The Taurus PT92 is chambered for 9×19 mm Parabellum ammunition. The Taurus PT92 is based on the Beretta 92. Hello all, I am considering purchasing a Taurus PT92, but I am concerned about the accuracy of the fixed sights on it, especially since the muzzle end of the barrel has a little bit of wiggle room within the slide (or at least the one I played with the other day did) Taurus TX22 – Magazine Capacity, Light Weight, Concealable. The Beretta barrel is also marginally more accurate. I recommend you peruse fnhipower. The KJW (not the KWC) I bought is fantastic. As with all Taurus safety and security innovations, the indicator in no way interferes with the operation of your pistol and is provided at no extra cost, but gives you an “at-a-glance” verification that there is a round in the chamber. Taurus PT92 Green Laser Rod Features:- Closest proximity to the bone for maximum accuracy- Pulsing . Taurus PT92c. Most notable is Taurus' specially designed, drop-hammer-forged, ordnance-grade alloy frame that won't crack or allow the slide to come off. I carried that PT92 with me everyday, everywhere, I traveled for 20 plus years. First thing the Taurus is better on then the Beretta [and I own both, an Italian made Beretta 92, and a Taurus PT92] is the frame mounted safety. Ergonomic style checkered rubber grips. com, and read up. The Simmons 42mm. Swing in to your LGS and closely examine them both, hold them side by side, and feel the difference in quality, and you very easily can feel the difference in quality between the two. $46. With modern alloys, polished engineering, and new calibers (like the . . Plus. The gun came with two 17-round magazines for plenty of firepower. I have a friend that says stay away from taurus but i know taurus bought the beretta factory years back and is making the 92 model just like beretta did only cheaper. Rock Island Armory Taurus PT92/99 Magazine 9mm Luger 17 Rounds Steel Blued 49299 Rock Island Armory Taurus PT92/99 Magazine 9mm Lug Our Low Price $19. ) Good Weight Using Beretta mags in this gun will cause the sear and internals to be tripped causing the gun to fire when the magazine is removed- I heard this from the owner at my local gun shop. My Taurus PT92 has been one of the best values I have found in this price range. It felt a little more solid than the PT92. What a fun pistol to shoot! The "Compact" is as large as most other manufactureers "full size" models. I have a PT99 and, except for the cheesy rear sight that kept coming apart during firing, it has been a good gun. You can carry it cocked and locked if you want to carry that way. (likes cor-bon's and silver-tips the best) Only thing I didn't care much for was the trigger. Thousands of rounds later, has never failed to feed or fire, and is more accurate than I. So DO NOT use Beretta mags with this Taurus PT92. I load for them and they are not fussy about what I feed them. Taurus' PT92 is a close copy of the Beretta 92 series that has been around for decades, but has been improved again and again. Taurus PT99AF. I'm looking to replace my Taurus PT92, and I came across a gent who's willing to take $385 for his Beretta 92 and 5 hi-cap mags. The triggers and action are still better on the Berettas, but rounds down range can help the Taurus. It is just as accurate and reliable as its full size counterparts too. I could not disagree more. The PT92 is a recoil-operated, locked breech pistol that fires 9mm rounds. Dunno about accessories, though I'll warn you that the PT92's don't accept the same mags as the M9 (Beretta 92's), so watch for that. Having said that, in the 90's I owned a Taurus PT99 (adjustable sight 92). I can't speak to any other PT92/Beretta 92 owners, but if you try that ninja  Oct 22, 2012 The Taurus PT92, with a 17+1 capacity of 9mm ammo, is ready for . [] Home Home Size comparison: Ruger LCP 380 pistol (left), Taurus PT22 Poly (right). Originally, the PT92 was an exact copy of the Beretta 92 however has since seen various tweaks and upgrades. What Is Alloy? National Match Grade replacement barrels for the Taurus PT92 and PT99. How do you compare CZ 75B to Taurus PT92? Thank you Mr. Designed to Protect. The Beretta definitely has a superior track record having served the U. With accessory rail for tactical lights. The Taurus can be carried cocked and locked, a 'la the 1911/BHP. of 315 fps (using . You can also modify surplus M9 magazines if you're the brave fix-it-yourself type. Finally we got together because he wanted me to try it out. This is Taurus's signature firearm . Accuracy wise, the PT92 is dead on with a hold over picture at 25' You must have picked up the one that was put together at the end of the late shiftthat really sucks; I think I bought cars that were built on that shift. 95 Let's look at these one at a time. At Tuesday, August 14, 2007 9:07:00 PM, Mr. And we're We believe that quality, accuracy and reliability should never be sacrificed for the sake of  Shooting at 328 FPS (with . 40 S&W have had somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 to 5000 rounds through them. 40 S&W ammunition. If you can get the railed version (AF I think?) for $400 then its a deal compared to the beretta ($600-$700) For the standard model and usually older PT92's, the ideal price is $300-$350. My second Taurus pistol was a 24/7 Compact and it has also never had a failure of any kind. It's my go-to 9mm. The Taurus is very accurate shooting 124gr bullets. In doing so, Taurus kept what they felt was best about the original design and improved every other aspect of it. I picked it up in a trade recently and have fired about 150ish rounds out of it so far. Oversized on the breech face to remove all front and rear barrel play. I've put ~1000 rounds through my PT92 since I bought it in February or March. Most guns are more accurate than their users and it really takes a skilled shooter to bring out the true accuracy of the firearm. Bottom line is the Taurus PT92/99/100 offers very solid value esp if you can get one for under $300. Manufactured in Brazil, this beast was designed in the early 1980’s after Taurus acquired a factory from the Italian company. , but I have to say that I am pretty impressed with this Taurus. You are showing your internet kneejerk reaction by Taurus-bashing. Ambidextrous firing controls. Taurus has been making small semi-auto 22 Long Rifle and 25 ACP pocket pistols for many years now. I love both. The PT92 is often kept as a loaner gun at training sites when custom 1911s fail. Taurus PT100, chambered for . However, while Taurus is still manufacturing the PT92 and all the full size variants, they no longer make the PT92c. Accuracy is as good as the Beretta if not better. share: What is the difference between 9mm I really like (for reasons unknown to me. Taurus CT9 Carbine. This is a well- rounded semi-automatic pistol with good range, accuracy, fire rate, and stopping power  Cybergun Taurus PT92 Spring Airsoft Pistol Kit. BIG Plus. Do you have a passion for shooting? Need a pistol for self-defense or Taurus PT92 Air Soft Gun shoots at 315 feet per second when used with . They are and have always been handy little small-caliber pistols suited for close range defense and plinking. Other than this, there is no real issue. The Taurus pt92 is a nice gun to play with but is nothing like a G19. Features: E+Right click to attach a suppressor Complete sounds & animations World models* HUD elements Stats: Damage: 25 Fire rate: 750 rpm Magazine capacity: 17 Hipfire accuracy: 0. Beretta built a facility in Brazil to build pistols for the Brazilian military and they sold it to Taurus once the contract was up. This gun is a full-scale replica of its famous Brazilian made firearm counterpart. Some people feel that the Taurus PT92 is actually an improvement over the Beretta 92FS. 40 S&W), the PT92 has kept pace with the passing years. You can find a really nice used one for $450 without too much difficulty. The Taurus is the copy (although I too, like the safety location better on the Taurus). White 3-dot fixed sights. Are there things I don't care for? Sure. I paid $275 for it a few years ago, and they are still available in the $300 dollar range. Outstanding accuracy improvements with both lead and jacketed bullets. Accuracy is good, however the fixedsites are less than desirable. Shop around and you can find a good deal on a beretta. That said, IMO the only reason to choose the Taurus over the Beretta outside of price considerations is if you hate/refuse to have a slide-mounted safety (not an issue for me, but I know it is for some). It is rock solid, easy to shoot, ergonomic, loaded with features, and comes at a great price point. To evaluate the handgun's accuracy, I tested it from a pistol rest at 25  Jul 20, 2017 In today's review, we're gonna be looking at the PT92, Taurus' pretty low and there's pretty good control, this gun provides solid accuracy. Accuracy is going to depend how well you shoot either. berettas are getting almost as cheap as the Taurus. Other innovations include a three-position frame-mounted ambidextrous safety, which is more secure than a slide mounted safety, Taurus wouldn't win any awards for customer service, but I know they've made huge gains in improving that. Available in standard factory length, extended lengths, threaded or ported. My PT92 came in a Taurus black cardboard logo box with no frills. 6 inches, and weighs 34 oz unloaded. Taurus PT92, Semi-Automatic, 9mm, 5" Barrel, Fixed Sights, 17+1 Rounds. Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. The Taurus PT-92 AF is the railed, fixed-sight version of the Brazilian gunmaker’s longest-running bestseller. 100% reliable and great looking too. Assoicates that own PT92s and our local Gun shop owner speak highly of the PT92/101s in reliability and accuracy and they have owned there guns almost as long as I have the 92sf. So I rolled by Academy on my way home and compared the Beretta 92FS and the Taurus PT92. accurize pt92, accurize taurus 99, accurizing taurus pt92, how to accurize pt92 taurus, pt 92 accurizing, pt92/99 accuracy part, taurus 99 accurizing, taurus magazines pt92/96, taurus pt 99 skeletonized hammer, taurus pt92 gunsmithing, taurus pt92 skeletonized hammer, taurus pt99 accurizing, taurus pt99 gunsmithing, ways to accurize the taurus The Taurus PT-92 AF is the railed, fixed-sight version of the Brazilian gunmaker’s longest-running bestseller. B. com)- -I stopped by the Taurus booth at SHOT Show to see what might be new. 5 inches, a height of 5. The Taurus PT92 double/single action pistol was a pleasure to shoot and I typically would put 250 – 300 rounds through it in a session. here is a pic of my recently bought taurus pt92 afs. completely for the wonderful article about PT92. The accuracy is on the verge of stellar. 2)The Taurus cannot use Beretta mags. Brazilian Taurus PT92 semi-automatic pistol for Garry's Mod. Completely said I own two Taurus handguns in . Easily user installed without the need for gunsmithing or special tools. Army, and this one after the Taurus PT92 (the Taurus version of the Berretta), so this would be perfect for airsoft combat, target practice, of a Uniform cosplay/outfit. $329. Shooters could choose between the compact convenience of a handgun, or the range and effectiveness of a rifle, depending on the situation. The gun has full trademarked Taurus logos on the grips & barrel. The BAX system provides enhanced accuracy at greater distances while maintaining power and velocity. The Taurus PT92 is a semi-automatic pistol manufactured by the Brazilian company Forjas Taurus SA. Included: Sample package of airsoft BBs & manual This Taurus PT92 spring pistol is HPA stands for Heavy, Powerful, and Accurate, which describes this pistol  LaserMax Guide Rod Mounted Green Laser for Beretta 92/96, Taurus PT92, PT99, PT100, PT101 . This is a discussion on Beretta vs Taurus within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I'm thinking of buying a Beretta 92FS. I shot countless trouble free rounds through that gun for the better part of the decade. Accuracy was well within my expectations for a 3″ barreled pistol. Feb 5, 2013 The most well-known, and arguably the most solid, is the Taurus PT92. The pistol features a full slide and frame & pin Up Accuracy System, a 15 rd ABS plastic magazine and a shot velocity of 279 fps (using . More recently (as of 2005), Taurus has begun manufacturing the PT92 with a thicker trigger guard hook and built-in accessory rails on the frame, a feature found on the newer Beretta M9A1, a military upgrade of the Beretta 92 from which the PT92 is derived. . They are solidly built designs - without the slide cracks and toggle block failures that have always been an issue with the M9. You need BHN 15 alloy for a load level that cycles the PT92. The 856 also has serrated ramp front/fixed rear sights and a transfer bar safety. However a few years ago, Taurus was offering to do trigger jobs and new wolf springs for around $70, so jumped on it. IMHO, the 92/99-series guns are the best semi-autos Taurus makes. As a small family owned business we have moved into the market to fill the need for quality performance parts for these fine pistol lines. Sub-Sonic 9mm ammo usually delivers excellent accuracy, and it was  In 1980, Taurus purchased the Beretta factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil "lock, Please verify this picture accurately reflects the product described by the title and   It's in our Taurus® DNA to get the job done and do it right. Which model did you have in mind? Which is the most accurate hand gun 9mm or 22cal? Both can be equally accurate. But big and heavy make for a soft shooting, accurate and dependable 9mm duty   Aug 28, 2017 The Beretta 92 has firmly established itself as an accurate and reliable pistol Many people believe that the Taurus PT92 is a recreation of the  The Taurus company developed a number of its own tweaked versions of this popular Italian The Taurus PT92 is reliable, accurate and reasonably priced  I heard bad things about Taurus guns that were made 20 years ago, but . I don't own a PT92 but I've owned a 92SF for 25 years and 5 other Berettas along the way they are really good guns. i have to say, i absolutely love this gun! The PT92 has never failed in over 30 years of use. The Taurus PT92 is a decent cheap gun popular with gang bangers, the Beretta 92FS is one of the finest 9mm pistols in existence. 12g BBs) and the BAXS hop-up lets you dial in improved accuracy at long range distances. Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by stitchclimber, Apr 2, 2008. Clean and maintain your Taurus Model PT92. Never a single problem with mine, it feeds everything I feed it and puts it where I aim. Particularly the slide mounted safety. Officers that began to carry them beginning in the early to mid 80s and worked for the department I trained at, were required to fire 600 rounds a year and many carried them their whole career. They are The grip is longer than the above models, almost the same length as a PT92. New videos most Tuesdays - SUBSCRIBE fo Taurus PT92 Wrap Around Grip. Taurus 709 Slim Holster · Full-sized Holsters For The Taurus PT92 · Best Taurus 738  Order the Taurus PT92 9mm Stainless Fixed Sights 17rd with Rail online and save. My PT92 and my son's Taurus PT92 clone in . I have both. A lighter version of the PT99 with lightweight alloy frame. Apr 1, 2016 The Taurus PT-58 is closely modeled on the Beretta Cheetah. The Taurus PT92 is a full-sized semi-automatic pistol made in Brazil. The Taurus safety is frame mounted. For this occasion he bought some new factory ammo to use instead of the cheap gunshow reloads he was using. But I have had other Taurus/Rossi products that were not so good. Designed specifically for use in Beretta 92 and 96, M9, M9A1, M9A3 and Taurus PT92, PT99, PT100, and PT101 pistols, the LMS-1441G replaces the factory spring guide assembly with a high intensity green laser sighting system for advanced target acquisition. Arizona-(Ammoland. Some folks and gun shops knock Taurus firearms, but I like them. While Beretta and Taurus magazines aren't interchangeable, there are plenty of aftermarket options out there for the PT92 in capacities from 10 to 30 or more. Taurus PT 92 vs Beretta 92. beretta 92fs vs taurus pt92 I love the 92 model guns. 1)The frame is aluminum alloy, while I prefer steel. The Taurus PT92/99 are made on Beretta tooling left in Brazil after Beretta completed a military contract there. The Officer and Commander are both chambered in 45ACP and offer consumers all the features of a modern 1911 without the modern price tag. But that’s ok. It features soft rubber grips, while the double/single action increases speed and accuracy for follow-up shots. In 1980, Taurus purchased the Beretta factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil "lock, stock and barrel" and immediately sought to improve on the Beretta design, resulting in the popular and acclaimed Taurus 92 and 99 9mm pistols. S military servicemen and law enforcement officers, and military units all over the globe. If you're comparing you firing your PT92 to your friend firing his Beretta 92, you're probably just a better shooter. In fact I own several, Glock, Kimber, Smith & Wessson, etc. \\r\\nOther than the mags, this pistol is amazing. The Taurus is well-made, and for its price, it gives the Beretta a run for its money. Wood's expertise, step-by-step instructions and crisp photography. I chose a Taurus PT92 9mm. The Crosman P30T is modeled after the Berretta M92FS semi-automatic pistol, the standard side-arm of the U. I would go with a beretta if you want a gun in that platform. It's one of the most accurate guns I've ever owned and the sight is spot-on. The Taurus PT92 magazine has a capacity of 17+1 rounds. Check out our new Patreon Account: https://www. show signs of wear but is in very Guns International makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of the information contained in Taurus made several 9mm handguns. The lifetime warranty helped make my decision alot easier too. 005 Material penetration: 9 Ammo type: pistol (default pistol ammo in Gmod) Credits: Taurus provides a loaded chamber indicator on all new compact, medium and large frame pistols. [and I own both, an Italian made Beretta 92, and a Taurus PT92] is the frame mounted safety. Beretta: The Safety/decocker location sucks, but I'll be carrying an M-9 on duty, so I might as well keep the same set up. 99% of the time the "accuracy" is dependent on the shooter, not the firearm itself. 00 USD. Accuracy wise, the PT92 is dead on with a hold over picture at 25' Jun 19, 2018 Shooting and discussing the Taurus PT92. When your bullets fit and are the right strength for your load level, your PT92 will shoot more accurately and cleaner with cast bullets than it does with jacketed bullets. i will add a video soon toojust saying it's too big to download at moment so will have to get around that problem. Find your air soft gun with airrattles huge selection of top rated rifles and pistols. Taurus PT92 Review of the operation, dependability and durability of the gun. what you'd expect it to be — a darn accurate copy of the Beretta 92. This model has a 2" carbon steel barrel and matte black metal finish. $449. I would buy another in a heartbeat. What do I do? Both are accurate good looking pistols so, . De cent quality and nice looking pistol. 50 National Match Grade replacement barrels for the Taurus PT92 and PT99. Jun 7, 2017 With a pistol as iconic as the Taurus PT92, it can be all too easy for some to Accuracy was quite good, particularly with the Black Hills load. com/hickok45 Hickok45 Store:  Taurus' PT92 is a close copy of the Beretta 92 series that has been around for decades, . Thanks for LIKING - it helps. Taurus in the past has been a leader in Taurus immediately began producing their own pistols, dubbing them the PT92 and PT99 (with adjustable sights). The rifle’s longer barrel boosted the cartridge’s velocity, range and effectiveness, while its stock, improved sights and longer sight radius significantly improved accuracy. It has an alloy frame with a stainless steel slide and a barrel length of 5 inches. While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images, descriptions and pricing for all products, inadvertent errors may occur. Precision machined from 4140 gun barrel certified material. Overall this pistol proved to be reliable. Taurus' 856 is ideal on-body or off-body carry, and home defense usage. as my starting point, for a couple of reasons, the first being that I happened to already have one. Beretta vs Taurus. Not exactly a carry-around gun, but a great range or home defense gun. 12g BBs). Shop KJW Full Size Taurus PT92 Licensed Airsoft Gas Blowback - Black This is a great M9 pistol by KJW, licensed by Taurus for Great accuracy and range. All of our products are proudly made in the USA to our specs and quality standards. Taurus themselves say that they made some improvements to the manufacturing and design of the pistol. The primary controls of the Taurus PT92 series are made up of an ambidextrous safety/decocker system, a slide-release lever and a magazine-release button located to the rear of the trigger guard. Taurus PT92 Pistol Build (Credit: TheTruthAboutGuns) The Taurus PT92 is a semi-automatic, short-recoil action handgun developed as a reproduction of the famous Beretta. The Beretta 92 barrel is chrome-lined, while the Taurus PT92 barrel is not. Taurus PT99, it is similar to the PT92, but has adjustable rear sight. Frame mounted integral Taurus Security System. S. Yeah, if you ask a question anywhere, you'll end up with several people offering good advice and one that offers some off the wall observation that, while may be true, is far from the 99+% of other users and owners. Taurus PT92 Safety and Reliability. The overall length of this gun is 8. For Beretta /Taurus 9mm, M9, 92FS, A1, 90-TWO - These 9mm are Interchangeable with 92FS, 98FS, 92D, PT92, PT99, 96G, 96D, 96EL, PT100, PT101, 1/2X28RH EFK Fire Dragon Threaded Barrels THESE ARE SOME OF THE FINEST PISTOL BARRELS MADE IN THE WORLD! I bought a KJW Taurus PT92 GBB Green Gas Pistol from you recently, I wanted to review the item in question on the relevant page however, I believe I bought the last in stock and the page ceased to be found. 12g BB's and has a maximum range of 44yards. Proximity to the bore provides maximum POA/POI accuracy Jun 8, 2019 If you are new to shooting, the Taurus 627 is a great choice. I own two Taurus handguns in . Taurus 92SS-17 PT92 17+1 9mm 5". Taurus PT92 Metal Slide Series Pistol in Pistols. This gun features BAXS shooting, the ultimate softair accuracy system. Simple take-down system. Just buy some MecGar mags for the PT92 and you\\\\\'re good to go. Overall, I'd say the Taurus PT92/99 is a good pistol, but you should reconsider the Hi-Power. The gun is heavy enough to have almost no muzzle flip, even with +p. ) when things are symmetrical. Other innovations include a three-position frame-mounted ambidextrous safety, which is more secure than a slide mounted safety, The spring-powered Taurus PT-92 airsoft pistol is a great all purpose gun that is suitable for anything from casual backyard plinking to intense airsoft skirmish warfare. The gun fires nicely no misfed rounds but not as accurate as i would like. taurus PT92 AF in 9mm. Taurus PT92 Wrap Around Grip Signature Grips feature a patented full wrap-around design and are mad. Is PT92 is excellent for rapid firing? Did any of you experience jam in PT92? I was about to buy PT92 but need to know more about that handgun. Taurus PT92C, a compact version with a shorter grip, barrel and slide. I had a taurus pt92afs years ago but now own a G19. BUT! Both of them were just as accurate and reliable as the other. Beretta's safety is slide mounted and difficult to use. Any smaller than a sliding fit reduces accuracy potential and increases leading potential. 328 FPS! Full Metal Taurus PT92 Spring Pistol Airsoft Gun - AirRattle - The finest selection of airsoft guns with the best customer service. I have a friend that says stay away from taurus but i know taurus bought the beretta factory years back and is making . So I'm reviewing it on this page instead as it is similar in sale price and model. Which is more reliable: the Beretta 92FS or the Taurus PT92? In terms of reliability and accuracy, the Beretta and Taurus seem to be on equal footing. The end result is the current Taurus PT92, officially designated the 92B-17. With military open-barrel design. Gun Details Taurus USA has been manufacturing 1911’s since 2005, and this year they released two new models based on Colt’s legendary designs. As well as the source for Smith and Wesson, Sig, Kel-Tec, Taurus, and Glock pistol performance parts. Not a fan of the proprietary mags. Three-position decocker/safety lever. In my opinion, the pistols are extremely similar, but the Taurus has one distinct advantage. this was taken just after a quick shooting session. Subscribe to our email newsletter today to receive updates on the latest news, upcoming events, useful tips and new products releases. Nov 5, 2012 And for the record, the Taurus was slightly more accurate than the . 12g BB's), the Taurus PT92 makes a great pistol for pistols on the market that is affordable, authentic, accurate and comes highly  For use in Beretta 92 and 96, M9, M9A1, M9A3 and Taurus PT92, PT99, PT100, firearm handling; Proximity to the bore provides maximum POA/POI accuracy  The Taurus PT92 is a Brazilian semi-automatic handgun. taurus pt92 accuracy

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