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Sport wushu has developed from traditional wushu and is presented to the world in the form of a modern Olympic-level sport with a perfect combination of ancient practices and modern sports principles. Wushu has two disciplines: Taolu (套路, forms) and Sanda(散打,sparring). It can also help individuals to excel at other sports and improve focus. There is a belt system, however, we will not recommend promotion if the student is not ready. He Teach Now Special Training In India. Advanced members may learn animal forms, weapons, and other styles. Advanced Wushu Techniques : The Wushu Technique for Pointing Staff by expertvillage. I’ve even fantasized about opening a wushu school specifically for nanquan specialists. Wushu therefore means the art of fighting, or martial arts. . The curriculum includes many styles of martial arts, with a comprehensive emphasis in Wushu and tradi The Chinese State Commission for Physical Culture and Sports took the lead in creating standardized forms for most of the major arts. This wushu form is a modern style derived from movements of these and other traditional southern styles. THE MOST AUTHENTIC TRAINING IN WUSHU IN THE CAPITAL REGION. View Mobile Site XMenReboot MCU Future GOT Quiz MCU Future GOT Quiz Deep stances were almost non-existent. Wushu is characterized by low, wide stances designed for mobility and protection. This is how the 5 stances   By Gajanand RajputSTRENGTHThe many stances of Wushu build leg and care muscle (abdominal & lower back) strength and the necessity of holding poses  Wushu i. Students should learn proper stances and learn muscle balance, but stances need to be practical. All forms contain most of these stances with small variations on height and position. These stances can be practiced for strength and stamina as well as flexibility and stability. These posters are available ONLY through us, by an exclusive arrangement between Sifu Fong and the performers. Wushu Bow Stance (gong bu) Position of feet and calves: The Stances are a highly fundamental part of all Chinese Martial Arts. The student This is one of the most versatile stances in Wushu. Wayland Li Martial Arts Centre teaches Wushu with a structured, training curriculum for kids, youths and adults. In addition to Empty hand forms, there are many weapons that are taught at the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy such as Broadsword, Staff and spear in addition to 2 person sets. Some of them have a bigger impact on your wushu than others. When the legs are stronger, forms practice will be better balanced and more stable. Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu is among the leading Chinese Martial Arts schools in southern California. 1) This class fully prepares all students to take on the non-weapon section of sash testing. The names for the stances might vary because some styles of Shaolin Kung Fu use different names for the same stance. Mahabodhi Kung-Fu. It is called mǎbù (馬步) in Chinese, kiba-dachi (騎馬立ち) in Japanese, kuda-kuda or kekuda in Malay and Indonesian, and juchum seogi (주춤 서기) or annun seogi (lit. Try to hold the horse stance for 30 seconds. Traditional Chinese Wushu techniques that are executed with efficiency (the patterns, stances, punching/ kicking/ grappling /trapping/ chin-na techniques, and   Q: What's the difference between “Kungfu” and “Wushu”? Wushu stances, kicks , punches, acrobats (balances, jumps, flips, falls, sweeps and throws…) Wushu  Oct 2, 2009 Wushu is a Chinese word that translates to "martial arts. Irrespective of the style of martial art you are performing, some basic stances are of pivotal importance. Stability is another key concern of Chinese martial arts, and the wushu stances reflect this sensibility. It also refers to the moderization of martial arts and the sport version. Wushu is a discipline, so everyday practice, interactions with other students and community are always measured. Located in Prefactured City of Dezhou within Shandong Province the school is just two hours from the capital Beijing by fast train. It was popularized in the 1990s and even until recently there has been several episodes and versions, including a movie shown last 2017. The sport of wushu is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts. Hung Gar stresses not only the development of external strength, but also internal energy at higher levels. Steve Stoval (tournament competition) Wushu stances, five key stances utilized in both contemporary wushu and traditional wushu; Wushu in Singapore,  San Diego Kung Fu, Wushu, Tai Chi, Xingyi, Bagua - China Certified Best School ! Jing Jing's Basic Wushu/Kung Fu Glossary Legs - Kicks and Stances Wushu is a generic term for all Chinese martial arts. Five stances begin movements. All real fights look like "street fights", no matter what training you have. Although wushu may seem difficult, given the large amounts of flexibility, strength, and training necessary to perfect the fanciful leaps and flips, there are a few basic moves that beginners may try out. Today, wushu is officially practiced in more than 120 countries around the world. You are required to do three basic Wushu stances which include the horse stance, the bow and arrow stance and finally the drop stance. Bow stance punch. Wushu is taught for body development and reaction skills. It is played in numerous styles; with weapons or with bare hands. All we need is to believe in the power within. Shaolin kung fu has these really hard stances, like the empty stance, the rest is the combat type of kung fu that is practiced along side wushu. All other stances used in Shaolin Kung Fu are basically just variations of these 5 basic stances. For example Taijiquan is a school of Wushu. Many students state that Wushu has put them in the best shape of their life, and many people also find Wushu an excellent way to stay fit and lose excess pounds. A form in the contemporary Wushu division must ONLY include techniques which originate from martial arts and like the Traditional Division, emphasis will be placed on execution of the techniques, application of the techniques, balance, speed, power, solid stances, and focus Spinning kicks, jump spinning kicks, flying kicks, multiple kicks Wushu is characterized by low, wide stances designed for mobility and protection. Five Stance Drill: Wushu/Northern Kung Fu; Hold Each Stance 30 seconds is a killer leg workout! More information Find this Pin and more on Health and Fitness by Angela Henning . Kung-fu stances 12. The word Wushu comes from a combination of two Chinese words: Wu means ‘war’ and Shu means ‘arts’. I have listed the most common names for these 5 basic stances. We can say that Wushu is an art of . Lastly, Wushu is an amazing way to develop friendships with interesting people that can last a life time. Chinese Wushu combines dynamic movements with aesthetic beauty to help Even the most basic stances, punches, and kicks help increase strength and  Shaolin Monastery Shaolin Kung Fu Wushu stances Chinese martial arts - shou tao 5052*1334 is about Pink, Calligraphy, Angle, Point, Text, Recreation, Line,  Wushu emphasizes detail, speed, power, and agility. Learn Wushu. Wushu = Chinese Martial Arts Wushu is the Chinese word for martial arts. 10 reviews of Wushu Unlimited "This is an awesome program for kids and adults! My son is currently in the afterschool program and is flourishing in wushu after only a few months. Shaolin Kung Fu is the merging of older Kung Fu techniques with Shaolin Boxing techniques, which were practiced by Shaolin monks in China. About the Tutorial. The feet are parallel, straight forward, and the knees are bent at 90 degrees. Jan 1, 2013 Wushu Club member Christopher Hoo (in blue) is in a drop stance, blocking himself with a pair of double broadswords; Ernest Wong (in  Wushu Shaolin Homepage. Studying various world martial arts and related artwork. Discover ideas about Martial Arts Workout. Wushu translates to English as “martial art” or “war art” and is the real definition of Chinese Martial Arts. It is practised by people of all ages and backgrounds for self-defence, health and mental discipline. 8 Basic Stances. Using Funakoshi’s precept – a student should learn deeper stances and focus on balance, but this should lead to relatively shallow stances as the student masters karate. Stances are a highly fundamental part of all Chinese Martial Arts. We print the highest quality wushu stickers on the internet Hello, I have a question related to the block skill included in the taichi fist set. Practically any part of the body can be used to strike. Kung Fu means ”work and time” and has been used to describe Wushu because of the time and work needed to achieve superior skill. Enjoy! Connect with… by janicehung Stances Kung Fu Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu Best Martial Arts Kung Fu Martial Arts Chinese Martial Arts Martial Arts Styles Martial Arts Workout Martial Arts Training Kung Fu Moves The Stances are a highly fundamental part of all Chinese Martial Arts. Visit. Wushu. Wushu is the discipline encompassing all Chinese martial arts. Stability is  While there are hundreds of different names for various Kung Fu stances (due to the multitude of different Kung Fu styles), the five basic modern Wushu stances  Basic Stances of Wushu Chinese Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Krav Maga Kids ,. Unlike Northern styles, nán quán focuses more on using the arms and full body rather than the legs and acrobatics. Same goes for Wushu. While there are hundreds of different names for various Kung Fu stances (due to the multitude of different Kung Fu styles), the five basic modern Wushu stances are as follows: He starts the Tai chi training with practising 3 kung fu stances: Ma bu, Gong bu, Pu bu, which I found really useful for tui shou. It was created in the People’s Republic of China after 1949, in an attempt to nationalize the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts. When practicing the martial arts, people often find the rules and principles easy to understand and next to impossible to manifest. Strikes in this sport consist of fingers, fists, elbows, forearms, shoulders and more. During this period, a national Wushu system that included standard forms, teaching curriculum, and instructor grading was established. Wushu (sport) The sport of wushu is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts. In this type of Wushu, the participants wrestle with each other using Wushu moves. Bryanna scolded him over and over to PAUSE and hit those stances and he DID!!! Go Justin 😁 😁 😁 We'd like to give our heartfelt thanks to all those who made this collegiates possible: To UCI Wushu, for organizing this huge competition, keeping it on time, and allowing it to happen for another year more. Be Unique. Wushu was introduced at both the high school and university level. Modern wushu = competitive wushu = modern longfist, broadsword, staff, straightsword, spear. Previously, wushu figured significantly in the simple matter of survival through China's many wars and political upheaval. This is how the 5 stances are done in modern wushu. ) as recognized by the International Wushu Federation (IWUF). Forms also become more graceful and beautiful. Originally developed as an all-encompassing philosophy, Kung Fu teaches physical, mental and even medical techniques. The 5 stances are the first things beginners should learn. The wushu practitioner must combine flexibility with strength, speed with flawless technique, fierce intent with effortless execution. September 14, 2018 ·. Wushu actually traditionally is not a school of martial art - it is just another way to say Chinese Martial Arts. The official Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu Online Distance Education Course reference manual includes the five basic stances, Wushu  Jun 23, 2018 Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu Online Distance Education Course. The term wushu has also become the name for a modern sport similar to gymnastics,involving the performance of adapted Chinese bare-handed and weapons forms (tàolù 套路) judged to a set of contemporary aesthetic criteria for points. Below are 8 Basic Stances taught in Shaolin but apply to ALL Styles at China Hand Kung Fu Academy System. (Figure 4). Modern wushu was made popular by Jet Li, who was a 5 time China wushu national champion before transitioning over to the big screen. *drool* So, after thinking things over for a while, I suppose the way I would approach nanquan training for beginners is something like this … Phase 1: Stances and Strikes In China, Wushu is a way of life and an integral part of Chinese culture. Hung Gar is characterized by strong stances as well as many types of powerful hand techniques based on animal styles. The tables below are sorted by strength (the strongest power level is at the top, the weakest is at the bottom). Keep practicing until you can stay in a horse stance for 3 minutes. The horse stance (sometimes called horse riding stance) is an important posture in Asian martial arts and takes its name from the position assumed when riding a horse. After introducing the fundamental stances, the entire primary taiji qigong set can be better understood. Wushu practitioners can compete in Taolu, a forms style competition, or in Sanda which is the Wushu term for sparring. Current Classes Schedule * Schedule will be updated every quarter. As I researched in internet I have seen that there are more stances. 13 Basic Training Forms for Shaolin. There are three stances in Gong Fu that are more prominent in Wushu and Kung Fu compared to any other style. The 5 fundamental stances; Basic kicks and punches; Basic combination movements; Beginner Longfist. 8 Basic Stances 8 Basic Stances. Beginner Wushu Techniques : Five Stances of Wushu by expertvillage. With wushu I realized that not all basic techniques are equal. Wushu is derived from Chinese martial arts. There are five main stances in Wushu and they are the Bow, Horse, Cross, Drop, and Empty stances. Posted on June 25, 2015 June 20, 2015 by alexcorne Whilst certainly appealing to Martial Artists, these stances can also be of interest to those interested in general fitness as they can be trained isometrically to improve strength and stretched to improve flexibility. More specifically, I was working on Wushu and Kung Fu stances (hence the title). EWUF is the only official Wushu organization in Europe responsible for managing all Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu, Kungfu, Taijiquan, Wingchun, Shuaijiao etc. ” The meaning behind the word encompasses everything to do with the art of fighting. Wushu stances's wiki: Stances are a highly fundamental part of all Chinese Martial Arts. Sanshou Judges Signals Learn some of the basic signals commonly seen in a wushu sanshou competition, and what each mean. Wushu Stances. Correct name for all styles of Chinese Martial Arts including modern, traditional, internal, external, weapons, competition, military etc. The Dazhong Wushu Team was set up in 201 3 and our members undergoes basic movements training (stances, kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps and throws) first before being taught to perform routines such as chang quan(长拳), sword(剑), broadsword(刀) , spear(枪) , cudgel(棍) and Southern Broadsword-Nan Dao(南刀). Learn About Stances for Kung Fu & Wushu Taolu (or Forms) This page will help you to learn about Kung Fu and Wushu stances for Wushu taolu (forms). There are lessons for beginners to advanced so there is something for everyone. Anyone can do Wushu! In contrast, wushu is a more precise term that refers to general martial activities. The Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu online distance education course for white belt features tutorials and instruction on the 5 basic martial arts stances, 4 basic Wushu stretch Kicks, and Wu Bu Quan 五步拳 also known as the Five Stance Form. Drop stance. Taolu involves wushu techniques that combines strikes, stances, jumps, sweeps, balances, and weaponry into a comprehensive routine performed by the practitioner. However, the flowing beauty of Wushu masks its potentially destructive power. Heng Dang Bu. What About Kung Fu? Modern wushu is composed of two disciplines: taolu and sanda. In traditional styles, the stances may be performed slightly different. Here's some basic Hand Forms and Stances. The purpose of the form is to train you in the STANCE even though there are hand movements to accompany the stance. Athletes perform routines (barehanded or with weaponry) based on specific rules, highlighting their athletic strengths. Shop wushu tank tops created by independent artists from around the globe. Horse stance training strengthens the muscles of the legs. Stability is a key concern of Chinese martial arts, and the wushu stances reflect this sensibility but other styles of kung fu prescribe a different protocol for “correct” stances. Mastering these five stances is essential for practicing Wushu forms, both external and internal. The training is taught by a number of coaches, and they are all… This short Wushu routine comprises the Five important stances of Chinese Martial Arts which are : Horse stance 马步 (Ma Bu), Bow Stance 弓步 (Gong Bu), Rest Stance 斜步 (Xie Bu), Crouch Stance 扑步 (Pu Bu) and Empty Stance 虚步 (Xu Bu). The Five Stance Form is the first Wushu form that all beginners learn. Chinese martial arts are sometimes referred to by the Mandarin Chinese term wushu and popularly as Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung-fu Nellore Wushu Association Monk Shifu Prabhakar Reddy International Martial arts Expert Trainer Shifu Prabhakar Reddy is a Trained China,Japan,Thailand,Malaysia,Sri Lanka,Indian Martial arts. The exception being foundational zhan zhuang (standing stake), which can be done in any number of standing postures, but is different than intentionally practicing isometric low stances. Here you will learn 8 forms which represent each stance. Modern Wushu Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. More For those of you who would want to learn Wushu. Discover the martial art "Wushu" with this app that has 180 tuitional video lessons. We recommend children be at least 4 and a half years old to begin training in Wushu. The purpose of Wu Bu Quan is to demonstrate all 5 stances in a small and  Mar 29, 2019 Elena Sfecla, a video producer at a video game company, assumes a Shaolin kung fu stance at the Chinese Martial Arts Tournament at  Sep 2, 2013 There are eight fundamental stances in Shaolin Long Fist Sword. In martial arts, stances are the distribution, foot orientation and body positions (particularly the legs and torso) adopted when attacking, defending, advancing or retreating. Wushu is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts. Honestly, we all need one of those sometimes so instead of practicing kicks, tumbling, or punches, I decided it was a good day to work on stances. Stability is  In this lesson you will learn how to execute the 5 basic wushu stances. Wushu is a famous Chinese sport. The most common used stances in Wushu are horse stance, cat stance and back stance. Resting stance punch. Wushu Competitions In this article, we cover some basic wushu stances and kicks. In many Asian martial arts , the most widely used stance is a shallow standing squat . Daily 7 Hours Training. Bea is currently training for taolu comprised of basic movements like stances, kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps, and throws. Dezhou and An Wushu International Martial Arts School is therefore easily accessible. Competitive forms have time limits that can range from 1 minute, 20 seconds to over five minutes. Shop wushu stickers created by independent artists from around the globe. A 60-minute fitness session will include activities such as: – Warm up exercise and stretching (flexibility) – Basic Wushu movements (basic stances) – Hand and leg coordination (punching and kicking) – Body posture, self-defense styles – Cool down exercise Wushu Club members are currently training in Shaolin and Long Fist forms. An exclusive poster collection of the original Beijing Wushu Team, brought to you only by Beijing Baguazhang and Sifu Bryant Fong! The members of the first Beijing Wushu Team are classmates of Jet Li. Wushu – Objective kung fu stances list, list of wushu kicks, wushu ba bu stance, wushu basic block techniques, wushu basic kicks, wushu kicks, wushu kicks list, wushu kicks name, wushu kicks names, wushu stances, wushu stances name, wushu stans, wushu strikes Because these are the most common stances in Wushu, knowing them will greatly improve your understanding and learning of any new form. Plus, the stances give a fighter more power and quicker movements in self-defense or street situations. I would like to ask what are these stances and why do we need them with some examples if possible? Wushu (sport), a modern exhibition of traditional Chinese martial arts, created in the People's Republic of China; Wushu stances, five key stances utilized in both contemporary wushu and traditional wushu; Wushu in Singapore, a successful industry in Singapore Even the most basic stances, punches, and kicks help increase strength and flexibility, while advanced movements and aerial techniques teach speed, coordination, and explosive power. The movements could be stances, kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps and throws. Welcome to the Jibengong Corner The basic skills of Wushu, also refered as Jibengong, are the essential fundamentals - the building blocks - for becoming an accomplished Wushu practitioner, regardless of the type of Wushu that you practice, whether it is traditional or contemporary, focused on forms or sparring. Wushu is composed of two disciplines: taolu or forms and sanda or sparring. Wushu allows you to develop strength, balance, agility, stamina, confidence, flexibility and improve coordination. This is an odd question. The weapons used in the game are sword, broad sword, short sword, straight sword Wushu (武术) is a form of contemporary Chinese martial arts that blends elements of performance and martial application. From these stances, you will build a firm physical foundation of taijiquan postures, which are the building blocks for the movements. Wu is military Large circular motions, high kicking, low stances and flexibility are all practiced to perfection. Hours stance punch. You only need to meet one of the Internal skill level conditions. What makes Wushu so unique? Unlike other popular fighting styles, Wushu epitomises the "art" in martial arts. Wushu is an official Sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee, ARISF and Sportaccord since 1998. The training is taught by a number of coaches, and they are all… 10 reviews of Wushu Unlimited "This is an awesome program for kids and adults! My son is currently in the afterschool program and is flourishing in wushu after only a few months. “Wu” translates into English as “martial” and “Shu” translates into “art. Stances are a highly fundamental part of all Chinese Martial Arts. In the CCA, every new member undergoes basic training that comprises of basic movements such as stances, kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps and There are rules and there are rules. Learn the 5 stances form (wushu wu bu quan). Some practicioners of traditional wushu styles can hold the horse stance for 30 minutes and more. The Five Basic Shaolin/Wushu Stances – In no particular order. com SUPPORT WUSHU - KUNG FU - CHUOJIAO FANZI An Wushu International Martial Arts School is a kung fu school that is steeped in family tradition. Hostel Facility Available. Correct posture leads to better form and hence stronger performance. The background image is courtesy of Wushu Kungfu Online. It literally translates to “the art of fight”. “What are the 5 wushu basic techniques that have the greatest impact on improving one’s wushu skill?” I’m a big believer in the Pareto Principal — focusing on the 20% or work that gets you 80% of the results. [16] The oldest evidence of Shaolin participation in combat is a stele from 728 CE that attests to two occasions: a defense of the Shaolin Monastery from bandits around 610 CE, and their subsequent role in the defeat of Wang Shichong at the Battle of Hulao in 621 CE. I will first introduce the most basic training in taijiquan—the fundamental stances. competitors are judged and given points on their movements which include stances, kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps and throws . Now wushu is often seen in action movies and video games. Today, wushu has been organized and systematized into a formal branch of study in the performance arts by the Chinese. What to Expect with Wushu Practice Wushu is a martial art and a demanding performance sport. Not Sure If NIU Wushu & Kung Fu Academy right for you? Please come by and try our classes for one week with NO CHARGE! Many are known for vigorous, athletic movements with very stable, low stances and intricate hand movements. There is a hero inside all of us. sitting stance) in Korean. The Shaolin style of wushu is regarded as the first institutionalised Chinese martial art. United Colleges of Martial Arts. The 5 stances are the first thing wushu newbies should learn. Commonly used stances in wushu are the horse stance, cat stance and back stance. Taolu competitions are judged on how closely you match the stances, punches and kicks as described under the specific Wushu rules. Most of you may have watched the Power Rangers. In its original meaning, Kung Fu can refer to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily martial arts. Taolu is a combination of gymnastics and martial arts. It is a basic stance used for almost all Wushu routines. Image may contain: 1 person, shoes. STANCES 1) ma bu (horse stance) 2) deng shan bu (mountain climbing stance) 3) si liu bu (4/6 stance) 4) fu hu bu (tame the tiger stance) 5) tun bu (swallow  This page was created at the request of students who wanted an easy reference guide for the movements and Chinese phrases used during classes. Ma Bu (Horse Stance) – The stance typically begins with the feet a shoulder-width apart. Long Fist or Chang Quan in Chinese, is a form of long range attack and defense techniques which evolved from Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. Modern wushu competitors are trained in aerial techniques such as 540 and 720 and even 900 degree jumps and kicks. Double Front kick  Nov 20, 2014 This is Wushu Kung Fu Wu Bu Quan, or the Five Basic Stances of Wushu Kung Fu. Wushu is a martial art and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts. BASIC WUSHU focuses on building skills in martial arts basics and learning forms. Progression depends upon the student, but is necessary to keep learning. Wushu training emphasizes quickness, explosive power, and natural, relaxed movement. Visit Wushu stances Kung Fu Wushu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Martial Arts Styles,  Five Stance Drill: Wushu/Northern Kung Fu; Hold Each Stance 30 seconds is a killer leg workout! Stances are a highly fundamental part of all Chinese Martial Arts. We print the highest quality wushu tank tops on the internet EMAIL ANY COMMENTS TO: jarnold@apmlawyers. It has two stances , the second one buff (after pressing the block skill two times) is the "attack stance", that provides a damage bonus after parrying an attack. Wushu 武术 Wu Shu ‘Chinese Martial Arts’ (lit. Ma bu (horse stance) The horse stance is a basic stance used in almost all wushu routines. The torso sinks down as if following a plum line and the sacrum curves forward and in or arch Home Articles 2001 February Major Wushu Stances Major Wushu Stances By Helen Liang. The term wushu is Chinese for "martial arts" (武 "Wu" = military or martial, 术 "Shu" = art). Taolu It involves a seamlessly connected set of hand, leg, sweep, jumps, stances, and footwork choreographed and styled according to the principles of attack and defense. All nanquan, all the time. These styles make prominent use of low, stable stances and short, powerful movements that often incorporate simultaneous striking and blocking. I’ve broken the stances into categories to make them easier to remember. Basic conditioning exercises are essential to the training of Wushu Club, with emphasis on proper stances, strength training, speed and flexibility. The 8 Basic Stances of Shaolin comprise the fundamentals for all systems of Chinese Martial Arts. ‘Martial art’ or ‘skill’). Martial Arts Workout Judo Learning Studying Education Teaching. Students will be challenged physically while learning various punching, kicking, stances, tumbling and self-defense techniques. Self Defense: 9 Easy To Learn Fighting Styles To Increase Self Defense For Women - From Desk Jockey To Survival Junkie. While emphasizing forms training, the solo empty hand or weapons routines which have always been of great importance in Kungfu, we blend basic and complex movements inherent to our art, including stances, kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps and throws. The "kung fu" is in the transition, not in standing in various stances for extended periods of time. Join me here to keep up with what I’m learning or visit my martial arts history website; The History of Fighting Martial. This video illustrates the basic combative principles in elementary level Wushu Chang Quan known as Long Fist in English. That's because real fights don't look like forms, they aren't choreographed, they don't have rules of engagement. wushu stances

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