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A DIRECTV ® 4K Ready TV or a compatible 4K TV connected to the latest 4K Genie Mini. . May 15, 2018 AT&T's over-the-top streaming service for cord cutters, DirecTV Now, is finally beginning to roll out its cloud DVR feature – a year and a half  Looking for Hopper (Error 1303). For details, visit www. This is all a part of a big upgrade to DIRECTV NOW with its recent announcements of a DVR, new app, and 4K support. DirecTV has added 4K to some of it’s Genie HD DVR and we are fortunate enough to have a listener who has upgraded to the new service. With our unique wireless hub with a built in DVR – we’ve reduced all those wires and clutter for all your TVs. This manual will: Only DIRECTV offers a full-time 4K TV Channel. DirecTV Now is running a promotion that’ll net you a new Page 2 | So, you’ve chosen to go with a satellite television provider, but it comes down to Dish Network vs. LG Electronics USA revealed Monday an expanded list of content partners for its webOS Smart TV platform, including access to streaming Full HD and 4K content from DirecTV without the need of extra boxes. pay TV provider to bring you a channel with Ultra HD around the clock. In order to use the full functionality of the DIRECTV App, you will need to upgrade your receiver,” the email explains. 00 per month. Upgrade to 4K Today! DIRECTV 4K Genie Mini Unlocks More Ultra HD. Here is a look at some of the receivers they use or have used: DIRECTV Genie. ) after April 2019. Beta testing is reported to start this summer with a public roll out this fall, but the 4K is reported to be coming later after the new app and the DVR is added. That, plus the 4K Apple News: DirecTV will soon be offering three new 4K channels, but that content is coming at an extremely expensive premium. Professional installation and 4K account authorization are required. 99/mo. Our premium package includes HBO ®, SHOWTIME ®, Cinemax ®, STARZ ®, DIRECTV Sports Pack, and more. In the event that the DIRECTV 4K Ready TV is the only television connected to DIRECTV service, there will be an additional charge of $7/mo. If you want to show off your new 4K TV to your friends, you can do that by switching to DIRECTV's 4K channels. Cost of DVRs & Other Equipment. New features including 4K support and user profiles are coming next year to DirecTV Now, which has just topped the 1 million subscriber mark. Older equipment can’t see or record 4K programs. Data Free TV. There's no reason a Joey couldn't grab four tuners at once. Make your 4k upgrade go smoothly with these tips from Signal Connect. DIRECTV is an AT&T company, so you can bundle AT&T Internet with your satellite TV service. DIRECTV Ready technology lets you enjoy full HD DVR functionality on every TV in your home without the need for additional receivers. It’s also known as Ultra HD or ultra high def (UHD). I called in on Friday to upgrade a tv to 4k service. Remote viewing requires a Genie Mini (model C31), H25 HD Receiver(s) or DIRECTV Ready TV/device in each additional room, a SWiM network and Advanced Receiver Service ($15/mo. And at $35 a month, that's pretty reasonable. Kind of skeptical now. For watching movies, he bumped up to a 4K Blu-ray player. I upgrade my equipment once every 2 years for free. WeaKnees. The csr kept me on the phone for for 30 minutes and then let me know the upgrade was going to cost $700 but she was able to get it down to only $379 after applying as many discounts as she could find. Only on DIRECTV. Letting a 4K TV "upconvert" a 1080p signal provides a very nice picture although it is not as good as inputting a 4K signal into the TV, with no "upconverting" necessary. Connected to my TV is a H24-700. Watch up to 7 different programs at one time; Up to Two 4k programs; Up to 450 Hours of HD content  Being new to DirecTV -- My question is - can I upgrade my receiver/dish at any time? Was yours designated as a 4k upgrade or just to hd? Dec 8, 2014 DirecTV launched its first satellite designed to broadcast 4K UHD content on Saturday. Learn how Verizon's 100% fiber-optic network offers the fastest, most reliable network. "A DirecTV 4K Ready TV has sure that 4k will die when the 8k media upgrades are done as many cable and sallite networks are just skipping over 4k for 8k so they wont have to upgrade it 2 times DirecTV's announcement lists Samsung as its exclusive 4K UHD launch partner, explaining that the content is only available to customers with the aforementioned DVR and a supported UHD 4K-ready DirecTV 4K Review. When Monti upgraded to his Samsung 4K TV, he also upgraded to components capable of transmitting a 4K signal. DIRECTV Support Forum. I think 4K is going to be relegated to streaming and THE FIRST FULL-TIME 4K ULTRA HD CHANNEL. DIRECTV is the first U. But, DIRECTV wants to know why anyone would stop there when they can continue upgrading everything else in their life, like that funky, odd-shaped vase in the corner that nobody truly understands. ORDER ONLINE. 1-16 of 17 results for "upgrade directv receiver" DirecTV SL3 HD Portable Satellite Dish Mobile tripod kit Rv Tailgating Camping eero WiFi Stream 4K Video in Newest DIRECTV Genie Server! Get ready for 4K UHD broadcasts! Records up to 5 channels at once. com is not affiliated with TiVo Inc. By the way THIS WORKED FOR ME ON MY HR22-100 (In this video) 1. GENIE HD DVR UPGRADE OFFER: Includes instant rebates on one Genie HD DVR  May 1, 2018 Plus, DIRECTV 4K is always delivered at the best quality. . An overview of Ultra-High Definition/4K TV on Xfinity TV. Heads up: Have to upgrade your equipment? Find out how to change your service. 800-480-0872. Hook it up to your HD television to get access to all of your A STB that would output a 4K signal would be an upgrade to what is available now. We also just got a Vizio M-Series 55" 4K TV in the living room that isn't DIRECTV Ready. With my service plan, it will be up to two years before I can upgrade to a newer model. With hundreds of movies, shows and live sporting events to choose from, DIRECTV's 4K Ultra HD provides some of the detailed images in ultra high-definition. We’ll have you watching DIRECTV in no time! DIRECTV Upgrade to 4K. I have a 65" 4K and it's still hard to read. to do so. Winegard makes it easy to watch DIRECTV satellite programming in your RV. Everything becomes clearer with DISH’s selection of UHD content, making it easier for you to enjoy more 4K TV programming on your Ultra HD TV. While the Hopper 3 is 4K compatible, most of the Ultra HD content is available on demand or from the Netflix app, which is integrated into the Hopper 3. The WebOS will allow DirecTV subscribers with LG smart TVs to stream HD and 4K content. After a 2009 software upgrade, the H2n series is capable of receiving 1080p resolution. Select 2014 and 2015 LG smart TVs will If 4K TV does not support HDR, games will be viewable in standard 4K. Many years ago I predicted that the Superbowl at least would be available in 4K on DirecTV by 2016 lol. I looked at the new equipment available in my DTV account, under "Order New Equipment". No, just needs four tuners. The Company’s latest product and one of the most up to date and innovative tools, Genie provides for 4K programming on 4K TVs. With this device, your household can watch or record up to five programs simultaneously, eliminating scheduling conflicts. I read up a little about the new genie DVR that has 4K support and is possibly what ius required to not need a box on my Sony? DIRECTV is leading the 4K TV revolution with some of the first and best 4K UHD movies and television programming available on pay-TV. 427)—only on DIRECTV! Channel Updates / December 23, 2015 Get ready for even more Spanish-language programming as DIRECTV welcomes IVC Net—an international entertainment and sports network designed specifically for Enjoy Venezuelan entertainment on IVC Net (Ch. This question, "Upgrading to 4K," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports. Watch Live TV online the smart way with DIRECTV NOW. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions subject to change at any time. Maximize your entertainment experience with DIRECTV 4K. Must maintain a min. How To Watch The Royal Wedding In 4K UHD. DISH is known as the technology leader in the cable and satellite industry, but it’s been a little slow on the uptake with 4K HD in comparison to its competitor DIRECTV. DIRECTV is one of the best providers for 4K content. So I go online and look to upgrade my equipment. DirecTV subscribers are often frustrated by the lack of benefits to current customers, while the service continues to advertise great deals, like free NFL Sunday Ticket, to new subscribers. Once the VERY FIRST splash welcome DIRECTV ™ PROTECTION PLAN PREMIER offers protection for all your favorite entertainment devices, plus an upgrade to the latest DIRECTV equipment every 2 years. The chip used in the C71KW even has native support for doing a 4up HD into a 4K frame, so it would be easy to implement. DirecTV Now is offering an Apple TV 4K for $0 when you make three payments up front. 4K resolution is the latest trend in TV. 00 per month and go up to $110. Want to make your DIRECTV 4K Ready TV as the primary TV in your Whole Home network. Directv review with 3 Comments: I have been dealing with this issue for over 5 month Have call 1 or more times and month to try to get 4K receiver issues fixed Problems having with 4K mini TV goes totally black at times 4K C61K Genie Mini. Plus, now includes a 4K channel– the best way to watch live entertainment in stunning life-like clarity! I contacted DirecTV and informed them I wanted to upgrade my current setup to be able to watch 4K programming (both the current 4K VOD and the upcoming live 4K. So when you pair a 4K Joey with the Hopper 3, you can watch live 4K programming, on demand shows, 4K Netflix shows, and Compare Verizon Fios plans and prices to DirectTV services & offers. Unlike other providers, they have dedicated 4K channels to bring you a variety of shows. DirecTV is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider based in El Segundo, . DIRECTV APP. It requires an Internet connection and, yes, it will present 4K Ultra HD video in 3840×2160 from AT&T/DirecTV’s three 4K content channels. DIRECTV however still has a lower cost for services with HD programming and they do not charge an extra $5/month for local HD channels, like DISH Network which makes DIRECTV more desirable in this case. 3—just find the package that's right for you and . However Find great deals on eBay for upgrade directv receiver. Watch movies, original series & sports events like The Masters in stunning 4K Ultra HD. The Genie 2 looks like it has a lot of features I would like. ). DIRECTV packages start at $35/mo. Awesome DirecTV Now Deal Gives Prepayers A Free Apple TV 4K. If you call Directv for new service and tell them you own a 4K TV or ask for a free upgrade (available once every 2 years) they will install a HR54 Genie, a C61K satellite which is the only satellite that will pass through 4K, and up to 2 more regular C61 satellites all for free with no lease fee. RETENTION & UPGRADE. -I upgraded to DirecTV 4k service from non-4k service because I saw video  I understand that I am entitled to an equipment upgrade every two Then finally I called them and said I was going to be buying 4k tv's and  The DIRECTV GENIE 2™ is the future of home television. No Annual Contract. base TV pkg of $29. Some offers may not be available through all channels and in select areas. * Now with DIRECTV 4K Ready you get the same features plus the ability to watch 4K movies directly on your compatible Samsung 4K UHD Smart TV. About DIRECTV Movers Deal TV Commercial, 'Upgrades' Moving to a new house can be considered as an upgrade in life. For those that own a 4K Ultra HD TV that is not DirecTV 4K certified, you are still able to receive 4K broadcasts and content, with the addition of an extra client box (Genie Mini C61K or later) — Contact DirecTV for specific installation details. Works with wired and wireless Genie clients - up to 3 at once. This plan covers your entire DIRECTV ® System, including all your receivers, remote controls, dish antenna, dish antenna realignment, and associated cabling and switches. DirecTV is currently not sending 4K content with HDR support. 4K MLB Launch Billy — The DirecTV HR54 is the latest (as of 7/7/2017) DirecTV DVR/Server. It is the goal of DIRECTV for each customer contact to be exciting and friendly for the customer. as DirecTV has shown, with Fox Sports To Use 5G To Deliver 4K HDR US Open Golf Coverage To DirecTV Customers. My other smaller TV, a 42" HD, is impossible to see the guide from just 8 feet away. Directv SVC Terms: Subject to Equipment Lease & Customer Agreements. DIRECTV offers over 200 live HD channels as well as many 4K movies and shows available on demand. DIRECTV includes HD and 4K programming with all of its packages, but the number of HD channels varies by package. link. Viggle™ Parental Controls. TiVo is a registered trade-mark of TiVo Inc. I've been an xtra subscriber for 5 years. screen showing Attention 1303 pop-up . No Satellite Dish. Directv Rf Remote Upgrade Kit For H24 Receiver AT&T DIRECTV GENIE 2 DVR SERVER SATELLITE RECEIVER 4K DIRECTV NOW currently offers Vietnamese and Brazilian channel packages. Well, right now the satellite company is throwing a bone to current users by offering their brand new Genie I got two letters from ATT/DTV informing me that I will need to get new receivers to get local channels (FOX/NBC/CBS/etc. Yup. Choose from a huge selection of 4K content — including original series, travel shows and more. AT&T has introduced an upgraded version of DirecTV for business customers, including hotels, that features a large lineup of HD channels, 4K capabilities and multiscreen access. DIRECTV packages start at $35. No 4K content on any sat or cable provider. With built-in DirecTV capability, LG’s 2015 models and certain 2014 models let DIRECTV Genie 2 is designed to take TV in your home to the next level. Its satellite service, launched on June 17, 1994, transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States, Latin America, Americas and the Caribbean. @GinzTonic With all of the negative feedback from their customers, I hope Directv changes it! I have a 65" 4K and it's still hard to read. org. DIRECTV Business Customers Can Now Offer 4K UHD Viewing AT&T* now offers 4K Ultra High Definition video content to businesses via DIRECTV, including live sports – and we’re the first provider in the U. It is therefore essential that the installer make a positive first impression that reflects well on him, his company and DIRECTV. The satellite is expected to begin broadcasts in Q2 of  LG Adds DirecTV 4K Ultra HD Streaming and Offers Free Smart TV Upgrade. What Is Happening? A "Looking for Hopper" error (1303) is displaying. Cinema Exclusives Theatrical Open. It’s not clear yet how AT&T intends to price the cloud part of its latest platform upgrade, or how much storage capacity you’ll Upgrade your TV viewing experience! Use your coupon code from AT&T and save $500 on any Samsung TV when you add new DIRECTV satellite service and buy any new Samsung Galaxy S8 on AT&T Next®. Dec 21, 2016 “DIRECTV offers 4K channels broadcasting 4K programming around . I called Directv yesterday and was on hold for a total of 48 minutes before I got to the person who could solve my minor problem (returning the equipment). Click to learn more! A DIRECTV 4K upgrade is a great do-it-yourself project. Although, I'm told there is a charge of $299 to purchase the 4k supported DVR or wait 11 months until my contract is up. We will keep you informed as we negotiate fair deals with programmers for uninterrupted access to networks & local stations. Stream Live TV channels on your favorite devices. fuboTV already offers 4K streaming, but so far DIRECTV NOW has yet to roll out the feature. VIEW DIRECTV PACKAGES. Movers Deal. Attaches to any Slimline dish and provides 13-tuner capability to Genie DVRs and SWM-capable legacy equipment. The best example is DIRECTV’s dedicated 4K channel (channel 104), which plays 4K programming 24/7. If you want 4K programming, you need the DIRECTV HR54 Genie DVR or DIRECTV HS17 Genie 2 Server, along with a 4K DIRECTV Genie Mini Client or DIRECTV 4K Ready TV. Home Entertainment DirecTV launches 4K exclusive to Samsung TVs. TWO upgrade paths: No date or channel lineup has been given for the 4K support roll out. DirecTV Makes Another 4K Connection. The 4K service could also only be used on " DirecTV 4K Ready" televisions, which support RVU protocol; this was limited to selected Samsung  Jun 18, 2018 AT&T has introduced an upgraded version of DirecTV for business customers, including hotels, that features a large lineup of HD channels, 4K  An overview of Ultra-High Definition/4K TV on Xfinity TV. DIRECTV offers 4K movies, channels, and On Demand content that will bring your TV to life. Of course, user experience isn't everything and there are many other reasons to choose a We believe you deserve the TV shows & channels you love, at a fair price. Get crystal clear TV for the best in entertainment. Shop with confidence. Start your free trial! DirecTV solves its 4K TV compatibility problem with new Genie Mini set-top boxes Subscribers no longer need a specific Samsung television to watch 4K movies, though there are a few more gotchas What it takes to watch a few channels in 4K with Directv! What it takes to watch a few channels in 4K with Directv! Upgrade Your Television to 4K for Free - Duration: 4:51. Advanced Receiver Service fee also applies. 2. For Restart to work, show must be airing for at least 2 minutes. I recently got a Sony 4K TV that is DIRECTV Ready (XBR-43830C). Poor picture quality since upgrading to a 4K TV So I purchased a new Sony XBR55x900e 4K HDR TV from Bestbuy about 2 weeks ago. The DirecTV Genie delivers in all the right ways, so much so that it provides a reason to switch providers. Get 4K included at no extra charge if you're a new or upgrading customer   GENIE UPGRADE INCLUDED. If you’re a DirecTV NOW subscriber, hang tight DIRECTV has numerous receivers in play. Way wrong on that. DirecTV  DIRECTV is currently offering ten promotions. The satellite provider will begin offering access to more the 20 movies on-demand in 4K format, but for now subscribers can only Customer service? I get directly to a person within a few minutes when I call DISH. If you’re thinking of a DIRECTV upgrade, then you’re probably planning an upgrade to DIRECTV HD or 4K programming. It only has 1TB of internal storage, but you can easily expand this by connecting an external hard drive, and you can even watch 4K content. 257. 104 general information 4K, 105 pay-per view, 106 live event that shows selected 4k live events for example an NBA game is on tonight. DirecTV Now is running a promotion that’ll net you a new Apple TV 4K device for three prepaid months of service. DirecTV, which runs a satellite 4K content service that consists of three ultra HD channels, is now allowing subscribers of its “Select” Plan to also access the company’s 4K content #1 4K HDR Streaming. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc. S. Whole home DVR companion to the GENIE Receiver! 4K capable, c41, c51, c61k receiver, specifications. Amazon: Fire TV w/4K: $89. impression of DIRECTV. Enjoying the spectacular quality of 4K Ultra HD just got easier, thanks to the new DIRECTV 4K Genie Mini. These upgrade drives also work with the standard definition R22 and R23 DirecTV DVRs. DIRECTV Genie and HD-DVR Upgrades (HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24, HR34, HR44 & HR54) We now offer upgrades for all DirecTV HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24, HR34, HR44, and HR54 DVRs and Genie Servers. I now don't see it happening before ATSC3. My current receiver maximum resolution is 1080p. The information presented here is intended for informational purposes only and is not guaranteed to be accurate in any way. 2 DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR service requires a DIRECTV Genie HD DVR (model HR34) connected to one television. ** DON'T HAVE 4K? CALL 866. Directv review with 3 Comments: I recently bought a brand new 4k Ultra HD with 2160 resolution. Call (855) 976-6355 for the best DIRECTV packages and pricing. , upgrade every 2 years for  Mar 28, 2017 Live and on-demand TV from cable, satellite, over-the-air antenna or a streaming service like Sling TV is almost never in 4K or HDR. 427)—only on DIRECTV! Channel Updates / December 23, 2015 Get ready for even more Spanish-language programming as DIRECTV welcomes IVC Net—an international entertainment and sports network designed specifically for This site is not affiliated with DIRECTV, Inc. Any use of this data is done at your own risk. broadcast. New DIRECTV customers need to pay a rental or upgrade receiver cost right after registering for the service. Also learn about the requirements for viewi Find more DIRECTV  Mar 8, 2018 Directv Installation, 4K tv must be there A 4K upgrade would require replacing an HR24 with a Mini Genie Client which is just an extension of  DIRECTV 4K Genie Mini Unlocks More Ultra HD. DirecTV is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider based in El Segundo, California and is a subsidiary of AT&T. For streaming in 4K, he bought a Roku 4. This is because the HR54 is prioritized for 4K installs and the HR44 for everyone else. Original shows, hit movies on demand, and the most live sports in 4K. AT&T 1000 is a fast fiber package for a great price, but availability is still limited. e. * Only DIRECTV offers live events and concerts in 4K HDR DIRECTV is the first and only TV provider to bring you live events and concerts in 4K HDR. 4K Ultra High Definition is the latest revolution in TV, offering the best picture quality currently available. Ralph Smithers, good friend of the show, was kind enough to share his experience with the upgrade process and quality of the 4K content available. 4K users already had to shell out for a new television, and probably a new aud DirecTV NOW teases features arriving in 2018: 4K HDR and (much) more Joining the cloud DVR feature are 4K HDR video options and more. ctia. A Genie 2 HS17-500 which is the server and a C61K-700 which is the 4K client. The 4K Joey works like all of our other Joey Receivers except it supports Ultra HD content for compatible 4K TVs. Oct 30, 2017 The 4k quality is downgraded due to having pass thru the 650. 4K Ultra HD (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) on Xfinity TV The 4K Joey Satellite Receiver. Connected to the Vizio is a HR24-100. Fortunately I did a lot of research on these forums and figured out exactly what I needed. I'm honestly surprised. Caitlin noted that she's happy to be saving $60 per month. Posted Tue Sep 1, 2015 at 12:30 PM PDT by Steven Cohen. I have a dvr and 3 genies. About DIRECTV 4K TV Commercial, 'Revolutionize' Upgrade your entertainment with the leader in 4K Ultra HD from DIRECTV. Find great deals on eBay for directv 4k receiver. These are often upgraded and changed out as services change. DIRECTV 4K delivers four times the Only DIRECTV brings you the most live sports in 4K Ultra HD, with lifelike clarity, richer colors and four times the resolution of HD. I would like to upgrade my current Directv DVR to the version that supports 4k signal. DIRECTV recently introduced the compact device (about the same size as a paperback book) as part of its growing array of 4K Ultra HD services. The first nationwide carrier to be awarded the Seal of Wireless Quality. It makes sense to call DIRECTV the best TV service for 4K because it does more with 4K than any other TV service. DirecTV Now allows users to ditch the dish and cable box for a live TV experience they can take everywhere. Been with DIRECTV since 2011 AT&T Announces 4K HDR And Cloud DVR Support For DirecTV Now. What do you pick? Check out our quick rundown of what both offer in terms of Enjoy Venezuelan entertainment on IVC Net (Ch. 4K equipment, minimum programming (SELECT™ Package or higher), 4K account Get access to 155+ channels for a great price, or upgrade your plan to   Jul 13, 2017 It's not clear yet how AT&T intends to price the cloud part of its latest platform upgrade, or how much storage capacity you'll be able to access. I can wait awhile. Though in Directv's case it would only make sense if they allowed more than one HS17 on an account, because this would eat up tuners quickly. DirecTV 4K is currently limited to 3 channels. One HD DVR powers your whole home. This link will open a new window For example, an HR64--I don't want to see a new model come out in two months, then regret it. 0 is out. Subscriber complaints over the alleged dilution in picture quality has become a hot topic on social media sites and DIRECTV Now-related message forums. LG also announced a free firmware update for 2014 webOS Smart TVs, bringing most of the features LG’s latest update to their webOS Smart TV platform includes support for 4k Ultra HD content from DirecTV. Create a whole home 4K experience with a 4K Joey supported only with a Hopper 3. Good time to upgrade. Get any International package on its own, or add them to a base package for the best of both worlds. Unless your DIRECTV system is less than five years old, you probably can’t simply purchase one of DIRECTV’s newest receivers then swap out your previous-generation equipment. DIRECTV 4K is the best programming that the satellite TV provider has to offer. DIRECTV Select package and above or Mas Latino and above En Español package. Push the Red reset button. A 4K Upgrade is an Equipment Upgrade. Recently DIRECTV NOW has been quiet about their 4K plans but keep an eye out for 4K streaming in 2019. Your place to discuss DIRECTV equipment, services, software, and other DIRECTV related posts and questions. *AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. The Satellite Shop DIRECTV 4K LNB, Ultra HD, 13 Tuner, Replaces SWM 3 HD LNB (3D2RBLNB) [3D2RBLNBR0] - Get 4K channels when used with this LNB. If that ever happens. 7817 & UPGRADE NOW! The best 4K entertainment experience available. Back in July 2017, AT&T announced plans to add 4K support to DIRECTV NOW. It is absolutely true that getting an equipment upgrade will put you into a new  Aug 20, 2015 Subscribers no longer need a specific Samsung television to watch 4K movies, though there are a few more gotchas involved. Simply call a Winegard programming specialist at 866-609-9374 and Winegard will walk you through the entire process including signing you up for programming, shipping you receivers, and helping you activate. Justin Lott, for instance, has posted pictures on Twitter that show an Amazon Fire TV feature that measures the DIRECTV Now live stream at 540p. 4K programming on DISH. From on-demand movies, shows and events to Netflix programming, live sports, and more, DISH’s state-of-the-art 4K receivers put the highest resolution programs in your living LG is giving its WebOS smart-TV platform an upgrade, as well as expanding its roster of content partners to include 4K and HD streaming of DirecTV content for subscribers. HD and 4K channels. Other conditions apply. The AT&T/Directv merger may have been the worst thing that ever happened to Directv. Learn more! If you have the required DirecTV 4K-ready TV and need to upgrade to the DirecTV Genie HR54 Receiver/HD-DVR, here are some other features that you will get  Apr 24, 2019 Find out to watch 4K Ultra high-definition (HD) programming on DIRECTV. 1 Requires a Genie HD DVR (model HR54 or later) and a DIRECTV 4K Ready TV, or a 4K TV connected to a 4K Genie Mini The DirecTV Genie is a powerful and versatile DVR. It’s something no other TV service offers. If you do a 4K upgrade to get a C61K (free or $99 depending on upgrade qualification), Directv was doing a complimentary swap if you had an earlier model Genie. With activation of SELECTTM Package or above and 24-month DIRECTV® agreement . JVC's Flagship 4K Laser Projector Gets A Major HDR Firmware Update. This is how to force a firmware update on your Directv receiver. DirecTV. For 4K channels through DIRECTV, he paid extra for a 4K receiver. The DIRECTV GENIE MINI. The company has  *4K requires a internet-connected Genie, a DirecTV 4K-ready TV or another Upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX and you'll also get access to live games   Nov 24, 2017 Hello --- DirecTV is offering us a 'Genie 2' w/ 4K UHD ( Model I also have the DIRECTV basic Protection Plan, i. Once the DIRECTV HD installation is done, a Signal Connect rep will quickly activate your account. directv 4k upgrade