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o kai sehun exo x reader. boy scouts #x reader # reader insert #kpop smut #bts smut #seventeen smut > seventeen reactions > master list . Cuddle Me? - Jooheon x Reader drabble, fluff . FICS. Coming Soon! B. I’ve been writing these more and more lately, and though I know this blog is more member x reader-oriented, please let me know what you think of these, either by posting a comment on the actual fic itself or on the masterlist here. Zuho. For me there’s no one but you. You come from a world with bottled emotions and perfect dietary pills, nothing around you is real. Your eyes flickered around to the many faces passing you, minding their own busy lives. Alone Time (/M) Johnny. . Each of them have their own warnings in case you miss incarcerated | masterlist. p bap winner seventeen svt khh aomg 1,422 notes Tagged: #bangtan boys #bangtan #bts #bts masterlist #bts angst #bts fluff #bts smut #bts fic #bts drabble #bts reactions #bts oneshot #jin x reader #seokjin x reader #suga x reader #min yoongi x reader #jung hoseok x reader #j hope x reader #namjoon x reader #rapmonster x reader #park jimin x reader #jimin x reader #v x reader #kim taehyung x 21summerdaes:. Pumpkin Carving - Hoseok x Reader. o kyungsoo kim namjoon rap monster scenarios bts fanfic bts imagines exo imagines suga scenario suga imagine jimin imagine jimin scenario d. A better version :) ⇻ EXO They get their own because they’re special ⇻ DAY6 ⇻ Reactions ⤷ trainee s/o debuts in a co-ed group ⇻ Headcanons ⤷ making out with Day6 Paris in The Aristocats (1970). Pairing: ten x reader Summary: “Look at the time, I seem to have forgotten to walk my fish. ” Namjoon was sitting on the couch, scrolling through his phone when he heard the front door open, and close. Status: Completed Summary: You were just a masterlist exo bts bts masterlist exo masterlist park jimin min yoongi jungkook d. Summary: This is a four part series with a focus on a mature relationship. i apologize for my sudden disappearance, i know it’s wrong to not let any of you know and some of you are probably worried but i’m really sorry. [Mini Masterlist] Redamancy - Baekhyun x reader x Jongin - Status: incomplete - 28k #exo #exo k #exo m #exo masterlist #exo suho #exo do kyungsoo #exo kai #exo baekhyun #exo chanyeol #exo sehun #exo lay #exo xuimin #exo chen #exo luhan #exo tao #exo kris #exo scenarios #exo memes #funny exo #big bang #big bang top #big bang gdragon #big bang taeyang #big bang daesung #big bang seungri #big bang masterlists #big bang scenarios A few of you had mentioned that you wanted to see what I had written for member x member pairings, so here we go. Taken [Mini Masterlist] Mafia!AU Pairing: Suho x Reader Warning: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc. o kai kris lay luhan xiumin minseok tao zitao kyungsoo exo imagine exo fanfiction kpop imagine kpop fanfiction exo scenario jongdae [5:32pm] you cry silently to yourself, the tears beginning to take over you. Reaction to you taking care of the when sick/injured; SCENARIOS. [Mini masterlist] Artificial Love - Exo x reader - Status: incomplete - 7k and counting. baekhyun, exo, luhan. If you don’t see a name that means I haven’t written anything for them yet. luhan, yixing, baekhyun. /Requests closed/Ask Box/Masterlist MASTERLIST (EXO,BIG BANG, BTS,GOT7) EXO ~Xiuimn Scenarios: Nothing here Gif: Nothing here Birthdays: -2016 Admin Hufflepuffhoe: Appreciation -2016 Admin Meowitspaige: GIF Other: Nothing just please sm, let my bby hansol debut, i need him, we all need him in our lives! Ratings: M for mature, S for soft, A for angst, F for fluff, H for hilarious T for thriller and will be updated as it goes . Monochromatic - Yoongi x Reader. poseur | drabble [a] in the future, pain didn’t exist 2019 EDIT: ☾ If you like my writing style and would like to read some of my new - smutty - stories, or simply if you’ve been missing me too much (hey, it might be a possibility!) you can find me on writethelust, my brand new blog, where I publish new short smut stories weekly ! #exo scenarios #exo k #exo im #exo reacciones #exo #exo sehun #exo suho #exo series #exo xiumin #exo x reader #exo chen #exo chanyeol #exo cbx #exo lay #exo l #exo baekhyun #exo kai #exo do #exo request #exo reaction #exo moodboard #exo fake texts #exo headcannons FIC/DRABBLE/HEADCANON MASTERLIST [masterlist has been updated as of 7/9/18. In Charge (M)-NCT 127. Bobbing for Apples 1 - Xiumin x Reader. Genre Jooheon’s Girl - Jooheon x Reader, fluff, helping in the studio . [HIATUS ATM] Requests are always open,  making this masterlist because fem!exo gives me life ;;; (most fics were gathered from here but Location: under my blankets; Mood: hyper; Music: Kick - f(x)  winner seventeen svt khh aomg 1,382 notes exo bts bangtan masterlist seventeen astro got7 day6 bigbang Monsta X nct u. Masterlist(Please do not repost/translate my works. Keep smiling my baby stars, I love you so much! x. “Welcome home, baby. You knew he was. A. warnings an ungodly amount of fluff. REACTIONS. RULES support me and buy me a Ko-Fi STRAY KIDS. Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader Genre: Angst Warning: Swearing Word Count: 1,244 A/N here it is, anon! I’m so sorry it’s pretty angsty at the end, if you’re not happy with it you can drop me a message and I’ll re-write another happier one. o kyungsoo do kyungsoo suho junmyeon kim junmyeon lay zhang yixing yixing byun baekhyun baekhyun park chanyeol chanyeol xiumin minseok #masterlist #exo scenarios #exo fanfiction #exo imagines #exo reactions #kpop #exo #kpop scenarios #kpop fanfiction #kpop imagines #exo fanfic #exo fanfic rec #baekhyun scenario #ot9 scenarios #exo scenario #sehun scenarios #chanyeol scenarios #baekhyun scenarios #chen scenarios #kai scenarios #xiumin scenarios #kyungsoo scenarios #yixing it’s pride month and i just want to say i love how female fans asked sua and chungha to marry them and they said yes without batting an eye, taeyeon said snsd could be the ideal types of both guys and girls, loona are out there openly supporting the lgbtq+ community and they aren’t afraid to include them in their music/story, k. I post shitty edits. Tell Me, If This Is Love [Masterlist HERE] Genre: romance / mature content (18+) Characters: Do Kyungsoo x female reader. 18. however, an unexpected business meeting leaves you thinking otherwise. Status: Completed Warnings: mention of blood, violence, and sexual situations. Monsta X. Word Count: 10,036. dnce to this - Baekhyun x Reader/ fluff, romance, one-shot. Christmas with NCT 🌟 december 24th ; request open 🌟 a/n: I hope you guys are able to spend a peaceful and happy Christmas time. Mini Series Masterlist: BTS x oc (others to come) This is a new section I will more than likely be expanding upon. ” “I don’t think Y/N likes me. (All credits go MASTERLIST AND RULES. exo masterlist exo exo scenarios exo fluff exo angst exo smut exo fanfic exo fan fiction exo fanfiction chen jongdae kim jongdae kai kim jongin jongin d. Dec 9, 2017 the exo mafia the exo mafia blog exo masterlist exo mafia exo mafia au kpop scenarios kpop reactions kpop requests exo reactions exo  Aug 17, 2017 Masterlist Hello everyone! Welcome to my Masterlist. If you made a request a while ago and you don’t see it on this list, comment below so I can add it :)***no order of being released*** Got7 Smut Masterlist Updated: 03/06/2018 Mark Tuan Rough er’ Up A Little Challenge Accepted Im Jaebum Smile For The Camera ft. If you’d like to know more about Al Dempster, read this interesting post on Mike Peraza’s blog. Over time, the romantic feelings you had for Jungkook become so overwhelming that you decided to confess to him. M. EXO. You don’t remember, but they call you Raven. pairing jaemin x female reader. A few of you had mentioned that you wanted to see what I had written for member x member pairings, so here we go. smuts. ☀ masterlist ☀ kpop ☀ bts ☀ monsta x ☀ got7 ☀ exo ☀ bts scenarios ☀ exo scenarios ☀ monsta x scenarios ☀ got7 scenarios ☀ bts smut ☀ bts angst ☀ bts fluff ☀ bts hybrid au ☀ got7 hybrid au ☀ bts imagine ☀ bts suga ☀ bts yoongi ☀ bts rm ☀ bts namjoon ☀ bts jin ☀ bts j-hope ☀ bts taehyung ☀ bts Masterlist Yandere Drabbles Monsta X EXO GOT7 Random Groups. BIGBANG. Yongguk. Baby Girl (M) Taemin. It’ll more than likely be drabbles that have turned into small series or that have sequels. just ask! Title: Flight Encounter Pairing: B. O Tao KaI Sehun Fanfics:Xiumin Luhan Kris Suho Lay Baekhyun • Jealous Duets (Angst and Fluff) Chen Chanyeol • Oh sweet A blog on all the EXO smut I can find and where I write my own smut. Good Morning (M) I. Wonho x reader Masterlist by: @watasiwaluk (Mostly X Male Reader)BTS RM: • Magic Shop Moodboard • Soft and cozy Moodboard • The Soul would have no Rainbow if the Eyes had no Tears Moodboard • Husband Namjoon Exodauntia Mini Masterlist. ➵ The only  Apr 29, 2017 EXO Masterlist - If anyone knows how to put that on my blog description, please teach me. Can’t Sleep?(M) Practice (M) Yuta. O. Title: Flight Encounter Pairing: B. Remember that. 1) Love triangle (Chanyeol x Suho x Reader) 2) Don’t tease me (Chen pt1) (Smut) 3) After tour surprise (Chen pt2) 4) After all we’ve been through (Sehun) exo exo masterlist exo smut exo fluff exo reactions exo preferences exo x reader exo scenarios suho x reader junmyeon x reader kim junmyeon xiumin x reader minseok x sub-bts-academy reblogged this from sub-bts-fic-rec MASTERLIST Thank you guys so much for your support! The masterlists will likely be updated every time I post. ** The Masterlist will be updated as I post more smuts involving BTS ** Every link should be working, it should be mobile friendly, if a link is not working or does not lead to the right story please tell me!! EXO Masterlist Drabbles:Xiumin Luhan Kris Suho Lay Baekhyun Chen Chanyeol D. 1, 2 (coming soon) Keep reading masterlist→ got7 masterlist → seventeen masterlist → ateez (kq fellaz) masterlist → nine percent masterlist → shinee masterlist → nct masterlist → monsta x masterlist → pentagon masterlist → exo a m - Baekhyun x Reader/ romance, fluff, imagines [masterlist] 12 am, I think of you again. She’s in the Rain - This entire fic was inspired by the song “She’s in the Rain” by The Rose when a Pairing: Hyungwon x reader Genre: Angst, fluff Words: 1,8k You were sitting in the car, talking on the group chat with the three of your friends, which included your best friend, your other friend Millie and the only guy in the group, Hyungwon. ” “Well, hello to you too, mister optimistic,” Kun snorted, which gained a glare from Ten. Let’s Go Home Jk x reader. it’s been three years since you’ve last seen jiyong and you didn’t think that you two would ever cross paths again. Summary: In life, it is rare when another person touches your heart, when their soul brushes with yours just like shooting stars that fall to the Earth. Related devil dancer next door exo fanfic masterlist exo fanfics exo fanfic exo kai exo imagine masterlist exo x you exo x oc exo x reader kai x you I hope this helps you guys get around this blog more easily than before. Jaehyun. summary Everyone knows Jaemin is a flirt, but only a few are lucky to truly know him. This Is Our Song Jennie x Idol!Reader. The Coffee Date Rose x Reader. Faint Of Heart Masterlist [Ivar x Reader] - Hello my loves! Here’s the much delayed masterlist for Faint Of Heart, including your amazing and talented oneshots and headcanons and art! Pairing: DomMafia!OT7 x Reader(F). o. GOT7) ️. Masterlist. Are You Jealous? (Baekhyun x Reader Fluff/Slight Smut Ft. ” Masterlist EXO. He instantly perked up, and threw aside his device to go greet you since it was a rare occasion of him being home before you. Bts Texts And Snaps. the main masterlist is here]. idk how to explain it good message me and ill Masterlist Complete Reactions 1)When they run into you on the street 2) When you want to cuddle 3) When you’re not wearing makeup 4) When their girlfriend is stressed over exams 5) Finding out you MASTERLIST SERIES: Bad at Oral • Masterlist Giving/Receiving Oral • B. ALMOST — g dragon (kwon jiyong x male reader). SERENDIPITY ☁️ (Ft. 7 . Jooheon. P x Reader. ♕ ” NCT: “” Taeil “Homeroom My Lie In April Pianist!Min Yoongi x Violinist!Reader (coming soon) Reactions: Going to a pet shop with their s/o all of bts (coming soon) Others: BlackPink Originally posted by blackpinks. ara170xx7 liked this exo exoplanet exo fanfic exo fanfiction exo fantasy park chanyeol chanyeol byun baekhyun baekhyun oh sehun sehun kim minseok xiumin kim jongin kai do kyungsoo d. Pairing: Chen x Reader. Yandere! Hoseok x reader EXO. I Like You-REACTIONS-GOT7. Read Chanyeol X Reader Smut from the story EXO X Reader Imagines by _Kpop-Lover_ (EveryKPOPFangirlEver) with 7,049 reads. Jun 7, 2016 EXO please note that ALL EXO fics are friends-locked! Chaptered: Night Breathing (ongoing) Pairing: Jongin x Everyone (EXO), Sehun/Jongin . Except you. P. He was. I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to your messages as quickly as I would’ve liked to. It was destroying you. o kyungsoo chen yixing jongdae lay smut exosmutxoxo smut masterlist kpop smut kpop smuts masterlist author's works moodboard moodboards exo moodboard exo moodboards kpop moodboards nsfw kpop moodboard Masterlist : • THE ROSE reader astro astro x male reader seventeen seventeen x male reader got7 got7 x male reader stray kids stray kids x male reader exo exo x Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader Warning : mention of death Summary : When you go on a small expedition on a tiny unpopulated island off the coast of Japan, no one expected you to go missing, especially not your best friend, Kyungsoo. BTS Drabbles/OneShot. Pairing: kim namjoon x reader. BTS ↳ imagines bts nsfw (fem reader) bts nsfw (male reader) ↳ headcanons sugar daddy!namjoon hoseok in bed hard •Welcome To EXO Reactions!• Home Askbox Masterlist To do Guidelines Links Instagram archive ••Reactions, scenarios, imagines, chats, moodboards, headcanons, etc. But them? Such a constellation was me to them, and them to me. High (M)-SHINee. •masterlist• bts masterlist got7 masterlist exo masterlist monsta x masterlist astro masterlist nct masterlist seventeen masterlist follower submission masterlist floater masterlist Story Update (Last Updated - 2019/05/15) Here’s my list of stories I need to work on. He was cheating on you, boyfriend!Jeno. Jung Kook X Reader. Vampire!AU. Kai) Apparently I really like writing jealous to smut imagines/scenarios lol but I’ve really been thinking about this one lately sooooo here [5:04am] you and boyfriend!YangYang cuddle deeper into each other as the movie you were watching finishes, you’re both tired but the two of you want to make the most out of the time you get to spend with each other; you don’t miss the way your boyfriend nuzzles into your side and the way his arms squeeze around you; Masterlist Trigger Warning: These stories contain yandere theme such as manipulation, abuse, obsession, stalking, violence, murder, and death. But you accidentally saved someone you shouldn’t have, and now you’re running for your life while trying to help the person you saved execute his revenge plan, plummeting into a foreign world you never knew exis Let Me In - Baekhyun x Reader. We don’t need no place to go, just put on the radio, e could just dance to this. Dec 22, 2016 [ Masterlist ] “'Ever since the moment she fell from the sky, that angel has “ DEVIL'S ADVOCATE ” Park Chanyeol X Reader. All Is Not Lost-SF9. Originally posted by honeyjisungs. looking for exo smuts? then this is the right book to read! A collection of exo smut oneshot imagines for male readers, you will be a bottom and a top (I'm more of a top myself). Jonghyun. -EXO, Promise  Welcome to my masterlist! Here you can Here you will find Monsta X, NCT, Pentagon, Seventeen, Exo, Bts, a little bit of Kard and Blackpink content. Summary: “Let me take care of you. May 10, 2019 Mobile Masterlist. Masterlist Xiumin/Kim Minseok • Welcome Home (Xiumin Smut) • I'm Done ( Xiumin Angst/Slight Smut) • Xiudaddy (Sehun x Reader x Xiumin Angst/Fluff). Kai. This series will include: smut, mature conversations, nudity and generally anything else that goes in a mature relationship. Summary: You just wanted to help. BTS Reputation Series; EXO, High School AU, Friend's Brother AU Park Chanyeol X Reader [Fantasy/Thriller/Vampire! Jun 1, 2017 EXO MASTERLIST ~ Main Masterlist ~ Reactions:✽ Their tall girlfriend making fun of them for being short ✽ Their girlfriend falling asleep on  Sep 15, 2016 EXO Masterlist [[MORE]]Main Masterlist REACTIONS + Using their powers around you for the first time + Chanyeol x Kyungsoo {Chansoo} main masterlist :: “ Scenarios: ” EXO: Babysitters (M) ~ Chanyeol x Reader Comfort (A/F) ~ D. exo bts bangtan masterlist seventeen astro got7 day6 bigbang Monsta X nct u How to Fall in Love in Five Easy Steps | D. O x Reader Coincidentally (F) ~ Kai x Reader In Those Arms That  Jun 30, 2015 MASTER LIST MINSEOK • Crushing On My Manager (Fluff): When EXO gets a [ x] EXO embarrassing you when they pick you up from school. Hyung Line Reacting To Being S/O Giggling While Being Spanked (M) Reacting To Their S/O Giggling While -Curious (Taehyung x Reader x Jimin) - This Stupid Boy - Christmas Dress - Do You Really Want to Fight Me? - Remember (Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung) Jungkook: - The Truth (Part 1) (Pt 9) - Oppa (Boyfriend Material Pt 3) - You Heard Her (Jungkook x Reader x Jimin) prompt Mara Dyer and Noah Shaw kind of love. will, snsd, sistar, anda, 10cm, after school, dia, red velvet i can’t find the original post i made ages ago, but everyone wants me to bring back my hard hrs game so!! i have a good amount of free time right now, so please send me a group as well as a description of yourself (and your kinks) to be shipped with a smutty hard hours drabble!! MASTERLIST Please lend your understanding to the fact that this is a new blog! If you want this list to grow, please send me a request for a ship, reaction, or scenario! EXO masterlist Thank you for stopping by my masterlist! Hope you enjoy what you find here!🌸💕 Rules // Send in a request // To do list You keep losing at strip poker You spend the night in You’re dia's masterlist exo exo k exo m exo fanfiction exo scenarios kyungsoo do kyungsoo chanyeol park chanyeol baekhyun byun baekhyun sehun oh sehun kim minseok xiumin kim jongdae chen kim jongin kai suho kim junmyeon lay zhang yixing exo fluff exo smut exo angst exo au exo series hope you'll enjoy my work! feel free to like/reblog/leave your MASTERLIST [new and updated masterlist as of 8/4/18 that will be updated as we go along (: happy reading loves! xx] 》REQUEST GUIDELINES REACTIONS. o imagines Kyungsoo Scenario kyungsoo imagines sehun scenario sehun imagine namjoon fanfic namjoon one shot exo nsfw mini canons switch!kai shower sex switch!kai shower sex (fem reader) switch!kai shower sex (male reader) ↳ one shots king!chanyeol au (female reader) king!chanyeol au (male reader) ↳ others nsfw concepts visual nsfw. Scenario Masterlist. She had to get out. exo exo fanfic exo fanfiction exo smut exo scenario reader insert smut kim junmyeon kim junmyeon x reader kim Reblog exo reaction reactions exo gif reaction exo reaction kpop kpop gif reaction kpop reaction exo gif sehun suho baekhyun chen chanyeol d. Ah thank you so much, I really appreciate it! This is my first time writing for ATEEZ so I hope you like it! This was the first time you were allowed to stay at the dorms after San had decided to tell the people from the company about your relationship. Charmed Poly BTS: Don’t want to disappoint (witch-whitelighter Kim Seokjin + Kim Taehyung x witch-whitelighter reader) (M) Okay, I’m sorry I haven’t been on Tumblr for a few weeks, it’s been a really wild month. You didn’t even realise when Jeno came into the bedroom, only noticing when his arms wrapped around you and as much as you wanted to be disgusted by his touch - you weren’t. XOXO Your always grateful and happy writer, Admin Tina :) Updated: 2016. Scenarios: Shopping Is Essential Jisoo x Reader. This is the last post for my “Christmas advent calendar” for which I’ll also post a masterlist for. Background Artists: Al Dempster, Bill Layne, Ralph Hulett. word count 3,948. okay i know i disappeared suddenly out of nowhere, and some of you are probably wondering why i haven’t posted any scenario or even wondered why i haven’t been active lately. tfw you wanted to write something completely plot-less and short and nsfw for your first exo/reader piece on here but you end up staying up all night to finish smth with actual plot and a longer word count than u intended bc you’re predictable Reactions Masterlist Hey! Do you have a master post of your exo scenarios I can't seem to find one on my phone haha Baekhyun x Reader. x Reader (F) If you really thought about it, you could clearly identify exactly when and how you fell in love, and it was the startling clarity of this process that made you wonder if you would ever write down these stages. Park Jinyoung Begging On Your Knees The Generous Fuckboy Tantrums Get You BTS MASTERLIST MONSTA X MASTERLIST EXO MASTERLIST the creativity graveyard ~EXO MASTERLIST~ Bold = coming soon. y o u - Baekhyun x Reader/ romance, slight angst, one-shot. Read Sehun X Reader Smut from the story EXO X Reader Imagines by _Kpop-Lover_ (EveryKPOPFangirlEver) with 6,272 reads. Mar 24, 2018 EXO MASTERLIST [[MORE]] back to main masterlist possible R-rated content marked with Keep You Safe / Suho x Reader x Lay. Bobbing for Apples 2 - Xiumin x Reader. Pairings: BTS OT7 x Reader. You knew, but you were running late, and you did it anyway. EXO / BTS scenarios bts exo exo scenarios bts scenarios exo masterlist bts masterlist masterlist kpop masterlist kpop scenarios EXO Sehun X Reader. ⤷ “ would you die for me? or should i live for you? pairing: prisoner!jaebum x reader genre: angst, smut, dark/triggering type: strangers 2 lovers ; prison!au Full Masterlist. Soft Kai, Warm Kai, Little Dancing Machine - Fluff + steamy makeout sessions. EXO reaction to their s/o wanting to try being blindfolded and other sensory play. explanation . (All credits go ~Masterlist~~BTS~ • Yoongi x Male Dom!Reader • BTS reaction to their boyfriend performing in sexy/revealing outfits • BTS react to their boyfriend collecting another members photo card and not - Jungkook x reader; enemies to lovers - Tweet ♡ - Jealous!Jungkook x exo member!m!reader - Tweet ♡ masterlist; bts; bts x reader; bts fake texts; bts fake snaps; bts snaps; bts texts; bts fake tweets; bts tweets; min yoongi; yoongi; bts notifications; bts social media; bts social media au; suga; agust d; suga x reader; angst; suggestive kpop kpop scenario kpop reaction kpop imagine 4minute vixx monsta x mamamoo ikon got7 girls generation f(x) fx exo exid exo m exo k block b bts big bang b. Summary: Jungkook and you have been best friends since High School & both of you were attending the same college. a. Masterlist ♕- Smut ☁ - Angst - Fluff ♥- Romance BTS Girl GroupsSmutty Drabble Challenge #1Drabble Challenge #2Smutty Drabble Challenge #3Optional Bias: “Spellbound. Stepping outside, pushing past the automatic doors the sun warmed your skin, a nice contrast to the cold inside the shop. Member x Member Masterlist. P • Got7 • Monsta X • NCT Head Under the Table • Masterlist John Mulaney Quotes • Highlight • NCT • Super Junior Morning Sex • “Wait, mute the TV for a sec. Reactions: SCENARIO AND FANFICTION MASTERLIST. kim junmyeon suho kim jondae chen zhang yixing lay chanyeol x reader chanyeol x you → yoongi x reader x jimin You knew they warned you about that path for a reason, you knew you shouldn’t take it as a shortcut. exo scenarios exo masterlist exo imagine exo scenario exo imagines exo blessed me exo exo k exo m exo cbx exo cs exo is the way masterlist kpop kpop masterlist kris wu luhan tao suho lay baekhyun chen chanyeol d. Get away from him but there was only one way that could happen… I’m going to keep this updated masterlist of scenario and fanfiction posts that have been submitted to me. EXO • exo reaction to seeing the scratches they left on their boyfriend’s back exo exo smut exo k exo m luhan d. ARCADIA’S LULLABY #exo imagines #exo x reader #exo fanfiction #masterlist #bts fanfiction #bts imagines #bts x reader . o scenarios d. Just A Minute // Junmyeon/Reader; Um…about 12 // Sehun/Reader ; FAKE TEXT alright i know it’s been eons but i got a job and a lot has been happening bUT i am working on stuff im in the middle of a jimin x reader fic and as you can see i’ve started working on them again so please give me a little bit i will have all of them out as soon as possible!!! - exo cbx prom au masterlist exo x reader exo fanfic bts x reader bts fanfic seventeen x reader seventeen fanfic ateez x reader ateez fanfic byun baekhyun baekhyun x reader park chanyeol chanyeol x reader kim jongdae chen x reader jongdae x reader suho x reader kim junmyeon zhang yixing yixing x reader lay x reader do kyungsoo kim jongin jongin Empty Promises. VIXX. Dance with the Devil - T. I hope you enjoy reading through all my work! © all work is protected under this license. ” You motioned to Jongdae, who looked annoyed having to turn down the reality show he fell in love with that, in your opinion, no offense, is designed for post-middle age women with nothing to do whatsoever. Oh, little red, just what have you gotten yourself into? unspecified. Movie Marathon - Chen x Reader. I hope you  Jun 5, 2016 Masterlist Secret Member House of Balloons Mini Masterlist - in progress Xiumin/ Minseok Meraki - Barista!AU Missing You Drabbles - 1 ; 2 ; 3  smuts. and i had to copy the link into my bio and change its name to masterlist. I ( Ikon ) x Reader Genre: Fluff Warning: I’m sorry if he seems a little OOC, I only recently entered the Ikon fandom so I’m sorry if he seems out of character, or his personality isn’t like this. Multi AU; EXO, BTS, Big Bang; Drabble Game; A small collection of 2017 Halloween Drabbles. exo x reader masterlist

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