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We are a new and learning HOA Board. Interest earned on the reserve account investments is transferred to operating income monthly rather than to increase the reserve account balance. If not, that’s a big red flag that special assessments are likely on the horizon. Reserve Fund Expenses: Guidance -- Reserve Fund This document discusses recommendations for establishing and maintaining a reserve fund for a homeowners association (HOA). A HOA board is generally prohibited from spending reserve funds “for any purpose other than the repair, restoration, replacement, or maintenance of, or litigation involving the repair, restoration, replacement, or maintenance of, major components that the association is obligated to repair, restore, replace, or maintain and for which the reserve fund was established. to check off in order to roll unused funds from this year into 2013. These two pools of money have very different purposes, and it’s vital to keep them separate. It is important to note, this new asset will need to be added to the reserve component list and future Reserve Studies should be updated to reflect this new addition. Relying on special assessments to fund major repairs can also lead to a failure to maintain property and a loss in value for all units. There are basically two types of funds you will deal with in your HOA. Contingency Fund > HOA Forum > HOA Talk. Mar 13, 2015 Get back to basics in this Reserve Fund Accounting primer. Q: Our HOA has operating and reserve investment funds. This leaves a digital record (and a handwritten record, if a homeowner choose to send a hard copy) for homeowners or the homeowners association to access in case of emergency or legal trouble. Significant short- and long-term projects are handled by HOA reserve funds. There are however a number of key factors that help determine the answer. The Operating Fund is used to pay for all utility, insurance, general maintenance, landscaping, and administrative obligations of the Association. S. An association’s operating budget is a projection of the money needed to cover: A. The funding of the Reserve and Replacement account is accomplished via quarterly billings to the HOA members. 88% with open Violations. Our HOA has operating and reserve investment funds. Capital Reserve Fund: based on your 5 year plan for upcoming expenses and major repairs (boiler, elevator, local law #11, etc) or major initiatives (new roof garden, gym, etc). (“Association”) pursuant to the provisions of C. We have funded the reserve account to the level required and we have a emergency contingency fund set aside and maintain about 3 months of operating expenses. Does the HOA maintain all of the amenities? Yes. An HOA board typically runs its financial operation like every household does. ) Statement of Changes in Fund Balances For the Years Ended December 31, 2015 and 2014 Funds Operating Asset Maintenance Total Balance - December 31, 2013 $ 559,981 $ 1,427,968 $ 894,369 $ 2,882,318 the financial statements reflect accounts using fund accounting methods. * . Most of the owners are happy about it, but would like to know if we can deduct the interest on the loan. $1000 per month is for operating costs and $200 a month goes into reserves. Albury Trails Estates Homeowners Association, Spring Texas. Operating funds cover day-to-day operations and expenses. The Reserve Fund Balance line item on the balance sheet usually indicates Operating Funds vs. The operating fund is for regular maintenance, vendor contracts, and similar expenses. Fairmont Park East Homeowners Association, La Porte Texas. Board members familiar with non-profit accounting have probably heard the term fund accounting in the past. Operating Fund – This is the segregated fund used for the Association’s day to day operations. The first is for paying day-to-day bills, and the second is for occasional big-ticket items like roofs What Operating Reserves Are and Why They Matter By Rick Moyers My most recent post noted that one of the reasons nonprofit boards don't have more conversations about operating reserves is because there isn't a commonly understood definition of reserves. One critical area to focus on is proper use of operating funds vs reserve funds. The monthly assessments include amounts to increase the reserve account balances. Remember the operating fund on the balance sheet is an accumulation of activity from the inception of the association. The community manager usually prepares checks for review  A homeowners association is an organization created by a real estate developer for the purpose of developing and managing a community of homes, town  Reserves do not fund everyday expenses or more routine needs; the operating fund serves that. The reserve fund of a homeowners association is often misunderstood by members and sometimes the HOA board as well. Association's use the pro forma budget to help create a map for the upcoming year's operating expenses. This is where the most transactions take place. Additionally, any reserve activity anticipated in the coming year should be included in the operating  Sonabank's HOA Money Market accounts let you earn competitive interest rates on and Condo Unit Owners Associations (CUOA) with Sonabank operating accounts. The most common trigger for use of operating reserves is on the income side, such as when a previously reliable source is reduced or withdrawn. “Capital improvement” is an accounting term. Board members have a responsibility to understand financial interim statements to guide the association’s financial course. Operating funds are used to take care of day-to-day operations. This is because the homeowners association industry thinks in terms of operating funds and reserve funds. Typically these separate funds of money are referred to as the operating fund and the reserve fund. Operating versus reserve funds. This is called “Fund Balance Accounting” where community funds must be kept track of by their fund type—typically “Operating”, “Reserves” and “Other”. Where day-to-day expenses are managed from the association’s operating fund, major repair and replacement costs come from the reserve fund. I'll try to keep this short: I became chairman of the Finance Committee in February. Florida A temporary transfer of reserve funds to the operating account to meet short-term cash-flow requirements or other expenses, provided that the board minutes reflect the reasons for the transfer and when and how the money is to be repaid to the reserve fund, and (with some exceptions) that the funds are restored to the reserve account within one Can the HOA Board decide to take excess operating funds and move it to reserves at the end of the year? Our HOA fees are $1200 per month. Q. Financial resources are classified for accounting and reporting purposes in the following funds established according to their nature and purpose: Operating Fund – This fund is used to account for financial resources available for the general operations of the Association. Summary of State Reserve Fund Laws (As of July 2012) Many states have enacted legislation dealing with community association reserve and operating funds to protect owners from fiscal problems and financial hardship. Understanding the Differences Between Operating and Reserve Funds in HOA Accounting Software 1. Reserve Fund Planned Expenditures – Know the Difference Monday April 25, 2016 The maintenance requirements for the common areas of a condominium property are unique to each one. A homeowners association (HOA) is an organization that makes and enforces rules for a subdivision, planned community or condominium building; its members are residents. Cash in the Operating Checking Account – shows ability to meet current operating expenses. My Firm . Properly managing money in your reserve fund and operating fund is one of the most important jobs of an HOA board. Before purchasing in an HOA community you will want to research their rules and deed restrictions, reserve funds, budget, bylaws, and documents of the association. What You Need to Know About HOA Fees One of the major attractions to living in a planned development or gated community is the convenience and amenities it affords the home owner. A contingency fund is simply a reserve fund set aside to handle unexpected debts that are outside the range of the usual operating budget. Operating Funds. More states may enact similar legislation as An operating account provides proof of payment. This is money meant to cover regular expenses, either those that are expected or recurring. The AICPA This can include everything from approval by voting to adequate notice. . In return, the owner/member is permitted to participate in the HOA's . Can you borrow against that large chunk of money in your reserve fund? FAQ - HOA Finances: If Your HOA Needs a Loan, Can You Look to Your Reserves? But if your operating expenses aren't adequate, you don't want to increase  Feb 7, 2018 Having sufficient funds for replacements will eliminate the need to deplete operating funds or, even worse, having to collect special  Jul 1, 2019 Dear Mr. An HOA pays its expenses from two pools of funds: the operating fund which handles regular, predictable, and annual expenses and the reserve fund which is set aside to handle emergencies and large investments into the community area. Understanding Your HOA Finances Recommendation B: Investments reflect the reserve fund balance Industry standard (and in some cases state law) encourages (or requires) communities to set aside part of the maintenance fees in reserve funds, and further recommends (requires) that a community segregate operating funds and reserve funds. There should always be a minimum of two funds: an operating fund and a  Typically, HOA dues are collected and stashed in two accounts: the operating fund and reserve fund. An HOA without an adequate reserve fund is asking for trouble. Unfortunately, there is no industry adopted definition of what constitutes a “capital improvement” in the HOA context. Planning for and funding the operational needs of an association is straightforward. The monthly assessments include amounts to increase the  Jun 28, 2018 Reserve fund. Timing and liquidity – making sure you have the reserve funds when you need it Reserve and Operating Fund Investment Policy Adopted December 27, 2005 The following policy has been adopted by the Glen Oaks at Castle Pines North Community Association, Inc. Right now we have a delinquency rate of 21. 5. And finally, we have our Operating Fund Expenses showing where your money is going (Assessments get paid to the Operating Fund). In addition to the regularly scheduled HOA fees, HOA members usually pay into a “reserve fund” for longer-term repairs and  The software and operating system used by the association which allows the . The individual owners may not deduct the interest paid on the loan. In California, the Board of Directors has the authority to increase the dues by 20% each fiscal year to cover operating expenses. 301, must be operated by an association that is a Florida corporation. Question- Our Association has been fortunate over the past years and has accumulated excess operating funds. Richardson, Our HOA has operating and reserve investment funds. When faced with an unbudgeted operating expense, most homeowners association boards "borrow" from reserves by not making the reserve transfer. If the Reserve Study says in 2016 the association should contribute $120,000 to the Reserve Fund, typically each month the association will take $10,000 generated from your dues revenue and deposit it into the Reserve Fund account. The Board will have to re-allocate existing funds to pay for this asset, or pass a special assessment to fund the project. Operating Fund: The portion of the association’s budget used to pay for the day-to-day functions of the HOA. Accrual accounting is generally regarded as the superior accounting method since it gives a more complete picture of you HOA’s financial health and status than the cash or modified accrual methods. Is this breakout what most people are doing? Reserve Fund: A reserve fund is a savings account or other highly liquid asset set aside by an individual or business for meeting the future costs of upkeep and any unexpected costs that may arise If the money is applied to next year's budget, members must approve an excess income resolution. Typically, there are two types of funds in your HOA – operating funds and reserve funds. Reserve Fund Strength” is a calculated ratio that compates the actual amount in Reserves to the current value of Reserve Component deterioration. which are part of the yearly operating expenses, like lawn maintenance. Use the money from reserve fund contributions for common area projects and large, unavoidable expenses. Jun 5, 2019 An operating account is a financial fund that's used to pay for the services that The HOA board is prepared, and the community is covered. tarting Jan. The operating fund acts as a checking account for the HOA. Realistic budgets can be created, using actual expenses and Reserve Study guidelines. The major or long-term projects are handled by the reserve fund. In this eBook, you’ll learn: -How much is enough for your Association -Fully Funded Balance basics -What % Funded means and how to calculate it -Why % Funded matters However, the term “capital improvement” is often not defined. ). Reserve Funds. It is where the HOA saves money for Reserve funds are monies collected for the repair and replacement of major components of the property maintained by the HOA. Reserve Fund (3 - 6 months of operating expenses as a hedge against emergencies) 3. Operating Fund. Some see it as a slush fund that is to be used on a "rainy day"' when the association gets low on cash in the operating account. Board of Managers implemented a 25% increase in common charges to fund the Association’s prior year deficit and to accommodate rising operating costs. if they are not, the IRS can look at them as taxable income to the community. One category of operating expenses is contracted services – such as landscaping, property management, elevator and gate maintenance, and security services. As part of membership in the Meadows of Blackhawk Home Owner’s Association, each household pays monthly association assessments into a general operating fund. BEAVER RUN HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION (An Operating Division of Beaver Run Homeowners Association, Inc. These financal reports are vital tools for protection of association funds, control and planning. Below is a list of the board members and property manager for Albury Trails Estates HOA. The walking trail in the neighborhood available to homeowners is maintained by the HOA. We are having disagreements over how to handle an operating budget deficit which, in turn, has brought up disagreements about our Reserves. 81%, far higher than we like to see. After October 1, 1995, the association must be incorporated and the initial governing documents must be recorded in the official records of the county in which the community is located. How often are HOA fees increased? Adjustments up or down  Jun 22, 2017 Being cordial and businesslike goes a long way, and it costs a lot less than a lawsuit. A. The operating expenses B. You have fast access to funds whenever your associations need them. Determine Funding Methodology. accumulated balance of the reserve fund. Feb 15, 2019 With HOA funds this could happen as a digital or physical withdrawal by an authorized person to their personal account or fake business  Jun 7, 2018 Look for ample cash in a reserve fund in the HOA budget. The operating fund – as its name states – is used for keeping up with day-to-day expenses and maintenance of the association’s assets. When maintenance and repairs of common areas, property and equipment are  The Association typically has two funds, a GENERAL (or OPERATING) fund and a RESERVE fund. Minimum - 1 month’s operating expenses Maximum - 3 month’s operating expenses The HOA must distribute its budget as part of its annual report (also discussed below). 12% of all Homeowners are compliant, with only 7. The FDIC insurance limit on all accounts (operating, reserve, etc. Reserve and operating funds of the association shall not be commingled prior to   This equity fund should balance with the reserve cash fund. HOA Accounting and Financial Statements Overview HOA accounting is an important aspect of running a homeowners association, but it can be a tedious task. Here's a quick summary of the difference in what these two funds should be Specifically, Florida law provides HOA boards with the discretion to fund their association’s budget with reserve accounts for capital expenditures and deferred maintenance for which the association may be responsible, except to the extent that the association’s developer established the reserves or the associations’ membership elected to Operating Fund Included in the operating fund transactions are the primary assets, liabilities, expenses, and revenues for the operations of the Association. The quarterly billings will consist of two components: 1) Billings to cover HOA operating fees 2) Billings to fund a reserve for the Reserve and Replacement fund Fund accounting is employed to properly account for the monies. 3-209. YTD Budget The numbers in this column re˜ect what the association budgeted to receive and/or pay for this portion of the year for each item. For buyers, understanding the reserve study is an important part of evaluating the value of a CID property. Operating funding is money used to actually run the bus and rail lines that you bought with capital funding. When the BOD prepared the 2012 budget, it did not include the $100,000 surplus; all the 2012 expenses are to be paid from 2012 assessments. No Reserve Fund = Higher Dues or Special Assessments. This often leads to confusion as to whether an expense requires member approval. How Much Should Condo Associations Have in Reserves? This is a question that is asked frequently by condo association board members and homeowners. Two years ago we had a slight overrun ($1,300) of our operating budget at year Trying to budget for these industries is extremely difficult. It feels like throwing money down a hole, and every individual resident would certainly rather spend the money on their own needs than have it sitting in someone else's bank account, waiting for a rainy day. Since In established condominiums, some have already set up a healthy capital reserve fund, while others have little, if any, money set aside. The Operating Fund Through very careful money management and operating on a shoestring with no real improvements the HOA has stashed away a great deal of cash. Examples of operating funds might be contracted services (gate, fence, lighting, security, etc. The HOA in Florida has over $100,000 in surplus funds at the end of 2011. Like a checking account, an operating account allows for direct deposit or payment via checks. Mar 25, 2016 Funding community operations is one of the most important, if not the most important, functions of an HOA board. Consult with your attorney if you have additional Community associations need two pots of money, an operating account and a reserve account. The reserve fund typically covers major expenses like  Oct 3, 2017 This article clarifies the three (3) types of HOA maintenance fees (annual, The operating funds pay for the association's operational and  When an association plans for a reserve fund, they call on trained experts known as reserve specialists. The vast majority of operating funding of public transit goes to pay employee salaries and benefits (as much as 70% of the total budget). more Reserve Fund funds explanation The ACC has three major funds the Enhancement Fund, Reserve Fund and Operating Fund. Nathan McGuire, Managing Partner of Adams|Stirling's Northern California Offices and Chair of CAI's California Legislative Action Committee, participated as a faculty member at Echo Educational Community's 2019 HOA University & Expo at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Top Reserve Tax Issues. Now that you have figured out the difference between an operating fund and an HOA reserve fund, the importance of having a reserve fund, and the expenses and types of activities which requires money from the HOA reserve fund, let us now proceed to identify the amount of money necessary to be put in an HOA reserve fund. 38-33. How often are HOA fees increased? We have not had an increase in HOA fees since 2012. "The pro of underfunding reserves is that boards can levy special assessments if they need to," says Swedelson. ) is typically $250,000 per client, per financial institution, so you may need to utilize more than one bank if you’ll be making a larger investment. The Operating Fund is funded through homeowner and commercial assessments and program fee revenues, and supports the services and operations provided by the ACC. FHA is now the strictest lending program for condominiums. Maintenance, repairs, and security are managed by the Homeowners Association (HOA); and members of the community have unfettered access to communal assets like An HOA’s reserve fund is your association’s equivalent to a savings account. You should acquire a copy of the HOA's operating financial statement so that you understand how the HOA fees are being allocated and ensure the reserve fund is adequately funded. Don’t take from the operating fund. In the United States, a homeowner association (or homeowners’ association, abbreviated HOA, sometimes referred to as a property owners’ association or POA) is a private association often formed by a real estate developer for the purpose of marketing, managing, and selling homes and lots in a residential subdivision. (1) POWERS AND DUTIES. HOA insurance services are paid for by member fees through the operating fund. The requirements of this subsection may be modified pursuant to subsection (m) of this section. The Replacement Fund has been established to meet the replacement and major However, the most likely reason is that over time your operating fund liabilities have exceeded your operating fund assets and thus have resulted in a negative operating fund reserve. R. Several homeowners association income tax issues can potentially affect the reserve study. contribute between 15 and 40% of their operating bid to their reserve fund. Below is a list of the board members and property manager for Fairmont Park East HOA. How Much Money Should Be In the Reserve Fund replacement reserve fund, collected as part of the common expenses and deposited in an account or accounts separate and segregated from operating funds. Reserve Fund vs Operating Fund The appropriate allocation of a homeowner association’s membership dues is the most important task undertaken by its Board of Directors and Property Manager. Routine Operating Expenses vs. If the YTD Actual amount is higher than the YTD Budget amount, then the association has spent more than what was budgeted. Frank Rathbun, vice president of communications at Community Associations Institute, an HOA advocacy group based in Falls Church, Va. Of course, the sources of both funds are the resident members of the HOA. The amount of money in the fund is based on the needs of regular services like landscaping and security. Reserve Fund – This is the segregated fund used for future major replacements and repairs of the common areas in the Association. The day-to-day operations are taken care of by operating funds. Guidelines for Excess Accumulated Operating Funds CAI – (as stated in the M-206 Financial Management Course) Minimum - 2 – 5 % of annual gross assessments Very Good - 10-15% of annual gross assessments . The reserve funds must be kept in a separate bank account from the operating funds. In order to avoid adverse tax consequences, community associations should consider conducting a vote to apply surplus funds in their operating budgets at the end of their fiscal year to the budgets for their next fiscal year. Interest earned on the reserve account investments is operating budget in providing owners with financial information; the reserve study is also an important management information tool as the asso ciation strives to balance and optimize long-term property values and costs for the membership. These funds are used for day-to-day operations of the community. Provide adequate reserves for repair and replacement of the elements the COA/HOA handles. This model of maintaining reserve money as protection against possible loss in the event of an emergency situation can be utilized in a number of situations. Properly overseeing  Dec 5, 2011 Can the HOA Board decide to take excess operating funds and move it to reserves at the end of the year? Our HOA fees are $1200 per month. Apr 20, 2017 As many as 70% of associations' HOA reserves are underfunded. That’s where the problem starts as far as Fannie Mae and FHA are concerned. When association dues are collected, they are allocated to an operating fund and to a reserve fund. There were no increases in common charges in 2009 and 2010. According to HOA Leader, mischaracterized expenses or income skews your HOA finances. Pest Control – HOA fees should cover the cost of regular inspections and then the costs associated with operating and managing the unit are deductible on your The HOA reserve fund is meant to cover these long term projects, as well as  Jan 14, 2016 community associations should consider conducting a vote to apply surplus funds in their operating budgets at the end of their fiscal year to  reference tool or simply as a cheat sheet at the next HOA or Board meeting you have. By reviewing a copy of your HOA’s financial statements (or the financial statements for the HOA in the community you want to buy into), you can see whether the HOA has a reserve fund. Mar 8, 2017 A check was written out of pooled HOA reserves (that was rightly a I know you cannot use pooled reserves for operating funds, but can you  A HOA board is generally prohibited from spending reserve funds “for any purpose of funds from the reserve account to the association's operating account in  Nov 5, 2017 In my opinion, the proper treatment of the surplus operating funds is to accrue them as revenue for the next fiscal year, and apply the revenue to  Contact the California HOA for help with community associations, from a reserve fund to the association' s general operating fund to meet short-term cashflow  In the United States, a homeowner association is a private association often formed by a real . With proper establishment of this fund, income taxes can be reduced and the association can assure that every present and future homeowner pays a fair share of required future capital expenditures. However, the IRS thinks in terms of operating funds and CAPITAL funds. , says that getting involved in your condo is the best way to know where your money is going and whether the reserves are in good shape. Other operating funding goes to pay for such things as fuel, insurance, maintenance, and utilities. Since we are a nonprofit corporation are these  Nov 15, 2018 (Note: This article focuses on the Operating Fund's surpluses and deficits – rather than the Deferred Maintenance or Replacement Funds. The Real Story Behind HOA Fees and Special Assessments In our example, the BOD forecasts forward that this year it will cost $240,000 to pay for all current year operating expenses. This fund pays for maintenance of HOA properties, common area landscaping, utility bills, and the overall maintenance and operating expenses. com Adding money to your HOA reserves is a tough sell to association members. The operating fund balance represents the net cumulative difference of Section 720. Additionally, taxes are accounted for in the operating fund. $ Var. 720. Most states require that associations adopt an operating budget every year. What are regular assessments and how do they relate to the HOA operating budget? Regular assessments, often referred to as homeowners association dues, are the recurring periodic payments that owners must pay to fund the operation of the association. Like the reserve fund, the operating fund is often put in a highly-liquid money-managing asset; specifically, a checking account. The reserve fund is “contributed” to via an expense listed in the operating budget. Before raising association dues to meet expenses, HOAs can always resort to old-fashioned fund-raising techniques, such as a bake sale or a car wash. Associations must state in their operating budget any current deficiencies in reserve funding, expressed in a per unit basis. How much should we have in the Reserve Fund? How much should we save per month or per year in order to avoid underfunding Reserves? Accounting Tip of the Day: If you do not have a designated Reserve Fund Account, the IRS can view these funds as taxable income to the Association. We would recommend the Board obtain two proposals, one that spells out the cost for refurbishing the existing pool area and one that includes the cost of adding the previously non-existent spa. The Association is required to distribute the budget package to the members every year. Contracted services are one of the easiest areas for the board of directors to save the HOA money. What funding plans are required in a reserve study per the RCW's? These types of associations have several resources with which to fund neighborhood improvement projects, including grant programs that assist the HOA and  Four HOA financial reports for community oversight. When an association tracks the two pools of money separately they are preforming fund accounting. "But what happens if homeowners don't fund the special assessment? Under the accrual basis, all financial activities of your HOA are reported on the homeowners association’s financial statements. Our HOA has run a surplus in the operating account for each of the last three years averaging $150,000 per year. 5, at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors. 1, 2009, the HOA must also distribute a summary of the reserve funding plan to members of the HOA, and state in the summary that the full plan is available to all members upon request. How large should a "contingency fund" be as a percentage of operating expenses ? By contingency fund a mean money set aside for unplanned emergencies; aka, General Reserve. The reserve fund is essentially a savings account. An operating reserve is an unrestricted fund balance set aside to stabilize a nonprofit’s finances by providing a cushion against unexpected events, losses of income, and large unbudgeted expenses. For 2011, the Board of Managers approved a 10% decrease in common charges. However, be aware that federal rules limit how much money can be raised by fund -raising and how much of an association's operating budget can be used to finance a fund-raising event. HOAs have two major accounts: the operating fund and the reserve fund. While this may seem like the easy solution, it is not ideal and can quickly deplete the reserve fund. Then we have our Open Violations status, showing that 91. When an HOA without money in reserve is faced with expenses outside its general operations budget, the HOA will likely have two choices: increase dues significantly right away, or levy special assessments. Homeowner's Associations (HOAs) manage issues affecting the entire community, the election of HOA leaders and other operating procedures); Electing qualified Also, the reserve fund must be managed and invested to keep the HOA  budgets that are prepared far in advance of the operating . Understanding Your Monthly Balance Sheet 5. All the 2011 expenses have been paid, and all the reserves have been properly funded. Suppose a homeowners association has an older pool area, and in refurbishing this asset they wish to add a spa. The HOA is the borrower and will pay any interest. — An association which operates a community as defined in s. In addition, a limit is often placed on how much an HOA can yearly spend on special assessments. They differ from operating funds which are collected to fund annually recurring expenses such as insurance, management and legal fees, common area utilities, janitorial services, and common area landscaping. A general statement that the HOA is responsible to . I know you cannot use pooled reserves for operating funds, but can you use operating funds to pay for a pooled reserve item. Our HOA is intending to borrow funds to upgrade our property in Van Nuys. What HOA Insurance Services Cover 6-15-19. 6. 10% Of Operating Budget Goal. There is really no scientific formula that is applicable to address this question. CSM can help your community's accounting needs. ), utility expenses, accounting and legal fees, office expenses, or taxes and insurance. Does the BORROWING FUNDS BY HOA. ” Now the finance committee wants to replace the money taken from the pooled reserves with money from the operating expenses. Reserves do not fund everyday expenses or more routine needs; the operating fund serves that. Is a HOA surplus required to be either; applied to reduce next years budget or transfered to Reserves? Are the rules - Answered by a verified Real Estate Lawyer The operating fund, on the other hand, covers regular expenses like routine repairs and maintenance on the common areas and structures in your community. “Reserve  Dec 30, 2012 with an unusual HOA problem: too much money in the operating account. Assessments are charged to owners to provide funds for the common costs of operations. 308(1)(b) states that a developer is not required to pay “its share of the operating expenses and assessments” if the developer agrees to deficit fund the association’s operating expenses. Since the resolution does not require a vote by secret ballot, the membership can approve it by (i) a voice vote at the annual meeting and record the vote in the minutes of the meeting or (ii) include it on the ballot with the election of directors. hoa operating fund

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