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Its scope  JRiver - 125 N 1st St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401 - Rated 4. 1. It won't work on a 32-bit version of Windows. 45 Crack with Product Code Free Download JRiver Media Center 25. 0. If you need to change your e-mail address, you will need to know your old e-mail address AND your password. Sorry. JPLAY Responds: An Open Letter, Josef Piri and Marcin Ostapowicz 'Simpler is better' is an old rule frequently quoted by designers of audio-equipment. This sale ends soon". jriver. Is there anything in the new 22 build for strictly two channel audio playback that would be worth the $22 cost to upgrade ?Thanks in advance for any feedback. I also had a hard time narrowing down the new features. Its a terrific swiss army knife of a media player. In settings you have to run Jriver in interger mode. MC can use your old data and settings. Join our large community of Audiophiles, Engineers and DIYers using our innovative products. The Motu devices takes several seconds to change sample rates. JRiver Media Center 25. Aul Converter 48×44 (WIN, MAC) A feature-rich converter, can convert up to DSD256 (22. I too find it slightly annoying it's 19 bucks to upgrade when I just bought it a few months ago. JRiver organize, play, and tag all types of media files and Rip, Burn, serve to Xbox, PS3, UPnP, DLNA, and TiVo. If you have your Registration Code, enter it here: 2. 2 and Windows  Apr 1, 2017 I'm not an expert in JRiver or DLNA, I'm just passing along some info that Generally speaking an upgrade is just buying access to whatever is  Jun 6, 2013 The first of these is JRiver Media Center v. JRiver, through its forum, continues to support 23 (and older versions I think). I currently use media center on the pc and would like to continue to do so, so i'm hoping that this will continue into the new build with enhancements of course. JRiver Media Center Crack Keygen + License Key Download. This is an outline of the upgrade process. I do impulse buys of LPs, high-res downloads, and CDs that cost as much or more than the JRiver upgrade. 98. 2. Privacy policy. JRiver just does the job and ticks most of the boxes for me. If you own MC on Windows and would like to purchase a Mac or Linux version, you can upgrade to a Master License that works on all three OS's. Connect the PerfectWave DSD DAC to your Windows computer using a USB cable. I've been a long time JRiver user. 2 (or above) and HD station is 3. However it won't work with my JRiver code. IMO, due to the upgrade cost between major versions, it might be best to add new JMC versions to their own specific package, e. All these years I've used the program for blu ray movies and multi channel surround music (ripped SACDs and downloads). com offers free software downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android computers and mobile devices. 17, you can get 22. Download JRiver Media Center for x64 25. 71. I started with JRiver 18 and upgraded to version 19. Perhaps there is some missing or corrupted . How to setup JRiver and the Bridge. Silly question I suppose but, does anyone know if it's worth it to upgrade JRiver. The AudiophileOptimizer will make permanent changes to your system, but can be completely uninstalled if needed. or JRiver 4 encoding at the highes figure your yback thro install the E e the Essen mode tup Guide f Tools>Options njoy listening indows® 7 D MC19 (Es rates via Do t possible q Windows 7 ugh JRiver ssence One ce product is or JRiver for >Settings>D! SD Setup Gui sence On P (DSD ove uality levels. Good day, We have begun the next development cycle of JRiver Media Center and we hope you can be part of our progress. JRiver Media Center 24. The JRiver Media Center 20 is a great DVD player software option for movie lovers who also like to play around with scripts and tweak the player to work optimally for them. First step is to make sure your computer is connected, via an ethernet cable, to your home router. Open JRiver and go to HELP/UPDATE CHANNELS and select STABLE. It connects PC to stereo, TV, remote control devices, digital cameras, scanners, and portable MP3 players. MadVR can be used with a few different video players such as MPC-HC, jRiver Media Center and PotPlayer. The couple left unticked I hope will be sorted soon. co/l22IUeGaOj" I just installed the new JRiver MC21 (after many troubles with the recent MS W10 upgrade) and I was wondering what the optimal MC settings were for the Dev to also play DSD. Search, download and play rich content from Google Video/Images, The price to upgrade for Mac or Windows is $26. JRiver. 5, which installs drivers as the first part of the install. How to setup jRiver Media Center (part 1 of 2) - Intro NativeDSD Music. The latest version is always  Aug 27, 2018 I also finished a new firmware update for Nimitra/NimitraS Computer Audio Server. For $60 you’ll get a copy of JRiver Media Center 21, plus TVPlus, for Windows. Bryston BDP-3 Digital Music Player Larry Greenhill | Dec 27, 2017 In February 2017, Bryston announced the latest upgrade of their Digital Player, introduced in 2011 as the BDP-1 ($2195), and upgraded in 2013 to the BDP-2 , with a faster Atom N450 processor. 23, JPLAY. Jriver Media Center 22 has a huge community and seems to be the one that deserve a review. 3. IMO, due to the upgrade cost between major versions, it might be  Dec 20, 2012 From an email sent out 12/20/2012 from Jim Hillegass, JRiver Media. What's New in Version 16. I bought it because it supported JRiver Media Center. May 19, 2014 MC 24 is out. . Need a good media player? JRiver Media Center review was one of the easiest reviews I’ve had the pleasure of conducting… J River turned out to be the right player for our media playback usesbecause it does about anything you could possibly need to get high quality audio from the PC. Its not a child-proof piece of software, but for any kind of serious media metadata editing/managing its top-notch. Media Mode buttons give you instant access to media type: Music, Photos, Videos Ability to create multiple media libraries to organize your files. JRemote was developed to offer you full remote control of your JRiver Media Center from  Download and install JRiver. yabb. Paid for every upgrade, including master license etc. I'd guess that your upgrade to version 25 of the application did not work properly in some fashion. JRiver Media Center is a multimedia application that allows the user to play and organize various types of media on a computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems. It depends on when you purchase it. Dec 28, 2017 m9xx, m900, m920, m903: Windows 10 Creators Update now provides built-in support of USB 2 Setting up JRiver for Bit-Perfect Playback. I used JRiver before and happy with its sound. Also try lower or higher latency settings in the Motu driver. Other Upgrades are available. Your Registration Code will be mailed to you. This tutorial applies to both Bridge 1 and Bridge II. Can batch convert files. dll file or who knows what. For a $20 pledge you’ll get the upgrade to TVPlus for free, but you’ll need to already own a copy of JRiver Media Center 21 to use it. Download the latest and install to get started. Download (Windows). If you leave your e-mail address (optional), we'll let you know when upgrades are available. Also, it would be nice if this app would provide remote access to the DSP settings to select output format, volume adjustments, and effects. There are some advantages to using iTunes, especially if you have an iPhone or iPad. Hi All, I've finally got around to setting up for ripping Vinyl to PC. 4MHz). If you prefer an innovative interface and complete control over your media files, then you shouldn’t think about it much. This causes a delay. As time goes by, new computer audio solutions are growing such as networked audio, streaming services, and other things like headless computer audio solutions. I have JRiver 21. J. January 10 at 4:10 PM · Public. Channel offset = 0, Buffer software 50 milliseconds, Buffer hardware default, Bitstreaming-none, Prebuffer 6 seconds Don't know what else to tell you except the Jriver 21 I am using was downloaded 3 weeks ago so there may have been an upgrade that you may not have Alan UPDATE 14-Feb-2017 MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) Tracks. 9MB Version history. Regards Cazzesman Please enter your name and address as it appears on your credit card statement. I'm cool with that (I guess), but now pay again? Eh. If you've purchased already, thank you. You can try it for free for 30 days. 2 Upgrade from MC20; 3 New Purchase; 4 Recover Your License; 5 For  Apr 16, 2019 Please consider an Upgrade. For example, to upgrade closed-source drivers on Ubuntu, you may need to go to System Settings > Hardware > Additional Drivers. I did upgrade to MC25. The SPDIF connection will only play DSD64 files, while the USB connection will also play DSD128. It was a GREAT app for Jriver audio, but there are serious bugs evident on my iPhone 6s+. This is the fourth update of this manual. My set up of Jriver is in bit-perfect mode. I upgrade to each new version as soon as it is available. When I go to audio output in Jriver, I only have one option, "Dev Air wave Kernel streaming" If I right click the Dev Air app on the taskbar it says streaming is enabled but as I say, a left click makes it disappear! Needless to say I am not getting any sound. We're extremely grateful for these awards. Since a few months I own a Qnap TS251+ 2mb. JRiver Media Center is a multimedia application that allows the user to play and organize . JRemote was developed to offer you full remote control of your JRiver Media Center from any of your iDevices. It uses your GPU to perform resolution upscaling, chroma upscaling, and all kinds of other video enhancements that can significantly improve video quality. That being said, it is beyond annoying that they introduce new versions so often, rather than simply passing along improvements as do many other software vendors. -Fixed JRiver library update not removing removed files Jun 11, 2019 JRiver Media Center is one of the most comprehensive and seamless applications available for managing and playing your media. Setup PS Audio PerfectWave DSD DAC in JRiver version 19 with a USB connection to your computer (instructions for network streaming at the end of this page): Download and launch JRiver version 19. There are found days left for cheap upgrade. I have a Windows license for JRiver that expires in Sep-18. Source number two was my dedicated Auraliti PK100 file player/server, which recently received a software upgrade that permits it to play DSD files over both SPDIF and USB. JRiver Media Center is a "jukebox"-style media player, like iTunes, which usually uses most of the screen to display a potentially very large library of files. INTERACT FORUM > More > Old Versions > JRiver Media Center 23 for Windows . Normal Topic; Hot Topic (More than 25 replies) Very Hot Topic (More than 50 replies) I have never bothered to upgrade as my theory is. 28 beta. I have the latest Hauppauge drivers installed through the May 2nd release (latest) of WinTV 8. com/interact/index. Nate Large - Woodworking DIY & More 148,814 views I have a question. Unfortunately it was really hard to find out the actual release versions and dates for the software. JRemote is a full featured native iOS remote for JRiver Media Center. If you purchased an MC21 upgrade, thank you for your support of our work. JRiver Media Center 25 Crack Final is an amazing application that is planned as an across the board amusement focus program. However, JRiver Media Center is pretty much the best of all of those. This is another leap forward to transform your PC into a stimulation foc JRiver Media Center is the most comprehensive and seamless software available for managing and playing your media. Download (x64) This is a build of JRiver Media Center 25 for Windows 64-bit. The latest Tweets from JRiver (@JRiverInc): "Simple Gifts (December 2013 Newsletter) http://t. JRiver Media Center has long competed successfully with Windows Media Center, but without having the ability to play and record the Copy Once material provided by many cable companies. 128 of JRiver Media Center Red October DirectShow download / setup, incl. 55 download - Windows 7 - Complete media solution -- audio video images TV webmedia DLNA HTPC JRiver Media Center 24. In the release 22 JRiver has changed some settings, so we have an update ofthe player manual for JRiver 22. 98 for a single OS or $59. Maybe it would be better to put even more of the features listed out? JRiver Media Center 25. Jun 18, 2019 Important There are discounted prices on upgrades to the new version of JRiver Media Center. On sound quality alone, not needing any gadget or video software, will upgrading to the latest version make a difference in sound quality. If your distribution's standard update process doesn't give you the latest drivers, you may need to look for other package repositories for your distribution. UPGRADE to JRiver Media Center 25 - Pre-order Now for the Best Price of the Year. Windows Media Center has not been improved in several years, and will not be available for Tidal HiFi account owners can upgrade their account (for free) with the tick of that new "HiFi / Master" option in Tidal's settings menu and stream from "more than 30,000" MQA encoded tracks. I got an email this morning saying "Pre-order a JRiver Media Center 24 upgrade today to receive the best price of the year -- 25% off. Conclusion. Click here if you are unable to download using the button above. Edit: These prices will be reduced by $5 if you purchase by October 17. However, some say we should completely forget this rule when it comes to computer audio: They say, computers are so 'fast' and audio reproduction such a relatively 'easy' job for a computer, that any computer, regardless of hardware or software Can JRiver Media Center Replace Windows Media Center? Overview. Aug 8, 2015 Modern Cards is a simple theme for JRiver Media Center 20 & 21, inspired My recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version of JRMC,  Jan 17, 2018 Dirac Research Officially Launches Major Update at CES 2018 A friend uses the same JRiver + PC Dirac scheme with a Marantz 8801. Your settings and data  Nov 1, 2016 This upgrade is from MC20 only. Try setting a fixed sample rate in JRiver's Output Format. This manual will be using JRiver Version 21. Download and install the trial version for any OS first. I installed it but lateron it would not upgrade to a newer version. A Raspberry Pi costs about $35 and is the perfect solution. The campaign only offers three reward levels. com and we've just learned that JRiver was also chosen "Writers' Choice Awards for 2012" by Positive Feedback Online. 45 Crack–all-in-one media management app turns any Windows PC into an entertainment center with complete control over your digital media: audio, video, images and TV. Ends October 18. Play, stream, and control your media records. I have been using this for years on my PC. I upgraded to JRiver Media Center 19 about four months ago (thanks Jim), and while I haven't had the opportunity to check out its performance with Mac equipment, I still firmly believe that JRiver sets the gold standard for PC-based music playback. Feb 3, 2016 Playback Software. 4 kHz. When I heard about Roon, I tried and find that sound quality is same as Jriver in bit-perfect mode but its user interface is better but decide not to buy because it cost a lot more and I think Jriver is good enough. Jriver Media Center 22 full crack and keys. JRiver Media Player (WIN, MAC, Linux) A standalone media center, can playback all your audio and video files. The price is $18. AUDIOPHILE_CORE. MadVR, also known as Madshi Video Renderer is much more than a simple video renderer. 78 (x86/x64) JRiver Media Center 24 - all-in-one media management app turns any Windows PC into an entertainment hub for complete control of your digital media: Audio, Video, Images, and Television. With JRiver Media Center, not only streaming and playing videos from Netflix or Hulu, YouTube clips and movies, but also local media in a wide range of file formats. The tuner continues to work fine in Hauppauge's WinTV application, but ceases to work in JRiver 25 after the Windows 10 Build 1903 upgrade. I tried JRiver 22 since I got 21 just before 22 came out. I waited with Win 10 - 64 Pro Creators Update, and yesterday decided let's update, and in Microsoft usual way more problems generated  April 2017. Amarra SQ upgrades streaming very successfully. If you own an earlier version of MC on any OS, you can upgrade for that OS or upgrade to a Master License. JRiver Media Center 17 is a Windows program for music and video. Please use copy  You can upgrade, at these prices, from any previous version of JRiver Media Center, all the way back to MC10. Enjoy the music better with Fidelizer Upgrade Program . Media Center is a "jukebox"-style media player, like iTunes, which usually uses most of the screen to display a potentially very large library of files All of them have many features, but Rhapsody seems to be the best one among them. We don't share your details. 15 Comments · Full Story. If you'd like to purchase an upgrade, please follow the instructions  J River Media Center is an All Media Center, Connect with MEDIA CENTER, Add JRiver Media Center, River Media Center I do not feel the need to update. I'm streaming more and more (youtube and Amazon Prime) via Google Chrome or Netflix via their Windows app. System requirements and environment settings. HDHomeRun Software HDHomeRun App for Windows 10 (opens Windows Store) HDHomeRun App for iPhone/iPad (opens iTunes Store) HDHomeRun App for Android (opens Google Play) HDHomeRun Software for Read more I have JRiver Media Center 21 installed on my Mac Mini in the living room and it has a DNLA server which means another instance of JRiver MC 21 on another computer can access and stream that library. That's really cool. 98 for all 3 (Windows, OSX, and Linux). I've had a decent setup with Technics 1210 Mk5 and Ortofon Super OM40 for quite a few years and was playing around with digital RIAA correction in JRiver MC22 from an Instrument input on a M-Audio ADC. php/topic,115338. Click Here for both Windows and Mac versions. If a new version is about to be released (check the latest beta status in their forum), then jRiver lets you upgrade to the next version for free. setup. The player has extensive operating system and media format compatibility, and it's packed with features. I had it working in MC20, but lost and forgot the DSP output settings. Happy I didn't pay to upgrade to mpc 24 (been a If you look back at my writings and tests over the last few years, you will see a number of instances where I did measurements using different operating systems, computer hardware, different bitperfect software (for Windows, for Mac, "audiophile" JPLAY), and looked at things like computer CPU loads and jitter. JRiver Media Center complete changelog 35. com. jriver-media-center24 Awesome_Donkey commented on 2017-07-31 20:17 There's a 23. You could call Tidal the Spotify for audiophiles. To direct you, we need to check a few things. VLC uses different codecs than JRiver. With JRiver, it's almost as easy as flipping a switch from ASIO to WASAPI; and while I do prefer the overall sound of WASAPI, ASIO sounds damn good too! For me it's been the equivalent of an upgrade to a much pricier DAC—more of the music, more of everything that matters. JRiver Media Center Software Reviewed JRiver will scan the files and place them in your video library, complete with metadata and cover art, as if they were the same file type. Straight in, straight out with ASIO. Version 6. html. You can download a trial version. 18. You can download the manual here: JRIVER22  Thinking of trying it, but wonder how/if it will conflict with the impending Win10 upgrade. Apr 15, 2017 Any minor version update is free. Jriver Media Center 23 Crack download free full version. Hi,. Upgrading JRiver Media Centre. Actually, already bought it twice: One Mac (Mac died and had to use my PC, so I had to buy the PC licence. g. It costs $49. Most of you don't need it. Having said that, has there been any improvement in basic SQ over the years, b/t 18 and 23, that warrants an upgrade? I use my JRiver purely for Audio and have no fancy DSP setting enabled. Install JRiver Media   Nov 12, 2012 JRiver-Media-Center-Review-coverflow-small. Be sure that the version of MC matches the license. How to make the perfect box joint jig {finger joint jig } ~ beginner woodworking DIY - Duration: 16:03. Did you ever end up using Audiolense yet? Convolution filters can cause an initial delay. A Master License is $36. ~I still Love you Jriver~ 古いバージョンのJRiver Media Center を22にUpgradeする時のメモです。 ※UpgradeのRegistration codeを公式サイトで購入したので、Amazonで購入された方は当記事の対象外です。 JRiver Media Center is a "jukebox"-style media player, like iTunes, which usually uses most of the screen to display a potentially very large library of files. And that's fine, I have no regrets, they have a fine product and I really enjoyed it. Just download and install it. So I made an initial attempt at adding the release history for JRiver Media Center. Please see Upgrade Help for  You can also upgrade from an older version. I'd like there to be a way to download music from Jriver to use with JRemote offline. Plus, it looks terrific and is easy and fun to use. Regular (usually daily beta) builds are posted on the Media Center Interact forum implementing requested features and fixing reported bugs. The music streaming service owned by Jay-Z and a variety of other successful music artists distinguishes itself by offering uncompressed (lossless) 16-bit 44kHz audio quality and a selection of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) albums in 24-bit up to 192kHz to its subscribers if you If you jump on the upgrade offer early after a release it will be even less cost. Update 04/17/16:. River Media Center is one of the best choices for digital media playback experience more than upgrading to more expensive components. If you don't have it, we can e-mail it to you if your address hasn't changed. Good day, Would a $10 savings make it easier to start using JRiver Media Center 21? For the next three days, you can save $10 on any new purchase of MC. 78 Multilingual l File size: 75 MB. 0 / SQ, Fidelia, Audirvarna Plus, JRiver and a few more music players, all of which upgrade replay sound quality. 音楽再生ソフト JRMC(JRiver Media Center) 22でDSDを聴く為のメモです。DSDの音については、こちらに分かりやすく記載されています。 音楽再生ソフト JRMC(JRiver Media Center) 22でDSDを聴く為のメモです。DSDの音については、こちらに分かりやすく記載されています。 JRiver Media Center 24. There are  Purchase JRiver Media Center 25 Windows as an Upgrade. "New MC16 Features and How to Upgrade". I have JRiver 23 and I see no reason to upgrade to JRIver 24. 0 released – Big updates and big offers for Nimitra/Nikola with JRiver support! Fidelizer 8 Upgrade from Plus to Pro version: The thing I don't get is why it sounded good at power up but at 24 hrs it did not impress and at a level that I was wondering about my decision to upgrade? Mojo Audio Joule v5>>Quantum Byte w/JRiver 24 and Fidelizer>> Starlight 7 USB >> Mojo Audio Mystique v2 SE>>ModWright SWL 9. You can use your current MC license to Upgrade at a discount to the latest version. JRiver was recently chosen as a "Best of 2012" product by HomeTheaterReview. Hi all I have Amarra 3. JRiver Media Center – all-in-one media management app turns any Windows PC into an entertainment hub for complete control of your digital media: Audio, Video, Images, and Television. EXE This is the most important part of the package; this program will optimize your system. Here is the logic of the situation for me: It always worked for you with earlier versions of JRiver, and suddenly stopped working when you upgraded your system to version 25. More Playback Software in the Pipeline Audirvana will not be alone in offering MQA Core decoding. Reasons to upgrade. The upgrade to MC25 prompt when the program checks for updates will no longer show if you have I have been using JRiver for all my computer playback for 2 years and it was pretty much the only player I like because of its great UI, and good synergy with DAC Magic 100 ASIO driver. When playing multichannel DSD files, JRiver Media Center will automatically convert them to PCM format at 176. JRiver Media Center is a multimedia application that allows the user to play and organize various types of media on a computer running Windows. 2 based on 61 UPGRADE to JRiver Media Center 25 - Pre-order Now for the Best Price of the  JRemote is a full featured native iOS remote for JRiver Media Center. JRiver Media Center Crack with License Key is a powerful application that is designed as an all-in-one entertainment center program. 41 Crack + License Key Final Full Version Free Download. Mojo Audio Joule v5>>Quantum Byte w/JRiver 24 and Fidelizer>> Starlight 7 USB >> Mojo Audio Mystique v2 SE>>ModWright SWL 9. It's just $39. Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. JRiver 18, should I upgrade Yes I have an old version of Jriver, the 18. 0 (or above). madVR and LAV, Blu-ray (requires reader), Apple formats, audiophile improvements, upmix & downmix, Netflix browse & series, Hulu, Android remote & stream to phone. JRiver has SO many settings that it is all a bit daunting at first, even for a . 0 SE Signature>>Hafler DH-500 Amp+ (Musical Concepts Fully Modded)>> JRiver media player is the ultimate. Fidelizer 8. Make sure your NAS QTS version is 4. Have you ever purchased MC? If not, there is no upgrade price. The cost is trivial compared to my other miscellaneous audio gear related purchases every year. JRiver needed a little tweaking to play DSD over PCM, but I figured that out. The same great support for Photos and Video that you get for Music. River Media Center upgrade deals - posted in Software: Ive been a JRMC user for ages. thanks for some help I think all I had to do was ensure Bitstreaming is on, under Playback Options. exe for an initial installation and also to upgrade your existing AO installation. Will need to purchase the program after 30 days, costs about $50 USD for one license. Please enter your Registration Code from any previous version of Media Center. Question is, are there sufficient reasons or improvements, to make upgrading financially viable? How to setup JRiver 19 for DSD playback. https://yabb. Media Center 19's performance is miles beyond their JRiver Media Center is a multimedia application that allows the user to play and organize various types of media on a computer running Windows or Mac OS X. PC with an Media Cent MKII USB a set as the d Cost for those wishing to purchase is $74 for new customers, $39 for upgrade from a previous version of Audirvana Plus, and gratis for those who have purchased Audirvana Plus 2 since December 25, 2016. To sum up, this is one of the best media players out there. Download Software For PC IDM Crack Full Version, Crack, keys, keygen, pathed, Cracked, serial Latest Version Free Download For Mac and Windwos miniDSP is a leading manufacturer of Digital Audio Signal Processors for the HomeTheater, Hifi, headphone and Automotive market. How to setup jRiver Media Center iPod Classic Storage Upgrade Tutorial - Duration: Receive Registration Code Please enter the email that you used to purchase. Does anyone have any information on Media center in Windows 10 or has this experience moved onto xbox which in my opinion is a separate experience for entertainment. Adding Release History for JRiver MC. 0 SE Signature>>Hafler DH-500 Amp+ (Musical Concepts Fully Modded)>> JRiver Media Center is a multimedia app that allows the user to play and organize various media on Windows. Also curious about how difficult it is to actually set up  Oct 5, 2015 J. jpg It wasn't too long ago that the thought of having your music and movies all available at the . 55 - Complete media solution -- audio video images TV webmedia DLNA HTPC - Top4Download. Fidelizer has been improving computer audio sound quality for free since 2011. So if you purchase 22. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Here is an example: That's it, have fun listening to multichannel audio with your miniDSP U-DAC8 and JRiver Media Center! Let us know how you go on our forum. 121 for free. These instructions are for Windows computers but with few exceptions, they are the same for Mac versions of Jriver. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The MM30 multimedia upgrade module adapts the EISA award- winning I32 This means using programs like iTunes (Amara) and JRIVER as user. I'm hoping JRiver or Microsoft will release a fix soon. jriver upgrade

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