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Crossing your ankles or knees puts a strain on your spine. Once the keyboarding is introduced, the class will work on composing and proofreading skills. Teach and learn basic keyboarding and introductory typing skills. Lectures and class activities extend your understanding and application of your new skills and knowledge, and it is only through regular practice that you will improve your keyboarding skills. Checking this page will allow you to keep up with class assignments and general happenings. Students with excused absences are allowed to make up the work they have missed. Keyboarding Websites. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw if they are unable to complete the class. The Progress Folder includes a listing of all assignments, tests, and so forth for the semester. writing words list cuban missile crisis essay thesis rules for creative writing workshop maths problem solver for class 10. Welcome to the information page for Keyboarding. District Home. Since Adaptive Keyboarding is meant for continual practice and cannot be “completed,” this is an exception to the rule. Scroll through and pick a includes completing all the Alphabetic Keyboarding Assignments, Timed Writings, and Career Exploration. Students will not receive credit for the assignments. Students learn proper typing technique, basic typing position, posture, practice key stroking, spacing, return, and other typing skills. Grading is easy! Add up the points earned. Class Assignments ***Each Day as the students come in, they will be directed to do a Keyboarding Warm-up from a list of drills. Today I read a short blog article by Jacqui Murray about how traditional drill and practice typing practice methods do not work with young children. Pride essay tips example dissertation proposal presentation ppt assignments in contracts microsoft office word research paper. DTE: Daily Typing Exercises first 10 minutes of class (6th graders) technique, technique, technique! Be sure to show Mrs. Assignments; Educational Websites Food and Nutrition I /Class Syllabus 8th Keyboarding Week 9 8th Keyboarding Week 8 8th Keyboarding Week 7 8th Keyboarding Colleagues, As you may know, I have collected a pretty good list of free, online keyboarding (typing) programs on The Literacy List. Proof #3 Use handout to help with your proofreading. Enabling LTI. 2. Rules for using this Blog: Keep it about school and appropriate school topics. These lessons are  Please select "view all" to see all of your game & site choices. to improve keyboarding abilities from keyboarding lessons; however,  In these lessons, you'll use the Keyboarding Pro 5 program, a typing tutorial Each lesson include quizzes, assignments, discussion areas, supplementary links  TSDE (Keyboarding) Semester Exam Review. This is designed from a Keyboarding class perspective but could also be used in Language Arts. Rarely should the teacher take any assignments out of the classroom--students can put any unchecked assignments in their folder for the next class period. Keyboarding Is the Most Important Class in the Whole Wide World “I was envisioning myself, as if in an old western, driving a herd of cattle through the dusty plains of Colorado, seeking new and innovative ways of improving the world,… the wind whistling through my long tussled locks. Touch typing tutorials will guide you through  Oct 14, 2016 POFT-1329 Beginning Keyboarding is an electronic, interactive class with a professor, students, and assignments. This is the site we use in class to get our class grades. com/online-typing-games/snow-typer. Since you all have different levels of experience with computers, you will each work at your own pace to complete the assignments throughout the quarter. org Express 2018. Instructional Methodology . Enabling LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) adds some information to your account and presents you with the information you need to add Keyboarding Online to your LMS. Keyboarding Watch Google Slides Presentations Week of October 24: Beginning of Second Quarter Finish working on Google Slides Fun Facts Assignment Speak Up Survey (we will do in class together) Keyboarding Week of October 17: Google Drawing Assignment Keyboarding Practice Google Slides Google Slides Fun Facts Assignment Week of October 10 Keyboarding. Proof #2 Use page 64 in the book for help. Should Students can log in and finish any work not done in class. We support K-12 schools, as well as college and adult facilities. Keyboarding assignments for middle school Essays on abstract expressionism . . students with computer skills needed to succeed on class assignments This course prepares students for a more comprehensive BIS keyboarding class. You should be able to complete 1-2 assignments per week in addition to Keyboarding. In your planning, consider how much material you can cover during each class period. This can be book reports, research, a brochure for history class, or a collaborative document through Google Apps. If you are going to be teaching several classes of keyboarding, try to have the same. Keyboarding Practice - there are loads and loads of websites to practice great keyboarding skills and technique. Keyboarding class, is it worth it? So, I'm taking it as a freshman year, I thought it might be helpful later on in life, not that i suck at typing, I can type pretty well, but I wanted to learn how to do it without looking at the keyboard. Skip to Main Content. Driscol your score as soon as you finish. Keyboarding. Then create a document with five sentences about the snacks you like next to their pictures Keyboarding is a skill that must be practiced during class. This schedule is subject to change based on the progress of the class. Please sign in to your class for detailed information. Keyboarding is a literacy skill, therefore it is appropriate that it be included in when they are given keyboarding assignments that tie to the week's studies. Teacher In -Service/AEA (No Students) November 5 – 9, 2018 – Microsoft Word 2013. If you decide to use Keyboarding Online’s LMS integration, students will not have to remember their school login or their personal password. Parents if you are interested in joining your students class please email me for a class invite. Assignments are completed in the Gregg Keyboarding system and can be viewed in your Gregg Portfolio. They help balance your body for keyboarding. Course Rationale Keyboarding Online is a full curriculum to teach students how to type and break hunting and pecking habits. Keyboarding Online. 19 - 29 Keyboarding for Kids -> Finish and print report Share with class Oct. This is for REAL and not all!!! Teaching Keyboarding Lesson Plan Beginner Introduction - Practice Test Skill Free Drill Data Program Activities Kids Class Free Software Exercise Tutor Learning Curriculum Instructions Tips Instruction Fun Chart Test Skill Book Web Quest Rubric Downloads Training Basic Child Job Word Processing Resource Article guide - High School Student - Secondary education - Young Adults Special Education Any time remaining in class you can work on typing. Students in POFT 1329—Beginning Keyboarding have to be able to appropriately allocate their time in order to complete class assignments in a timely fashion. If you are absent, check the class web page, white board, or ask me. We use Typing Web and Keyboarding Online - both Internet based typing programs - as well as a variety of other materials. Baird's Page; Music Reward Guidelines It appears you are using Internet Explorer 9. com website. 2 is complete), read, or work on assignments for another class. it is a good idea to have taken a Keyboarding class prior to taking this class. Some of the programs features may not work as expected. 30 - Nov. Home · Keyboarding · Marketing I · Criminal Justice · Class Assignments · Calendar · Class  Students will submit keyboarding lessons throughout the semester by uploading After an assignment has been graded, the student will be able to view the  In this class students will complete basic financial transactions and develop financial and will be instructed on how to use it properly for class assignments. Suppose Class Information and Expectations Learn about Word Processing 6 expectations, procedures, and grading. Bronson Computers/Keyboarding Looking forward to a great year! Class Assignments. The "Clue" Keyboarding activity is used as a reinforcement activity while students are not close to a keyboard. *** ** Micro-Type is an ongoing reinforcement that is used throughout the course. initial the student’s printout. Teacher has taken index cards and on one side the teacher has written the letter, number, and symbols that the students use during keyboarding. We recommend using Internet Explorer 11, Edge on Windows 10, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome to access the program. Correct key-stroking is stressed. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Keyboarding. Keyboarding Assignments. For every hour of classroom instruction, students should expect to devote two hours of preparation outside of class. These are Excel files with protected areas so the students can't accidentally erase the formula. Keyboarding Numeric Keyboarding Assignments I use these assignments as reinforcement when learning the numeric keypad. Students will learn how to use Microsoft Word 2013 – Power – Point Keyboarding - Alternate Activities to Keep it Fun! Printable Version. Keyboarding Objectives This class will place emphasis on keyboarding techniques such as keeping eyes on copy, using correct fingering, proper key stroking, and correct keyboarding position. Oct. 6 Keyboarding for Kids -> Internet Safety Videos Through the Wild Web Woods -> Oct. For now, just have a look at it. Because most assignments are completed during class, daily attendance is critical. com keyboarding lessons measure existing speed and accuracy, and automatically assigns instruction that adapts to each student's individual needs. Typing Lessons | Learn Touch Typing - Typing. 11 - 18 Keyboarding for Kids -> Enhance text, add border and picture to report. Martian City Defenders Keyboarding. Click on the link below 2. com: Provides keyboarding lessons for students. Sit up straight to keep your spine straight and comfortable as well as provide balance. Students who need time outside of class to finish assignments always have the opportunity to come in on their own time. KEYBOARDING: The importance of proper technique is stressed repeatedly. #4 Turn In Assignments: Edmodo #5 After Completion: When you have completed everything, click HERE and pick one or more activities from the provided list to complete. Other assignments that help students understand how to use various aspects of Word, PowerPoint and Excel will be peppered throughout the lessons in order to keep the keyboarding from becoming trite. Please make   Some departments in the College offer Internet courses. Final Exam Review · MTP Alpha Lessons 1- 20 Test Review. Coding Code. 6th and 8th Grade Keyboarding Websites! So you finished early you may play one of these approved games! Keyboarding Games. Access the account to practice your class' assignments, lessons and tests. *Textbooks: REQUIRED from the first class day (each student must have the online registration card; Textbook and Manual are necessary to do the lessons completely): Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing 11e, by Ober, Johnson, and Zimmerly, Microsoft Office Word 2010 version—Textbook and Manual Textbook: Gregg College Keyboarding and Keyboarding Posture and Technique; You can play typing games (on edutying or nitrotype once lesson 13. com Practice Build Skills for Life! 90%@15AWP Goal Technique Touch Type 25 AWP Why learn touch type? Programs/Internet Activities When Work is Done or Typing. touch typing, but once they do, they may find writing assignments easier and less frustrating. Imperial Valley College Course Syllabus – BUS 154 – Beginning Keyboarding & Document Processing 3 Attendance • A student who fails to attend the first meeting of a class or does not complete the first mandatory activity of an online class will be dropped by the instructor as of the first official meeting of that class. Typing. Keyboarding I 1 class periods of 30 minutes each Authors Utah LessonPlans. Get Started 1. Lessons. Parents and administration will also be notified. Emphasis is placed on the Assignments to be graded should be placed in the appropriate class folder on the table and be checked off on the front of the folder. The Computer Literacy series consists of 8 classes on computer basics, internet basics, keyboarding, and Microsoft Word & Excel. Course Syllabus for Keyboarding Teacher: Mr. Keyboarding Test #32 - in class activity Keyboarding Test #31. In order to successfully pass this class, a student must know how to keyboard proficiently and accurately. Keyboarding, or typing, skills are "essential" to school success, says Orange County school leader. Far from being an onerous assignment to be slotted in “somewhere” in an . Your instructor will look over your Gregg Portfolio on each due date for keying and formatting accuracy, and then enter points in your Falcon Online class shell. ) For Bell Work each day, you will work on your keyboarding skills by practicing with keyboard covers. Web assign code not working retail business plan pdf sample appendix page for research paper profile essays examples essay on facebook in hindi information technology research papers pdf how to do a research paper outline example computer assignment images career plan Keyboarding practice begins at the Kindergarten level with identifying letters on the keyboard and in second grade we continue to work on letter recognition on the keyboard with some of the games listed below: Homework pros and cons articles . ELA/GT 8 Assignments; ELA/GT 8 Calendar; 6th Grade Keyboarding & Digital Tools. The keyboarding is a tool to communicate knowledge in a subject, much like a pencil, an artist brush or a violin. It is very important that students use the entire 50 minutes of the class period to complete assignments. Snow Typer. This enables students to keyboard comfortably and accurately so they can focus on what they are trying to communicate instead of searching for keys or making corrections. Record your score on your DTE paper. Adams' Computer Lab. 5th and 6th  Teach students important keyboarding skills such as proper posture and hand placement using this lesson plan. Get Started Assignments; Keyboarding Test #32 - in class activity; Fall 2017. Each lesson is short, simple and easy to master, with easy-to-understand text and custom-designed typing drills. Business plan for clinic Business plan for clinic medical essay ideas user rights assignments windows xp business plan template downloads how to write good persuasive essays extra credit assignments for criminal law her2 breast cancer research paper sample engineering consulting business plan personal goal essays examples ap lang john f kennedy essay starting feet flat on the floor. Keep it nice and friendly. org school environment. Keep it clean and school appropriate. " - Langston Coleman Start Page for Cornwall Elementary Computer Lab. Some of the worksheets displayed are Computer keyboard practice work, Level1 appb version2, Keyboarding lesson pdf, Basic keyboarding, Developing keyboarding skill, Ultimate guide to keyboarding 5 grade workbook, Welcome to teach yourself basic keyboarding, Directions type name and block home. Students submit their keyboarding and MS Word assignments using the Cengage KeyPro Online software and MS Word. Main Core Tie. This page is for parents and students. Please create an account uisng your Google account. Home Grade 3 Grade 4 Video lessons Bath Computer Class - 3rd Grade Class assignments are posted below. This includes drug references, gambling, alcohol, or any other subject that is PG-13 or above. Feb 26, 2019 Why teachers are teaching keyboarding earlier . Some said it was fun, cause we can go on different sites after finishing the assignments Since you all have different levels of experience with computers, you will work at your own pace to complete the assignments throughout the quarter. Keyboarding assignments for middle school physics problem solving steps on writing an argumentative essay how to solve word problems of linear equations class 8 Each Keyboarding lesson introduces 2 keys, followed by a review of all the keys in the previous lessons. Here are some features you will like about this course: 1. In order to receive credit for UltraKey keyboarding assignments, students must use the keyboard cover and the "homerow method. Then get into Scratch. I will be away from class today, setting up for the Pinetree Idol finals this afternoon in the gym. Students will learn keyboarding skills and basic computer concepts with an their time and complete required assignments and participate in class discussions. Exams & Assignments. http:// www. I expect you to give the sub the same respect that you give me, and I expect you to work your hardest to complete your assignments each day. Computers & iPads Grade 7 Computer Chitchat, by Mrs. Use the links below to prepare for your final exam. 3 - 10 Keyboarding for Kids -> To adequately comprehend content and achieve success in this course, time outside of class spent practicing keyboarding and completing assignments is required. All tests, quizzes, and assignments will be graded according to the Belle Vernon Area School District grading policy. Friday -Projects 13-1 Monday-Keyboarding/Letter of Recommendation assignment. Supplies for Class. weebly. com In order to be sure that you can cover all of the letters, you should know how many class meetings you will have for keyboarding instruction as well as the duration and frequency of classes. Student Information. Point by point essay outline Point by point essay outline. 3. Use a safe Google search to find and download images of five snacks you like. rapidtyping. Academy of Science · Aldie Elementary School · Algonkian Elementary School · Arcola  Save with our platinum program. I Missed Keyboarding Class or have INCOMPLETE assignments: (Remember, you are graded every nine weeks and work must be completed by due dates!) If you ever miss class for any reason (band, dentist, early dismissal, vacation, illness, tardy. ELA/GT 7 Assignments; ELA/GT 7 Calendar; ELA/GT 8. lessons, increasing their opportunities to respond while utilizing keyboarding skills. Additional instructional assistance is available by the instructor as requested. You should be able to complete 1-2 assignments per week in addition to bell work. The due dates provided are for pacing purposes. Keyboarding assignments with picture. 9/14/17 Today students will work on creating and publishing their www. Fall 2003 . Browse FLVS Courses catalog to view our innovative core, honors, elective, and Advanced Placement courses. OAD 101 – Computer Keyboarding . Each class has a specific access code. This course, Typing and Keyboarding for Business Professionals, is entirely self-teaching. Criteria Keyboarding is a one semester course designed to help students develop speed and accuracy by learning the touch operation of alphanumeric/keyboard characters. Fight zombie dinosaurs with the ninja cat while you actually practice typing. In addition to independent projects, students will be required to participate in daily class work assignments to demonstrate application proficiency. ” The purpose of this course is to key alphabetic, numeric, and punctuation keys and develop keyboarding skill mastery through the "touch-typing" conditioning method. Overall possible point total, 700 points. Today, efficient keyboard and . com. If you have good  We will be using a program called MicroType and also textbook assignments Students can use the keyboarding links on my webpage to practice at home if  The goal of teaching typing is that students type well enough that it doesn't disrupt their thinking. Instruction includes teaching lesson plans, printable practice worksheets, fingering charts, and elementary exercises. ). html · Comments (-1)  Aug 22, 2018 Since school curriculums are incorporating more assignments and . It also includes a short final quiz. You Are Here: > Home > Criminal Justice > Class Assignments. Attendance Daily attendance in 8th Grade Keyboarding is very important! The keyboarding lessons 1-12 will guide students through memorizing the keyboard. Click on the fifth website in the  This class covers keyboarding and computer basics and will provide you with skills Documents can include letters, a job search resume, a class assignment,   Included: Tips and online resources for teaching keyboarding! with proper form when they typed any of their assignments," Patterson told Education World. Get Started Start Page for Cornwall Elementary Computer Lab. Keyboarding is an 18 week typing course for sixth grade students. Keyboarding for Kids -> Oct. Work to have proper finger placement and good technique. ) or you just simply need some extra time to work, the lab is open for you to do make-up and catch-up work. Word Processing 6 Class Assignments Learn the basic features of Google Docs and use that knowledge to set up documents for the classroom. This is an entire unit on teaching proofreading in Keyboarding. BE PREPARED Bring your materials and blue or black ink pen or pencil to class every day . Assignments should be emailed in a timely manner. Keyboarding for Kids -> Practice keyboarding with Dance Mat Typing complete Stage 12 Dance Mat Typing; 2) CLASS LESSON (30 mins) Assignment: Complete the Five Snacks I Like document. I will e-mail you with all details for using this as the semester progresses. Class Assignments . Classroom Policies. Learning. Cindy Trowbridge --- Keyboarding Class: Home Weekly Assignments Week of May 20, 2019 Monday- Lesson 11- My Mother Said & My Teacher Poems The type learning zone includes free typing tutorials and a numeric keypad tutorial. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Since you all have different levels of experience with computers, you will work at your own pace to complete the assignments throughout the quarter. Basic computer skills will be introduced. You will be working on the edutyping lessons listed below while I am gone. He wants a keyboarding class required for every middle school student. Compete friends on the race track while you actually practice typing. Classes » Mrs. These pages contain actual projects, lessons, assignments, and handouts students complete for 7th grade. Select a School Select a School. The other side has a clue about that letter, number, and symbol. Jam with our band while you actually practice typing. By: Leslie Bronson. Keyboarding/Typing Class Ideas If you have great lesson plans to share, please contact me! I'll be glad to Keyboarding Numeric Keyboarding Assignments KEYBOARDING LESSON PLANS WORKSHEETS TEACHING SKILLS BUSINESS EDUCATIONAL SYLLABUS CREATING FREE ACTIVITY CLASS PROJECTS  Keyboarding: Put your hands on Home Row keep your hands on home row. To complete assignments  Teachers will grade assignments as quickly as possible and Our keyboarding class is a self-paced, beginning typist, course that focuses on developing proper   Thursday-Projects assigned on Wednesday due end of class/keyboarding. Typing Jets - Get more keyboarding Practice by playing this multiplayer typing game. Students learn keyboarding, computer science terms, desktop publishing, Web design, Internet skills, and programming using LOGO language ( MicroWorlds). Each day, students are responsible for tracking their progress on a daily time-sheet. ***Please join Class Dojo - Please see your student for permission slip. IF your link is active on my website and your assignments are all turned in then you may do Nitro Type warm up. UltraKey is a keyboarding program that teaches students touch typing via the “homerow” method. Familiarize yourself with the proper hand placement guide before starting your lesson. Learning is fun with Sense-lang. Course Rationale Keyboarding – An Essential Employment Skill! retail, the medical field, or sales – or if you're heading back to school and will have assignments to type – come to our keyboarding class! August 3rd - 7th I am tracked out this week. 20. com #3 Finish Weekly Assignments: The next two weeks will be dedicated towards learning the basics of PowerPoint, creating your own and presenting it to the class. The Excel spreadsheet will be used during the semester to calculate your grades. 20 Typing and Keyboarding for Business Professionals, is entirely self-teaching. All Classes are using Google Classroom for Assignments, Announcements and Homework. If a class is set to ‘forced,’ that typically means a student is required to complete one assignment at a time and can only move on once that lesson is complete. Your grade in this class comes from work that you do in class. Weigold, Room 216 Summary: Welcome to Keyboarding! This course is intended to increase student’s finger dexterity, skill, and proficiencies necessary for quick and accurate information processing on any keyboard. Nasto "Luck is what you have left over after you give 100 percent. It includes a PowerPoint, step by step instructional video that will teach everything on the PowerPoint, and a corresponding packet. Spacebar Invaders Choice of home row and adding other letters. They must be able to budget their time and perform class-related activities as assigned on a weekly basis. Memoir writing assignment for kidsdoc Memoir writing assignment for kidsdoc essay on diversity of india word problems for solving equations with variables on both sides how to write an essay about myself for a scholarship. Teaching Keyboarding: More Than Just Typing While schools have worked hard to integrate computers into the classroom and many do a great job teaching students how they work, many schools do not even consider teaching the art/science of using a keyboard. is the calculation of keyboarding Students will begin the daily warm-up/assignment as soon as the bell has sounded or after necessary instruction is given. Total points will be accumulated for all evaluated efforts in this class and Bell Work ~ Keyboarding (Typing) Practice (I can demonstrate proper keyboarding techniques and develop speed. 9/15/17 Happy Friday. This is the site that you will use to access your typing assignments. If you miss a class meeting, you are responsible for any missed assignments or handouts. Elbows in will help keep fingers positioned on the home row. Work through each lesson and do all the parts. 1. POFT 2301 Intermediate Keyboarding COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS This is an 80-hour hands-on, self paced, individualized, instructional course. Maximum Point Values: Writing tests x 6 @ 60 points maximum each 360 points Within a month of starting a keyboarding program, have students use their growing skills authentically in class projects. and compare it to a grading scale (such as 90+ = A, 80 - 89 = B, 70 – 79 = C, etc. Keyboarding/Digital Tools Assignments; Keyboarding/Digital Tools Calendar; About Me Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans: Short Readers Enjoying a New Type of Life (Short Reader; Grade 3 Readability) Reading Comprehensions I MISSED KEYBOARDING CLASS or have INCOMPLETE assignments! GRADING Information; Typing Games & Keyboarding Practice at Home; Music REWARD Guidelines; Doorway Online; Keyboarding Homework Assignment; Mr. GRADING: The final grade for the class will be calculated based on the completion of assignments, timed writings and assignments. Add your Class Hour in the First Name Box. The following keyboarding games allow you to start with just the Home Row keys. The typing learning experience is designed to moderately increase complexity with every typing lesson when new characters are added for each lesson on top of the previously learned characters. As part of our focus on typing — an essential 21st century communication skill students need to succeed in school and beyond — we organized a district-wide keyboarding competition, with 6,200 student participants, using Typing. Proof #1 Use page 46 in the book for help. At the instructor’s discretion, lecture, videos, class discussions, research paper, and class projects may be used to instruct the class. Though typing/keyboarding class is generally listed as an elective, in today's age of Applies keyboarding skills to an office setting or academic assignments. Also, there are often spare seats during class periods, and students are encouraged to request a pass and work on their assignments during Intervention. " Additionally, there may be classroom activities and worksheets to supplement our keyboarding endeavors. Poetry assignments for 5th grade Poetry assignments for 5th grade dog essay in english for class 1 sexual harassment research paper example thesis driven essay outline college essay help service nj. Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans: Short Readers Enjoying a New Type of Life (Short Reader; Grade 3 Readability) Reading Comprehensions Mrs. com or work on your weebly website. Flex courses will include only hands-on computer-based assignments, and objective and performance evaluations. Students must bring notebook and a pen or pencil to class daily!! November 1- 2, 2018 . Students also perform various general activities as well as workbook Flex courses will include only hands-on computer-based assignments, and objective and performance evaluations. participate in class assignments, interact with the instructor, collaborate with other students, and knowledge and fundamental keyboarding skills to fully participate in an online class. Guided and independent practice Here are just some of the reasons that keyboarding lessons are essential for Correct touch typing makes it easier to type assignments, do research, and  Aug 28, 2017 Learn more about using custom lessons in EduTyping to add value, engagement, and fun, to your next in-class typing assignment. Get some more typing practice by completing the activities below: 1. 44. No matter what type of student you are, FLVS offers a wide selection of online courses to meet your needs. Find your file in your student drive (or if doing work at home, find where you saved your file) 3. Thus, the student is responsible for reading all appropriate training chapters and completing ALL activities and/or training exercises as indicated on the class schedule. E. Read each lesson BEFORE the class when it is scheduled to be discussed. Students can also access the programs in the Library or on any laptop if Room 203 is not available. Pencils/pens will NOT be loaned out by the teacher. Free Teachers can sign up students/classes for free accounts for Gr 2-5. Popular Online Courses. Class participation and cooperative learning in which students learn from each other and help each other is an important element of this course and part of each student’s grade. Time-sheets are turned in on Fridays for a grade. keyboarding class assignments

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