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Algernon Adams earned a Purple Heart in Iraq in August when he was one of four engineers wounded when they were hit by shrapnel. Do a quick search online for "army critical MOS 2018" or "army jobs list" and you'll find hundreds of jobs for enlisted personnel and military officers. Army Knowledge Online Guard Knowledge Online DISA Enterprise Webmail Defense Switched Network (DSN) National Guard Bureau Transparency Mississippi National Guard Strength Maintenance Management System (SMMS) Joint Services Support Reintegration (Yellow Ribbon) Behavioral Health National Guard Family Program Sexual Assault Prevention (SAPR) Nominees for the Military Medic of the Year Award are recognized military medics (MOS-qualified active, reserve or National Guard U. There are hundreds of active duty jobs for enlisted, officers, and warrant officers to choose from in the Army (and some dedicated to the Reserves and National Guard), which we separate into their appropriate branch. The Ohio Army National Guard is a part of the Ohio National Guard and the Army National Guard of the United States Army. , at the Iowa State Capitol, House chamber. The needs of the Air Force Stressed List are determined by jobs in the Air Force that need filling with recruits, more senior airmen, or officers as well. . The focus will be to identify those unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats applicable to implementing the LDS in the SCARNG. Hi everyone! I'm new to this community but I have been reading a LOT about joining the national guard. Effective immediately, PS enlistments in all skill levels, to include Service Members from Sister Services, are restricted by critical MOS according to these rules. "This allows the Air Force to retain Airmen who are critical to current and emerging mission requirements. Virginia National $4k for 3 years – MOS Conversion Bonus E-6 and below in  Mar 6, 2019 The list varies from State to State and changes on a quarterly basis. , Authorized Officer/Warrant Officer Retention Bonus Critical MOS List. I would like to enlist to get rid of it (I have a 4 year degree but cannot get a secret security clearance at this time). This page is linked to our official website at: Best Answer: Here is a list of critical MOS's right now in the Army. Learn about Army information technology (IT) jobs. 2. GNPS/PS in pay grades E-1 thru E-4 who have not completed MOS training are not restricted to the rules. This will provide context and direction for application of the tenets and principles of the Leader Development Strategy (LDS) to South Carolina Army National Guard (SCARNG) Noncommissioned Officer (NCO). Guard Soldier balances the many things that make her unique July 2, 2018 — CAMP MURRAY, Wash. Full-Time Jobs in Minnesota Army National Guard Recruiting Air National Guard Recruiting Specialty Jobs Officer Careers Warrant Officer Careers M-Day Open The North Carolina National Guard is a military force comprised of citizen Soldiers and Airmen sworn to support and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the state of North Carolina. S. But even if the MOS you want doesn't come with a bonus, there are other to residents displaced by two hurricanes that hit North Carolina in 2018. In this article, we sample some Army Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) jobs that require holding a security clearance. ) Reserve Component Only MOS Click on MOS Number 09 19 37 51 74 11 21 38 52 79 13 25 42 56 88 14 27 44 62 89 15 31 45 63 92 18 35* 46 68 94 * Old 96, 97 and 98 series MOS’s If you don’t find a MOS here then it’s either not in the PERSCOM MOS Smart Book – or – it’s career progressional MOS (00Z, 11Z, 21N, 63X, etc. m. A free inside look at Air National Guard bonus trends. Soldiers possessing an MOS listed as a STAR MOS are still required to meet or exceed an announced cutoff score Idaho Army National Guard Human Resource Office 4794 General Manning Avenue, Bldg 442 Boise, Idaho 83705-8112 NGID-HRO-AGR 8 February 2018 SUBJECT: IDAHO ARMY AGR ANNOUNCEMENT # 18-20 1. The STAR MOS listing is a management tool. The list kind of outlines which MOS's are considered critical and how much money those with these MOS's can get based on months of service and rank if they choose to re-up. Candidates selected for reclassification not only learn a new craft, but also, through the training, education, and professional development aspects of the MOS, gain valuable transferable Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Positions. Tim Orr, the Adjutant General of the Iowa National Guard addressed a joint session of the 248th ASB Homecoming 2 Nov 201810/31/ 2018 Staff Sgt. December 26, 2018 at 07:30 AM. Search below by job type, pay grade, position, and location. Make it your mission today. As a Guard Soldier you'll respond when disaster strikes at home. You'll also answer the call when your country needs you around the world. The Air Force in fiscal 2019 will increase the maximum retention bonus airmen can get for re-enlisting to $100,000 as part of a major expansion of the program. C. No, I don't mean the one in which . E-Mail Address Password Remember Me Login Forgot Your Password? Forgot Your Password? The Army National Guard uses a wide range of systems that help protect and serve the force, and as a Quartermaster Learning more about an Army MOS. We defend our country when called to action, but what makes us a unique branch in the military is our duty to protect and serve the state of Michigan. 4737 - General Equipment Mechanic; 5823 - Automotive Mechanic The Alabama National Guard is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), age, disability, genetic information, and retaliation for protected activity. More than 75 goats were brought in to maintain a natural prairie grass restoration project at the 133rd Airlift Wing in St. I was an honor and privilege to serve. Army Medic, Navy Corpsman or Air Force Medic) who demonstrate excellence in the performance of military emergency medicine, with their primary role being that of theater patient care. It is a step in life that I would recommend to any person with an interest in serving the public good. The goats provide the essential maintenance that a natural setting requires in the most ecologically friendly way. so we don't have critical vulnerabilities within our organization,” says SSG Wongsing. As of 2017, there were 50 jobs in the Air Force that were listed on the Stressed List. contact up at Coast U. Infantry Branch • 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman • 11X Infantryman (Status upon Infantry initial entry training; turns into 11B… By becoming a warrant officer, you will expand your skill set and become a vital member of the Texas Army National Guard. In the Air Guard, you'll learn leadership skills that today's employers value. Air Force to fight our nation’s wars and a state mission to provide a response force that answers the call of the Governor to defend the commonwealth. Whatever your dream job is, there's a corresponding career in the National Guard that will train you for it. " I asked him about only having to do six weeks of boot vs the ten for being prior service, he said "i don't know. POLICY . Army Reserve is facing a mid-grade leadership crisis. These are MOSs in which more Soldiers may have been promoted on 1 Novemver 2018 if more had been reflected in the Total Army Personnel Database with an eligible date and promotion point score. The FY19 SRIP Policy is effective 1 October 2018 and will expire when The Missouri National Guard organizes, trains and prepares a family and community-based force of ready citizen Soldiers / Airmen as units to defend and serve the people of Missouri and the United States of America The Army National Guard is more than just a job. Consider the time commitment and possibility of deployment, along with these benefits, before committing to signing up with Army Jobs / MOS List. " I asked him about National Guard Prior Service Bonuses, he said "don't know what your're talking about. Citing ongoing readiness strains within its active duty force, the Army is asking Congress for permission for a significant uptick in its use of National Guard and Army Reserve forces to handle missions in combatant commands throughout the world. This allows us to live and serve within our Michigan communities. Cheers! The South Carolina State Guard activated a new company today in Florence, SC #SCSG. This is the official Facebook page for the Florida National Guard. officers to choose from in the Army (and some dedicated to the Reserves and National Guard),  The AGR job advertisements listed below are for full-time Wisconsin Air & Army National Guard (Title 32). 1/4/2019 Governor Reynolds to participate in Patching Ceremony as Iowa National Guard initiates 120 new Soldiers. 23K likes. Recruits enlist under the Army's 11X - Infantry Enlistment Option, and during training, will be designated as either MOS 11B, Infantryman, or MOS 11C, Indirect Fire Infantryman. 3 or 6 year enlistment, less than 16 years time in service, contract in critical Military Occupational Skill (MOS), E7 and below $5,000 - $20,000 Officer Accession Bonus (OAB) National Guard Jobs One of the most common questions I get as a recruiter is what kind of jobs the National Guard has. Apr 10, 2019 Some jobs in the military are eligible for an initial enlistment bonus of up to $40,000. 8 enlisted, 9 officer career fields are on 'stressed' list (U. This is not the type of career that will get you rich. Only technical subjects are trained in both phases. " The Air Force will continue to offer SRBs to the 10 critical career fields from the fiscal 2014 program and has added an additional 13 AFSCs to the fiscal 2015 program. Army National Guard Units, Lakehurst, NJ 18 October 2018. Very PC of the California Guard and bad luck for the grunts. njarmyguard. Just FYI i got the maximum bonus for signing in a critical MOS/AFSC (6 years), be flexible with whats needed and you'll reap the rewards. Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. is qualified in a military skill designated as critical by the Secretary of to the Coast Guard when it is not operating as service in the Navy; and . For the latest information, please contact your local recruiter. Below you will find links and information for various job opportunities throughout the Air National Guard. We Are Guardsmen: Joint Junior Leadership Conference enables lethal and ready fighting force Michigan National Guard Story by Spc. Change 4 to FM 7-15, 27 February 2009, enables units to better link collective tasks in concert with development of the mission-essential task list for full spectrum operations and facilitate changes from periodic collective tasks review by respective doctrine centers of excellence. The Active Guard/Reserve program is open to current Soldiers and Airmen of the Ohio National Guard. General: edit 4. Education Briefing Video July 5, 2018 Louisiana National Guard Comments Off on National Guard museum in Pineville looking for volunteers Awards Community Involvement Featured News Louisiana Guard museum volunteers celebrate 26 years of making history I asked him what he thinks are some of the critical skill MOS's and he said "probably jobs no one wants. 27 September. (4) Improve the qualifications of Minnesota National Guard members through higher education. (3) Incentivize current Minnesota National Guard members to extend their enlistment agreements or to retrain/reclassify into a critical MOS/AFSC. The FY19 SRIP Policy is effective 1 October 2018 and will expire when rescinded or superseded. 2018 . Gen. ,a. 19 bonuses for 6 jobs at Air National Guard. 2 May 2019 . —. 185th Air Refueling Wing There are no items to show in this view of the " Announcements" list. Park Police collaborate with D. Park Police in conjunction with the District of Columbia National Guard and other local and federal agencies, prepped for the July 4th Celebration at the DC National Guard Armory. Jul 31, 2009 This regulation applies only to the Army National Guard (ARNG) and Army Selection from promotion list to 00F (MOS Immaterial) positions, 2-21 Record the Soldier's three most critical MOSs as primary, secondary, and  Sep 6, 2018 Guard, Texas Air National Guard or Texas State Guard. , June 5, 2019. Admin & Relations · Aviation · Cyber Careers · Engineer · Ground Forces · Heavy Weapons · Intelligence  Virginia National Guard's Top 10 Critical Military Occupational Specialty list: 11B – Infantryman *Effective 1 October 2018 – Incentives Subject to Change. which specialty (Rating, MOS, or AFSC) is eligible for a reenlistment bonus. The Washington National Guard is made up of more than 8,000 citizen soldiers and airmen who are dedicated to our mission of safeguarding lives, property and the economy of Washington State. The Army Universal Task List 1. 01October 2018 ARNG-HRZ . SRIP provides Soldiers with incentives in order to fill critical shortages while satisfying readiness requirements for the Army National Guard. (a) National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, Title VI, Subtitle B-Bonuses and Special Incentive Pays. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: The Idaho Army National Guard is an equal opportunity employer. Maj. More information about these opportunities and other considerations concerning occupations related to MOS 15D can be found below. 79T, RECRUITING AND RETENTION NCO (ARMY NATIONAL GUARD OF THE  Here is the list of Army Military Occupation Specialties (MOS) or jobs (handled by the Signal Corps) have become increasingly critical for the Army and its enlisted soldiers in the active duty Army, Army Reserves, and Army National Guard. Learn more about these jobs and see if you are up to the  What are the top 10 critical need jobs in my state? If I'm already in the Guard, do I qualify for a Reenlistment/Extension Bonus (REB) or MOS Conversion  Explore Army National Guard Career Options. As an officer in the Army National Guard AMEDD Officer, you have a multitude of additional Medical Military Schools that you attendant all over the world, all exciting, challenging and rewarding. (4) Must have successfully completed the Tactical Satellite Communication System Operator-Maintainer Training Track (102-ASI7D (25S) Phase 2 or 102-ASI7D (25S) Phase 3) beginning on or after 4 February 2002, Ft Gordon, GA , and have been awarded ASI 7D after 4 February 2002, Ft Gordon, GA. The service’s 2017 budget requests a near-doubling The Army is currently recruiting NCOs, in both the active and reserve components, who are interested in reclassifying to MOS 51C and meet the requirements. Reductions in pay grade will NOT be considered, no exceptions. You'll also have the opportunity to gain technical experience in one of more than 200 different career fields - and you can always switch careers later. 28 at a base near Fallujah of a gunshot wound. Training (MOS-T) may attend the resident AIT course or attend training at The Army School System (TASS) Training Centers (TTC). The preparing agency is USAACE Department of Training and Doctrine. Guard. Dale R. If you don’t find a MOS here then it’s either not in the PERSCOM MOS Smart Book – or – it’s career progressional MOS (00Z, 11Z, 21N, 63X, etc. The Army MOS List is sorted alphabetically by the MOS Job title. Arshia Gill is breaking the mold and has become one of the many new female Soldiers stepping into combat military occupational specialties (MOS). This is our unique dual mission–serving both community and country. As a component of the U. Army National Guard . As follows is the complete FY15 SRB list; 13 added AFSCs asterisked: As a Warrant Officer in the Hawaii Army National Guard, you will focus on the kind of challenging technical and tactical specialties needed to manage today’s most advanced battlefield systems. Army, we are an entity of the state. We are the Michigan Army National Guard. The Army National Guard and Army Reserve are looking for qualified soldiers who want to become warrant officers. For more information about these occupations, click on the federal occupation below. The Long March The U. Instead, you should join the National Guard because you want to serve your country while also receiving top notch on the job training. #trainedandready #scsgboots The Army National Guard offers benefits and incentives and allows individuals to serve their country's military on a part-time basis. The Ohio National Guard Employment Enhancement Program (NGEEP) has employment support specialists throughout Ohio who develop relationships with employers, apprenticeships, and businesses seeking to train and hire Veterans, service members, and Military Family members. China Lake Evacuated, National Guard Sends 200 Troops After Earthquakes. 11B Login. The AGR program requires military membership in the Ohio National Guard as a condition of employment. What are the qualifications to join the Reserves and National Guard? courses that may be required by your MOS for drill points. Paul Santikko) An officer or enlisted member of the Armed Forces of the United States entitled to basic pay, who has been certified within the past 12 months (or 12 months plus 180 days when called or recalled Hey i just swore in and signed my contract on 1/4/18. I've listed all of the Guard MOS's (military occupational specialty) below. Updated IAW EIOM 19-002 . For complete details about federal education programs and any funding packages your state may offer, talk to your local Kansas Guard Recruiter. counterintelligence, reconnaissance, critical skills operators I am an army wife and I have a ton of student loan debt. The Indiana National Guard is a joint-force organization with 65 Army National Guard installations around the state and facilities at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center and Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex. There are rewarding career opportunities available across the great state of Texas! NATIONAL GUARD PERSONNEL, AIR FORCE INTRODUCTION The Air National Guard's (ANG) mission is to provide trained units to participate in the Expeditionary Air Force. Close Date: Open Until Please visit the NJ Civil Service Commission's website for a list of job Welcome to the Air National Guard Careers page. For information on pay and benefits, please contact an   Click below for a detailed explanation of all the ratings available to you in the Coast Guard, ITs manage all of the critical information data in the Coast Guard. Paul, Minn. © 2019 United States National Guard ELIGIBILITY. The new company "Company D" will be a part of the State Guard's 3rd Battalion which covers the state's coastal region. Bruce Schamburek, education services specialist for the 6th Medical Recruiting Battalion, and Captain Katie Flatt, U. PURPOSE. Though i'm Air Nat. Army and U. TEXAS ARMY NATIONAL GUARD TITLE 32 AGR VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT Texas Army National Guard Adjutant General’s Department Post Office Box 5218 Austin, TX 78763-5218 Announcement # PM 18-067 Opening Date 22 February 2018 Closing Date 21 March 2018 Position Title: MEDICAL READINESS NCO Location of Position: HQ 111TH ENG BN ABILENE, TXMOS: 68W3O National Guard. Boyles' Page Fallen Soldiers of the Mississippi Guard The Texas Military Department has current job openings for Active Guard Reserve (AGR), Technician, Traditional, Counterdrug, State, Instructor, and Warrant Officer positions. Bonuses posted anonymously by Air National Guard employees. Welcome to the official Oklahoma National Guard Website. This section will help you find the Army job that is right for you. . 1. It is an opportunity to build upon your past enlisted experience. The following federal occupations are similar to MOS 91B-Wheeled Vehicle Repairer. 4. Boyles Major General, MSNG Adjutant General of Mississippi View Maj. See the premier training area of the Oklahoma National Guard. These occupations may require additional education, training or experience. Army health care recruiter from the Aurora Medical Recruiting Station, speak to attendees of the Trauma, Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery Conference at Caesars Palace on 10 April. The Idaho National Guard maintains combat readiness to fight and win our nation’s wars, develops and strengthens homeland security and emergency response, and builds and fosters The National Guard Association of the United States is the Guard’s primary advocate in Washington, educating Congress on the roles, capabilities and requirements of the nation’s first military force Whether you’re interested in joining the military, considering a switch in your military job, or separating from service, it’s worth knowing if a security clearance may be required for your job. Members in ADOS . Training at the TTC consists of two, 14-day phases. Spc. It is also a component of the organized militia of the state of Ohio, which also includes the Ohio Naval Militia, the Ohio Military Reserve and the Ohio Air National Guard. The FY 2018 President’s Budget Submission is based on an average strength of 104,792 in FY 2016, 105,803 in FY 2017, and 107,166 in Virginia National Guard 2019 Enlistment Incentives Virginia National Guard’s Top 10 Critical Military Occupational Specialty list: 11B – Infantryman 11C – Indirect Fire Infantryman 12B – Combat Engineer 12N – Horizontal Construction Engineer 13B – Cannon Crewmember 13F – Joint Fire Support Specialist 15T – UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Repairer 88M – Motor Transport Operator 91B Army National Guard POLICY ARNG FY19 SRIP Policy 01 October 2018 ARNG-HRZ SUBJECT: The Army National Guard (ARNG) Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP) Policy for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 References: See Enclosure 1 1. LAS VEGAS, April 10, 2018 — U. Soldiers and Army Civilians from the 6th Medical Recruiting Battalion and Las Vegas and Aurora Medical Recruiting Stations were on hand to discuss the Army's Whatever your dream job is, there's a corresponding career in the National Guard that will train you for it. Update Enclosure 4 (Incentives), page 24, line 14. ) Reserve Component Only MOS Click on MOS Number 09 19 37 51 74 11 21 38 52 79 13 25 42 56 88 14 27 44 62 89 15 31 45 63 92 18 35* 46 68 94 * Old 96, 97 and 98 series MOS’s The official website of the National Guard. sentence to read: Repayment of eligible loan(s) begins when the request for payment(s) have been submitted by the Soldier up to 90 days prior to each anniversary date. Scott Thompson/unclassified)Exercise Northern Strike 2013 is a joint multi-national Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Inspector General Leadership Opportunities Employment Outreach MS National Guard Recruiting Army National Guard Recruiting Air National Guard Recruiting Janson D. Find information technology careers that match your skills. The Virginia National Guard is a unique dual-status force with a federal mission to provide a combat reserve for the U. National Guard in support of the July 4th "Salute to American event" Using the tried and true standard of a military Rock Drill, the U. National Guard. This publication applies to the Active Army, Army National Guard/Army National Guard of the United States and United States Army Reserve unless otherwise stated. To view more Army MOS’s similar to the one you like, click on it’s Army Branch, or visit our “Army Branches” page. Air National Guard photos by Tech. We trace our heritage to the 1663 Carolina Charter granting authority to levy, muster, and train men. Service members holding the grade of E6 that have accrued less than six years of active service will agree to a voluntary reduction to the grade of E5 upon acceptance of position. RECRUITERS Critieria website has moved. As a Guard Soldier you’ll respond when disaster strikes at home. What It Takes; How to Join; Basic Training; Prior Service; Fitness Calculator All the jobs of the infantry MOS work together to defeat the enemy ground troops and continue the mission of capturing, destroying, and repelling the enemy. Warrant Officers are a specialized cohort of the Army’s Officer Corp supporting commanders at all levels as technologically agile, adaptive and innovative leaders who provide the necessary battlefield skills to win in a complex world. The National Guard is not for everyone. com. (Critical MOS List) line 2. 71 is Headquarters, United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE). — Spc. You’ll also answer the call when your country needs you around the world. First organized in 1855, the Washington National Guard has a long history of serving our communities. The Idaho Army National Guard is the largest component of the Idaho National Guard, consisting of nearly 3,000 soldiers who train in more than 20 Idaho communities. depend on your physical condition and how critical your Always Ready, Always There. Tim Orr, the Adjutant General of the Iowa National Guard addressed a joint session of the Iowa Legislature on Thursday, January 17, at 10 a. Note: Army National Guard programs and benefits are subject to change. With an Active Guard Reserve job, you receive full pay, medical care for you and your family, and the opportunity for retirement after 20 years of active service. Barbitta, a drill instructor at the United States Naval Academy, 23 Aug 2018 to work in critical fields can take home bonuses up to $8,000 next year, "The EIP aids in meeting the MOS skill needs of the Marine Corps and . is to be CG of an Infantry Div. The National Guard is more than just a job. 66R Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner; 66S Critical Care Nurse; 66T Emergency  May 29, 2019 Every organization has jobs that are hard to fill and the U. Computer and technology careers in the Army include signals intelligence, radio and communications security, and counterintelligence. The term MOS stands for military occupation specialty code and it's used by the Army to classify enlisted soldiers in The Army's hottest jobs: How to get into the MOS you want and make the big bucks of promotion-eligible soldiers currently serving in the critical MOS," Prince added. Jul 12, 2017 The Army has been working hard to hire and retain across the force all of promotion-eligible soldiers currently serving in the critical MOS,"  The complete list of job descriptions and qualification factors for United States All the jobs of the infantry MOS work together to defeat the enemy ground . " >The Ohio National Guard serves the Citizens of Ohio and America by fulfilling its state and federal military role of providing public safety, when ordered by the Governor, or support of the National Military Strategy, when ordered by the President. Nationwide, the Army National Guard comprises approximately one half of the US Army's available combat forces and approximately one third of its support organization. (U. th. A wide range of civilian job opportunities is available within the private and public sectors that align with MOS 15D Aircraft Powertrain Repairer military training and experience. Soo I am meeting a recruiter this following week, and there are some MOS I have my mind on, already, however, I don't want to ignore some MOS I may have missed. Bookmark our new mobile friendly site at criteria. Although money may not be a big reason to join the National Guard, it is important to note that some positions come with a cash bonus. (5) Reward eligible Minnesota National Guard members for their willingness to serve the needs of the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) positions allow Soldiers and Airmen to serve full-time and enjoy the same benefits as Active Duty Soldiers. #trainedandready #scsgboots The South Carolina State Guard activated a new company today in Florence, SC #SCSG. Florida National Guard. Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Position Vacancy Announcement in the Idaho Army National Guard. The proponent of TC 3-04. Clicking on the Army MOS title will give you more information about it, such as its required ASVAB scores. SUBJECT: The Army National Guard (ARNG) SelectedReserve Incentive Program (SRIP) Policy for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 . Army is no different. PURPOSE. Communication is the pulse of Army National Guard units, and it’s up to the Signal Support Systems Specialist to Illinois National Guard was a part time job but a full time commitment. Sgt. References: See Enclosure 1 . If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Human Resources at (240) 612-8884. Approved List of Credentials on CA Web Page: Critical Unit or MOS* $384 per month for full-time enrollment (Effective 1 October 2018). Adams, 36, a member of the South Carolina National Guard, died Oct. The Tennessee Army National Guard is a component of the United States Army and the United States National Guard. While basic branch officers assume the Guard’s general management roles, warrant officers serve as technical and tactical experts, as the leader of a team, and are highly trained in their field. Here are just a few of the 2018 incentives offered through SRIP: Education Office The ESO’s mission is to provide resources in a fair and equitable manner guiding Service Members and building strong minds for an “Always Ready” South Carolina National Guard. ARNGFY19SRIPPolicy . Army health care recruiters explained the benefits of a career in Army Medicine to attendees of the Trauma, Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery Conference at Caesars Palace on 10 April in Las Vegas, Nev. The kicker bonuses were highly effective in 2018, said Yvonne Carlock, a spokeswoman for Manpower and Reserve Affairs. 248th ASB Homecoming 2 Nov 2018 10 The 2018 Army National Guard Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP) bonus amounts were announced in January. (8) 42A RC MOS-T PH1 and PH2: Courses are taught at the following locations: The United States Army uses various personnel management systems to classify soldiers in 001A Unqual in Auth WO MOS; 002A Patient; 003A Student; 004A Duties Unassigned; 011A Brch/MOS Immaterial; 019G Army National Guard on . national guard critical mos list 2018