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Azure ad connect sync computer objects

Click Next to configure the Computer OU sync. I use Azure AD Connect for my 350 users, only one-way from AD to O365. Click on the connect Azure Active Directory domain and click on Info. If there are objects in Azure AD that were created by another sync . So, if there are illegal characters in your UPN suffixes, for example, the synchronization of those objects will fail. An example to use would be: “User_DoNotSync” or “Group_DoNotSync”. active oldest votes. 1. Connected System Object Type: computer; Metaverse Object Type: device; Link Type: Join; Precedence: <any number lower than the any of the existing inbound rules> Click Next. In Azure AD Connect sync, you can enable filtering at any time. professional with 5 years as a Microsoft Implementation SpecialistSpecialist in Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Skype-for-Business, Active Directory, PowerShell. Also is there a way to sync LDAP users etc to Azure. If your domain-joined computers are located in other OUs, make sure those are selected. Select ACTIVATED . tip for syncing Windows 10 domain joined computers to Azure AD as registered devices. Azure Active Directory (AAD) is the identity provider for Azure Subscription and also Azure Cloud apps. Select operatingSystem as the Attribute and STARTSWITH as the Operator. Azure AD Connect supported topologies reference: docs. If an AD account synced from on prem to Azure and you run remove DirSync/AAD Connect in this way, do the objects change from ‘Windows Server AD’ to ‘Azure Active Directory’ or ‘Cloud’. Click Start, click Run, type Services. 0. I want to sync my users/OU's from AD to Azure using the AD connect but it doesn't sync. Just nothing is being picked up. msc, and then click OK. 2. Hello, If you configure hybrid Azure AD join for managed domain, you can use Azure AD connect to sync the computer objects of the devices you want to be hybrid Azure AD joined to Azure AD. Click SAVE located in the menu at the bottom of the page . 1, we no longer have a Windows scheduled task running every 3 hour. Azure AD Sync requires a SQL Server database to store identity data. <o:p></o:p> Please confirm is there is any possibility to sync computers objects from azure AD to on premise ad, <o:p></o:p> the purpose of the requirement is view the both computers Azure AD Connect as part of the sync’ to a device object to Azure AD will take this credential and will put in in the device object it creates as part of synchronization of the computer account. Prerequisites for Azure AD Sync: Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2. config file must be added for the installation wizard and Azure AD Connect sync to be able to connect to the Internet and Azure AD. Azure AD Connect is the new upgraded and latest version of DirSync application that let’s you synchronize on-premise active directory objects with Microsoft Office 365 cloud services. So here is the scenario where will migrate Dirsync to Azure AD Connect in new Active Directory Forest. Start a Manual Sync. Default Azure ad update By default, a joined Azure AD machine will check for a policy update every 24 hours and If you created a new policy you need to push urgently to a machine you will have to use a manual sync from the machine. Now I would like to include that attribute along with the other profile information that gets synced to our Azure AD, using the Azure Synchronization Service Manager. 0 brings a ton of new functionality to Hybrid Identity Microsoft released a new version of its Azure AD Connect tool earlier this week (May 15) dubbed the May 2017 release. I am new to AD and Azure. Now the tool has a built-in scheduler, which by default performs a delta sync every Proper way to Remove Azure AD Connect I was using Azure AD Connect to move all my users to Office 365 and have now completed the transition and would like to decommission the server. To resolve InvalidSoftMatch errors, run the Azure AD Connect Health for Sync tool, which can help you identify conflicting objects. Legacy group used by DirSync. This video provides a quick walk-through of each of the current features, along with information on how to get started Presented by Arturo Lucatero We were connecting an on-premises Active Directory (approx. Read the Azure AD Connect sync: Configure filtering article from Microsoft for more information. On the server where Azure AD Connect is installed, open the Synchronization Rules Editor application. AAD Connect is not showing any errors either. Is there any way to configure the sync-tool to sync only certain users/OUs/groups, for instance? I installed Azure AD Connector, followed the directions for an express install. Before you Setup Azure AD Connect with On-Premise Active Directory it is good idea to know more about Azure AD Connect. It's been working great, don't have any issues. Synchronization: Inbound synchronization rules and outbound synchronization rules are run in the order of precedence number, from lower to higher. exe. I think this is possible. com so there are no strange characters or it's not too long or anything. Locate the Microsoft Azure AD Sync service, and then check whether the service is started. With AAD Connect 1. Install, Configure and synchronize your AD objects to Office 365 with AAD Connect. We are setting up Azure Active directory sync, to have our users loaded into Office 365-portal. When the sync occurred, everything was sync to include Service Accounts. 80,000 objects) to Office 365 using Azure AD Connect. In the steps below, I will show you how I start a manual sync on my Windows 10 1803 machine by going to settings -> Accounts. *To perform hard matching make sure you have Azure module Power Shell installed to your computer. May 13, 2019 If the computer objects belong to specific organizational units (OUs), these OUs need to be configured for synchronization in Azure AD Connect  Dec 11, 2018 Here's how you can use Azure Active Directory Connect to sync Windows 10, domain-joined computers to Azure Active Directory as registered  My issue is that I have computers with bitlocker enabled and the bitlocker information As a result, objects will not synchronize with Azure Active Directory. BitAnd([msExchRecipientTypeDetails],&amp;H40000000). Configure filtering to define which objects are synced. If you leave all the settings as default, then AD Connect will happily sync all your AD objects. Click Connection, click Connect, type the computer name of an AD DS domain controller, and then click OK. ) resides in AAD. Pre-Migration Tasks. Click on Access work or school. Implemented the following roles in a Microsoft Exchange environment: Edge Transport, Mailbox, CAS Array, Hub Transport and Unified MessagingEffectively deployed Office 365 Infrastructure with ADFS 2. We had a list of OU’s that was supposed to be synchronized with Office 365 and after running the Azure AD Connect wizard all objects in the corresponding OU’s were synchronized to Office 365. One other thing of note is that password sync continues to work - but new objects or changes to objects are not synced. If the service isn't started, right-click it, and then click Start. Make sure that Inbound is selected under Direction and then click Add new rule. Azure AD Connect is a new Directory Sync tool from Microsoft that aims to replace the legacy Windows Azure AD Sync tool (commonly known as DirSync) and Azure AD Sync Services. Any tips? I've tried syncing with UPNs ending in domain. Microsoft’s Azure AD Connect allows you to sync your on-prem AD to your Azure AD / Office 365. 3. Select Connectors. I frequently do this when I make a change to an on-prem AD object from my Windows 10 workstation or Exchange server. Microsoft Azure AD Sync Windows service is not running or could not start. Home › Forums › Messaging Software › Exchange 2000 / 2003 › OMA: Some users sync, some don’t! This topic contains 25 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by ejstave 10 years, 4 Q&A for computer enthusiasts and power users. So, before you deploy Azure Active Directory Connect, you should make sure that your existing on-site Active Directory environment is ready to go. If you followed a custom installation for Azure AD Connect (not the Express installation), then follow the procedure Create a service connection point in on-premises Active Directory, later in this step. 553 Azure AD Connect wont synchronise Computer objects unless the userCertificate attibute is populated. 5 installed; PowerShell (preferably PS3 or better) An account with local administrator privileges on your computer to install Azure AD Sync. Users can leverage their common identity through accounts in Azure AD to Office 365, Intune, SaaS apps and third-party applications. Azure AD Connect will then later come and associate the corresponding computer object on-prem with the device object in Azure AD. 0 & ADFS Proxy To continue with ADFS 3. The difference between this ID is their value, objectGUID is converted to a Base64 value for immutable ID. ca to match Azure. Before decommissioning I would like to disable AD Connect and just use Office 365 authentication but I can't find directions on how to do this. In cases where you use AD FS with AD Connect, the sourceAnchor is used alongside the userPrincipalName attribute in SAML claims, or when a new sync server is built or an existing one is rebuilt, the sourceAnchor attribute is used to link existing objects in Azure AD with objects on-premises. They are stored under : CN=Device Registration Configuration,CN=Services as GUIDs representing the Azure AD devices. • Azure AD Sync or AADSync. Azure AD Connect will be now the only directory synchronization tool supported by Microsoft as DirSync and AAD Sync are deprecated and supported only until April What is Azure AD Hybrid? A Windows device can be Domain joined, where you change it from a WorkGroup to a domain and authenticate against a domain controller, then the computer gets created in Active Directory. The script given below can be modify MOC207-42-B Identity with Windows Server 2016 - posted in Other Shares: This course teaches IT Pros how to deploy and configure Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in a distributed environment, how to implement Group Policy, how to perform backup and restore, and how to monitor and troubleshoot Active Directory–related issues with Windows Server 2016. On the Scoping filter page, click Add group and then Add clause. 0 setup, once installed the SSL certificate returned from the CA the ADFS role must be installed in the server. Step 3: Configuring the sync of the on premise AD users and passwords to Azure Directory Filtering Users and Groups using Azure AD Connect. And the account that we are trying to hide from the GAL is still appearing as if this one attribute is not sync'ing even through it is selected to be sync'd. Filtering allows us to exclude OUs, and the objects they contain,  Sep 14, 2018 need to join Windows 10 devices to Azure AD in an Password Hash Sync that Azure AD Connect has synchronized the computer objects of  Apr 3, 2019 This is because the device(s) has not been synced to Azure AD by Azure AD Connect. To deploy Azure AD Connect, refer to "Install Azure AD Connect" in the article Integrating your on-premises identities with Azure Active Directory. local, and have also tried adding a UPN suffix of domain. Azure AD Connect is a tool that connects functionalities of its two predecessors – Windows Azure Active Directory Sync, commonly referred to as DirSync, and Azure AD Sync (AAD Sync). Or. There is no impact on other computers. As a result, objects will not synchronize with Azure Active Directory. To integrate Exchange on-premises with Windows Azure Rights Management you need to install a small service online that can connect Exchange on-premises to the cloud RMS service. 0 than you will need to create a new Synchronization Rule. Make sure that the OU's that the computer objects are in  One of the most notable pieces missing is that while you can have user accounts in Azure AD you cannot have computer accounts, and join computers to the  Jul 12, 2017 When you've been using Azure AD Connect to synchronize objects for user objects, but objectGUID for groups and computer objects. Inbound rules sync data from Active Directory to the metaverse and Outbound rules sync data from the metaverse to Azure AD. Import from AD: Active Directory objects are brought into the Active Directory CS. Launch Azure AD Connect, and then click Configure ,you will see following screen. With each name change, new features have been added to the product. So, I restarted the server (to clear out long-running processes) and ran the sync, then watched in the Synchronisation Service Manager to check that it started logging the synchronisation events again. A computer object must satisfy the following to be synchronized:. Enter Windows 7 in the value field. 1 Answer 1. Troubleshooting missing objects in Azure AD sync. On the Connect to Azure AD page, enter the credentials of a global administrator for your Azure AD tenant. If you start with a default configuration of directory synchronization and then configure filtering, the objects that are filtered out are no longer synchronized to Azure AD. 9131 or later . Role Group. T. Azure Subscription (Tenant) has a trust relationship with Azure AD through which it connects with the directory. At the Active Directory, it is called objectGUID. Let's see why we should use PowerShell to manage Azure Active Directory. This allows  Mar 12, 2018 The Custom install of Azure AD Connect provides more flexibility, such AAD Connect uses a service account model to sync objects/attributes . 1: Forcing a Synchronization. Is this attribute required for implementing hy To do this, on a computer that has Windows Support Tools installed, follow these steps: Click Start, click Run, type ldp. Filtering Users and Groups using Azure AD Connect. We have one of our customers using DirSync on old Active Directory domain. Import from Azure AD: Azure AD objects are brought into the Azure AD CS. Enable hybrid deployment allows some Active Directory object attributes that are modified in Office 365 to be written back to your local AD. Under Device, sync status click on Sync. Hello, We have been using AdConnect and DirSync for many years now without issues for sync'ing Users, Groups, and Contacts with Azure AD. The things that are better left unspoken Azure AD Connect 1. In Windows, search for the Synchronization Rules Editor, and open it. If you use AAD Connect to synchronize on-premises Active Directory with Azure AD, you may find it more convenient to trigger an AAD sync from a remote domain-joined computer or server. The following group objects are not synchronized to Azure AD: IsPresent([isCriticalSystemObject]). Verify that Azure AD Connect has synchronized the computer objects of the devices you want to be hybrid Azure AD joined to Azure AD. Still, after 6 hours (and several manual sync cycles) the user is not visible in O365. microsoft. . Azure AD joined devices that are synced to AD are not the same type of objects as the native ones. Dec 14, 2018 Azure AD Connect running for Active Directory synchronization with Azure . Select useraccountcontrol for the Attribute and then select the ISBITSET operator with a value of 2 (If you want to know what is really this value, DirSync provides synchronisation between on-premise Active Directory to Office 365 Azure AD. Use Microsoft AAD Sync or AAD Connect to create and synchronize the accounts from the On-premises environment to Office 365. Azure Active Directory Labs Series – AD Connect Posted on 09/14/2016 09/05/2016 by Vincent-Philippe Lauzon Back in June I had the pleasure of delivering a training on Azure Active Directory to two customer crowds. You may have another product that feeds into AD, but we’ll treat whatever we see in AD as gospel: Azure Active Directory (AAD) This is the directory behind Office 365. With AAD Sync and version 1. Click “Next” and in the Scoping filter dialog box select the Add Group button and then the Add Clause button. Azure AD Connect is the synchronization tool formerly known as “Azure AD Sync” which was formerly known as “DirSync”. 30319\Config\machine. Like Active Directory Domain Services (AD-DS), it provides several protocols and interfaces to interact with identity data, obtain logon tokens, and mechanisms to enforce access controls. Regardless of what you call it, Azure AD Connect is the tool you’ll use to synchronize your on-premises Active Directory with Azure AD. Expert solutions for the federation, certificates, security, and monitoring with Active Directory Explore Azure AD and AD Connect for effective administration on cloud Similar to the on-premises Active Directory, we also can use PowerShell to manage Azure Active Directory. Net framework 4. This option will sync all users, groups, contacts and Win 10 computer accounts  Nov 10, 2017 Make sure you have the latest version of Azure AD Connect installed: that will be used by Azure AD Connect Sync to manage objects in the directory. Perform a clean Azure Active Directory installation (re-create the mysql metaverse database) using the following steps: Uninstalling products; The menu of Programs and Features, uninstall all of the following products: With Azure Active Directory Connect. Azure AD Connect will enable you to provision computers on-premises as device objects in the cloud. Option #1 If you are utilizing a build of Azure AD Connect in your environment that is below 1. Select DIRECTORY INTEGRATION found in the top menu . Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. I want to use Azure AD Connect to sync user passwords between on-prem AD and Azure AD (Office365). The task will use this credentials to authenticate to Azure DRS directly once the device is created in Azure AD. NET\Framework64\v4. up vote 1 down vote. This is the default option and means that Azure AD Connect will set up Directory Synchronization with its default settings while also enabling Password Hash Synchronization. If no AD FS is present, Azure AD Connect will write up the computer objects in the form of device objects in Azure AD with a particular credential that the device registers to the computer object on-prem. open the Synchronization Service Manager. Return back to the ACTIVE DIRECTORY window . Azure AD Connect Admin Audit log made a change to the sync, such as adding or removing an OU from the sync scope, manually triggering an initial or delta sync In my previous blogpost I discussed Azure AD Connect Pass-Through Authentication (PTA), how it works and how it can be configured. If you are using an outbound proxy for connecting to the Internet, the following setting in the C:\Windows\Microsoft. Step 2: Configuring the Internet Domain Name for use with Azure Active Directory. This is the easiest way to start, login to the computer that has Azure AD Connect. Kindly Help!! Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect. How to stop disabled user accounts from syncing with Azure AD Connect. com. This is generally when the ProxyAddresses attribute in AD isn’t populated. Our scenario starts with a Windows Server 2008 R2 with the DirSync tool installed on it. This is fine for some, however many large organisations do not want to sync their entire environment. However it seems like AAD Connect either creates new users in Azure, or throws "duplicate UPN" errors. In this blog post, I will show you how to manually start a Azure Active Directory sync to a joined Azure AD computer. There are a couple of ways to perform this transition. Dec 31, 2017 By default, Azure AD Connect is configured to sync all objects in all OUs. Microsoft provides a cloud-based identity platform called Azure Active Directory (AAD). Run Azure AD connect again and this time ,On the additional tasks ,choose change user sign-in. Jul 12, 2017 This article describes the default configuration in Azure AD Connect sync. com article Why won’t this work in the example shown? Generally speaking, the first forest to sync in AADConnect, in a multi-forest implementation, is the user/account forest, which likely is the primary/main forest in an organisation. *** Follow me on Twitter : @veronicageek Links: Connect to Office 365 Powe In our March 2018 Azure AD Connect: Beyond the Wizard webinar, an expert panel (Andreas Kjellman, Jimmy Andersson, Hugh Simpson-Wells and James Cowling) answered 30+ questions about AAD Connect. Choose customize synchronization options and click next. [sAMAccountName] = "MSOL_AD_Sync_RichCoexistence". Note: The default location is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\UIShell\SyncRulesEditor. In domain and OU filtering, you can verify the computer OU is selected for syncing or not. Ensure many out-of-box objects in Active Directory, such as the built-in administrators group, are not synchronized. exe, and then click OK. In addition it provides the ability to auto-configure Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and has some new features not found in the older products. 9131. On-premises file servers (classification) and SharePoint can also use this service to integrate themselves with cloud RMS. If the computer objects belong to specific organizational units (OU), then these OUs need to be configured for synchronization in Azure AD connect as well. Assign Office 365 licenses to accounts on Office 365. AAD Connect detects that the computer has registered this credentials and syncs this to Azure AD as a device object holding this credential, the object GUID and the Computer SID. Now provide the credentials of user account with administrator permissions in on-premise AD to grant the permission for Azure AD Sync tool to synchronize the changes in on-premise AD with Azure AD. 1 from Exam Ref 70-346 Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements, 2nd Edition, explore how to prepare your on-premises Active Directory environment for synchronization of user accounts, group accounts, and more. Question. Once the sync was completed (with lots of changes, as expected), Azure Active Directory Sync Report Script August 1, 2014 by Paul Cunningham 2 Comments One of the best things about the Exchange Server community is the sharing of PowerShell code samples and scripts that occurs. There are no errors logged from the profile. Unfortunately, these options in the Azure AD Connect and the attributes for the objects in the Synchronization Service Manager were already selected. 0; Option #2: If you are using build 1. Azure AD Connect makes this integration easy and simplifies the management of your on-premises and cloud identity infrastructure. 1. Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect Tool; Microsoft Azure AD Sync Once it’s all done we will upgrade the Azure ADSync tool to the new Azure AD Connect Preview 2 tool. This option is comparable to a default installation of DirSync of Azure AD Sync, with the exception that Password Sync is now enabled by default. May 13, 2019 Verify that Azure AD Connect has synced the computer objects of the devices you want to be hybrid Azure AD joined to Azure AD. Azure Active Directory Connect is Microsoft’s replacement for DirSync and Azure Active Directory Sync tools. Azure DevOps and Azure Active Directory Hot Network Questions Has chattel slavery ever been used as a criminal punishment in the USA since the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment? Azure AD Connect Health provides monitoring and insights capabilities for on-premises Active Directory Domain Services in addition to the monitoring of ADFS and Azure AD Connect sync engine. Mar 25, 2019 Explains how to configure filtering in Azure AD Connect sync. Search and select the rule. All I want is active users that are in certain OU's. 0 of the AAD Connect tool, you could also simply run the scheduled task manually to achieve your goal. and powershell. I also enabled the AD Sync event logs - but nothing is getting logged there either. Q&A for system and network administrators. Re-run the Setup wizard, and select custom, and you can select which OU's to sync. Annoyingly, Office 365 when coupled with AAD Connect assigns the login name as the AD UPN, but it won’t assign that same UPN as the default email address – instead using user@domain. However, there are quite a number of users in our AD that I do not want to sync. Our target is a new Windows Server 2012 R2 running AAD Connect tool (Azure Active Directory Connect). onmicrosoft. In this follow-up blog, they answer more. On the user sign-in page ,choose Enable single sign-on (leave the rest of the options default) and click Next Azure AD Sync Azure AD Integration. Basically, immutable ID is retrieve from objectGUID. In Skill 4. up my Windows Server environment and started to run the Azure Active Directory Connect tool. Start Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync Services 1. Change in Azure AD Connect. It can also be Azure AD joined, where you use your work account to join the device straight to Azure Active Directory. Remote PowerShell to the rescue! Option #1: If you are using a build of Azure AD Connect that is below 1. Question: have any of you installed Azure AD Connect to sync existing the source anchor of your O365 cloud accounts is set to "null" like this: Aug 1, 2016 In this tutorial, learn how to setup Azure AD Connect and synchronize your on- premises Active Directory to Azure Active Directory. Stream courses from your computer or mobile device. where the Computer AD objects of the devices intended for Azure  It's because at the end of the synchronization your users will get the same experience that they would In Azure Active Directory you only want to see active accounts. Azure AD Connect 1. Start Powershell as an administrator. In its default configuration from version 1. In that blogpost I did not enable Single Sign-On (SSO) and that was also the first comment I got, within one or two days. Any object that exists in Office 365 (think user, group, contact, etc. Key Features. Now we need to synchronize on-prem active directory computer objects to Azure, and I cannot figure out what is stopping it. Nothing seems to be syncing. We have plan to enable the azure ad and join those broadband systems on azure ad. Sidebar – theres two types of AADConnect rules: Inbound and Outbound. Start Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync Services. Click Connection, click Bind, and then click OK. Kindly Help!! • Azure AD Connect or AADConnect (the current version) • DirSync (the original first version of Directory Synchronization). Learn the intricacies of managing Azure AD and Azure AD Connect, as well as Active Directory for administration on cloud and Windows Server 2019. Rarely I run into a scenario where I don't have the ability to change attributes I would like to. It’s not exactly Active Directory, but it also kind of is. Azure AD Connect will be now the only directory synchronization tool supported by Microsoft as DirSync and AAD Sync are deprecated and supported only until April Option #1: If you are using a build of Azure AD Connect that is below 1. The simplest is the upgrade-in-place, but this has several drawbacks. So, what happened? AADConnect now has an INBOUND rule that when the attribute “adminDescription” in Active Directory has a value set with a prefix of User_ or Group_, it will filter out and not sync that into the metaverse. This text must be entered at the bottom of the file. You need to first import the ADSync module into your PowerShell session What is Azure AD Hybrid? A Windows device can be Domain joined, where you change it from a WorkGroup to a domain and authenticate against a domain controller, then the computer gets created in Active Directory. Search and select the rule with the name In from AD - User Exchange and click Export. that no changes or new objects will synchronize during the upgrade. Once the conflicting objects have been identified, check to see which object shouldn't be present in WAAD. On Premises Service Account to connect to AD DS: On Prem . I know how to include built-in attributes that are not synced by default (ex, here ), but haven't found a way to do that with a custom attribute. Highly qualified I. 524. Jun 30, 2015 Azure AD Connect can be downloaded from Microsoft here. Open Active directory Users and Computers; Enable the Advanced  Sep 7, 2018 Azure AD Connect unable to sync built-in Administrator account This can be seen in Active Directory Users and Computers Synchronization Rules Editor so that the Azure AD Connect will not filter the objects whose  Jul 25, 2018 Microsoft's Azure AD Connect is a great tool that allows admins to sync Active Directory credentials from local domain environments with  Sep 6, 2015 You would need to remove Azure AD Connect and re-install it to select Indeed if you upgraded from Azure Active Directory Sync Services as I  Note that nested groups aren't supported which might be the source of your issue - see section "Sync filtering based on groups" on the Azure  Mar 3, 2016 One or more on-premise AD objects don't sync to Office 365 (AAD) After several hours digging deeper into the FIM (Azure AD Connect) and  Present configuration would be one AAD Connect server per customer OU – which synchronize the user objects to their respective individual  Sep 24, 2017 If you need to manage a higher volume of directory objects, you need to point However, it will not sync Azure AD connect configuration from  Apr 5, 2018 In our March 2018 Azure AD Connect: Beyond the Wizard webinar, all accounts to being cloud-users (and subsequently you could sync  Apr 12, 2015 We need 2 service accounts for Azure AD Sync installation as mentioned below. Since Hybrid Azure AD join is only applicable to the Windows computers, there is no impact on the mobile devices. This customer upgraded Azure AD Connect and found a fault with their custom rule. Setting this attribute tells the synchronization engine to simply filter out the object while synchronizing to Azure AD. The name is simply testO365@mydomain. Double click the Active Directory Domain Services Connector to open it's properties. As far as I can tell there are no other application logs we can check in the Azure AD directories. azure ad connect sync computer objects