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The one piece scope mounts offer more support and like the AR allow longer scopes to be pushed forward. How to Install the Burris PEPR Scope Mount. I kind of like two piece bases instead of one piece bases because they use 4 screws instead of three and the Burris Signature bases with the twisty plastic inserts compensate for any alignment problems - up/down & side to Like with all other tube diameters there is one main thing to keep an eye out when mounting – the proper torque. There are many different scope mounts and rings available for you to use on your long range precision rifle. Someone online had recommended using a 20 MOA scope mount Weaver or picaninany (spelling?) style so I ordered a one piece Warne mount for my Savage LRH 300 win mag. The scope mount for AR 15 should be compatible with Picatinny tails, versatile, and also be durable. Precision machined from extruded aluminum with Picatinny slot-and-rail spacing that allows fast and simple changes to eye relief, plus great flexibility in scope choice. The final screw torque allowed without damaging the scope tube is dependent on the mount and scope tube. If you struggle to choose between your favorite full-sized riflescopes, then the Burris AR-PEPR Tactical Riflescope Rings with Mount is the mount for you. 93-inch AR scope mounts have been gaining popularity. 4th of July Sale, Promo Code: 1776; As of April 1, we are no longer able to ship international orders. Also, the color of the Talley will really compliment my rifle. Laminate the sheet that lists the torque range for the screws (it comes with the Leupold rings; 30 mm Hawke rings; one-inch Burris rings in a Weaver mount; and a  The amount of torque should not exceed 2. And the picatinny rail tops allow you to add accessories. So where was I going with that analogy? To tell you how I mount scope rings. . The benefit is a simplicity of mechanics. It is an obvious necessity to match the scope tube size to the ring size. Most gun scope installations require two of these Picatinny rail risers. Winchester Model 70 Long/magnum Action Tru Level Picatinny Rail Xtreme Hardcore Gear. AR 15 Optics Mounts. In an effort to simplify this process, we will look at one of the most proven optic mounts in the industry and walk through the process of mounting a scope correctly and securely. looking at one piece scope mounts for a Nikon Buckmaster 4. I can torque the Weaver Quad Lock top straps to 15 in/lbs without damaging my scope tube, yet the scope will still be held firm against my . Failure to do this can result in bending the scope tube when you start turning the rear adjustment screws. R. P. Buy now & save $39. 7 oz. E. Recently, extra tall 1. These are also very popular and gives you the option of customizing exactly how they are set up on your rifle. " low price Ar-15 Intergal Qd One Piece 1 Scope Mount Utg Leapers . It's a quality Burris product. Some manufacturers even recommend the cylinder head be torqued again after a certain time of usage. Maybe one or two crushed, but not by torque. The Quick Detach Mount makes it easy to gear up for different applications or shooting disciplines. Company. R Mount 1 Inch W/PTOP Optics & Mounts > Optic Mounts > One Piece Scope Mounts Optics & Mounts > Optic Mounts > Specialty Scope Mounts 28% Off: Burris Optics AR-P. I have already installed them without the use of a torque wrench and used blue loctite. Most of the mounts of this variety shown here are one-piece affairs, with both front and rear rings affixed to the base. Mount, 1 410343 In nbsbga9580-online - www. Thanks for your reply. Shotgun Saddle Mounts With Rings B Square. If at the time will discount more Savings So you already decide you want have Ar-5. The alternative to using a one piece integral scope mount is to buy the individual two piece scope rings. Click through to find the latest deals. Ar Mount One-Half Inch Picatinny Riser - Matte Burris will be the best items introduced the foregoing few days. All torque specifications were verified with Burris reference material and checked again with an email to Burris to ensure that there were no changes. Best Scope Mounts Best Quick Release Scope Mount: Burris One Piece 1" Quick Detach Mount. The use of a good quality gunsmithing torque wrench will ensure that any of these scope mounts will be securely fixed in place. Whether you prefer Leupold, Burris or Nikon scope mounts, we have plenty of optics to get the job done and for a great price. Since the rifle scopes with 30mm tube are the most common one is today's world, the range of 30mm mounts is  The 30mm Double Lug Rings will return to zero within 1/10 Mil or your money Since all required clamping force is obtained with only 35lb-in of torque, the  Dec 25, 2018 Their Ideal Scope Mount System is a one-piece mount that is . Burris Matte Finish 1/2 inch Picatinny Riser Tactical Mount provides 1/2 Inch elevation for mounting rifle scope rails. One-piece scope mounts for AR-15s are so popular that it’s pretty hard to go wrong with optic height. The Burris AR-P. ) Mount provides 2" of forward scope positioning room which will allow you to obtain proper eye relief and maintain a proper shooting position. 1-Piece Extended Scope Mount Picatinny-Style with Integral Rings Flattop AR-15 Matte . For someone building a lightweight weapon this may be an issue. Typical scope tubes are 1 inch or 30mm in diameter, with heftier optics puffing out to 34mm and even beyond. Should I use the one piece or the two piece mount? What are the pros and cons of each? Are the one piece much stronger? Only three screws in the one piece vs two screws in each one on the two The market is loaded with scope mounting options which can seem overwhelming. One final question - Ruger recommends 12-15 in. Drilled to fit the factory scope mount holes on the gun’s receiver. 5-14x42mm Adjustable Objective Scope With Pepr Mount Burris Description. Burris Eliminator III Review: 4 The Burris Eliminator III 4-16X50 rifle scope is indeed one of the most advanced tactical and hunting rifle scopes on the market. The scope mount should be designed in a way that leaves an option to adjust the scope ring. With a few simple tools and some patience and attention to detail, anyone can mount their scope and do it right. Sako Optilock Scope Bases Short Action, Blued Sako. This Special Purpose Rifle mount comes in QD and Bolt-On Models. I was thinking about turning the front mount around this would allow the ring to bite more between the screws rather than slightly behind the one popping it's head. lbs. I changed the 2 piece rings for this, and BAM! Not only did it zero, I actually had to dial the windage and elevation knobs back to the center adjustment. Maybe its me, but that seems high for torque? Sometimes it's limited by the scope instead of the rings. Allows up to 2 inches of forward scope positioning; Provides optimum eye relief and full field of view; Includes both smooth and Picatinny ring tops Detach. Featuring scope rings, scope mounts, scope bases, and riflescope mounting accessories. This mount is extremely efficient to use since it will provide up to 2" of forward scope positioning for perfect eye relief and full field-of-view. They also can pull double duty as a hunting scope. Secure your optics to your rifle with an AR 15 scope mount from Midsouth Shooters. You can start by thinking about the way you want to use the scope mount and the features you want it to have. Ar-15 Intergal Qd One Piece 1 Scope Mount Utg Leapers You will not regret if check price. com Burris Ar Pepr 1 Scope Mount. Precision machined rings and bases, manufactured to be lightweight, strong, and provide the best possible mount for your scope. Able to mount almost any riflescope, this Riflescope Mount from Burris easily attaches on any AR with Picatinny rail uppers. If you have a two piece mount, I would suggest STRONGLY that you look into the excellent Burris Signature Zee rings as the ONLY safe and predictable method on introducing an offset to your scope short of a dedicated 20 or 30 MOA one piece ramp. Scope Mounts-Burris P. Basic rings come in 1-inch or 30mm. which will put me at 7 pounds 6 ounces. K4 Mount For 4000 Series Kestrel Weather Meters Badger Ordnance. Go under and it will not be sturdy enough for a good, precise shot. Fewer connections and parts to wiggle loose. e. Using a good two piece base, like a Burris reversible extended, with Burris Signature rings might be your best solution. excellent, 6 Torx screws on each cap ensure excellent scope retention and positive screw torque. Indeed it attaches to picatinny rail systems, not standard scope mounts. One Piece Scope Mounts for Sale at Joe Bob Outfitters! Burris AR-P. QD P. The rings have to fit precisely onto the mounts. Browning Ab3 Long Action Scope Bases Egw. Ar-5. Whether you are mounting a scope using traditional bases and rings on a bolt action rifle or you are using a cantilever one-piece mount for your AR, the basics are the same. Find the lowest price on all type of New Items on our website and satisfy all your New Items needs. I am surprised that the torque and force could not only pop the torx head, but also bent the steel mounts with a scope mounted. The Burris AR-PEPR or "Proper Eye Position Ready" scope mount is made as a one-piece aluminum base. Quick Detachable Mount is perfect for mounting your scope forward on your AR-style rifle. Because encouraging their unparelled understanding, altered furthermore right now accommodated simply no higher than on your own. . I have seen many a yahoo mount a scope and I have yet to see one destroyed by torque. 56mm rifle systems. It integrates the mounting base with the lower portion of the scope ring so there is nothing to come out of alignment that might cause your scope to lose zero. The Proper Eye Position Ready (P. The specific model of Burris Eliminator II I’ve received is a 3×9 variable power scope, with a 44mm objective lens diameter. The Burris PEPR (Proper Eye Position Ready) QD Scope Mount allows for full-sized scopes to be properly positioned on AR's with Picatinny Rail Uppers. Most mounting systems utilize one- or two-piece bases unless the base is built into the gun’s receiver. This scope mount is designed to fit AR type  Precision Matched 34 mm Rings is rated 5. 5-14x40 scope that will sit on top of a 24" AR15 with an ACE ARFX rifle length buttstock. Specially designed lightweight Vanguard mounts by Talley featuring a unique one-piece design of 7000 Series billet alloy, are available for Weatherby rifles in matte black or silver. Just trying to save you time, money, and frustration because others have tried, but it doesn't work the same. This is a one piece base scope mount that comes in two different variations: one with Picatinny tops and one without them. If I remove the scope from my gun and I'm using your Maxima Quick Detach rings, will I have are heated to a temperature where they fuse together into a solid piece. Here at Optics Warehouse, we pride ourselves on stocking the UK’s widest range of scope rings. of torque for the receiver mount screws. Scope Mount and Rings Installation & Discussion Use a one piece scope base if Shop a large selection of riflescope mounts and bases at Cabela's. stonewallgoeswest. Content: Savage Axis/edge Mountain Tech Scope Rail Warne Mfg. I was thinking about 20-25 in-lbs for the screws to the base and 15-20 for the rings, BUT I would like to seen an official spec. A: We recommend 25 in/lb max torque on all of our Maxima ring screws. These were originally designed so the scope’s field of view would clear bulky accessories like lasers mounted above the rifle’s handguards. 5 x 20 x 50 LR scope on my Winchester Model 70 (made in '73 if it matters) in . 00 * * Burris AR-PEPR 30mm Scope Mount mounted scope (Swarovski 3. The Arisaka Optic Leveler is an inexpensive, easy-to-use tool for leveling scopes mounted in rings or one-piece mounts. R Mount 1 Inch W/PTOP Warne Skyline Precision One Piece Mount Usually Ships in 24 Hours Mounting scopes on an AR is different than a bolt gun, you don't want it as low as possible due to having a different cheek weld. GG&G's FLT Scope Mount with 30mm Integral Rings is a lightweight mount that quickly allows you to remove or install your SPR rifle's scope. Was worried about going two piece, but with the ease and quality of these  If you know how to work a screwdriver, you can properly mount a scope. If I must shim - I would prefer to shim the two piece type bases. It has a high riser making it most suitable for AR-style rifles. Therefore, if you intend to use your scope ring on one rifle, then a fixed scope mount is a good choice because it is easy to secure. One Piece Scope Mounts found in: DNZ 1-Piece Freedom Reaper Picatinny Scope Mount - AR15, 30mm, Matte Black, Nightforce Ultralite Unimount 30mm, 1. One Piece Scope Mount with 30mm Rings & Quick Detach Mount MFR: 410342. Go over the torque value and the rifle scope is damaged. Ar Mount One-Half Inch Picatinny Riser - Matte Burris. 177 HW95 springer with as little as 10 in/lbs. $107. Ar-15 Intergal Qd One Piece 1 Scope Mount Utg Leapers "Today, if you do not want to disappoint, Check price before the Price Up. I am having trouble obtaining center-of-adjustment zero with mounts I have tried( the supplied Benelli picatinny'and one piece base recommended by Burris). Mount Picatinny Quick Release Fits 30mm. However if weight isn’t an issue, or you are building a rifle in a powerful caliber like 338 Lapua, and using a heavy scope a one piece mount will work much better. Torque Specs Ryan shows you how to choose the right riflescope rings and mounts for a I have had these 34mm rings on my rifle for well over 2 years now holding a burris XTRii. Info on ring torque 25 in/lbs; however, nothing on mounting the base to the rifle. 34mm Micro Sight Mount Badger Ordnance. 6 Star Rating on 53 Reviews for Burris Xtreme Tactical Scope Steel 2-Piece Bases ( fits Weaver-style and Picatinny-style Rings) Best Rated + Free Shipping over $49. The Burris tactical line of scopes and sights are optics designed for situations where there is no tolerance for failure: law enforcement work, facing a threat to your personal protection, or competing in a 3 gun or long-range competition. As this is essentially three products, I’ll do my best to cover each portion both individually and as part of the whole package. I received the Warne Maxima mounts and have a couple follow-up questions. Traditional scope mounts: These utilize the ubiquitous circular scope rings to clamp on the tube of a traditional scope. Add the versatility of a one-piece Picatinny scope rail to your shotgun with no drilling or tapping. And hope Now i am a section of letting you get a far better product. 2 Nm. The PEPR Mount is a perfect AR or flattop mounting solution. The base plate sits on the Picatinny rail or one-piece mount just below the turret cluster of the scope, and then the matching wedge is inserted from the side. Milled single-unit ring bases and accessory-ready Picatinny ring tops. Savage Long Action Round Rear Xtreme Tactical 1-Piece Base Burris. Tally is not the only maker of one piece set ups. It is a list of the recommended screw torque settings for most rifle parts, like action screw torque. Scope Base Torque Spec It seems neither the savage website, my rifles owners manual, the Talley website, or the info that come with the rings say anything (really!?). 5-14x42mm Adjustable Objective Scope With Pepr Mount Burris for your, but you don't know where to get the best price for this Ar-5. More Info Here I have a DNZ one piece scope base to mount on a Browning X-Bolt. This is a scope, ballistic calculator and rangefinder all rolled into one. This allows you to customize a personalized fit. Quick Detachable Mount is perfect for mounting your scope forward on your Burris AR-P. A good quality ring and mount combination is an essential part of accurate shooting. Burris AR-P. Burris LU One Piece Handgun Bases are members of our huge selection of Burris Accessories. There are three sizes to choose from, two that are QD. Do not exceed 2. ) designation means this mount provides 2" of forward scope positioning on M-4 and AR-15 platforms. The best AR scope mount is the one that fits your needs and also within your budget. Take apart your AR-15 and keep the upper; Position it with a gun rest or something else so it sits securely Burris Universal Scope Mount Base1 Piece SU-700SA 410222 NOS See more like this Burris 410336 FastFire 1 Piece S&W M&P Handgun Black Scope Base Mount Brand New & Factory Original! The Burris AR-P. Finger Add the versatility of a one-piece Picatinny scope rail to your shotgun with no drilling or tapping. This Burris Scope Mount can be used in conjunction with the Primary Arms Micro Green Dot Reflex Sight on an AR-15. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 410341, 30mm, 8. Mounts To: Universal Picatinny Rail, Scope Mount Type: 1 Piece Mount 30mm Rings For combat riflescopes mounted on combat rifles. These come from a lot of different sources (including manufacturers on the phone), but one great one is Brownell’s “Torque Scope Base Torque Spec It seems neither the savage website, my rifles owners manual, the Talley website, or the info that come with the rings say anything (really!?). Brownells referred to a engineering reference book for all the torque values by specific type mounting screws. I bought the first one when I couldn't zero my scope using Leupold 2 piece rings on a Savage 11FNCS. Burris mounts for sale! Call today to order yours! ERA-TAC One Piece Mounts; Burris AR-PEPR 1" Scope Mount 410343. 270 Win. The Burris tactical line of scopes and sights are optics designed for situations where there is no tolerance for failure: law enforcement work, facing a threat to your personal protection, or competing in a 3 gun or long-range competition. Usage. One piece or two piece bases? If you use the Redfield/Leupold type base with adjustable windage be sure to lap in the front dovetail with a fine compound until it turns smoothly and easily. 56 4. But the only way I know of to do what you're saying is the Burris inserts,  Burris PEPR 1" Picatinny Scope Mount w/ Smooth Ring Tops - 410343 Burris Arp E P R QD Scope Mount 30mm W/picatinny Tops 410342 . Howa 1500 Short Action Xtreme Tactical 1-Piece Base Burris. Hi, I very recently purchased a Burris Eliminator III 4-16 rifle scope. This scope mount installs easily and is very rigid like only a one piece mount can be. If you find product , Deals. This is a well known fact and is in the service manuals. Few things suck more than over-torquing and The alternative to using a one piece integral scope mount is to buy the individual two piece scope rings. In instances where the gunsmith is torquing a fastener to resist shear loads, (i. Making Sense of Scope Mounts Shop Burris Xtreme Tactical Scope Steel 2-Piece Bases ( fits Weaver-style and Picatinny-style Rings) | Up to 41% Off 4. Any decent quality one-piece scope mount (SWFA SSALT, Burris PEPR, RRA Cantilever) is what you want. The instruction only says to firmly tighten them. Making Sense of Scope Mounts SWFA has been providing top quality Mounts, Rings and Bases to avid sportsmen and sportswomen for over 35 years. First time I Two months later I have it happen again with a different pair, this time on a one-piece Weaver base attached to a Remington 700. Some rings have integral bases attached to the bottom ring-half. The name of the game is to get the horizontal and vertical axes of the scope to match up with the gun and also minimize inconsistencies in the torque of the screws. 125", 20 MOA, American Defense Mfg. Say what you want about the tactic-cooling of every rifle these days, but one piece picitinny rail bases and 4 or 6 screw rings have made scope movement a thing of the past. In a way, the vertical set-up could theoretically be used to correct for any misalignment of the receiver scope mounting base mounting screws, or as you would say and I would have to agree, go to the Burris rings I'm in the process of changing all my scope mounts out to the Burris PEPR QD scope mount. @12 in/lb it’s fine but if I go up any it “grinds” Most mounting systems utilize one- or two-piece bases unless the base is built into the gun’s receiver. so trying to find a quality one peice without breaking the bank (under $200). I’ve had to reference back to these torque specifications a couple times, and thought it’d be helpful to post. My smallest torque wrench only goes to 20 in. If you thought that Burris was only in the optics industry to pop out quality, affordable scopes, you’d be wrong. Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50 Rifle Scope EBR-1 MRAD PST-416S1-M in stock, best price, free shipping - Call (570) 368-3920 Leupold STD 2-Piece Scope Base Remington 700 RVF Silver - Leupold Standard Scope Mounts 50019 JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Like rings, bases are also machined from steel or aluminum, while others are cast from sintered steel. Anyone know the torque for the 1 piece steel base mount for Rem 700 short action made by Warne Maxima Tactical? I have searched online all night including Warne's website and no specs are listed. New AR one-piece mount from Burris A challenger appears! There's been a gap in the sub-$100 AR15 one-piece mount market for some time, and it looks like Burris has decided to fill it as part of their foray into medium-priced AR optics (the Prism optic, their 3x magnifier and mount, etc). Note: 6 screw Burris 30mm Xtreme Tactical Weaver Style Ring Matte Package of 1 I used them on a Remington 700 30-06 with a Millett 1-Piece Picatinny-Style Scope Base for  Talley light-weight allow scope mounts Anyone know what Burris recommends for the xtreme 30mm rings? or the SS rings for that fact they  Both times, one ring installs normally, the other strips. 0 out of 5 by 14. I've tried Browning, Brownells, random internet searches - nada. The surface of the connections (rings to receiver, rings to scope) are very generous in area. 62mm and 5. Available: 1"(not shown), 30mm, 34mm. The torque value should be monitored and done with a purpose made screwdriver. The R1 came with a great "violin case "- which unfortunately will not handle a scope mounted on the reciever. Looking at my Tikka T3X receiver, from butt stock to barrel-end, there is a screw, an empty hole, 2 more screws then on the other side of the ejection port there is an empty hole, a screw, an oblong empty hole, and a final screw. ™ Scope Mount Preview Image Xtreme Tactical 1-Piece Base Preview Image  Apr 20, 2016 The Burris PEPR Scope Mount for the AR-15 is one of the most popular Torque Wrench ($40): This let's you adjust the torque of the screws to  Fits on any Weaver or Picatinny-style mount; Available in a variety of sizes; Ideal of ring allows for attachment of accessories on top of a mounted scope; 1/2-in. Precision machined from bars of solid steel, each exquisitely styled Burris Long Eye Relief Universal LU 1 Piece Mount Base is carefully hand polished, blued and meticulously inspected. The top half of the rings have enough clamping pressure to distort the scope tube so the zoom mechanics are jammed. Mount · 1/2-Inch Picatinny Riser Preview Image AR-P. scope mounting) measuring fastener elongation would be the most accurate  Our Ultralight 30mm SPR Scope Mount features a rear ring that is pushed forward 2", resulting in better eye relief. Talley one piece mount/rings ditto! Indeed!! In fact just order me a set of Talley Lightweight 2-Piece Scope Mounts with Integral 1" Rings Matte Low for my Nosler M48 TGR in 7mm-08 to even reduce the weight of my rifle a tad more. 00 * * Burris AR-PEPR 30mm Scope Mount When you torque one fastener, the ones next to it lose torque or clamp load. Torque: Ring Tops: 20 in/lbs; Ring Cross Bolt: 65 to 100 in/lbs. I normally shoot "nose to charging handle" or really close to it. Whatever your scope, gun or application we have something for you in our expansive For someone building a lightweight weapon this may be an issue. THE DEAD CENTER OF PRECISION™ LaRue is known world-wide for sniper targets, quick-detachable mounting solutions and hyper-accurate 7. Putting a new Leupold 6. Mounts usually come in one piece or two-piece versions, and both are reliable scope bedding systems. R Mount 1 Inch W/PTOP Optics & Mounts > Optic Mounts > One Piece Scope Mounts Optics & Mounts > Optic Mounts > Specialty Scope Mounts I still use my scope alignment bars to check for non-matching rings, but its been a long time since I found a set that didn't align. A good scope ring is one that meets your needs. Cheap price Burris Ar Pepr 1 Scope Mount Nevertheless, I hope until this reviews about it Burris Ar Pepr 1 Scope Mount will end up being useful. Can I store my weapon in my vehicle with a scope mounted? . Share This: In the early summer of 2013, Aero Precision (also referred to as AP in this article), a name that’s rising in popularity among the AR-15 community, announced a product that they’d been working on for quite sometime; their Ultralight scope mount for the AR platform. The matte black Leupold and mount on top of the matte black gun and brown laminated stock should be a handsome, capable rig. Just make certain a one-piece mount does not interfere with cartridge ejection. Would not torque to 65 in/lbs . 5-18z5) on new to me rifle torque the rear rings to 15in/lbs (Talley lightweight) and when I torque the front rings to anything over 12 the parallax focus knob grinds when turning it. Using Signature Rings™; Following the torque specs of the rings; Lapping to prevent ring marks. I'm going to use Leupold mounts and rings. Don't let your rings and mounts be the weak link in your firearm/optic combination. 5-14x42mm Adjustable Objective Scope With Pepr Mount Burris . Warne AR-15 Gen 2 Extended XSKEL 30mm One Piece Scope Mount FDE XSKEL30DE Warne AR-15 Gen 2 Burris AR-F3 FastFire II/III Flat Top Mount Burris AR-F3 FastFire II To mount your scope to your rifle you will need a good set of riflescope rings. 410344 Burris AR-P. Integrated mounts are available in both 1" and 30mm ring diameters, in low, medium or high ring heights and in your choice of a matte black or gloss black finish to match your scope and The matte black Leupold and mount on top of the matte black gun and brown laminated stock should be a handsome, capable rig. You will have a review and expertise form here. burris one piece scope mount torque

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