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Many gardeners opt for natives because they are drought tolerant and wildlife friendly. California native plants are those that grow naturally in California. Stonecrop Low Full Sun to Part Shade APPENDIX C: PLANT PALETTES C-1 APPENDIX C– Plant Palettes The following tables provide lists of plants that should be used in the landscaping of various streets, parks and other publicly visible spaces within the Specific Plan Area. You'll fall in love with this one - order today! In most situations, tolerant of both moist and dry situations, but growing larger with more shade and water, reaching up to 10′ in height. Annually since 1995, the GCA has identified a stellar North American native plant to receive its Montine McDaniel Freeman Medal for Plant of the Year. X 12 ft. Carpenteria californica Bush Anemone. Full sun or partial shade, little water. 1400, TAX ID 77-0248682 info@slobg. ALL - FULL SET. Low water needs once established. Culture. Climate zones 7-9, 14-24. 541. An Umbellularia californica in Mendocino County is registered as a California Big Tree. . Bush anemone (Carpenteria californica) It is best to water slowly and deeply to encourage the plant to develop deep roots. There are two, tucked into this oak tree, next to a power pole… Las Pilitas Nursery says, “Carpenteria californica has proven cold tolerant to 10 degrees F. Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade, prefers well–drained coarse soil and is drought tolerant once established. ” Ideas for Gardening with California Native Plants Native Plants for Shade Gardens Redtwig Dogwood, Cornus sericea Carpenteria, Carpenteria californica Snowberry, Symphoricarpos albus California Hazelnut, Corylus cornuta var. The bark burned off of it at 2 degrees F. It is native to the foothills of Fresno County, where it grows along seasonal streams. Easy Care Flowering Plant Combo for Dry Garden. TRIT 5 Dur L t at P Rec S ancisc P orks Aloe spp. drought tolerant once established. Calliandra californica Baja Fairy Duster. Grow in well-drained or moist but well-drained soil in full sun with shelter from cold, drying winds. Soil: Good draining soil preferred but can take heavier soils too Water: Occasional to moderate water needs. Beautiful, compact form that has green to blue-green leaves. click on a thumbnail to view an image, or see all the Carpenteria thumbnails at the Plants Gallery Brother Alfred Brousseau. 1400, TAX ID 77 Solidago californica California Goldenrod. Description. Search the Arboretum All-Star plant database to find the All-Star plant perfect for your garden. WUCOLS Region #1. Berberis thunbergii. Scented, white flowers appear in late spring and summer. . 2 Shady habitats; 5. Aristolochia macrophylla (Dutchman's Pipe) is The Garden Club of America's 2019 Plant of the Year. Carpenteria californica-bush anenome- full sun to partial shade, little water, grows slowly to 4-8 ft tall. Bush anemone (Carpenteria californica) is an attractive, deer-resistant shrub with dark green leaves and white and yellow spring flowers. Has fragrant Bark and Leaf. With this in mind, plant in light, well-drained soil. Dense foliage produces airy pink flowers that suggest the common name of smoke bush and brilliant fall foliage colors of pink, orange, and yellow. Mary's College of California . Carpenteria californica – Bush Anemone This evergreen shrub grows 6-8’ tall and 3-5’ wide, and does well in sun or light shade in well-drained soil with occasional irrigation. A native of California, Carpenteria californica is reasonably drought tolerant it requires good drainage, keep well mulched for best results. Carpenteria californica ‘Elizabeth’ at Digging Dog Mail Order Nursery. A close relative of mock orange, it's commonly called bush anemone for its large, sweetly-scented flowers that are anemone look-alikes. The dark glossy leaves One of our fire-adapted plants here in California, tolerating burning as long as it is isn’t intense enough to burn the roots of the plant. Yellow center. From May to August, enjoy this plant’s 5″ fragrant, creamy coral sprays of flowers (edible!) and the pleasant, sweet scent the foliage emits when bruised. It is prized by gardeners for its lush, white, sweetly scented blooms which flower late spring and summer. Carpenteria is native to the foothills of Fresno County, where it grows along the edges of seasonal creeks. Low Maintenance, Cottage/Informal, City, Beds and borders, Wallside and trellises. S. ©St. Narrowly ovate leaves are a handsome dark green and have a clean polished appearance. Carpenteria accepts full sun along the coast, but prefers high shade or afternoon shade inland. Partial shade. Although not used as extensively as Grecian laurel, Umbellularia's leaves are used in soups and stews as seasoning. Suggested uses. Prefers partial to full sun. Tolerant of some dryness once established, it looks best with occasional to moderate deep watering in summer. Overhead irrigation and poor air circulation can cause fungal problems to the leaves. It has larger flowers than the common Bush Anemone and will do well in sun or shade. Carpenteria californica is a beautiful ornamental, displaying lush, white, sweetly scented blooms over several spring and summer months. How restful is the color green? Carpinteria State Beach Campground, Carpinteria: See 113 traveler reviews, 63 candid photos, and great deals for Carpinteria State Beach Campground, ranked #1 of 2 specialty lodging in Carpinteria and rated 3. Collect stems from the carpenteria californica Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth' Bush Anemone. Needs little to no irriga-tion and goes dormant in summer. 1-15 with descriptions. Blooms May-July with sweetly scented, pure white, yellow-stamened, camellia-like single flowers. Not too many species grow in deep shade; instead, most plants on this list do well in partial shade during the day and Botanical Name: Carpenteria californica Mar 10, 2017 Planting: Like most natives, it is best to plant Carpenteria californica in the fall. triticoides, Festuca paniculata, and Pennisetum messiacum. California native plants that grow in full shade What we are calling full shade is shade under a dense canopy of evergreen trees, not under a deck or other solid structure. Full sun to almost full shade in any soil with adequate drainage. For those who think that “ornamental” and “native” are necessarily opposites, we present the lovely Bush Anemone. Full sun to part shade. U. Your Local Nursery Resource for the Rogue Valley Since 2005 Carpenteria californica. Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth' bush anemone. Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth' not only has great cupped white flowers  Jun 29, 2017 Ceanothus (California lilac) is a reliable drought-tolerant shrub with brilliant blue flowers. Overhead watering can cause fungal issues in the leaves, water from below. Best with light shade or morning sun. It's important to first assess the type of shade you are dealing with - not all shade is equal! There are varying degrees of shade; partial, dappled, bright indirect light, and full to deep shade. Sand. Y. In the shade, fall color tends to be more yellow This california native is a dense, clean evergreen shrub that grows 4-8 ft high and 5 ft. Summer. The flowers cover the tips of the branches and feature wavy edges and a bright yellow halo-shaped stamen. Select possible filters in the right-hand navigation area and hit apply or simply peruse through all 100 plants. It has white fragrant flowers from May - August. Growing well in full sun, this is a plant that will also grow in light afternoon shade. May 23, 2017 Two full grown native California Bush Anemones! Las Pilitas Nursery says, “ Carpenteria californica has proven cold tolerant to 10 tells me, “ It also grows on slopes in canyons where it is partially shaded in the afternoon. Shade. Beautiful, dome-shaped shrub that has tightly-packed branches bearing green to blue-green leaves. U N I V E R S I T Y o f C A L I F O R N I A Agriculture & Natural Resources SHADE PLANTS FOR YOLO COUNTY partial to full shade Carpenteria californica bush Arboretum All-Star Plant Database. This Pin was discovered by Teresa Hawkes. Large, dense clusters of scented, white flowers appearing in late spring and summer. First discovered by Colonel John Charles Fremont, this elegant evergreen was considered by the British to be “one of the most splendid acquisitions from the Californian flora. Growing 8+ ft x 8 + ft and flowering in May-July, the shrubs like full sun to part shade, lean, well-drained soil, and some summer water - though quite drought tolerant once established. GRASSES. (Rhamnus californica Eve Case) 3-6’ 3-6’ Low Full Clay, sandy Inconspicuous; Berries (winter) Little Somewhat Carpenteria (Carpenteria californica) 6’ 3’ Occasional summer Sun to shade Clay, sandy 2-3’ white in June -July Little to none; much larger in the wild Somewhat Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia) We chose a spot on the end of a row which worked well as we had no one to our right. 95 Title Download Description ; Arctostaphylos — Manzanita Basics: Download Preview: Manzanita, a Spanish word which translates to "little apple," named for its green and red berries, is one of the most attractive and recognizable members of the California flora. Said to be more disease resistant. - grows in full shade or full sun Carpenteria californica Hydrangeaceae - shrub, evergreen in CA The University of California prohibits discrimination against or ha rassment of any person employed by or seeking employment wit h the University on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental E. Here are some of our favorite California natives. Companion plants include Vitis californica, Sambucus caerulea, Quercus wizlizenii and Rubus ursinus. Japanese Barberry. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. A relative of rhododendrons, Kalmia latifolia is an evergreen shrub, bearing clusters of pale pink flowers which open from crinkled, dark pink buds. The extra challenge of dry shade makes it difficult, but not impossible, to have a beautiful landscape full of interesting textures and colors. Deer resistant. This sage . Standing 6'-7' tall, 'Elizabeth' has pure, white, fragrant flowers and is an attractive multi-stemmed evergreen shrub. campus: east side of McNary Dining Center. The following species are also drought-tolerant, take full sun to part shade, and thrive in Northern California (in zones 1-2, treat them as annuals): Elymus glaucus, E. In very hot areas, plantings will benefit from partial shade in the afternoon. California native plants are plants that existed in California prior to the arrival of European 5. Small blooms in fragrant clusters from May through July. Carpenteria californica-California Bush Anemone. Carpenteria is well adapted to common garden conditions, as it prefers light shade plus occasional deep watering during the summer. Carpenteria californica is cultivated as an ornamental plant, grown for its lush foliage, large scented flowers and drought tolerance. What: Carpenteria californica-California Bush Anemone Type: Evergreen shrub Light: Likes light to medium shade but can accept full sun in cooler areas. Carpenteria californica “Elizabeth” reaches a height of 5 to 12 feet and likes afternoon shade. californica is tough, fast growing, drought-tolerant, self-seeding, and easy to grow in gardens. STUDY. well in full sun to partial shade and in any soil type. California Fescue Grass Festuca californica 5. This member of the mock orange family is a guaranteed show-stopper in your garden when in bloom late spring through early summer, featuring large white flowers. White cistus-like flowers all summer. Backing in was not bad but would be if the campground would have been full. This page has links to the database entries for all of the California native plants that we grow and also features articles about native plants and links to other sites that have information about California native plants. Under ideal conditions, this erect, evergreen shrub can grow 5 to 12 feet tall and 3 to 5 feet in diameter. It is used in traditional and wildlife gardens in subtropical and temperate locations in the northern hemisphere. Provided by St. It prefers well draining, sandy, often poor soils. Typically plants preferring partial sun/shade conditions want morning sun and afternoon shade, especially in our hot/dry climate. Better Homes and Gardens. californica is a medium-sized, bushy evergreen shrub, often spreading in growth. In May/June 3″ wide pure white flowers with a central yellow boss of stamens are sweetly fragrant. Spring. Tolerates sun to shade. Carpenteria is an evergreen shrub and works well as a background shrub or in mixed plantings under oaks. Coastal native. with a 6-12 inch trunk in the wild. Water Requirements Sun Exposure. Those flowers are brilliant white with yellow stamens, and sometimes twenty of them can be found at the tips of the stems. A delightful succession of blooms, which belie the sturdy constitution of this drought-tolerant trio of native plants, begins in late spring with the selected variety of the Pacific Coast Iris. Does want good drainage. Attracts pollinators. Lisa Van Cleef, Special to SF Gate (Carpenteria californica) on countless "shade" lists. Sun or some shade, ordinary garden conditions. Blue-eyed Grass Sisyrinchium bellum Full sun, moderate water. If our hummingbirds could vote for Plant of the Month, this would be one of their clear winners. , it isn’t quite green anymore but isn’t also yet brown. The campground is close to town and also close to the railroad track. Full Sun to  Carpenteria californica*Threatened CA Native. Tolerant of drought and dry  Carpenteria californica, or Bush Anemone, is one of California's loveliest, but This bush does best when give dappled shade and light sun, especially if  Ecology: Carpenteria californica is common to the Sierra Nevada foothills in Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade, prefers well–drained coarse soil and  Feb 14, 2016 It grows to about 3' tall and 6' wide and prefers partial shade in hottest California bush anenome (Carpenteria californica) is an attractive  California native plant; has clusters of large, sweetly-scented white flowers in late spring and early summer; glossy, Carpenteria californica Part Shade. Shade to sun; little to moderate water. Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth' (Elizabeth Bush Anemone) - An attractive much branched evergreen shrub that grows to 4 to 6 feet tall by 3 to 4 feet wide with vertically inclined gray stems that peal back annually to reveal new yellowish-tan bark. Winter . Bush anemone grows well in full sun or part shade and tolerates a range of soil conditions but Not only is it drought and shade tolerant, but deer won’t eat it. californica ‘Eve Case’ Coffeeberry, Rhamnus californica ‘Eve Case’ Bald Hip Rose, Rosa gymnocarpa Light requirement: Full sun to partial shade. Attracts insects, birds eat the seeds. About Us; Carpenteria californica. It is best grown as an annual, in full sun, but it will tolerate part shade. This tough evergreen shrub with thin deep green leaves set against pale exfoliating glossy bark is perfectly hardy to cold and drought. (Carpenteria californica ‘Elizabeth’) ‘Elizabeth’ has established itself as the most prominent cultivar of this California native, with California's native flora is widely celebrated and renowned for its abundance and diversity which is largely due to our climate and varied geology, physiography and soils. Department Native to California, Oregon, and Washington. Bush Anemone (Carpenteria californica) (Carpenteria californica) Evergreen; 4 to 6 feet tall. Don't forget that our full shade may not be like your full shade. Pinus strobus 'White Mountain' is a full-sized selection of eastern white pine, ( Erythronium oregonum) and camas (Camassia leichtlinii) at the less shady edges . 5 of 5 at TripAdvisor. Carpenteria californica is easily multiplied by preparing cuttings from its sprigs in August, it is the simplest propagation method. Character (evrgrn- decid) Carpenteria californica Ceanothus 'Dark Star' Ceanothus 'Joyce Coulter' ♦ Ceanothus 'Julia Phelps' Ceanothus 'Ray Hartman' ♦ ♦ Ceanothus 'Yankee Point' ♦ ♦ Ceanothus thyrsiflorus 'Skylark' Cercidium floridum ♦ ♦ Cercis occidentalis ♦ ♦ NAME 1g 5g 15g 24"bx 36" bx; Dalea fremontii Deschampsia caespitosa ♦ Dudleya pulverulenta Carpenteria (Carpenteria californica) plants in full sun tend to have fall color with more reds or oranges. Full Sun to Part. Tolerant of regular garden conditions in both full sun or partial shade, it can be used as a hedge, foundation shrub or specimen. It will grow in full shade, but may have fewer or smaller flowers. It will tolerate light to moderate water and full sun to partial shade. Good in sun or part shade with average to low water, no water near the coast. Common Name Bush Anemone. Rosa californica (California Wild Rose). 8-24”x6'. Elizabeth, a selected variety of the California native bush anemone, Carpenteria californica, is more compact than the species, but shares its hardy constitution. Fall. This plant looks good in the back of a perennial garden, as a hedge or in a native garden. May 2011 - Carpenteria californica-California Bush Anemone. Deer generally  Origins: Carpenteria californica, or Bush Anemone, is one of California's californica in the fall in a sheltered area with high dappled shade and light sun. Next time, I would pick a spot along the beach. It is hardy down to −10 °C (14 °F) in sheltered locations in full sun. Low. plant enough to keep its roots moist—two or more deep waterings per month, more in  Feb 27, 2017 Carpenteria californica, commonly called 'bush anemone' is prized in In very hot areas, plantings will benefit from partial shade in the  Carpenteria californica, Bush Anemone, Shrub, , San Marcos Growers. Bush Anenome. Carpenteria californica 'Ladham's Variety' 2L Evergreen shrub which needs a sheltered, warm position in full sun or part shade. wide. blooms late spring and summer. 3 Ferns . Carpenteria californica (Bush Anemone) - An attractive much branched evergreen shrub that typically grows 6 to 8 feet tall by 3 to 5 feet wide, but when happy can grow a few feet taller and wider with vertically inclined gray stems that peal back annually to reveal new yellowish-tan bark. Carpenteria californica, also called Bush Anemone, is a handsome California native shrub, and the variety ‘Elizabeth’ is prized for its dense growth habit and clusters of lovely flowers. Full sun. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Find help & information on Carpenteria californica tree anemone from the RHS. Which is a shame, because they provide a great burst of brilliant yellow in the fall, just when you think the bright colors of spring and summer are long gone. Welcome to our new Native Plant Page. 4-6'x4-6'. A flowering shade plant is always appreciated and the white flowers make it stand out in the shade, too. Carpenteria californica, or Bush Anemone, is one of California’s loveliest, but hardest to find evergreen shrubs. Native to Southwestern Oregon and California mountain ranges. Clusters of scented white flowers with yellow centers in late spring and summer; dark green leaves. California Bush Poppy Carpenteria californica Partial shade, little to moderate water. Carpenteria californica Bush Anemone is a locally rare native of the Sierra Nevada foothills in Fresno County in central California. Leaves are leathery, lance-shaped, and dark green. After three years of watching this thing limp Standing 6'-7' tall, 'Elizabeth' has pure, white, fragrant flowers and is an attractive multi-stemmed evergreen shrub. Rosa californica - California Wild Rose Medium growing, upright, evergreen native Height to 5' · Spread to 5' Full sun to partial shade Adaptable to many soils including clay Fragrant pink flowers mid-spring through summer Native to moist locations in California ***This photo does not necessarily reflect what is currently available at Evergreen Nursery*** San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden, 3450 Dairy Creek Road, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93405, United States 805. Full Shade. Grows on hillsides and can be seen near local freeways. Live Forever Y Low Full Sun varies brittonii, caespitosa Echeveria elegans Hens and Chicks Low Full Sun to Part Shade 4” rosette Sedum spp. They like a sheltered area with partial shade or morning sun. Carpenteria californica, or Bush Anemone, is one of California's loveliest, but rarest shrubs. Part Shade. It is tolerant of sun or shade. One of our favorite websites, Great Plant Picks, has plants for dry sun and for dry shade. Do not over feed, will grow rank At CALM in Bakersfield has this plant in full sun with minimum water and care and it looks great. By some estimates, there are thousands of native species in the state. Ecology: Carpenteria californica is common to the Sierra Nevada foothills in California on dry rocky ridges between 1500-4000 ft (450-1200 m). Carpenteria californica. Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth' (Tree anemome 'Elizabeth') will reach a height of 1. California native plant; has clusters of large, sweetly-scented white flowers in late spring and early summer; glossy, dark-green leaves stay on the plant all year; older stems have attractive, pale, papery bark. Select plants that will tolerate the dry soils and partial shade typically found . California Poppy Eschscholzia californica: This iconic plant has fern like foliage and bright bursts of orange, red and yellow flowers. Carpenteria californica 'Ladhams' Variety' RHS Plants for Pollinators plants This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects. California native. Plant of the Year. Initially we were told it   Full Sun. Bush Anemone, Carpenteria californica is an evergreen shrub, 6' by 3' in the garden, 8 ft. As a California native, it is well adapted to our hot dry Add this rare California shrub to your garden. Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth' Bush Anemone. 9m after 10-20 years. California fuchsia (Zauschneria californica) 1 to 2 feet tall. Sudden Oak Death manifested as leaf spot. Carpenteria californica — Carpenteria (CN). e. Carpenteria californica Bush Anenome. Easily grown in sandy to loamy, well-draining, soil in full sun. Water requirements Low, moderate. Plants requiring some sun to thrive but able to do well with partial days spent in the shade are called “shade tolerant. In warmer climates we suggest afternoon shade for best results. This drought tolerant beauty prefers full sun and is a perfect addition to containers, rock gardens and mixed beds. BUSH ANEMONE Sun (flowers less in shade). Western sweetshrub The flowers are anemone-like and up to 3” in diameter with brilliant yellow centers. It is only native to the dry granite ridges of the foothills of the southern Sierra Nevada in the Central Valley near Fresno and is the only species in California. Notes. Hardy to USDA Zone 8 Native range endemic (limited) to California, common in the Sierra Nevada foothills on dry rocky ridges between 1500-4000 ft (450-1200 m). Blooms in late spring and summer. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Bush Anemone, Tree Anemone, California Anemone (Carpenteria californica) 'Ladhams' Variety' supplied by member gardeners in the Plant Dry Shade Plants. It Carpenteria californica Elizabeth Bush Anenome. Carpenteria californica - bush anemone California tolerates full sun or part shade and is low Rosa californica California Wild Rose Roseaceae Deciduous Riparian - full sun/dappled shade (hips have 24X vitamin C as oranges, break a fever in infants, rich in bioactive compounds that are healthy, EFA, anticarcinogen) "Excellent hedge or barrier plant, spreads like crazy, looks good with Oregon Grape, Chain Fern, Flowering Currant" 'Plena It blooms once a year and then recedes into the background. Leaves and roots are rumored to have a sedative effect Plant Description Elizabeth (Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth') is a selection of a native shrub that features fragrant, soft pearl white, cup-shaped flowers which resemble anemone. Standing 6-7' tall, 'Elizabeth' has pure, white, fragrant flowers and is an attractive multi-stemmed evergreen shrub. This California native is a dense, clean evergreen shrub that grows 6'-8' high and 5' wide. Botanical Name: Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth' Common Name: Bush Anemone Carpenteria californica Bush Anemone An evergreen shrub with a rounded, multi-branching, upright form. Genus Carpenteria are evergreen shrubs with simple, leathery, dark green leaves and large, bowl-shaped white flowers with prominent yellow stamens Details C. prune after flowering to avoid rounded mounds. One drawback of this plant is the brown leaves don't always drop off in summer. org 805. In hotter conditions, can benefit from some afternoon shade. Some light must penetrate in order for the plants to photosynthesize. Our Baja Fairy Dusters are almost constantly in bloom, and almost constantly being visited by hummingbirds, bees, Marine Blue butterflies, and even orioles! How Dry I Am / We talk dry shade plants with Annie Hayes. Native to California. ; no problem. Trains are mostly during the day, fortunately. C. Evergreen Shrub. Oregon State Univ. Full Sun. Carpenteria californica is in full, snowy bloom to celebrate the solstice. Suitable for full-sun sites in USDA zones 5 through 10 What we are calling full shade is shade under a dense canopy of evergreen trees , Bush Anemone, Carpenteria californica is a nice clean bush that explodes  Pictures and description of Carpenteria californica, Bush Anemone. Photo by: Steve Native Plants at San Marcos Growerss. It has white fragrant flowers with yellow . In shade it will require almost no irrigation, but the plant blooms best in full sun, and for ornamental purposes will therefore require some irrigation. Drought tolerant, but appearance is improved with some summer water. 1 Sunny habitats; 5. Photo by: Steve California native plants are those that grow naturally in California. It is a fairly flexible plant. Bush Anemone (Carpenteria californica); Bladderpod (Peritoma arborea); Creosote bush (Larrea   plants is by no means complete. Our Price: £ 12. Within the shade community, there are varying degrees of tolerance. Glossy, deep green leaves contrast with snowy white flowers. This cultivar is very free flowering with smaller than usual (2 inch) flowers in masses of up to 20 in each of the terminal clusters. The City of Carpinteria Web Site includes information regarding the City, Mayor and City Council, City Departments, Public Works, Local Information, Visitor Information, City Budget Information, and links to web sites with local information. 8m and a spread of 0. Ht up to 5ft (150cm) A very handscome shrub with dark green lanceolate leaves. Evergreen shrub. Although Goldenrods are instantly recognizable, unfortunately you don't often see them in gardens. As with most California natives, it is best to plant carpenteria in the fall. Orange-red flowers in late summer and fall; grayish leaves. Leaves narrowly elliptic, shiny green above. Large, showy flowers are fragrant and white with yellow centers. Although it prefers some shade, it can be planted in the full sun right along the coast. West Coast native evergreen bush anemone (Carpenteria californica) grows 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, bearing fragrant white late spring to early summer flowers. A primary benefit of native plants like Carpenteria californica is their inherent ability to flourish naturally without needing outside maintenance. Good under native oaks - resistant Origins: Carpenteria californica, or Bush Anemone, is one of California’s loveliest, but rarest shrubs. Yea! But I hope you will also try one and be able to see an California Anemone, the whole full-grown shrub in the wild. Cuttings from carpenteria californica are prepared in summer, when the wood is starting to harden, i. Amur maple hedges should be planted in full sun to partial shade in U. Bouteloua gracilis excellent groundcover for shady areas, needs well- drained soils Carpenteria californica. Does well with some shade inland. Varietal Name Full Sun, Part Shade. Cultivation. Davis Arboretum All Star list for Part Shade. This mid-sized evergreen shrub may be native to California but it's dependably hardy here. If you can’t find the plants locally, order from Greenlee Nursery (909/629-9045). You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Aloe Low Full Sun to Part Shade varies arborescens, brevifolia, ‘Johnson’s hybrid’, striata Dudleya spp. Full of flowers, this California native tolerates shade – and deer | The Sacramento Bee Carpenteria californica Shrubs-Partial Shade Carpenteria californica, Carpenteria Shrubs-Full Sun Zauschneria californica, California wild fuchsia Description. Rosa californica ‘Elsie’ – California wild rose The California wild rose grows, in the wild, in partly shaded canyons near water courses. Plant in sun or light shade (requires shade in inland gardens) in a well-drained soil. carpenteria californica full shade