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Coolprop mixtures

For such mixtures, empirical data is typically used in determining such boiling point and VLE diagrams. The treatment of mixtures of fluids introduces a great amount of complexity and numerical challenges compared with the evaluation of the thermodynamic properties of pure fluids. . for all components in the mixtures. media; External Library REFPROP: 208 media; External Library CoolProp: 114 media. tools. • describes how . io TIL Suite – Simulates thermal systems. John Dwyer, Jr. org/pypi/CoolProp/4. I have used other DLL’s with the CIN tool but can not seem to make this REFPROP DLL work. where v is the viscosity in centistokes and ln is the natural logarithm (Loge). 69 kJ/kg. May slow computations if CoolProp repeatedly fails to do so. 5K to 253. When installed, a CoolProp add-in becomes available for MS Excel allowing  Methods for calculating the properties of mixtures are also included. Display of solid body properties. 54K at 0. 1 (except the VB6 and . TILMedia is a library for calculating thermophysical substance properties of incompressible liquids, ideal gases, and real fluids with a vapor liquid equilibrium (VLE). IProps(long iOutput, long iInput1, double Input1, long iInput2, double Input2, long iFluid) → double This is a more computationally efficient version of the Props() function as it uses integer keys for the input and CoolProp library - Use alternatively for fluid properties Gas mixtures - Create user-defined gas mixtures Display of solid body properties - Display of mass, center of gravity, mass momentum of inertia for solid elements via context menu in the 3D model tree Drag & Drop - For *. [ MATLAB/Python] Custom mixtures OK in MEX high-level interface failing in Python  Mar 23, 2016 A number of new refrigerant mixtures that is not predefined in original The amount of fluids included in Coolprop is similar to that included in  Nov 1, 2015 You may install CoolProp for python by typing “pip install CoolProp” in your # Ask CoolProp the heat capacity of mixture Water/ASHRAE,  Mar 22, 2016 CoolProp to the Rescue Do you use the Simscape Thermal Liquid. Further EQ-COMP uses statistical thermodynamic model for clathrates developed by Van der Waals and Platteeuw in 1959 to predict hydrate dissociation curve for hydrocarbon mixtures. While the pure fluids contain data for many different kinds of  Mixtures · Theoretical description · Estimating binary interaction parameters · Using your own interaction parameters · Phase Envelope · Reducing Parameters   These pages help you to get started using CoolProp and provide detailed information Mixture properties using high-accuracy Helmholtz energy formulations  Mixtures · Theoretical description · Estimating binary interaction parameters · Using your own interaction parameters · Phase Envelope · Reducing Parameters   Additionally, you also need to copy the fluid and mixture files to /opt/refprop. comp = "oxygen. (2014) (included  REFPROP has an extensive pure fluid, pseudo-pure fluid, and mixture database. The mean Nusselt The major limitation of CoolProp, and most of the other libraries as well, is that they can not handle mixtures of fluids. > No luck once again CoolProp is a very useful package for the calculation of the physical (transport and thermodynamic) properties of pure fluids and mixtures. The flammability limits of gas constituents commonly used in heat treating atmospheres will be discussed in this paper. CoolProp is a thermophysical property database which is available under MIT License as a free software. Calculates the viscosity of a liquid using an emperical model developed in . Mixtures of Pure Fluids Mixture composition may be set on a mass basis using ". The CoolProp formulas should all be working. so file or what Adrian proposed with MODELICAUSERCFLAGS=-ldl and both methods eliminate the problem. NET applications), but in many applications they will still work with Refprop 10. CoolProp is designed to be an Open-Source database of refrigerant properties. The components available in CoolProp are listed here. In most cases, the transport properties of mixtures are calculated from the properties of individual components using special mixing rules. g. CoolProp. The relative deviations of results for various uid properties. Media interface (it will be extended in future versions of the MSL to include multi-component, multi-phase mixtures) and also consider re-using existing fluid properties libraries like RefProp, CoolProp, FluidProp or MultiFlash, to name just a few. Demonstrated exact results to that generated by CoolProp (compare Original_*. Archives of Acoustics. Provides data and visualization tools for the thermophysical and thermodynamic properties of liquids, solids and gases, and fluid mixtures. coolprop. 4). These two equations of state can be expressed in a common, generalized form: A Mixture string function would be useful for CoolProp functions in excel and LibreOffice Spreadsheets and may be in some other Wappers (not sure of how some of them handle data). Usually, I call it from Julia or Python, but when it comes to communication with colleagues, they often prefer an excel file. Their bulk moduli are unavailable from the data and must instead be obtained from the block parameters (where they are specified as constants). For oil and gas simulations you're better served with the Peng-Robinson EOS. • 110 fluids and Mixtures: work in progress. Temperature Influence on the Flammability . visc_pT ( p , T , fluid ) [source] ¶ Calculates the dynamic viscosity from pressure and temperature for a pure fluid. I dont even know how to install Coolprop. For a fluid that consists of a multispecies-mixture the thermodynamic  For mixtures of gas and radiation, as well as for cases where chemical reaction happen, the adiabatic exponents can differ from each other. Introduction; Generating Input Pairs; Keyed output versus accessor functions; Things only in the low-level interface; Imposing the Phase (Optional) CoolProp (as of version 6) comes with two standard cubic equations of state: Soave-Redlich-Kwong (SRK) and Peng-Robinson (PR). • Peculiarity of CoolProp is the only fully open-source solution. 5 - a Python package on PyPI - Libraries. Enhancements have been made to most areas of the NIST REFPROP program, including the equations of state for many of the pure fluids and mixtures, the transport equations, the graphical interface, the Excel spreadsheet, the Fortran files (i. mcycle. How to link coolprop with openmodelica Coolprop Hi, I struggle to call Coolprop data into openmodelica. Mar 8, 2017 Note that in the CoolProp database, several mixtures are pre-defined; therefore, these mixtures can be directly selected from the ORC-PD tool  The mixture flow does not permit chemical reactions with the NIST real gas model . Siegel Sandia National Laboratories, PO Box 969 Livermore, CA 94551, USA and Sandia National Laboratories, PO Box 5800 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185, USA ABSTRACT Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ever completed an application accessing REFPROP from NIST. However. The authors the TRAPP procedure for fluids, which is an extended corresponding states method to predict the viscosity and thermal conductivity of dense fluids and their mixtures. Limiting to mixtures with a molar concentration of water greater than 5% would limit the use of the low-level interface in the model to a max temperature of roughly 30°C when we would like to go up to 80°C. It has a databank of 122 components with thermodynamic and transport properties for pure components and their mixture. The primary limitation of CoolProp vis a vis REFPROP is that we cannot handle mixtures in CoolProp (yet). It is well known that organic Rankine cycle (ORC) power systems often operate in conditions differing from the nominal design point due to variations of the heat source and heat sink conditions. , core property routines), the sample programs in Python, C++, MATLAB, VB, etc. A mixture is composed of a number of components, and for each pair of components, it is necessary to have information for the excess Helmholtz energy term as well as the reducing function. pdf to Results_*. Defaults to True. This paper presents a method for determining the best polytropic exponent to use and suggests values for some common refrigerants used in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. 2. We are currently at a major milestone: SmoWeb v. I use it extensively and there is a lot of functionality. 5% to 5% and up to 85% CO2 with a bath of The aqueous mixtures of glycol and glycerol compounds are treated in the Coolprop database as incompressible substances. The holdup here is the determination of analytical expressions for their partial derivatives of mixtures. , also for mixtures, molecular liquids, confined systems, etc. property library COOLPROP [15]. HCDP indicates the temperature at which heavy hydrocarbon components begin to condense Summary REFPROP is an acronym for REference Fluid PROPerties. 0. 24, nitrogen. CoolProp calculates the state, for example enthalpy or entropy,. Integration of geometry data into the CAE environment is easily possible by direct interfaces to various CAD- and CFD-systems. 76, mass"; CoolProp. garding heat exchanger design and the fluid library CoolProp that we have and mixtures. The second step involves using this blending equation: (2) VBI-blend = [wA × VBIA] + [wB × VBIB] + … + [wX × VBIX] where w is the weight fraction (i. mixtures during two-phase flow boiling. html#refprop-fluids-and-mixtures. , % ÷ 100) of each component of the blend. Maple lets you calculate the transport properties of several standard natural gas mixtures (Gulf Coast, Amarillo, Ekofisk, High N2 and High N2/O2), and your own custom mixtures. This article focuses on organic Rankine cycles with zeotropic mixtures as the working fluid and analyzes such cycles. Both, TREND and CoolProp [17] are competitive free fluid property libraries for pure and pseudo-pure fluids since they contain a large selection of relevant working fluids with CoolProp offering the unique features of tabulated property interpolation. the fitting parameters for tabulated values in the original article are found in ChemSep. xlsx (this file) and try to re-evaluate one of the formula cells on the Sample Calcs tab. It is also possible to compose mixtures that can be used for simulations with time-varying mass fractions. COOLPROP_EOS¶ str : CoolProp Equation of State backend. New shared library for the Mac; this allows  I added a few lines to your coolprop. e. In this. $200 is a small price to pay for software that fills that gap. Thermophysical Data Introduction The ThermophysicalData package calculates the properties of pure fluids, mixtures, solutions and humid air. zeotropic mixtures are used as working fluids. Hansel, Tom Philips . Create user-defined gas mixtures. CFT files into the CFturbo main window 3D-properties compression and expansion processes. , 3- How can I calculate Z as Compressibility factor Two databases are supported: REFPROP, an industry standard developed by NIST, and the open-source CoolProp. bool : Get CoolProp to always try to build the phase envelope for mixtures. Defaults to 9. CoolProp is developed as a C++ library. 1. Thanks to the substance property library, TILMedia – a component of the TIL Suite – system simulations can be performed extremely quickly and accurately. In this work, different correlations for the (Silver, 1947) and (Bell and Ghaly, 1973) method were compared to evaluate the evaporation heat transfer coefficient of mixtures of CO2 and hydrocarbons at different mass compositions and subject to heat source temperature glides of 10 K, 15 K and 20 K. Our goal is to improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of industrial refrigeration systems and technologies. Accordingly, the current work examines the effects of different impurity compositions, considering binary mixtures of CO 2 and He, CO, O 2, N 2, H 2, CH 4, or H 2 S on various S-CO 2 cycle components. and mixtures are also possible. Add-in of Microsoft Excel compatible macros by Gilles Brule » Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:11 pm I have acquired a thermodynamic calculating software, nist refprop 9. , Allentown, PA . For reliable results fluid properties available from different sources including the NIST Refprop database (third-party application) and the CoolProp library (free). The individual models in TIL are TILMedia Suite – Software package for calculating the properties of thermophysical substances. 1. Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. 4 or we will rely on the open source library CoolProp [6] to access real fluid. The experimental result, that is the first data for this mixture, showed good performance in the simulations and the selected expander was compatible with both refrigerants. Putting the same mixture and state into REFPROP gives 614. 4. The simulation code was written in C++ programming language and properties of refrigerants were calculated using the CoolProp 5. I have tested producing a . , 2014). This is a CoolProp warning message. rst is run through sphinx with very little else. It has an interface available for several of the popular programming languages in the form of wrappers, such as Python, Modelica, Octave, MathCAD, and MATLAB. ), and platforms including linux, windows, and even a Raspberry PI. pdf in repository) Conclusion: Pure fluids incompressible EOS ready to be merged with FPROPS Work under progress till July 27 (GSoC mid-term): Get the EOS for incompressible mixtures working: Demonstrate match for LiBr library for mixtures, known to the authors is TREND [16]. viscosity. It is an alternative to FlowState that uses polynomial interpolation of a crude constant pressure reference data map to evaluate the state properties, instead of calling them from a CoolProp AbstractState object. Rigorous equations of state for excess properties, and phase equilibria: Tested EOSs are PR, LK, VdW, SRK, BWRS, and a few others. This study proposed a new zeotropic mixture of R245fa/R134a for ORC applications. fld, 0. There are a mixtures that REFPROP can handle that commerical programs do not. Please note: The information below was developed for Refprop 9. What is Hydrocarbon Dew Point? Hydrocarbon Dew Point (HCDP) is not an easy parameter to measure, due to numerous factors including gas composition, contaminants and additives, high pressures, and the presence of corrosive compounds. Here you will find a number of one-page apps that could be used to tackle various engineering problems. The second part of the study focuses on the calculation of the basic cycles and component efficiencies. A common model is the polytropic process, PVn = constant. Long time user of REFPROP NIST Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties Database (REFPROP) Version 9 - SRD 23 MOLTEN NITRATE SALT DEVELOPMENT FOR THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE IN PARABOLIC TROUGH SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS Robert W. For humid air properties, see Humid air  The pure fluids and mass-based binary mixtures are by far the most common fluids in this library. The aqueous mixtures of glycol and glycerol compounds are treated in the Coolprop database as incompressible substances. The fluid comes in five concentrations and is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable. Gas mixtures. installation: https://pypi. NIST Mixture – Contains several NIST mixtures; Combustion Products – Includes more than a dozen typical fuels combustion product For COOLPROP, the fluid must be both a liquid and under the maximum pressure of the fluid’s EOS. Regards Daniel Output of CoolProp build script (building from script) - log Linking REFPROP with Other Applications. Seems to me that either: Some other file in the docs is setting the He/Xe mixture before Mixture. ,2014) for pure Hydrogen gas. The results of various VLE calculators of EQ-COMP software calculated using Peng-Robinson cubic equation of state can be requested from VLE CALCULATOR page. jl code to make the installation easier. Welcome to our computational platform. There are a wide variety of incompressible fluids available in CoolProp. The problem is that you added a lot of CoolProp-only compounds that probably won't work with another model. Oct 7, 2013 The CoolProp Library. will be compared to generated values by the CoolProp li-brary (Bell et al. You can do a free search to see if specific data tables are available. The CoolProp Property Package is not recommended for mixtures. Mixtures. However, when I get to the phase change region of 159. Excel Mixtures. However, if I wipe out the _build directory first and do a complete rebuild with. 80665 [m/s^2]. It offers similar functionality to REFPROP, but CoolProp is open-source and free. org. Chemical properties component of Chemical Engineering Design Library (ChEDL) - 0. In the multi-fluid models implemented in NIST REFPROP [2], CoolProp [3], and TREND [4], the contributions from the pure fluids are combined in the following manner to add the composition dependence ∑ ∑∑ www. sourceforge. All the pure fluids in REFPROP are used just like the CoolProp fluids except that  For pseudo-pure mixtures, the critical point is typically not used as the reducing state point, and often the maximum condensing temperature on the saturation  For instance, you can generate phase envelopes with both CoolProp and REFPROP, or evaluate the dewpoint of mixtures. With Maple, you can perform calculations using the thermophysical and thermodynamic properties of liquids, solids and gases, and humid air. The codebase of CoolProp is in C++, and we have already developed wrappers of CoolProp for many languages (MATLAB, python, c#, etc. rst can get to it (I can't find any instance of this), or. CoolProp as CP In [35]: CP . ORC Design – AxCYCLE™ Allied with the AxSTREAM® platform AxCYCLE™ allows designers to perform a very significant part of Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) design, analysis, and optimization. However, it very often will not actually work, due to the form of the polynomial in terms of Tr, the result of which is raised to a negative power. 1MPa (determined in REFPROP), Excel CoolProp is not able to calculate states in that region. 1- S (entropy) and P (pressure) can be a pair of input for mixtures? for a pure fluid I got answers. Based on a previous project in which a superstructure MILP model of an compression (power driven) heat pump was derived. These data are assessed by experts and are trustworthy such that people can use the data with confidence and base significant decisions on the data. Before writing your own solver, you should get in touch with the developers of the Modelica. The other open-source alternatives One last > idea: did you try the versioned rockspec? (5. CoolProp is a thermophysical property database and wrappers for a selection of programming environments. CFturbo runs under Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit). make clean html The errors come back. CoolProp has the advantage of being free since it is open source. net/FluidInformation. It can be used in a wide range of programming environments. 2- A composition of 3 or more fluid mixtures can be used in CoolProp? Warning: Initialize failed for backend: "?", fluid: "R245fa&Pentane&R134a" fractions " [ . 1 Mixture equations of state including surface tension . 12  May 14, 2019 TESPy requires the CoolProp python package, which will be installed CoolProp provides fluid properties for two component mixtures. The equation TREND 2. DEFAULTS. 這幾日測試使用CoolProp,一個可以計算我們常用冷媒、空氣、二次冷媒與水及水蒸汽…的物性計算函數庫。流體種類分為pure and pseudo-pure fluid、predefined mixtures、incompressible pure fluids、incompressible a) Download the CoolProp. dll and CoolProp_x64. CoolProp is very tricky to use because the library cannot provide properties for a given phase (state) when it doesn't exist, making it very difficult to work with mixtures in equilibrium because of mutual solubility. The open source C++ library CoolProp provides equations of state and transport properties for pure uids and mixtures. The student will work on expanding the compression heat pump model to mixtures and and develop a model for thermally driven heat pumps based on the equations that were previously derived. 2 thermophysical open-source library (Bell et al. Note that the last constituent is followed by a comma and the word "mass". 7) Something might be > broken between the rockspec and the latest coolprop repository; the > versioned rockspec points to a revision that was known to work with > the rockspec at some point. Dec 18, 2017 and the Open-Source Thermophysical Property Library CoolProp properties of pure fluids and mixtures treated as pseudo-pure fluids. CoolProp. Here are a few examples of the   and the Open-Source Thermophysical Property Library CoolProp correlation and prediction of the thermophysical properties of pure fluids and mixtures  Apr 18, 2013 New shortcut keywords to load fluids and mixtures and other methods to simplify use of the code. The The Industrial Refrigeration Consortium is a collaborative effort between the University of Wisconsin Madison and industry. The mixture modeling used in CoolProp is based on the work of Kunz et al. If anyone has a code snippet showing the settings of the CIN tool that is using REFPROP, it would be greatly appreciated. A brief review of formulas used for the thermal conductivity of gas mixtures in CFD simulations of rocket combustion chambers is carried out in the present work. GRAVITY¶ double : Vertical cceleration due to gravity. TILMedia Suite provides methods of calculation, which express the thermophysical properties of incompressible liquids, ideal gases and real fluids containing a vapor liquid equilibrium. The package is based on the open source CoolProp library . 3: CoolProp; CoolProp is designed to be an Open-Source database of refrigerant properties. helpers. Limits of Heat Treating Atmospheres. I've searched for posts dealing with this issue but had no luck finding one, yet. and Lemmon . Over the last few decades, researchers have developed a number of empirical and theoretical models for the correlation and prediction of the thermophysical properties of pure fluids and mixtures treated as pseudo-pure fluids. for example the density, of a Propylene Glycol (PG) mixture using code  Nov 24, 2012 Fixed bug with REFPROP mixtures not being properly parsed (r205 & r212) Tmin is now an option for CoolProp and REFPROP fluids - ex:  is work contributed to the new fluid property library CoolProp that provides automated routines Version of CoolProp could not handle mixtures and the next. Similar to a vapor compression cycle, the system operation (e. Pure and Pseudo-pure Fluid Thermophysical Property Evaluation and the Open-Source Thermophysical Property Library CoolProp. In the manual of Coolprop, there is some information in case of Dymola, but I couldnt find anything thermo. Methods for calculating the properties of mixtures are also Impact of Dynamics on the Accuracies of Different Experimental Data-Processing Methods for Steady-State Heat Transfer Rate Measurement Mixtures ,” National Database of checked thermophysical data on over 21,000 pure substances and 100,000 mixtures, corresponding in part to the printed Chemistry Data Series (see Print Tools page). The property tables are formatted as matrices with mLiquid or mVapor rows spanning the specific internal energies given in uRange and n columns spanning the pressures given in pRange . I would imagine that this is due to some ideal gas mixture assumption and that water vapour is not is not an ideal gas in that range Excel Mixtures. INTRODUCTION Viscosity of select species at atmospheric pressure for very large temperatures? check the CoolProp library how to obtain viscosity of mixtures (see section 5 Problem AFTER returning from a called Function in an Add-In (XXX. 0 The test mixtures were at an equivalence ratio of 1 with CH4 mole fractions ranging from 3. XLA) file I'm newly registered on the forum but it has been the source of much help in the past year. Sep 21, 2015 thermodynamic properties for the mixture {water + am- monia} based on a The comprehensive CoolProp library by Bell et al. This program provides tables and plots of the thermodynamic and transport properties of industrially important fluids and their mixtures with an emphasis on refrigerants and hydrocarbons. Letsou_Stiel (T, MW, Tc, Pc, omega) [source] ¶. Bradshaw and Nathan P. The functionality is available in the ThermophysicalData package, powered by the open source CoolProp project. 6 crediti A mixture is composed of a number of components, and for each pair of components, it is necessary to have information for the excess Helmholtz energy term as  For many users, all that is needed is a simple call to the PropsSI function for pure fluids, pseudo-pure fluids and mixtures. Since the onset of the new millennium, there has been steadily growing interest in excess-entropy scaling, which has turned out to apply more generally than originally thought, e. evaluation and the open-source thermophysical property library CoolProp, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 53, 2498–2508 Repetition of basic thermodynamics concepts, Second law, thermodynamic cycles, Heat Pump (thermodynamics), Psychrometrics, Introduction EES/ Introduction to Matlab/ CoolProp, Heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation), Heat exchanger, Heat Pump Design and Operation, Combustion, Mixtures, Real Gases, Mass Transfer. Abstract . Please select the appropriate page/app from the navigation bar on the top or choose one from the thumbnails below. Uses CoolProp interface for pure fluids, newton algorithm for mixtures: tespy. Since it is even possible to calculate derivatives, we use it for benchmarking reasons. COOLPROP – Contains over 45 fluid options (free database) NIST REFPROP – Propane, ethanol, refrigerants, CO 2 and more (required third-party application). dll files and place them in a folder called C:\CoolProp* d) Open the file TextExcel. This class was created purely to overcome short comings with CoolProp’s mixture processes. fld" files as follows. COSTALD_COMPRESSED is considered valid for all values of temperature and pressure. The method is predictive and requires minimal information (critical point, normal molecular weight, ideal gas heat capacities) about a pure fluid or mixture as input. TIL Suite is suitable for the stationary and transient simulation of freely configurable thermodynamic systems. Even in such mixtures, there are usually still differences in the vapor and liquid equilibrium concentrations at most points, and distillation is often still useful for separating components at least partially. // Set composition to 24% oxygen, 76% nitrogen on a mass basis FS. example pictures of Refprop Fluidstring and Propose CoolP CoolProp. CoolProp is a fantastic open source library to receive thermodynamic properties. , subcooling level, pump cavitation) and CoolProp. See below for what binary pairs are included in CoolProp. 5 http://coolprop. python. , James G. CoolProp is a very useful package for the calculation of the physical (transport and thermodynamic) properties of pure fluids and mixtures. Thanks to both of you. Example 2. Examples of available fluids include R245fa, R245ca, R134a, R11, Ethanol, Isopentane, Ammonia, etc. Superstructure model of heat pumps for advanced energy systems integration: Part B – Mixtures and absorption English Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering ipese With the temperature range -50°C to +218°C, Dynalene HC easily exceeds the performance of other water based chemistries such as glycol /water mixtures, calcium chloride/water as well as hydrocarbon and silicone based fluids. However, it also has an advantage over REFPROP in that it can compute incompressible fluid properties for many substances and mixtures, including brines (Appendix B. Predefined Mixtures; User-Defined Mixtures; Reference States; Calling REFPROP; Adding Fluids; C++ Sample Code; C++ Sample Code Output; Sample Code; Table of string inputs to PropsSI function; Low Level Interface. For example, this is the temperature of carbon dioxide at a user-defined pressure and enthalpy. The thermophysical fluid properties are obtained using the open-source framework CoolProp 1 [4], which allows an almost unrestricted selection and mixture of different fluids. 1 that can be used directly from a microsoft excel 2007 and 2010, I would like to use it in open office. It was originally developed by Ian Bell, currently a post-doc at the University of Liege, in Liege, Belgium. As software owners we have asked the vendors listed to included them but have been told that there is not enough market share. Hardware requirement is a modern office PC with good graphic card and 2 GB RAM. When using mixtures in CoolProp, you can specify mixture components and composition by encoding the mixture components and mole fractions by doing something like In [34]: import CoolProp. It summarizes all the proposed binary mixtures in the literature, and clearly states the best molar concentration and preferred heat source temperature for each binary mixture. Display of mass, center of gravity, mass momentum of inertia for Welcome to CoolProp . NIST produces the Nation’s Standard Reference Data (SRD). coolprop mixtures

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