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Desktop icons keep moving to second monitor

My guess is - you had moved the now missing program's window to your #2, shut the system down, disconnected #2 monitor and now, without the monitor connected you can't get the window back. Jul 7, 2017 Desktop Icons Keep Move Location & Rearrange to Left on Reboot or if you're using high DPI settings and ultra high resolution monitor. When you move application windows from one monitor to the other, the window is resized correctly to reflect the scaling factor of each display. One way you can deal with an overabundance of icons is to place the icons into an "Unused Desktop Icons" folder. To set up dual monitors, first identify your computer’s video connection type, such as HDMI or DVI, by checking the back of the monitor or CPU case. If the Desktop icons are not on the Primary monitor (Monitor 1), but instead are moving to the Secondary monitor (Monitor 2) on a Dual-monitor setup, here is what you need to do to make the How to stop desktop icons from moving to another screen Since the last Windows 10 update, Microsoft thinks it’s a great idea to randomly move your icons to another screen. I can rearrange them but when I click 'Refresh' o mattsaroni said: I right clicked in Desktop and unchecked 'show desktop icons'. Press Windows + R to evoke the [Multiple monitors] Desktop icons move around each restart! Hello everyone! Not sure if this is the right forum, I had to decide between this and Customisation, but this seemed more applicable. Lastly, show them how to use the Windows Start Menu search Dual Monitor, Programs Opening in Wrong one Go to Display Properties and re-extend your desktop to the 2nd monitor. this happens when the the computer is put into sleep mode and is woken up or when the monitor is turned off and turned back on. To use the secondary display, move the mouse pointer off the edge of the screen (right side by default) and the pointer will appear on the second display. They are scaled to match the DPI scaling of the display that is selected as the primary display monitor. This option can be activated or deactivated from the desktop. Then, plug the cable from the second monitor into the free port on your computer. If your window manager places desktop icons on the left, then they will jump to the far left-hand monitor. This tutorial shows you the possible solutions for the desktop icons keep moving, changing location and rearranging to the left by Windows on refresh or reboot issue. . MOAR SCREENS How to set up multiple monitors on Windows 10 Are you getting into a dual or triple-monitor setup? Here are several tips to configure all the displays without third-party software on I set my desktop icons to my liking on my second monitor. I have 19 icons on my desktop arranged in two columns down the left hand edge of the screen (10 in each column, one hole in the 2nd column). Before that, I was putting a single icon on the secondary desktop to keep them from moving. Thus, the resolution of one should have nothing to do with the resolution of the other. Stop Desktop Icons From Changing Positions which is great for situations like using a laptop with and without an external monitor. First of all let us see how to add icons to your desktop in Windows 10. They usually move to the right side of my laptop, even though I have the monitors preferences set to have the 23" as the main display. Ever since, whenever I connect my laptop to either monitor, all of my icons rearrange. Therefore it is important to know how to rearrange your icons and move them from one home screen to another. Thus, there is no “magic bullet” resolution that fixes desktop icons change location by itself issue once and for all. The Windows 10 voice-enabled personal assistant “Cortana,” time icons and the notification area will always display on the first monitor. DPI and RDP is one that has come up often of late and I wanted write this to help people have the best possible experience with Windows 10, high resolution monitors and remote desktop connections. On the desktop, right click and choose personalize. the desktop and the icons on the PC were wide and the icons were bigger in size too, while the secondary monitor had only the My desktop icons are all on my secondary display and I can't move them back. I’ve seen this issue happen on several full HD monitors and I’m not 100% sure what the issue is. Check via Lenovo Companion The missing icons on the desktop can however be displayed again easily. Then I put my resolution back up and they disappeared again! No matter where I move them in low-resolution, they disappear when I put it back to high resolution. Lock desktop icons in Windows. If Desktop icons rearrange or move after updating or rebooting on a Windows 10 PC, here are a few things that you can try in order to fix the problem. Select "Extend these displays" to expand your desktop across each monitor. I have tried changing the resolution of my second monitor, I have made it so that icons aren't arranged to grids, and I have even gone into personalization>themes>desktop icon settings and ensure that the "allow themes to change desktop icons" box is unchecked. There's no icon on the second monitor with Metacity. I move them back, uncheck the auto arrange and then unplug and I disconnected my main monitor (my main monitor is connected by a DisplayPort cable) to move the wire and reposition the monitor on my desk. My Windows 10 tablet has connected with a second monitor with HDMI through DVI port. I tried this 2 weeks ago and haven't heard any more complaints. So I keep losing my desktop icons on my laptop. 1. But many DPI issues can be mitigated. What I found was if the primary display was using the older connection (VGA compared to DVI) than the seconday, the icons would move. When you use extended desktop and put all your shortcuts on your laptop's screen, the desktop on the other monitor will be empty. What I want to know is how to keep my windows from moving from my second monitor to my  Once I used the newest connection for my primary monitor, all was good. 7/5 Purchase or download a free trial. However, if you use KDE as your desktop manager/window manager, you can use "FolderView" as your desktop setting. Unplugging and plugging the monitor back in. There's no reason the PC can't understand each monitor (1 and 2) are independent of each other. The following multi-monitor utilities have a fix for this problem: Matrox PowerDesk, PowerStrip, UltraMon. How do I stop Windows from rearranging my desktop icons? Password-protect and hide personal files and folders with Folder Guard for Windows 10,8,7, and XP. Moving the icons over to the primary monitor. [grins] Seriously, you mention to have the pc automatically install updates. When I did that all the desktop icons and the taskbar moved onto my secondary monitor which is connected by DVI. The Second Monitor or any other Display device connected as second display can display part of the Desktop Area and allow you to move application or document window onto second monitor. Learn how to resolve common issues like blank or black screen, no video, distorted image, flickering, fuzzy or blurry screen, touchscreen problems or color problems along with some helpful videos. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. After running DeskLock software, you just need to right-click on DeskLock icon running in the system tray, and then select Enabled option to lock down all icons on the desktop. Desktop icons moving to primary monitor If you have desktop icons on a secondary monitor, Windows will sometimes move them back to the primary monitor when you restart your system. To activate it: Right click on an empty area of the desktop to bring up a dialogue menu. Windows10) submitted 3 years ago by sylarrz I noticed that I cannot rearrange my icons, place them around the desktop, and it's been like this for quite some time now. If you are running ESET security software For some users, after you refresh the Windows 10 screen or connect to a second monitor, desktop icons keep moving to the second monitor, or these desktop icons keep changing themselves, there is much need for you to remove the IconCache from your PC for sake of fixing Desktop icons get rearranged Windows 10. Hat sales would go through the roof! The second monitor expands the desktop real estate, allowing you to get more work done! Or to see more [Fix] Desktop Icons Position and Folder View Settings Problem in Windows 10. Why do my Windows desktop icons keep moving? Windows desktop icons can sometimes move around for reasons that aren't immediately obvious, but it can be stopped easily Check out this article on Microsoft Answers: Windows 7 desktop icons keep rearranging themselves. Were you able to move your icons around ? you always have the options in windows to hide desktop icons (when taking advantage of your . Once I used the newest connection for my primary monitor, all was good. How to Change or Create Desktop Icons for Windows. Please help? We here at TechJunkie have previously discussed how Mac users can hide the menu bar in OS X El Capitan, but a commenter on that article was also curious about how users can move the dock to a second monitor. You've probably noticed that your computer has also started running much slower than usual. To keep your icons from going back to the default monitor when you reboot, there is a registry setting called NoOfOldWorkAreas. Nothing seems to make a difference. Firstly I’ve not found a way of getting the remote desktop session to start full screen on the second monitor permanently. Another more rare reason your desktop icons might disappear is because of the monitor. Is there is a way I can prevent Windows from moving my desktop icons around? When it connects again, your icons pop to the second monitor and the locations change because your monitor resolutions are different between the monitors. That assures I’ll get all my e-mails promptly. Icons will move to the secondary monitor upon boot or any screen refresh. cannot see icons on second monitor. First of all, make sure that you have updated your video or graphics drivers to the latest available version from Lenovo. In order for your mouse to move properly between your monitors you must rearrange Click and drag the monitor icons to best match your physical setup. Now if only I knew how to make new icons appear on a secondary display (when saving a file to the desktop). The primary desktop is used for working and the main shortcuts of apps and programs are putted over there. You Did you recently purchase a monitor with DisplayPort only to find out that it moves your icons and windows around when you turn it off and turn it back on? Today, I'll show you how to stop that Desktop icons keep rearranging after Refresh (self. If your Desktop icons keep jumping, bouncing, rearranging or moving after reboot on Windows 10 PC, here are a few things you can try to fix the problem. For example, desktop icons are not per-monitor scaled in Windows 10, but in the fall update they are properly scaled in several common cases, such as docking, undocking, and projection scenarios. DeskLock is a free application to prevent anyone from moving or re-arranging desktop icons. Windows 10: Desktop icons keep rearranging after dock/undock. But you’ve hooked it up to an external monitor with more When I switch to TV, the icons sometimes all move to the right side of the main monitor. Having too many icons on the desktop can cause your computer to boot up much slower than normal. However, desktop icons and the taskbar icons are not scaled independently for each display. But the other day I realized that every time I clicked on the Show Desktop icon in my taskbar, Outlook closed the moment the desktop appeared. I recently upgraded to a 4k monitor alongside my old 1080p monitor and set them up to extended mode in windows 10. how can I keep them from moving back every time I restart my computer? Whenever I do one of the following things, my icons move around on my desktop: Play a Game; Turn off one monitor; When I stop playing the game or turn one of the monitors back on, Windows 7 does not properly restore the icon locations. Attention! We consider a situation when all icons disappeared but not a part of them. I set my desktop icons to my liking on my second Another possibility is that the "Show Desktop Icons" feature is been unchecked. I upgraded to windows 10 Pro 64bit from windows 7 ultimate 64bit. User rating: 4. " On Extend, your first monitor looks the same as always, while the second shows your desktop wallpaper without any icons. The first and last choices disable one monitor entirely, while "Duplicate" mirrors the same image on both screens. One easy way to find out is to open the directory of the Desktop in Windows Explorer. Hope that helps. 2. however the graphics card and monitor have changed and the use of displayport is new. How to Tweak the New Multi-Monitor Taskbar in Windows 8 or 10 Lowell Heddings @lowellheddings Updated August 4, 2015, 9:20am EDT For years, users have wondered why on earth Microsoft wouldn’t make the taskbar customizable and usable across multiple monitors. Perhaps you sometimes have a second (or third) monitor hooked up to your computer that isn't there at the moment, or some bug occurred when the Icons move from 2nd monitor to main after reboot of dual monitors in extended mode:I have dual monitors set up in extended mode. Stop Windows 10 Desktop Icons from Changing Location After a Screen Refresh What I want to know is how to keep my windows from moving from my second monitor to my main monitor just because I I have a dual monitor setup. I have tried to save a icon position as "Single Monitor" but it does the same thing when I try to load it. We have had users complain that their icons move on their own. I would also suggest the user organize the icons, depending on how many there are, into folders. Click Show Desktop Icons. Windows 10 tosses windows around your desktop in a seemingly random way. Right-click on the empty area of your desktop. If you have an external monitor connected with a lower resolution, that will happen. Fix: Desktop Icons are Missing in Windows 10 If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. If you've installed a dual-monitor video card, its drivers may give you the ability to configure each screen individually, but that leaves us laptop second monitor types out of luck—without the Recently, I got a second 23" Cinema Display for home. Right-click anywhere on the desktop, and then click Display settings (Windows 10) or Screen Resolution (Windows 8). The only way to get them back to the left side is to turn on the second monitor and reload the icon settings. And also all Windows 7 features works greatly on second monitor. 1884 I have seen other posts about this but nothing This is a glitch in windows 7 that i have reported to the windows team. Select "Show only 2" to disable monitor "1" and only use monitor "2". When I look on the desktop, ALL the App icons on the right side are ALL on the left side, mushed in-between . The secondary monitor will then display the desktop background only by default. There is no way to force icons to go to the left automatically (and stay arranged by the criterion you choose). 3 Simple checkmarks. I have received many emails and comments from various AskVG readers about this annoying problem in Windows 10. Select "Show only 1" to disable monitor "2" and only use monitor "1". If your PC sports two graphics ports, the system can handle two monitors. Do your desktop icons keep redrawing every 30 to 60 seconds? This can be very distracting. 3. As an added bonus, you can Why does my dock keep moving back to my other monitor? dock to the other desktop because one monitor turns on or off before the other, and so the dock transports Is your "main" monitor on the left side? I have a 3 monitor setup with the main monitor in the middle and have noticed that my left screen is fine and dandy even when the middle screen has a superlow resolution, but the right screen is doomed to a life of weirdness (the right screen hence gets the least use and is often used for console games instead of PC use at all). It wasn't present in Vista. On the left side of the screen click on "Change Desktop Icons" Uncheck "Allow themes to change desktop icons" Apply then OK Why do my Windows 7 Desktop Icons keep moving ? Or another alternative is to setup multiple displays under your display properties and set the external monitor as an 'extended desktop'. Windows 7 will not restore the position of icons on the secondary (left) monitor on reboot - they all jump back to the primary. We are working to improve these apps for a future release. Resolution 1: Install All Windows Updates Windows 10 Tip: Configure a Dual Monitor Setup Extend will place a copy of the Windows desktop on the second monitor with its options separate from the main monitor. I have auto arrange no checked and align to grid checked. Only way to fix this is to have dual monitors that are the same resolution, a single monitor, or to make sure your main monitor is the main display that is detected first in the system. Then it will break your extended display to reflect the single monitor and the desktop icons are rearranged. Select View, then ensure that the "Show Desktop Icons" has a check mark beside it. That will make cleanup/reorganization much quicker. Discus and support Desktop icons keep rearranging after dock/undock in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I have a Dell laptop and a Dell external monitor. The laptop is set to extend the desktop onto the secondary display - the laptop display is marked as display #1, the external monitor as display #2. I tried lowering the resolution, and it brought them back. On another computer, I have two monitors and keep all the icons on the second monitor, leaving my primary monitor free to edit videos, without accidently moving my mouse to one side of the screen and having a menu pop out. Every time I re-boot, my windows desktop icons rearrange themselves to random places on the 4k monitor, even though the 4k monitor is set as the main. It seems that whenever you attach a second monitor while starting windows it defaults all icons to the left most screen. Why is this happening and how do i stop it. More often than with previous versions of Windows, it seems Vista likes to change the desktop icon layout positions without warning after operating system updates, screen resolution changes, or new ap Icon Restore gives you the ability to save the placement of your desktop icons and restore them to their saved placement any time they get moved. How to Adjust Scaling for Different Monitors In Windows 10. Make sure the correct number of monitors displays. The following sections show you how to gather all your windows into a neat pile, placing your favorite window on the top of the stack. I moved all of my icons to my secondary desktop and organized them to my liking. Icons always default to the secondary monitor. How can I keep Windows 7 from rearranging my desktop icons? - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. If the second monitor is blank or the wrong monitor is set as primary, you can change this by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Display Settings. And that if you are plugging in a new monitor that those settings too are correct: If you find that when you hook up or unhook a secondary monitor or docking station that your icons/fences get shuffled or don't move over, please try the following. a single icon on the secondary desktop to keep them from moving. You can also customize It took me a while to remember I had moved the program's window to #2 monitor - so I simply turned on #2 and moved the window back - problem solved. As a result, these apps can display content that is too large or too small. One of the developers has messaged me back and told me that it is an apparent bug that will be fixed in an upcoming update. Dec 10, 2018 Learn how to setup and troubleshoot dual and multiple monitors in Microsoft Windows. If you see that a part of your desktop icons are missing try turning off the maintenance task. Most windows stay put, and most stay the same size. Extended Desktop will allow more than one monitor to spread the desktop over a larger area. First, make sure you have the correct settings in Fences for the 'General Desktop'. . Also unchecked “Auto arange icons”. This problem never Hello, My desktop icons keep rearranging and windows explorer won't save the position I put them in. When Windows does what it wants without asking, emotions usually run high. If I try to do this at a reasonable speed, the windows snags on the edge of  While windows can appear correct when viewed from the main desktop, when you move them to a second monitor with a different resolution they'll change in  Jan 25, 2018 If you prefer to keep your second monitor as uncluttered as possible, you can get rid of the repeated taskbar in Windows 10. Finally, here's a registry trick to lock them in place - but be sure to backup your registry first: "To lock your desktop icons into place, first arrange them the way you want, then open up the registry editor (Start --> Run, and type regedit). You can also move Windows apps from one monitor to another using the By default, all taskbar icons are displayed on the main monitor and a blank Connecting a second monitor to a Dell desktop PC, the default  For some users, after you refresh the Windows 10 screen or connect to a second monitor, desktop icons keep moving to the second monitor, or these desktop  I've resolved that by switching to metacity as the default window manager (from xfwm4 ). Relocate offscreen windows back to your desktop. We have our pcs set to automatically download the updates, but we select what updates to install. Th problem occurs when Windows 10 doesn't save the position of icons on Desktop and the user-defined folder view settings. Programs cover each other or sometimes dangle off the desktop. Moving the dock to a second display has been possible on Mac OS X for many years, but the changes to the dock and menu bar in recent The above image shows the difference between the “All taskbars,” “Main taskbar and taskbar where window is open,” and “Taskbar where window is open” settings. if all you want is a basic "keep my icons On Windows, Mac OS and Linux, you can remove the problematic monitor auto-detection in extended or single display modes. Desktop icons rearrange and move after Desktop Icons move back to the left (default) side of the screen after customizing. to manage to view it and its icons. As a workaround, you can change the View Options in Finder to not arrange items by any criterion and place icons manually on the left. Drag your Icons to where you want them. DAP 2011-07-20 07:03 The problem can only be solved by plugging 2nd monitor back, but I don’t want to keep 2nd plugged in anymore. However, whenever I shutdown and/or restart my computer, all of the icons move back to my primary desktop and are all disorganized again. Easy, I thought. to keep icons and text from looking tiny. If you have noticed that this issue occurs after your monitor goes to sleep, you should change the settings so that the monitor does not go to sleep. Whenever I try to move the icons, they snap back into place. Jul 31, 2015 I often drag a window from one monitor (A) to the other monitor (B). When there is one monitor plugged in, Windwows just messing with icons like with play toy. Once you connect your second monitor, Windows should automatically detect it and display a second desktop on the monitor. When a Monitor or other display device works in this way, it can be named as extended mode. It would be like if your body had two necks, you could go shopping for a second head. Disclaimer - I know High DPI issues can be pretty complicated and ugly. Maybe this should help. “Allow themes to change desktop icons” is unchecked. Stop Desktop Icons from Randomly Refreshing. The computer detects when a TV/monitor is ‘turned off’ or ‘switched’ to another input. May 12, 2017 Icons move to second monitor Also can try to turn off "Auto Arrange" and "Align icons to grid" in desktop / right click (context) menu. Extend or duplicate the desktop with a second monitor. Select "Duplicate these displays" to enable the secondary monitor display to mirror the primary monitor display. High color cursor displayed in 256 colors To display on both monitors Select which monitor you want to be the primary (task-bar and icons to be on) (Press identify to identify which is which) then check the check box that says: "This is my main monitor" then select the other monitor and check box that says: 'extend the desktop onto this monitor" (xp may be a little different) Will that keep my desktop from moving to another screen once I close the lid? This is not a problem I'm familiar with, so I'm not sure, but it might. Although useful for presentations, you can't move programs between screens on Duplicate. Instead, pick "Extend. “How I Stopped My Desktop Icons From Flickering” Hmm, for me, simply ceasing to consume more wine does the trick. Stop your desktop Icons from moving. Some users might think that they have lost all of their desktop icons but that is usually not the case. If MS understood this, the damn icons could stay still! I mean, my laptop screen has the SAME dimensions whether there's a second monitor, or not! STOP OUTLOOK FROM "DISAPPEARING" WHEN SWITCHING TO THE DESKTOP I usually keep Outlook open all the time. There seems no way in the dialogue box for remote desktop to do this. (One layout for with, another for without. Click on an empty space on the desktop. ) Second, Find information about how to troubleshoot and resolve common issues with your Dell monitor or Dell laptop LCD screen. It's a never ending cycle. If you don’t have the correct cable, buy one online or at a tech department store. It looks like they are using a Dell too. How to add icons to desktop in Windows 10. After doing these 5 steps, my desktop icons now stay on display 1,  Stop moving my icons to another screen, damn you Microsoft! Lots of other “ how to keep desktop icons from moving” solutions recommend to turn of the “Auto   May 5, 2018 If the Desktop icons are not on the Primary monitor (Monitor 1), but instead are moving to the Secondary monitor (Monitor 2) on a Dual-monitor  I recently upgraded to a 4k monitor alongside my old 1080p monitor and /forum /windows_7-desktop/desktop-icons-move-multiple-monitors/  Oct 25, 2017 It can be quite frustrating after organizing your desktop icons, only to have them disorganized when you connect a second display or move an icon to any location on your desktop, then right-click the desktop . And while two are plugged, everything is ok. After the recent version 1803 updates, those icons keep moving to the secondary display. I like to keep Skype for Business and Sticky Notes open on my second monitor while keeping most of my A similar report to this around restoring the app: #2853 On a Windows multimonitor setup with the primary monitor being a High-DPI monitor (3000x2000 pixels - DPI-Font-Size set to 200%) and the secondary monitor being an ordinary 27" monitor (DPI-Font-Size set to 100%), when re-starting GitHub Desktop it tries to recreate its screen position somewhere out of the overall screen estate spanned Fix: Can’t Move Desktop Icons on Windows 10 If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. It goes like this: You have two monitors (doesn't matter which is monitor 1 and which is 2 - based on quick test), and you want the one on the right to be the primary monitor. its not icon placement that's the issue (i dont have any icons on my desktop); i also use a 3rd party remote access tool (Radmin) that doesnt do any resolution changing, so that's not it -- and i never had this trouble with the same arrangement on winxp. I wanted an RDP session to open up full screen on my second monitor. 4. This wikiHow teaches you how to change a desktop icon's appearance on Windows, both by changing the icon to a different system icon and by downloading or creating your own icon. Fix Missing Desktop Icons. your primary monitor instead of extending your desktop, refer to the following FAQ:  Learn how to connect and configure multiple computer monitors with Windows Furthermore in Windows 10, if a window is moved to one of the four corners of the all running program's icons on the first display's taskbar and also display the Using an external monitor in addition to your notebook PC allows all of these  Sep 22, 2017 I have to resize them and move back into position. In extended desktop mode, the computer sees multiple monitors as a single large desktop. Moving an icon from one home screen to another Icons will move to the secondary monitor upon boot or any screen refresh . Loads of people would want to do that…It seems not. Once and a while I reboot and they end up on my other monitor and totally out of the order I had them saved. This does not stop Icons from moving if program changes resolution and changes back when done. Icons for numerous software programs can be saved and viewed on the operating system's desktop. I am running Windows 10 version 1607 build 14393. Deselecting "auto arrange" for desktop icons; The icons will still go to the secondary monitor. Random refreshing of the desktop icons is usually caused by a full or corrupted icon cache. By Stephen Bucaro. I can no longer maximize windows on my primary display by dragging them to the top of the screen, this results in them being dragged to a desktop with no display that shouldn't be an accessible area anyway. Note that one monitor has to be designated as a primary monitor. This article shows how to configure Windows to stop moving icons on the desktop . desktop icons keep moving to second monitor

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