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  • 357 magnum 6-shot revolver Ruger ever made was the Security-Six. Colt trigger pulls are a lot like blondes vs. Also, back when Colt made Pythons and King Cobras the 686/586 was a 6-shot revolver as well. 38 Special) service revolver and . The SP101 is a lot smaller than a GP100 or 686. We put two iconic revolvers together to compare and contrast differences and similarities. The Ruger GP100 Revolver was perhaps their Smith & Wesson sold the 586 and 686 L ruger gp100 vs smith & wesson 686 is your source for Rebate Sale/Clearance at Gun Store parts and accessories. Having said that my friends new GP100 Match is really nice. Today, I'll tell  May 28, 2019 The Smith & Wesson 686 Plus is (one of) the classic full-size Smith The Ruger GP100 is one of the most customizable revolvers on the . Free shipping and returns on Smith-And-Wesson Ruger Gp100 Vs Smith & Wesson 686 Online Wholesale for you purchase it today !. Whatever role you are looking to fill with a fullsize revolver, be it hunting, concealed carry, or general defense, both the 686 and GP100 have models to suit the  See a lot of GPs over the 686 as the 686 is pricing itself out of the market for the poor boy. Hey guys, well about 6 months ago I didn't think I'd own a firearm - then I bought two shotguns: a Remington 870 and Beretta 391 Urika 2. loved that gun. 20-inch barrel, lugged with a fully adjustable rear sight, elevation and windage, in stainless steel finish with a brushed satin for a low-glare to it, but it still will fight off the elements. I recently bought the GP100 after looking at both the Rugers plus the S&W 686. Grip felt huge compared to the old school Trooper Ruger GP100 - surprise of the night. Ruger Ruger Gp100 Vs S&w 686 Description. Smith & Wesson Model 686   For my next revolver purchase, I considering either the GP100 Match Champion with adjustable sights or the 686 SSR. Just price a used 686 vs a used GP sometime. Two months ago I didnt think I would ever own a handgun - now I have applied for a permit (to be kept at our residence in upstate NY - not NYC) and am now deciding between two classic revolvers in . And, we suppose, they’re more fun to photograph when they look different, plus the fact that a blued Ruger GP100 was easier to find than a stainless one, so one’s silver and one’s black. S&W 686 There is a retired (I think) gunsmith (forum name IBOK) that put together an excellent booklet just about tuning the GP series and Security Sixes. 357 Mag. I'm holding this pistol for a friend (license holder passed away). 357 Magnum Redhawk (8 chamber cylinder). I like and own/have owned many Rugers ,and I am a fan of their brand. The new Ruger GP100 Match Champion . Either of my GP100's are generally the equal of my 686. when it went a piece of me went with it. Smith and Wesson 686 vs. If you find product products sale, Shopping Deals. Frame size is pretty similar. revolver successfully blends the superior toughness of the GP100 design with the slicked-up features many IDPA competitors have in mind. 44 Special,,, I made an exception. Click on image to go to Amazon ruger gp100 357 vs s&w 686 is your source for Rebate Sale/Clearance at Gun Store parts and accessories. MSRP: Gun Battle #3 Glock 21 vs Springfield XDM. 38 Special GP100 in stainless steel with a 4. It was a new gun though (first rounds down the barrel were last night) Great overall feel to the gun and it looked super cool with a solid cylinder. Click on a term to search for related topics. It is by far and above the most accurate handgun I've ever owned. The 4 inch barrel being the one we are using here. I'm looking at either a 5" Ruger GP100 or a 5" S&W 686+ pro. I own both a S&W 686 and a Ruger GP100 and think that are both First, I like the finish on my 686 vs the GP, and the trigger is better on my  Apr 13, 2018 A battle of the Titans so to speak. just because it is a better looking firearm. Ruger's GP100 Double-Action Centerfire Revolvers are renowned for dependability, accuracy and reliability. As long as the pre-lock is a well-cared-for example. Wow! How could I go wrong? Then I looked down from the where the GP100 and the 686 were hanging on the big gun wall into the display case. If you're thinking of  The Smith & Wesson Model 686 is a six- or seven-shot double-action revolver manufactured by . But that’s about it. A battle of the Titans so to speak. 357 magnum chambering along with a very deep blue-black finish. Both have trigger work, to my knowledge, the 686 no dash does not. I noticed some weight difference in the 686 vs. Recently, a seven shot version in . Aug 26, 2017 The Ruger GP100 and S&W 686 are two of the most popular revolvers on the market but which one is better? We find out. 357 revolvers from great manufacturers of wheel guns, going after the same crowd of purchasers. 357 revolver for the house. Re: Ruger GP100 vs. The 4″ Smith & Wesson 686 is the revolver that captured my imagination more than any other as a kid. If at the time will discount more Savings So you already decide you want have Ruger Ruger Gp100 Vs S&w 686 for your, but you don't know where to get the best price for this Ruger Ruger Gp100 Vs S&w 686 . It weighs 2lb 11 oz That's right, the S&W is 1/4 lb heavier than the ruger. They’re both full sized . I'm just wondering is the extra $80 to $100 worth spending or should I just go with the Ruger because I like them both? I’ve had both in different barrel lengths at different times. See more ideas about Guns, Firearms and Rifles. It's not something I'd carry; it's just for the bedroom drawer. Ruger ® GP100 ® double-action revolvers are among the most comfortable shooting revolvers. A GP100 trigger responds to competent trigger work the same as the S&W. 357 revolver Smith, Colt Taurus or any other  Amazon. . I had an SP101 and sold it. And a happy wife who likes shooting it. (My 28-2 could use some TLC but it's still nicely smooth and what the hell, it wasn't that expensive. I replaced the original hammer spring in the GP with a light spring available from Brownell's and also replaced the sights with a beade front sight and a V notch rear, you can really get a fine hold on a target. For this review, we requested a . When trying the triggers I actually much preferred the GP100, it had a surprise break while the 686 felt pseudo-two-stagey. 2" barrel from the good folks at Ruger. Shop our vast selection and save! Pros ruger gp100 vs smith & wesson 686 Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy To Install, Good Value, Safe, Tough As to smith 686 vs gp100 Revolvers. But, for just the price of a Ruger GP100, you can have a good (if not great) revolver right out of the box. 44 Special. My main reasons are for  Apr 16, 2016 Two classic beauties–the Colt Python (top) and the Smith 686. Triple-locking cylinder provides positive alignment. It was introduced in 1985 as a second generation of the Ruger double-action, exposed-hammer revolvers intended to replace Ruger's Security-/Service-/Speed-Six line. 327 Federal Magnum has been offered. Recoil-reducing black Hogue® Monogrip®. I've never missed it. The GP100 was designed as a six shot, 357 Magnum (also accepts . I know it existed and I Googled the S__T out of it and nothing. Having owned the 686 I can say that the S&W does still have a better trigger and better all around surface finish, but Ruger GP100 is a double action revolver that comes as the six shot . By clicking on a link above, you will leave the Ruger website and be transported to the website of an independent, federally licensed retailer of Ruger ® products. Anyone have Ruger GP100 or S&W 686 Which one? This is a discussion on Ruger GP100 or S&W 686 Which one? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ruger GP100 or S&W 686 both in 4" barrel, which one and why? Pre-lock 686 > GP100 Match Champion > post-lock 686 = GP100 standard IMO. My two choices to test were as stated above. The Ruger is stronger and a bit heavier. Until Ruger gives the GP100 a 7 round cylinder, I must consider it, as well as the 6 round 686, and all other medium-large frame . Explore andre Alexander's board "s&w 686 vs ruger GP100" on Pinterest. Since the original post was on the Model 19 vs the GP100, you would be hard pressed to blow up a GP100. Available: Realizing that the GP100 Match Champion may easily find itself riding asphalt streets and high-timbered trails in concealed or open carry leather, I ran five premium hollow-point (HP) factory loads through the new revolver off my trusty Outers Pistol Perch at 25 yards on a sunny, 18-degree day in December, and chronographed them at 15 feet. It was the best purchase I made for him, as it's lighter than the S&W 686 4" (as is the GP100 4" lighter than the S&W which surprised me). I spent about ten years with an SP101 type model after it came to market in 1989 before recently switching to the GP100. Ruger GP100 find a smith 586 or 686, that 386 is going to be hell to shoot being that its so much lighter. Smith & wesson 629 vs 686. The GP100 is available with a few different barrel options. It's easy to use, maintain, and has enough weight to handle magnums but still gentle on the joints. To get a cheap price or good deal. The best selection . . Gun (Revolvers) Battle #2: Ruger GP100 vs S&W 686. My opinion is this: If you are looking at buying new revolver, put your money on the Ruger. I don’t do that often, but in the case of the Ruger GP-100 Revolver in. between the Ruger GP100 and and S&W 686 revolver (both chambered in . com : HKS 586-A Revolver Speedloader for S&W 586, 686, 581, 681/ Ruger GP100 (Тwо Расk) : Sports & Outdoors. ” Smith & Wesson 686. by dmoser. S&W vs. The fluted cylinder is the same diameter and speed loaders for the S&W 686 + revolvers will work in the Ruger cylinder. It's reliable, accurate, ect. The Ruger GP100 and the Smith & Wesson 686. Actually the (correct) idea that Ruger's GP100 is a stronger gun than S&W's 686 has nothing to do with their respective metallurgy or construction methods. S&W came out with the 7-shot later. Triple-locking cylinder is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot. The 4" blued GP100 was still a bull of a gun. S&W 3" 686 Plus or Ruger 3 " GP100 Wiley Clapp? This is a discussion on S&W 3" 686 Plus or Ruger 3 " GP100 Wiley Clapp? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi guys, I'm torn between these two. I have looked at many different models, and so far the two that stand out the most to me are the Ruger GP100 & Smith & Wesson 686. 1791 GUNLEATHER K-Frame Revolver Holster - OWB Leather Revolver Holster - Right Handed Leather Gun Holster for Belts - Fits Ruger GP100, Smith & Wesson K Frame and 686 (RVH Size 2) I like the way it shoots, looks, feels, everything. Forget the GP100. At SHOT Show, we talked to Kurt Hindle, the product manager for the Match Champion The 686, by far. They weigh exactly the same, yet it's the cast Ruger that has the reputation of being a tank that can take  sp101 vs gp100 ruger. But where I The GP100 is offered with a variety of grip configurations made from rubber and/or wood. I have the 686 and the GP100. , have 6" barrels, have adjustable sights, and they look pretty cool. If there is one  Jun 12, 2014 The GP100, being on par with the 686 and arguably superior to the Model 64, outclasses any DA . ruger sp101 vs gp100 3 inch is your source for Rebate Sale/Clearance at Gun Store parts and accessories. I’ve narrowed it down to two options. I wouldn't feel upset with either gun, though- a trigger job would probably make the GP100 shoot as well, or better, than a factory S&W 686. Today, I’ll tell you what I liked and didn’t like about both and we’ll compare the SP101 vs gp100 Ruger. But where I The new Ruger GP100 Match Champion . /. An example of this phenomenon: the venerable Smith & Wesson 686. 327 Federal Magnum and, as 10 shot . The SP101 maintains the feel and functionality of classic concealed carry guns. I ended up with a 3 inch S&W 686+. The 686 is a plenty beefy gun, the ruger isn't necessarily "beefier" and the 686 is definitely not svelte in any comparative sense. Which I am thinking might be better for recoil. I wanted something full size that would not hurt my hand to shoot. Ruger has a long track record of success with their GP100 line. Given the weight of the GP100, this product is a good Ruger GP100 holster choice and is a good financial find as well. The trigger is noticeably nicer on the 686 out of the box, but the GP100’s trigger is easily improved if you have the skills, patience, or money to see it done, bringing them much closer to parity. Ruger GP 100 vs S&W 686. 44 Magnum. 357 magnums with 6 round cylinders, functionally obsolete. Shop our vast selection and save! Pros ruger sp101 vs gp100 3 inch Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy To Install, Good Value, Safe, Tough; ruger sp101 vs gp100 3 inch Best Uses Competitive Shooting, Hunting, Self Defense, Tactical, Target Practice GP100 vs S&W 686 I've narrowed it down to the GP 100 and S&W 686 (or equivalent if a nice used one comes along) in SS with 4" barrel and adjustable rear sight. SW M66 Snubbie vs Wiley Clapp GP100. 44 Special and the Smith & Wesson Model 69 in . if it is a house gun then i see no reason to spend all the extra for something that is made for easier carry. I bought my Match Champion with fixed Novak style rear sights as soon as it first became available back in 2014. MSRP Policy vs Freedom- Guns At Work w- MDFI . Difficult for me to pick between them, aside from the I could not find the magazine with the 10,000 GP100 vs 686 contest. 357 revolver (6 inch barrel). 627 vs gp100, 686 plus vs 627, 686 vs 627, durability 627 s&w vs 686, durability gp100 vs 627, gp100 vs 627, ruger gp100 vs s&w 627, ruger gp100 vs smith and wesson 627, GP100 if you want a 6 gun you can shoot the hell out of and not worry about. Bianchi-Thumbsnap-Holster-Ruger-GP100. The Fobus is intended for casual wearing and use, as at a firing range, and is not a "working" holster. But there’s a reason the S&W 69, which is built on the exact same frame as the 686, is offered in . We have a 4. I am sure you will be happy with either In the competition world, revolver divisions are completely dominated by Smith and Wesson and have been for a long time. It was lighter, far better suited for the outdoors where you may be fishing, hiking, camping or hunting, and I believe it was better designed and had far b That being said, both the 686 and the GP100 are great heavy use revolvers. I am a S&W fan from the time I was issued one in 1977 and have a few with the 686 being my most accurate. Considering that encouraging their unrivaled conceiving, transformed in addition now accommodated no in excess of all on your own. The knowledgable guy at the gun store was trying to convince me to look at the Ruger GP100 Match Grade instead of the regular GP100. 02 Re: GP100 vs S&W 686. Buy on Ruger S&w 686 Or Ruger Gp100 now. I have had an older version of the 686 and I currently own a model 64 S&W. The 686 is an extra $170 but I'm leaning towards it because I like the tapered barrel and I believe they have better triggers. 270 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 5:06 pm I had a 686 with a 6 1/2 in barrel and that thing was a shooter. And then on the net a diverse offering of goods it’s probable acquire. The Smiths tend to have better triggers, the Rugers tend to be more durable and can be field stripped like a semi-auto for cleaning. Remember, the magnum frames are heavy so it's not like you're going to be nose heavy even with barrels longer than 4". 357 Magnum, seven shot . I'm not saying the smith isn't, but I've heard tons of good Re: S&W 386 vs. It weighs 2lb 7 oz My 686 is a 4" barreled, 6 shot, full lug, adj sight version. I also own a Ruger GP100 Stainless. I'm just wondering is the extra $80 to $100 worth spending or should I just go with the Ruger because I like them both? I think my 686 is my most accurate gun. get a steel gun. jpg. 22 that was first made in 1972. This is a discussion on S&W 686-6 vs GP100 within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I have seen handled and fired both of these guns and they are both good guns but i would chose the GP100 because its heavier Hi, I am getting a 357 revolver very soon. But I have my eye on a GP100 MC) Ruger GP 100 vs S&W 686. Ruger GP100 22LR make takes its inspiration from the Colt Diamondback . work got slow and had to sale it. With the decades of GP100 vs S&W 686 topic, you would think the two companies would like to conduct a test. 357 MAG. If buying used and can find an older 686 then that is what I would buy. They’re comparable. After handling the Ruger, the Smith feels sub-par. redheads. Patented transfer-bar mechanism provides security against accidental discharge. I also have a Stainless Steel Smith & Wesson in 357 Magnum. Smith & Wesson 686. S&W just on aggregate produces a better revolver than Ruger and always has. You will just have to finger each and see which one feels best in your hand as they are BOTH world class guns. The GP100 was an evolution of an earlier Ruger double-action revolver, the Security Six. Once there, you can verify that the Ruger ® firearm you seek is available through that retailer and order it, subject to all federal, state and local laws. This Fobus fits the Ruger GP100 4 inch. The Ruger GP100 is a . Yes, for the price of a S&W Model 686, you can bring your Ruger GP100 to Smith’s level of quality (or completely bling it out with custom grips, accessories and customizations galore). Best Buy Limit time Top Deal!. Shop our vast selection and save! Pros ruger gp100 357 vs s&w 686 Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy To Install, Good Value, Safe, Tough; ruger gp100 357 vs s&w 686 Best Uses Competitive Shooting, Hunting, Self Defense, Tactical, Target Practice Smith and Wesson 686 vs. For this edition of the “Tale of the Tape,” we’ll take a side-by-side look at both the Ruger GP100 in . The new GP100 Match Champion is Ruger’s first direct attempt at challenging that dominance. What it comes down to is personal preference. There is a 3 inch, 4 inch and also a 6 inch barrel. Jan 9, 2019 Look at the GP100 vs the S&W 686. I will warn you, however, that a K-frame is I bought him a 3" Ruger GP100 (blue) which he absolutely loves. That would be a risky contest! Description and features. Ruger GP100 357? I can't decide which one to get gentleman; the Smith and Wesson 686 is about $600 and the Ruger GP100 is about 520. The BEST . I've owned two GP100's and a few different SW revolvers and for me Smith is generally a small step above Ruger out of the box. This design was copied from High Standard revolvers that were released shortly before that companies demise. Sell your ruger gp100 357 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Colt Python vs. You will be surprised to see how convenient this device can be, and you will probably feel good if you know this Smith-And-Wesson Ruger Gp100 Vs Smith & Wesson 686 is among the best selling item on today. Order your individual Smith-And-Wesson Ruger Gp100 Vs Smith & Wesson 686 came from here. 22 LR. This gun is well built. Would like to have a GP100, but at this point can't justify the expenditure. The reason is because they are both chambered in . The S&W also felt better in the hand Ended up buying a Model 29 2 weeks later Recently, both companies have introduced medium-framed revolvers in big-bore calibers for fans of handguns who are looking for the larger calibers, but in a more compact form. I chose the little bit heavier GP100 pistol and it costs less money. They are different guns. Many people like to say that if you're comparing the two you should buy a GP100 used and a 686 new. Registered Users do not see the above ad. S&W Model 686 VS Ruger GP100 I was in the market for a . Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. GP100 vs Vintage S&W 686, 19, 66, other? First and Only Revolver; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Both are available in a 7 round cylinder I think, which is nice. 357: the Smith & Wesson 686 or Ruger GP-100. The Python is more of a custom gun with a lot of fine tuning and was not as durable as the 686/586. The GP100 also went head to head with Smith & Wesson's "L" framed models, most notably the model 586 and 686. Again, go to ShopRuger. gp100 vs s&w 686, ruger gp100 or s&w 686, smith 686, smith and wesson 686 vs ruger gp100, smith and wesson vs ruger. S&W 686-6 vs GP100. It's been thirty years since I shot a Python, but I do remember thinking it was a sweet pistol. As my father got older and eventually passed away, he found that he could no longer cycle the slide on a semi-auto in order to chamber a round (due to lack of hand strength), but he could shoot a single action trigger on a wheel gun just fine. Buy either the S&W 686+ (7 chamber cylinder) or the new Ruger . 357 Magnum, hold 6 shots, weigh roughly 45 oz. Hint: cast is not as strong as forged And since the OP is comparing a GP100 to a 686, durability doesn't enter into the equation (like it might in a GP100 vs M66 discussion). It is my One if I could have only one, my hell or high-water sixgun, my “gun to ride the river with. 5" barrel, while the Ruger has a 6" barrel, so if I was using one for CCW, it'd of course be the Smith. The GP100 has been slicked up by Marc Morganti and has an excellent action. 44 mag while the GP100 is only offered in . I was going between the GP100 and the 686. Personally, I prefer a K-frame over an L-frame, though used K-frames are apparently becoming more expensive. They will fit the same Recently went thru a similar situation, S&W vs Ruger. I've about decided to invest in one really good . Shop for Smith-And-Wesson Ruger Gp100 Vs Smith & Wesson 686 Ads Immediately . S&W Model 627 Vs Ruger GP100 Revolvers The Stith & Wesson 686 and the Ruger GP100 are basically the same size (Smith L-frame) and are 6-. Woof! The stainless S&W 686 was still the winner in terms of looks, lines, and trigger out of the box. GP100 Features Ruger Ruger Gp100 Vs S&w 686 will be my personal favorite items introduced the foregoing 1 week. Now that we have established a standard, let’s take a look at a modern double action revolver, the Ruger GP100 Match Champion, and see how it meets those standards. The standard GP100 was produced in the tried and true . 357 mag), which is the better deal? How are each of them on Ruger Match Champion GP100 Revolver Review. The Smith has a 2. The Smith will be easier to do trigger work on. 357 remains the most popular caliber. I always hear how overbuilt the GP100 is, and for a steady diet of full power . ruger gp100 357 for sale and auction. Jul 24, 1999 GP100 v. 357 Mag revolver that perfectly fits my criteria for the above handgun for survival. These guns were designed to compete in the Stock Service Revolver division of International Defensive Pistol Association or, IDPA. Older 686 if you want something a little more refined and have to take care of a bit more; edit: the 586 is buttery smooth, and the trigger breaks like a glass rod in single action. My . The Python is a high maintenance race car compared to the 686/596 and Ruger GP100 type revolvers. The breakdown. The Smith 686 has always had a good action without gunsmith attention. Any advice would be greatly appreciated for this revolver rookie. The single action is a bit creepier, but that can be dealt with by (once again) a competent gunsmith. for my money its the 686, although the ruger is an acceptable . Dimensionally, the revolver appears to be the same size as the 6-shot GP100. Much better trigger than the GP100 I was looking into. you definitely won't get that with a new, stock GP100 if that makes a difference. 357 it’s plenty strong (so is the 686). Right now I'm leaning towards the Ruger GP100. As such, the next question is the really interesting one: how differently do they shoot? LOAD AND MAKE READY – GP100 vs 686 The 686 is a highly rugged and durable gun, and will also withstand constant use of full-power . I have the 686 2. Hi guys, I just made a post not to long ago asking about what 357 to buy. Ruger GP100 vs S&W Model 686 Registered Users do not see the above ad. It's not entirely unfounded. He (or one of the other members) will send (email) it to you, you just have to ask. The GP100 is heavier than the K frame in all respects. But our motivation for testing the Ruger GP100 Match Champion and Smith & Wesson Pro Series 686 SSR 357 Magnum revolvers is more exciting than any of the arguments above. Yeah, I've fired a 4" S&W 686 and a 4" Ruger GP100I prefer the 6" barrel on my S&W M28 as I feel that has the best balance. Buy a ruger gp100 357 online. 5" and the GP-100 6". I prefer the cylinder release on the Rugers and they are easier to clean as the trigger assembly drops right out. I want more time with that thing for sure! I would also like to try the S&W 586/686 pistols as well, because I like the idea of having a 7-shot, and because it has a look similar to the GP100 with its beefy frame and full underbarrel lug. If you find product , Deals. Let’s get started. It seemed like the GP100 was more accurate than my 686. Is one better than the other as in durability, which one will be like new after 20,000 rounds of 158gr swc @ 1100~1200fps. These were revolvers which were not only tough but impressively good looking. If The Least Expensive Ruger S&w 686 Or Ruger Gp100. A friend of mine has a GP100 and whenever we went to the range together, I'd usually put six rounds through it. Whether you are looking for a revolver for personal protection, hunting, competition or general recreational target shooting, there is a Ruger GP100 in caliber and configuration that is sure to meet your needs. the GP100; that the 686 felt a little bit heavier. The GP100 Match Champion. If you're thinking of either o I’m in the market for a . The Match Champion is a fine pistol for sure, but it does have some weight trimmed off it. The extra $100 or so for the 686 might make the GP100 more attractive for many buyers, but to me that's a small price to pay for a pistol that shoots better. 38 special so I rented some revolvers at the local gun range. If at the time will discount more Savings So you already decide you want have Ruger S&w 686 Or Ruger Gp100 for your, but you don't know where to get the S&W 686 - Stiffer trigger than the trooper. My gp100 is a 4" barreled, half lug, fixed sight version. The accepted wisdom (I was told) is the 686 is slicker and the GP100 is tougher but neither leads by too much. 357 Magnum loads. gp100 vs 686

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