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It’s also just 28 inches from axle to axle. 00. Mathews Triax. My Triax is buttery smooth on the draw, unbelievably quiet and the vibration upon release is virtually nonexistent. BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg took this nice, 8-point Illinois buck on Halloween using the 2017 Mathews HALON 32. Find hunting bows, longbows, recurves & more from brands like Bear Archery & PSE. With the exception of the Mathews Mission series, Mathews bows are designed draw length specific, and do not provide for setting adjustment. About the MaxCam™on your bow Mathews invented the perimeter-weighted cam, technology that creates a flywheel effect which lengthens and strengthens the cam’s power stroke, dramatically increasing arrow speed while also reducing As I inched back the string on the TRIAX, I felt that familiar glide to the rollover. Now includes Accessories! The draw length of a bow - the distance between the shooter's brace hand and shooting hand when at a full draw - must be matched specifically to the shooter. After shooting each of these bows, our team agreed that the Traverse wins amongst Mathews' new line of bows. In November Mathews introduced their flagship bow for 2016, The Halon. I assume Easton still makes the best carbon arrows?? Replace your Mathews Chill X Bow String & Cable with the best from 60X Custom Bow Strings. It was even smoother than my Z7. Powered by our award-winning Crosscentric Cam system, and featuring our all-new 3D Dampening technology, the Triax is built on a 28″ ATA platform with a 6″ BH and delivers up to 343 feet per second for the ultimate stealth compound bow. If you are a tree stand hunter, the Realm is the perfect choice when compact maneuverability is needed in tight quarters. , by Matt McPherson and Joel Maxfield, manufactures archery equipment, bows and accessories. The QAD Ultra Rest HDX is by far the most popular drop away arrow rest on the market today. This any good? Looking to spend $1500 for bare bow. Ok im a Mathews tech for a proshop only crank each bolt a half turn at a time do the top first then bottom in half turns or you Manufacturer specific forums (Elite, Hoyt, Mathews, PSE, etc. To ensure your bow’s peak performance, take a few moments to look over this owner’s manual. Available in 75% and 85% let off. NEW 2018 MATHEWS Triax Bow Package- Lost XD Camo-Most DL Avail, 50-60, Most DL - $1,499. Last year Mathews took the archery world by storm releasing their flagship bow the Triax. The We are your Mathews Retailer, Top 100 PSE Dealer and Full Service Archery Pro Shop for Northeast Arkansas, West Tennessee, North Mississippi and South East Missouri. The # 1 selling portable bow press! The Bowmaster ® Portable Bow Press puts all the capabilities of a full size bow press in the palm of your hand. Bow Package. Put enough tension on the. Good shooting and good hunting! Setting up your new Mathews bow Purchase 2018 Mathews TRIAX Compound Bow at Lancaster Archery Supply. Read more… Tagged: Mathews Flatline Stabilizer , Mathews Triax Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2018 Mathews Triax Compound Bow at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! This manual is intended to provide the first-time user with basic information and simple directions for the initial set-up and configuration of your TRIAX system. Whether I am hunting mighty whitetails in the Heartland or Kudu in Africa, it is imperative that my bow performs perfectly. Since the speed of a bow depends on many different factors (draw length, draw weight, arrow weight are the most important), it made sense to develop a set of common testing conditions. Nothing else even comes close. I need to be honest in that I have exclusively shot Mathews bows since 1992, with a mix of staff shooter, factory sponsored pro and media figure relationships or contracts. 2018 models are the Triax, the Halon 32 5, 6, and 7, the Halon, the Z3, the Stoke, the Avail, and the Mathews No Cam HTX bows. The Bowmaster is small enough to fit easily into your belt pack or even your pocket, making it "the truly portable bow press". On August 1st, 2019 we'll draw a Grand Prize winner who will receive a brand new Mathews bow. They also added Under Armour's Ridge Reaper Barren pattern, along with Mathews' popular Lost Camo XD. Mathews Traverse. This rest has a solid design that has been proven over and over again by hunters and archers every year. Featuring our all-new 3D Damping technology. For more details, visit your Mathews re t a i l e r. 1:19 · 915 Views. COMLevi Morgans Mathews Triax Bow Review Download Levi Morgans Mathews Triax Bow Review Ebook PDF:Today I want to talk to you about what has been so exciting for us lately the all new Mathews Triax bow In this Mathews Triax bow review I will tell you the reasons why I feel Mathews . ft. 26 $ 119 . (the same arrow)-since we're both leftys,we switched bows and shot another 6. 2018 Mathews TRIAX . We had the opportunity to customize all of our bows and now we are taking them to our Mathews Triax Bow Build This is how I build a bow I try to do it just like John Dudley, so check out his channel for more, better bow builds. We’ve taken the most popular Mathews compound bow models and built up an extensive inventory that’s premade and ready to ship with no wait time. Modules designed for maximum efficency at each weight and drawlength. coms! Review of My Personal Mathews Vertix Specs. See related items for modules for other bows in the Halon Range; Technical specifications: Mathews has no doubt built its legacy on accuracy, and the TRIAX will only add to that reputation. A handy tool for quick reference, the Matthews Paint Color Selector Guide displays 120 popular colors in solid and metallic finishes. Secutor. The bow was used through this past hunting season. Mar 20, 2017 Title: 2017 Owners Manual, Author: Mathews Inc, Name: 2017 Owners Manual, Length: 20 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2017-03-21. 7) (Fig. Mathews Z7 Introduction: For 2010, Mathews continues to push the envelope in technological advancements. Mathews has added some new camo options with the 2017 Halon 32. While the bow is 2 inches longer, the grip has significantly changed and the balance seems even better than the Triax (which is hard to believe), my personal Vertix setup hasn't changed too much from the Triax. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. One of the most important factors in my Mathews bow set up is the integrity and supreme quality of my bowstring and cable. mathews ® warranty is activated upon registration of your bow. For my hunting I can't imagine a better fit. The Limb Driver Pro-V WILL work on the Mathews Triax. 59 $ 41 . If you accept this, please click "OK" on this message and continue browsing. With a 33-inch  Some bows (Mathews), have holes in their cams which the cable should be If it is not, follow the instructions on our Yoke Tuning A Compound Bow page to  Ok on my 2015 pse stinger X the cable guide fouled the rest from being able to be aligned to get the . Hunters love having the upper hand on their prey. There are so many new brands now compared to 8 years ago! I haven’t even started researching sights or rests (prefer drop-aways). Today, thanks to a recent 56,000 sq. 3i-5014-6G-PS The Pro Series 5014-6 Large Single Bow Case fits compound/parallel limb bows up to 40" and includes accessory slot for quiver or other items, and lid storage for a dozen arrows and up to 5 accessory boxes. Find great deals on eBay for mathews triax. Each month we'll pick one random winner to receive some great bowhunting gear from one of our partners. 26 FREE Shipping For 2019 Mathews Archery delivers to us a line of new bows, some improvements on last years Triax along with all new compound bows the 30″ Vertix, the 28″ TX-5 and Triax Upgrades, along with an all new 33” Traverse replacing the Halon 32 series SKIP TO THE GALLERY. The Triax was named bow of the year for 2018, and is definitely a fantastic shooting bow. Used triaxial cables - 16 listings. Title: 2014-2015 Mathews Owners Manual, Author: Mathews Inc, Name: 2014-2015 Mathews 2014 – 2015 Owners Manual Mathews® Creed® XS™ 4. Mathews Halon 32/Triax CC2 mod G 75% letoff See chart in photos for corresponding draw lengths. of manufacturing power. archeryworld. Bow Specifics: - approximately 28" axle to axle - 6" brace height The Mathews I shot had a 75% cam so there was a bit of a hump in the cycle and a "sprong" when it rolled over. I was shooting a Bowtech (many different models) for the last 17 years. Oct 12, 2018 Question: Where is the tech manual for the Triax ? On the Mathews website I was able to find only the specs and generic "manuals" without. Key features: Adjust drawweight and length with simple module change. I originally used a Spott Hogg Fast Eddie XL on my Mathews Z7 then upgraded to the Mathews Triax, so I decided to upgrade the sight and hopefully help improve my shooting, since my vision is getting worst. I have seen a lot of situations where a Pro shop will see a profit rather than contact Mathews. Please refer to the more comprehensive TRIAX User Manual for general operation For anyone that’s interested in the Mathews Triax, here’s a copy of the review I did along with the bow’s force draw curve and corresponding information. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s Replacement/ spare modules for Mathews Crosscentric cam. Crosscentric Cam with SwitchWeight Technology. August 15th, 2018. Use your master  This article focuses on Mathews Inc. expansion, the Mathews headquarters has swollen to over 200,000 sq. 99 Mathews Switchback XT Compound Bow Review. Here’s what we know: Mathews 2019 TX-5 Photos and Info – The Reign 7 is specifically engineered for those seeking the smoothest drawing, most forgiving and balanced bow on the market. . Once I picked up the Garmin Xero a1i, I put it on the bow, but failed to read the manual ( thought I knew better). Get TechXPert advice online from our archery experts. Smoooooth. The 320 fps listed in the product specs may even be understating its MATHEWS TRIAX / Halon 32 Mods (CC2) G 75% 27. In this Mathews Triax™ bow review I will tell you the reasons why I feel Mathews absolutely hit it out of the park with this bow! The 2018 TRIAX is highly maneuverable, deadly accurate and the quietest, most vibration-free bow Mathews has ever built. All most 100% of the time Mathews will waranty the bow even if it was the fault of the shooter for a dry fire. description. personal records. The best method available to find one’s draw length is the wingspan divided by 2. Its Crosscentric Cam System gives it a very smooth draw with excellent accuracy. Tiny little sucker but a killing machine. Several states also have draw weight minimums imposed for hunting certain game. Rest: Nock On Elevate 2. For example if you bought a Hoyt RX-1 3 months ago it's now a superseded model, but if you bought a Mathews Triax it's still current. To keep speed ratings consistent across the board, compound bow manufacturers employ the IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) testing standards. The Mathews Drenalin bow is light, weighing a mere 3. TDX Headend Unit. This is one of the truly great bows that’s available to us shooters. Check out more Vertix details at Mathews. The Mathews Triax is here! Looking for a new bow? Here is one that is certainly worth a look! Jump to. Cord to hold the Launcher in the Full   to hold your bow with the cam off the ground! Bow Jack Mini Wide Model features extended width grippers to hold Mathews® HALON™ and other wide limb  I am shooting a good group at 20 and 30 yards but I am a little low at 40 yards? You can still make a micro adjustment at that distance. 5-inch TRIAX is an identical twin in terms of draw length. Apparently Mathews sent out an email today saying anything ordered very recently was going to be pushed back, not sure how long though. The 2019 MXR is a one of a kind high performance hunting bow offering accuracy and speeds traditionally found in higher priced bows. We were fortunate to recently partner with Mathews and we could not be more excited. Like the Triax, the Vertix is powered by Mathews’ award-winning Crosscentric Cam, a highly accurate and efficient system that features top and bottom cable yokes that help prevent cam lean by evenly dividing the draw force on the left and right sides of the cams. For 2017, Mathews is doubling down on its Crosscentric Cam System, which is at the heart of all three of Mathews’ new bows, including the flagship Halon 32. First is the addition of Sitka's Optifade pattern - both in Elevated 2 and the Open Country pattern. From our flagship VERTIX to our new TRAVERSE and TX-5, we offer premium performance for a wide variety of shooters. 63 Pound Draw Weight; 27" Draw Length The Mathews company created the single-cam design out of necessity. Receiver user manuals, operating guides & specifications. Archery and bowhunting enthusiasts who own or are planning to buy a Mathews bow may need to know its age for a variety of reasons, including purchasing, selling or other research. Explore the options below to find the perfect rig for your specific style of bowhunting, including specialized bows for women and youth. The more quiet the better. The 2018 TRIAX is highly maneuverable, deadly accurate and the quietest, most vibration-free bow Mathews has ever built. The performance-inspired design is unlike any other bow in its category. The Bowtech Realm is all about the accuracy and versatility to go anywhere and hunt any game that comes your way. The Realm is equally at home for run-and-gun, spot-and-stalk hunting if your headed west to chase monster Elk. At 60X, we sell the best replacement Mathews bow strings and cables. Mathews Triax Bow Review. Improve your bow hunting performance with Bows & Compound Bows from Bass Pro. #bowhunting #bowhuntingdeertips See more Pro Series 5014-6 Large Single Bow Case Model: . Learn more manual Reading Free at NIGHTWITCHBODYART. The Mathews is very quiet the shot but only marginally more quiet than the Hoyt. Matt McPherson never is satisfied with his bows or crossbows, which is why Mathews has some of the most anticipated product releases each year. I like things that are built rugged and the Halon is as rugged and sturdy as I’ve ever seen in a bow. Mark Hayes Design Engineer @ Mathews Archery If you’re looking for a high quality, versatile, feature packed bow, the Infinite Edge Pro is the perfect fit. l i m i t e d l i f e t i m e wa r r a n t y. --Pick Up In Store Only--The all new 2018 Mathews Triax bow is a must have. $1,099. 2018 Mathews TRIAX Compound Bow • The quietest, most vibration-free platform Mathews has ever built • Compact, maneuverable bow that's deadly accurate and insanely quiet • Built on a platform that delivers amazing speed for the ultimate stealth rig • Powered by the high-efficiency Crosscentric Cam system that delivers accurate energy with an incredibly smooth draw • Features all new I ordered my triax 2 weeks ago and as of today I was told it should be delivered very soon. -at the end,we could not determine any difference at all really but i had the impression the wall on mine was a bit Mathews Bow Strings & Cables Replacement Set. I Currently I am considering buying a Mathews Triax (70 pound draw and subalpine camo). The solo cam bows from Mathews helped to increase accuracy and decrease the amount of recoil and noise. 192623610489 Current Mathews Axle to Axle Brace Height Riser Length Cam Options String Length Cable Length IBO Rating Dead End Option Camo Year MSRP Apex 8 42 1/4" 8" 29 1/2" 25-32" 103 1/2" 45" 310 LD Lost 2005 1,249 Got a question, can't see what you want or, need help? Search for products at the top left of this page or, phone us free from within Australia on 1800 883 664 (Sydneysiders - please call 8850-6400) or, from outside Australia call: Sydney +61 2 8850 6400. Powered by our award-winning Crosscentric Cam system, and featuring our all-new 3D Damping technology, the TRIAX is built on a 28” ATA platform with a 6” BH and delivers up to 343 feet per second. Specifications. 5”/28. Following the well-known technology history, the Mathews Switchback XT is the newest in the Finally, crossbows that are built like a long-range, precision rifle. Today is Mathews "Launch Day" — the day the bow maker unveils its 2017 flagship HALON 32 for the world to see. Our Benchmark Fire Control technology features a two-stage, match grade trigger, our Easy-Load™ bolt-retention arm, and our one-of-a-kind de-cocking button that allows shooters to safely de-cock their crossbow without disengaging the safety or firing a bolt. The draw weight can be adjusted on a Mathews bow with relative ease. is also the only bow company to ever make Inc. ** MATHEWS BOWS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE. Mathews Triax Review Disclaimer. , founded 1992 in Austin, Minn. Bow Specifics: - approximately 28" axle to axle - 6" brace height - up to 343 fps IBO 2016 Mathews halon. And the bow fit me perfectly; my Z7 draws 27. will be the Mathews Vertix, Traverse, and TX-5. Principles of Manual Handling. 5 inches, and the 27. Mathews has been an innovator in the field of bow-making for many years, and they have really hit the mark with their new Mathews Drenalin Compound Bow. They team up to create a bow that’s fast, smooth, quiet and accurate. Key features: Fits the Mathews Crosscentric cam. The Reign 7 is equipped with PowerShift technology providing distinct draw cycle options, allowing for a smooth or ultra-smooth drawing experience, the choice is yours. Winchester rifles, blow guns and bows and arrows are among professional hunter’s choices. Nov 14, 2017 Every November, bowhunters around the world anxiously wait for word on the new flagship bow from Mathews Archery and the genius mind of  Nov 14, 2017 We take a first look at the new for 2018 Mathews Triax - an ultra-quiet, 28" axle-to -axle compact hunting bow that shoots 343 fps. Triax Synergy Gear SAE 50 Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Oil - 500,000 Mile Rating for Eaton, ZF, Mack Heavy Duty Trucks (1 GAL) $41. The Q2 model from Mathews remains an ideal bow for recreational hunting and archery competitions. Nov 20, 2017 This is a video describing the functions and features of the Triax compound bow, which is the hunting bow released by Mathews for 2018. For TX-5, Traverse, Triax and Halon 32 models. Mathews Drenalin Compound Bow Review. and a 3 lug triax (F) Materials Configured for precision manual RF & DC Measurement This is a fully refurbished Mathews Inc. The Mathews Triax is a compact, maneuverable bow that’s deadly accurate and insanely quiet. 85 pounds, but it is powerful. Shop with confidence. Archers vary in size and so do their draw lengths. Mathews Triax Compound Bow - RH - 60-70 - 28" Draw Length *USED* Mint Condition $ 700. I have also seen pro shops contact mathews to get new parts that are covered under waranty. New for 2018 is the Mathews Triax – a compact hunting bow built to be ultra quiet and vibration-free. Can be used to change bow drawlength range and let off. ’s Top 500 list of fastest growing companies (1998 and 1999). ) for you to enjoy the company of others that shoot your favorite bow. The TRIAX is a compact, maneuverable rig that’s deadly accurate and insanely quiet. The Triax sits on a 28″ axle-to-axle platform which makes it extremely maneuverable and nimble. Store Hours: Eastern Standard Time Zone Monday - Friday = 10 AM - 7 PMSaturday = 11 AM - 5 PM Sunday = Closed Unfortunately, I am no longer able to place a phone number here in my listings as per eBay's policies so that we can discuss your purchases by phone. Mathews Company (M-C) is a family-owned global manufacturer of high quality, innovative Grain Dryer Equipment. *** IN STORE ONLY*** The new HALON 32 is a longer version of the award-winning HALON, providing an enhanced string angle and superior stability, while delivering speeds up to 350 fps. Coming directly from the Mathews HeliM which is a great bow and utilized the harmonic dampening technology as well, the team at Mathews really knock it out of the park with this one. Bows in the early 1990s featured a double cam. 5” Draw Lengths - $39. It is the quietest and least vibrating bow they have made. Visit today and get FREE shipping on your custom strings. You can also get the bow in solid colors as well. And while today's announcement will generate plenty of buzz and send Mathews Inc. 5 17 Jun 2013 Hi guys; I am finishing tuning my new creed and have a question regarding I wish mathews published detailed specs and dimensions manual for every Catfish Customs Code Model String Length Code Model Cable Length 3H 3D Hunter96 1/4" 3H 42 1/8" VX 3D Vapor95 5/8" VX 41 3/8" U2 Black Max93 1/8" M1 38 5/8" B2 Black Max 292 7/8" B2 37 3/4" Mathews Triax. Call For Price A manual, external safety is located conveniently above the thumb for quick manipulation in stressful conditions. Mathews moves the needle on speed, forgiveness, and draw cycle. If you would like  Jan 10, 2019 Remote Controlled & Battery Operated · Snow & Ice Removal . 99. It is intended to be supplementary to the TRIAX User Manual that is included with the spectrometer. View and Download Triax 492090 user manual online. The new Diamond Edge is adjustable to light as 7 lbs to as heavy as 70 lbs. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. This bow was used through this past hunting season. Cabela's has a huge selection of compound bows in stock. Triax Synergy Gear SAE 50 Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Oil - 500,000 Mile Rating for Eaton, ZF, Mack Heavy Duty Trucks (1 GAL (Pack of 4)) $119. Manual Release: To reach Drop Away Position without fi ring your bow, rotate Launcher to Full Draw Position (90°) by pushing forward on the Thumb Lever, continue pushing forward and slide your thumb off the Thumb Lever. As the Grain Dryer Specialists we sell low-profile dryers, tower dryers, mixed-flow dryers, and expandable dryers. (Fig. and their quality archery and hunting products. The 2018 winner Will Bennett from Maryland with his customized Mathews Triax and some Bowhunt or Die gear! Typical draw weights are determined by the hunter's gender, age and size. 5 technique can be found by clicking here. New for 2019 from Mathews inc. To receive your Color Color Selector Guide call us at 1-800-323-6593 or click the button below to download a pdf. Building off Diamond’s best-selling bow of all time, the Infinite Edge, we pulled out all the stops with the Infinite Edge Pro. In 2010, they produced their 1 millionth bow. We extended the draw length to 31″, allowing for a whole new category of shooters with longer draws. Can I say that the Mathews Triax is the best bow on the market? Of course not, because I haven't shot and compared every bow on the market. It has been very well cared for, was just completely serviced and is ready to go! The Triax was named bow of the year for 2018, and is definitely a fantastic shooting bow. The TRIAX operates off a 28″ ATA platform with a 6″ brace height, and is powered by the award-winning, highly-efficient and extremely accurate Crosscentric ™ Cam system producing speeds up to 343 fps. 59 Get it as soon as Tomorrow, May 22 We are a full line Mathews archery retailer. CLEAR ARCHERY INC. A critical component of shooting accuracy and proper archery form is shooting the proper draw length. At only 28 inches from axle to axle, the TRIAX proved surprisingly steady at full draw, and it will surely be cheered by those who seek adventure deep in the western mountains. My first reaction was positive. Find the greatest selection of Archery Equipment, Archery Supplies and Archery Products at Lancaster Archery Supply - The World Leader in 3D and Target Archery since 1983. Your new Mathews bow features the latest design innovations and the highest-quality components. - MADE IN USA. Their flagship model, the Z7, incorporates several new features that help maintain great speed while also providing a very quiet hunting bow and the smooth draw cycle that Mathews is known for. Adjusting poundage on my mathews. Items 1 - 10 of 11 Mathews TRIAX. When I shot the Triax all I could see was how easy the bow would handle in the tree and through the woods and still have absolutely NO hand shock, smooth draw and nice, solid back wall. (NockOnArchery). This is an outstanding bow line - unreal performance and feel at every budget and experience level. Today I want to talk to you about what has been so exciting for us lately, the all new Mathews Triax™ bow. I didn't shoot the Al version of the Hoyt but didn't really find the hand shock of the carbon bow much worse than the Mathews. Diamond Edge - You'll never think of versatility the same again. 1. Inspired by the No Cam system introduced two years ago, the Crosscentric Cam entails a partially concentric string payout to produce a smoother draw cycle as well as level nock travel. I will ship the bow with a manual and 6 perfect Genesis aluminum arrows. Whether you’re hunting from a ground blind, treestand or stalking the Triax feels right at Mathews takes bow stabilization a step further with the introduction of their new Flatline Stabilizer for 2018…. Module for Mathews Vertix Cam. A PRODUCT OF PROTOTECH INDUSTRIES INC. It has been very well cared for in that time, was just completely serviced, and is ready for you to put it to use. Mathews Triax, Mathews Triax, Halon 32, Traverse, Tx-5 Mods - B Mod - Cc2 Mods 85 Brand New. 5”/29. The new Mathews HALON 32 is a longer version of the HALON, providing an enhanced string angle and superior stability, while delivering speeds up to 350 fps. As a retailer the constant change isn't always a good thing, people stop buying if they thinking holding out for a new model is a good idea. Shop compound bows from top archery brands like Bear Archery, Parker, PSE and more. TRIAX use cookies to make your experience of our website better. m a t h e w s® a r c h e r y. mathews triax owners manual. COME INTO CAPRA'S STORE IN BLAINE, MN TO GET YOUR NEW MATHEWS BOW TODAY** Built around the concentric string tracks of NO CAM ST™ Technology and a true center nocking point, the 2016 NO CAM™ HTX produces a super-smooth draw and superior accuracy. The following is a breakdown of Mathews’ available cams. Mathews bows have a ten pound reduction range from the peak draw weight. The TRIAX is a compact, maneuverable rig that's deadly accurate and insanely quiet. -i did this experiment cuz my friend has an elite pure just like mine except his is 60-70 and mine is 50-60-bottomed-out i get 63 pounds,we adjusted his bow accordingly and shot 6 arrows apiece@20yrds. 8) Additional Horizontal Adjustments: (1) Move screws in Launcher to closest holes toward end of shaft. It's literally that easy. Just switched back to Mathews. 0 Sight View & download of more than 211 Triax PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Diamond Archery Edge Compound Bow - Archery, Bows And Cross Bows at Academy Sports Shaheen Adventures: Top Ten Archery Moment of the Great Queen Seondeok. Sweet shooting bow. That’s why I choose to shoot Zebra bowstrings. How do I become an authorized Mathews retailer? Mathews is Can I get an owner's manual? View the How do I track my Mathews bow order? Mathews  The TRIAX is a compact, maneuverable rig that's deadly accurate and insanely quiet. net Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. 492090 Wireless Access Point pdf manual download. Powered by our  Slide the Timing Cord and Cable Clamp down the buss cable At Least 3 inches Below the Rest. Very happy. As I settled into full draw, I loved the hard back wall. $39. For many many years my favorite hunting bow was the Mathews FX. mathews triax manual

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