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  She likes to see 60-70 on 9dpt or she wants to see that number on your next beta? My nurse basically said the Hi, I thought I would see if you have any predictions for me. I had AF cramps around 3-4 days post my FET. I would like to thank you for the effort you have made in writing this article. I am now almost 14 weeks pregnant. We never throw away any negative pregnancy test kits. . The exact causes cannot be known. we are married for a year and been together for 8 years. I’m not sure what to think now. Faint Lines/NO BFPs. I read it too late. 3 grade A and 3 grade B. I will take another tomorrow. So all BFN’s except for the last 1 i took which looked like a BFP –a faint one—but i had already stopped taking the supplements and got my period moments after getting the “positive”—i rushed out to buy a digital and i started feeling very anxious that i was having a m/c due to stopping the progesterone. Faint lines. My IVF period is due I guess Olinda, Brazil. Could it be a false positive?? Thanks guys Trying xxx I don't know how you add a picture to a post! It's my OTD today at 9dp5dt and I have a very very faint second line, but it is definitely there. I know not every round is the same but I want to see that second line However she did mention that she had to ask someone else to double check so it can't have been the most obvious line. but this wasn't the test, it was me. If the hormone’s pulsing through your body, those tests will confirm the good news. 0: BATTERY LIFE My doctor said that my first beta was a sure indicator to her that there was more than one in there. It was one of those new frers that are curved. My bhcg test was due for 6/05/13 so had it and d result was positive. I am only 6DPO I am right there with you. I am 1 day before my BT and this is my second round of IVF, the last time i was in the 2ww I had absolutely no signs of pregnancy at all, I did HPT and knew it was negative straight away so i was able to cope with the news from my beta a Advanced 8dpt spotting WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Apple Bluetooth: MICROPHONE: Yes (Dual Microphone) WIRELESS RANGE: Upto 10 metres in open space: BLUETOOTH VERSION: v5. Please post if you had BFNs 9dp5dt or later on HPTs but got your BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) anyway! Faint positive lines -AF two weeks late: So, I took a first response test one day after my expected period and it was negative. My clinic doesn't do the first beta until 14dp3dt. good luck to you, sticky baby dust sent your way! jo 5days post 5DT - HPT Positive? : Hi ladies! Today is my 4th day post 5day embryo blast transfer. My period Positive OPK faint pos. There is a sticky with the details of what happens for both a 3dt and a 5dt. but with really hard concentration). HCG levels – 10 things you need to know HCG levels – let’s face it, they’re hard to understand When to test after fet 5dt. my blood pregnancy test is scheduled on the 5/7/13. 12dpt/11dpiui - Still Faint I'll attach a picture of this morning's test but it's not much different than yesterday's and if you don't see the second line, neither does DH but I can. About stickydust Im 36. January 30, 2018 at 11:08 PM Hi doctor, i had a five day embryo transfer of 3 beautifl healthy embryos on the 22/04/13. About 85% of normal pregnancies will have the hCG level double every 48 - 72 hours. wide awake!! been sleeping early lately i dont know why last night didn't fall asleep until 2am :( i was thinking about my embie. (They often say that twins gives you a darker line, so I was suprised) A line is positive, and I really hope and pray your line gets darker. I am really hoping my 9dpt is more in range. " and guess what? That blood test came back positive at 56. So after conceiving naturally 3 times and losing all 3 I saw a positive on HPT 5dp5dt. Includes information on hundreds of common conditions, downloadable health leaflets and forms, video Q&As, rate my hospital and medical q&a, and online health discussions. Two days later I started to bleed but still had to go in for my blood work. Pretty sure #4 is a bust. during the course of our relationship i never got pregnant either but those years we werent even trying but The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. Reply Delete # of days after IVF did you get a + We had 5-day blasts transferred on a Saturday and I took the test on the following Sunday. tracy - hopefully all your crampiness is a positive sign. Oh god I though I was bad I tested 8dpt (inconclusive) then again on 9dpt & got a faint positive, but I didnt accept it as gospel until the next day when the line was much clearer. I am now 29 weeks pregnant - so in my experience, a faint line is as good as a dark one!! 8dp5dt - Positive result, this was the strongest result we had had so far it was still faint but definitely there. I had a faintish line on a first response. Calvin1970. Last time I was pregnant I was negative on 12 DPO, then a digital test on 16DPO was positive. I've know some women who got a negative home pregnancy test and a positive blood test. it deoends on the dose that they gave you and how fast your body gets it out of your system. unfortunately I don't. they call it a negative urine false positive. The next day I used Dollar Tree tests mid day and got a BFN. waited and had another hpt and saw a faint line again. The RE said "Are you sitting down?" and then delivered the best news: a positive test with a beta at 112. You know the basics: HCG is the pregnancy hormone. So this morning I tested using a CB and I got a very very faint line (just like in June). AND, she was pregnant with triplets, so that might have accounted for the early positive Mosts tests are positive when the line is faint. HPT -Update - blood test was negative 11/2, could it be wrong still getting faint pos hpt It Is Well With My Soul😇🙏 • Thu, Oct 29 2015 • Married to my highschool sweetheart TTC baby #1. My wife and I are going though a fet now. Did anyone else have a positive this faint at this stage and all turned out ok? Having a little freak I got a VERY faint positive on 11dp3dt with my twins. Anyway. Although you shouldn’t do it, in a pinch, you could technically use an OPK as a pregnancy test. etc). It was a faint positive I know what you're feeling right now. Instead she told me that it was a good solid positive. I had a positive pregnancy test in Feb, the line was faint, but it. is it still likely the trigger because it is so early and I never got a negative to prove that the trigger was out, or could 4dp5dt: Not feeling it Posted on February 8, 2013 by Vanessa Four days after transferring Blastocyst #15 (I’ve decided to count down rather than up), I have to say, I’m not feeling this. 0: BATTERY LIFE WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Apple Bluetooth: MICROPHONE: Yes (Dual Microphone) WIRELESS RANGE: Upto 10 metres in open space: BLUETOOTH VERSION: v5. I also have symptoms starting a few days after conception. Hope that helps. I just got an early negative pregnancy test (BFN), can I still be pregnant? The purpose of this study is to look at the statistics of early negative pregnancy tests (Commonly called BFN - Big Fat Negative in the community) when later followed by a positive pregnancy test (BFP - Big fat Positive in the community lingo How many days past a 5-day transfer did you get a BFP? 4DP5DT faint positive, very obvious bfp 5dp5dt Today was my first beta at 9dpt and it was only 34. The positive was an Answer (early detection) and today's was FRER. You may have done a home pregnancy test (HPT) and got a positive result. Sometimes it can take longer for some for the hCG trigger shot to get out of your system giving you a false positive. Resolved Question: I am very regular until I started to have unprotected sex last dec 2012, i noticed last Feb 28 there was a spotting and my period was about to come by march 5 and it did come on the exact date, i have a 26 day cycle, and was suppose to get my period on march but it was is it possible for two positive faint lines when I am not pregnant? I have run another two today and both say no Hi, I pregnancy tested yesterday three times and twice I got a faint positive result although one When can I start my POAS fest? but I'm not sure if hers were 3dt or 5dt. Then I took another one this morning with FMU and got a negative. So, if you are seeing a positive HPT 9dp5dt, I would say that is a very good sign. Could it be a false positive?? Thanks guys Trying xxx I had an old clear blue from last attempt in Aug so used that this morn and got a faint BFP however I then shot out and bought a FRER and it's still negative!! Now I do not know what to think?! FRER is supposed to be much more accurate but I can clearly see the blue line in the clearblue . Still very very faint - but let Now at 8ddpo/9dpt the line is faint but definitely visible in the picture (about the same that it was at 5dpo/6dpt). Please post if you had BFNs 9dp5dt or later on HPTs but got your BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) anyway! IVF/FET - POAS = BFN 9dp5dt or later, but beta OK? BFN. At this point I had some very light brown discharge. Is it possible that this is still my trigger? Ok, so I took an HPT yesterday afternoon and got a very faint positive. but I did a home pregnancy test this morning, 3/7/13 and it was positive. That said, when the hCG test result doesn’t match the clinical picture, the laboratory should still be asked that question! Why Do Some People Faint at the Sight of Blood? Fainting at the sight of blood may be a primitive reflex buried in our brains. Faint BFP 13 Days after Trigger? False positive? Help! I received a 10,000 HCG trigger 13 days ago. Below are the details for the 5dt and what happens post transfer. They did a blood pregnancy test 14 days after egg collection and even then you could get a "weak positive" result meaning the hormone levels weren't high enough to give a clear result and the cycle could still go either way. With my daughter I had a definite bfp and that was that, I never had super faint lines. You didn't ask a question. Early Negative Pregnancy Test Before a Positive - Stats Study. 7 so it’s going up. Drug tests shouldn’t be viewed in the same manner as a pregnancy test, where even a faint line indicates a positive result. But if the faint line was there when it should have been, then that means the embryo implanted). Then an HCG blood test. on the tuesday which made my embryo 9 days 4 dpt. I tested at 9days past 5dt. A very faint line means that you have HCG in your system (as long as you read the test at the right time. I used home pregnacy test and got a faint 2nd line. She said to stay positive and wait until we see the results from The second beta, which will be 12dp5dt (tomorrow). Well, I took a hpt yesterday and of course it was negative (anxiously did it at the gym). Top Kid Shopping Stories Splish Splash! These Outdoor Inflatable Pools Will Keep Kids Occupied All Summer Long From Birthday Parties to Holidays, These Toys For 5-Year-Olds Are Sure to Bring Hours of Fun Red, White, and Wondering What to Wear? When can I start my POAS fest? but I'm not sure if hers were 3dt or 5dt. It was definately there, but wasn't exactly a strong positive, and I am pregnant with twins. I am trying to not stress out. Two weeks later I took another one and it showed a very faint positive line, this morning ( 2 days later ) took another test with FMU and it was still faint. In addition, bleeding doesn't necessarily mean that a miscarriage is occurring, because some will end up as continuing pregnancies, but it is a possibility as well. She said she likes to see between 60-70. I tried again using one of the clearblue plus tests from the clearblue trial and a line was there, but very faint, within 3 or 4 minutes. The funny thing is that same day my beta was 196. If you wait too long - meaning 20 minutes or more, you can get a false positive. My beta test is tomorrow could I be pregnant or is it a chemical. I took an hpt 9dp4dt and it was a faint positive and then two days later took one, used one from the Same package and a new one (both cheap brands)both still came out faint within the time frame. AND, she was pregnant with triplets, so that might have accounted for the early positive How long does an embryo take to implant into the uterine wall after an ivf embryo transfer? This was a day 3 embryo transfer. Definitely there, but faint. It was a positive. Had a chemical pregnancy last month after getting a faint bfp 4dp5dt and then bleeding 8dpt with a beta of 8. If you test now, and it is positive, then you are 4 weeks past conception (or 6 weeks pregnant). On depo but faint faint positive test, can it be true (pic included) Hi everyone, im new and not sure if i posted in the right forum! but could someone please help Ive been on depo for a month and a half now with annoying nagging preg symptoms, I have taken first response tests that have been negative but i took one today (at lunch time) and it I had a chemical pregnancy last month which was unexpected as we weren t trying to conceive that month at all. The test was negative but I did not start bleeding. Im a Graphic Designer, Im a Mum, and My Partner and I are TTC Baby 3 - but 1 for him - This is a blog about family life, work, and the daily soap opera that is me. Good Luck. I had 6 embryos transferred. My husband and I have been TTC for the past few months. Posted Feb 17, 2013 HCG levels – let’s face it, they’re hard to understand. I took a FRER on 6dp5dt and got a faint positive. Hopeful for good beta numbers tomorrow! I really enjoyed reading your article. What the heck is going on! I had a very very faint line on a frer yesturday, took one this morning and it's negative😪 was it a faulse positive? I've never got an evap or indent on a frer and now there's nothing. Two days past our five day transfer, for those of you who don't know what that means. Today I took a FRER with my fmu and got a faint positive. My period was supposed to arrive Wednesday. A pregnancy test will be able to give you a result by the time your period is due. I explained to them that I just got a flu shot 4 days ago and I'm on antibiotics. I'm the OP and I can assure you that I'm not pregnant - a dozen early response tests to verify that. YAY!!! So thrilled to see this for you! And you are not crazy, I think I had even more pee sticks from my our successful transfer, I tested for at least another week or two after and had my daily comparisons laid out on the bathroom sink (and crazier still, I still have them all 8 months later). thanking God for my blessings! I took 2 yesterday and 1 this morning. any information would greatly help me. I did yesterday and a day before it was all positive. It is very useful and knowledgeable. your earliest BFP after IVF - posted in Assisted Conception - General: So this is my first cycle and quite naturally I am desperate to POAS. This morning as I am eating and typing this, I am getting nauseous. I got a faint positive FRER last night 9dp5dt) and a slightly darker line this morning, so I was feeling really, really good going into the beta. They were all faint positive!!!! I am actually looking forward to getting blood work tomorrow! Crazy, I know! The top one is a really faint plus sign and the bottom 2 need 2 lines to be positive and it is there faint on the left. I am on my second round of IVF and can't remember the signs I had from the first cycle of IVF. I have received a positive result when really not pregnant a few times. On d same day, had a hpt and saw a faint line. They told me to test day 16 post transfer which will be wed 18th. i asked my dr how long it would stay in my system and he told me that it was like lh when you are using opk's lh only shows up for a few days, but if you had a higher dose or your body is slow about getting it out of your system then it may my husband and i were married for almost a year from there we've been patiently trying and are of course excited to have a successful one. Had bloodwork taken the day my period was due & the result was Negative (much to my disbelief). the control line is so much darker. Fresno - United States 5dp5dt - positive HPT or am I crazy? mm in astoria. Then on CD 33 I did a different brand, faint positive, even lighter then the first two. However, pregnancy tests only pick up hCG, so you couldn’t use a home pregnancy test as an ovulation prediction test. Am I pregnant? I took the first test yesterday in the evening and it came out with a faint positive lineSo i waited to take the second in the morningI am about a few days late on my periodthe second test came out the same. In this blog I have explained the possible causes of bleeding after embryo transfer. 16. 9, positive hpt, can I still be pregnant?? I am 9dp5dt and went early this morning to get beta test done, got call back from my nurse saying she can't tell me if it's positive or negative and I have to get another blood test in 2 days. Does a faint positive line mean positive? or negative? I am just afraid if I start him on an unnecessary antibiotic (because he really has a stomach virus) it will make his symptoms worse Faint Lines/NO BFPs. but the sore boobs alone - i would be feeling pretty happy!! that's a really good sign! i don't want to jinx anything but you know what i'm thinking your result is!! i'll leave it at that!! mcm, aggie, xoxo, meropi- anyone with new symptoms? any one POAS today? Trust me I know how you feel. Personally, I wouldn't give up until otd but I would test a while beforehand. I had a 5-day transfer & got my faint +hpt at 6 dpt and went on to have my beautiful babies this past February :) Best wishes to you!!!!! Negative HPT before a Positive BETA? - posted in IVF/FET/IUI Cycle Buddies: Hello Ladies, Just wondering, I know some of you just could not wait to get to their BETA and went and did a HPT for curiousity. At 8dp5dt, my hpt results are still extremely faint. ” We go back Saturday morning for a second one but needless to say, my hopes aren’t very high. What day did you get your BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) if you POAS? I didn't POAS😃 What were your early betas? 9dp5dt 461 12dp5dt 1810 Did you transfer 1 or 2? 2 Fresh or frozen eggs Urine tests measure the urine HCG qualitatively, which means that the HPT results are either "positive" or "negative. the line got darker and darker each day. This time I tested BFN 9dp3dt. I told the nurse that I didn't see the point in doing the blood test since I had a negative HPT and was bleeding. That’s also when my beta is. Took one this morning with 25mIU and a faint positive showed up. My last 2 embryos. My 12dpo equivalent was just 13, on the very low end of the betabase data and other charts. Additionally, if you test negative after implantation bleeding, it may also be because your pregnancy is ectopic. I tested with 2 different brand tests on CD 32, both faint positive. I Tested 6 days after my transfer with a very faint positive. Cramping can be a good sign. HPTs on Wednesday, thursday, and this am right before my blood test were all negative. Pretty low so we were worried but today it’s 101. Fresno - United States 8dpt-10dpt I had very light brown or beige spotting, a Hello Emmerdale, I hope all is going well with you, the waiting is so torturous! Im on 7dp5dt. Started on about 7dpt, now on 9dpt and colds all gone but symptoms remain Extreme thirst, like going through 3x as much liquid as I usually do Frequent urination I get up at least 2 times a night to pee!!! Norm for me? I never get up at night! Odd stomach Cramps like down low. There are very valid reasons for detecting hCG in the absence of pregnancy. pls reply. A bit of spotting this morning but the nurses told me not to worry it is normal. If you don't have the manual look up the website of the brand, you might find the answer there. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. October 2006: Officially trying to have a baby! November 2006 got my results from second beta from last night they are at a 40!! they were 10 on tuesday!t!!! yayyyyyy my lines keep getting darker and my dr just wants a repeat blood draw in 2 weeks she said by then they can possibly see something on ultrasound if they need too but she doesnt seem worried she says its just really early in my pregnancy!!! yayyyy baby number 3!!!!! After 2 days of seeing extremely faint lines on hpts (uk ones at 10miu), I did a beta 7 days past a 5 day blast transfer (5ab hatching and 4bb expanded). First: It is possible that the urine pregnancy test detected HCG that was in the urine even as a pregnancy was failing (impending miscarriage) but by the time a blood test was done, the miscarriage had already occurred and the levels of the HCG pregnancy hormone were cleared. These tests are highly sensitive, so if they're not picking up the HCG its because im not pregnant or the pregnancy is in serious trouble. When I tested with FMU at 6dp5dt it was with a SaveOnTests (generic online company) test and it was faint (I didn't know it, but my beta was 10 that day). Got lighter positives WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Apple Bluetooth: MICROPHONE: Yes (Dual Microphone) WIRELESS RANGE: Upto 10 metres in open space: BLUETOOTH VERSION: v5. Very faint positive preg tests and ectopic pregnancy possibility. I waited longer than 10 minutes to read it and the negative urin created a very very faint line where the positive should have been. The test indicates it could detect pregnancy as easy as 4 days before expected period. I started testing 7 days post transfer negative, 8dpt - light positive, 9dpt light positive, 10 dpt light positive and today very faint positive lighter than previous days and took longer to show. - posted in Pregnancy: Tips, Questions and Information: I am worried because so far I am only getting very faint second lines on 7dp5dt: never a dull moment: with update Thank you all for your congratulations and your excitement for us! I'll be honest - I was reading a number of your words sitting in Grand Rounds yesterday and some of you made me cry. 8dp5dt - Positive result, this was the strongest result we had had so far it was still faint but definitely there. Faint, delayed positive on pregnancy test? - Moms Under 30. Does it mean im pregnant??? :) this will be my 2nd child thru IVF. so 9dpt. We are testing too early!! I’ve read that some women have gotten positive tests 4-5dpt, but I think that’s sort of rare. I took another pregnancy test on the 4th, and a very faint pink line appeared, indicating a positive test. Implantation bleeding usually takes place 6 to 12 days after conception, or 10 days after ovulation. Irishhealth. For those who have early symptoms- the bloodwork sometimes doesn't give you a correct positive or negative result. Assuming that the home pregnancy testing procedure has been followed properly and the results have been interpreted within the time frame indicated by the manufacturer, a faint line in the test region of the result window may be read as a positive result, though it's a good idea to verify the result in a day or two using a first morning urine sample. The fact that an OPK test can pick up LH and hCG means that you can get a positive ovulation test result when you are actually pregnant. If our DH is unable to see it we go crazy. There is still hope!! Don’t get discouraged! I’m putting down the tests until Friday. Ovidrel, IUI, and a faint positive. Know That Faint Lines Mean the Test is Still Negative. My clinic doesn't do betas until at LEAST 12dpt. 10 days after our transfer we did a home test and it was faint positive. to give him a fab present, I did HPT this am I am 9dpt and got a BFP . Not good news - need support - Infertility. A week after I had the transfer the last time, I had a feeling I was pregnant and felt "different" and was in fact pregnant. I transferred 1 6-day blast. My First Reponse pregnancy test shows a faint positive line. - posted in Assisted Conception - General: Hi Everyone, I hope this is the right place to post this. For example, if you conceive on day 10 of your cycle, then you will experience implantation bleeding around day 16-22, . Good luck to you! Thanks for visiting! IVF is composed of countless hurdles to jump over. Wait if 6dp3dt Should i test or is it too early??: I've been sleeping good the past few nights but last night i was. Am I pregnant or is it a false positive; Got really . Posted 10/12/2013. FET #2 Wish I could come on here and say that I have good news. anyone do IVF? Allie • Tue, Feb 28 2017 • So first Best Answer: I got a faint positive - very faint!! It was sooooo faint that I actually thought I was making it up in my head because I wanted it so bad. I would have expected it to say 2-3 weeks by now so am not hopeful at the moment. Not even a faint line. Then the confusion starts. The earliest I would test is 7 days post transfer - but if you have had pregnyl shots after transfer they can give you a false positive. (I figure this means a minimum of 25 HCG and an absolute max of 100 given how faint the line was) I only had 1 blood draw on 13 DPO, which showed HCG of 780 and progesterone of 33. I had a FET 5dt on the 13th. Most women start getting positives between 7-9dpt. . Sometimes slow growers will not test positive. We look at the pregnancy test kit in all different angles and in all different lighting! (day light (both morning and evening), tube light, under a bulb etc) Even if no one sees a line our powerful eyes will definitely see a faint line. How do I know it’s implantation bleeding and not my period? Since implantation bleeding is a symptom that can often occur before you test positive on a pregnancy test, it can be hard to know whether light bleeding is an early sign of pregnancy or just normal spotting leading up to your period. Rapid strep test gave a "faint positive line" so the doctor also cultured it and prescribed antibiotic . I found this on another post so thought I'd add it to the mix. I've used a FRER, a super drug 4 day early one and a cheap one from tesco and they are all the same. 1 - 5 day transfer. My beta test was scheduled 8dp5dt and was 146. My doctor says he’s “pessimistic. The girls are now 2. View the most common signs and symptoms below for an understanding of how the most frequently occurring symptoms can impact the likelihood of pregnancy. I retested this am with my second first reponse test (always buy packs of two!!!!!) and the line is getting darker. All the way to day 5 missed period. Yesterday was also a faint positive but my urine was only held about 2 hrs because I'd noticed some spotting that How long does an embryo take to implant into the uterine wall after an ivf embryo transfer? If you do a 5dt you would subtract 2 days from the chart. does it mean am pregnant or is it the follicle stimulating homrmones I took prior to egg collection. Trust me. my beta was positive-over 100. Use if you need a fresh pair of eyes on your possible BFP 9DP 5DT. The whole thing is nerve wracking, I know. She said, "Well, you never know. My beta was 8 days post transfer. Any FETs out there? I'm 5 days post transfer and starting to drive myself a little crazy. I'm going to wait until 12dp3dt to test again. The line on th I didn’t expect much but after 10 minutes I could see a very faint line. They have also shown that false negative tests are a common occurrence and can happen to 9 out of 15 women. VERY faint, but positive. Embie was transferred on Monday at 2DPO. According to this, 11dpt for a 3dt and 9dpt for 5dt should be accurate times to test. 9 DPO, very faint positive? I am 9 DPO and I just got a very faint positive using a dollar store test. hoping my baby is doing okay in there. If you see a faint positive line on a home pregnancy test, you might When Did You Get A BFP - 6dp5dt Pics Update 1st Post. At 8dp5dt I used my second SaveOnTests and got a BFP and my Dollar Tree test was also +. So, just because an hCG test result is interpreted as positive doesn’t automatically mean that a woman is pregnant. Anyone have any thoughts on my number? In my last frozen cycle, I got the same result you did. I wonder if they have evap faint positive test then having a period. I got a NEG . After those weird twinges and all my cramps I woke up Tuesday with the worst headache and fever like symptoms. I was very upset. I tested and watched it fade and get very faint. com offers a comprehensive source of health information and up-to-the-minute health news. (???maybe a faint positive on this am's HPT. recently, i had a myself done pregnancy test and to my surprise i saw a line indicating a positive sign. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. by I POAS at 8dp 5dt and got BFN but I POAS from 4dp5dt and got a faint positive line and had my beta at Dear Doctor . It's with fet. I agree 9dpt is really early. I have seen women who have gone through IVF get false negatives and false positives. 7. if i am indeed pregnant i would be 5 weeks tomorrow. [/QUOTE] My beta was today 9dpt but I stopped having symptoms yesterday 8dpt. I had a faint positive hpt at 9DPO and also retested getting a positive on a digital. Now here I am 5dp5dt of this round and got a bfn. hello everyone i never thouaght a day will come that i'll also get the chance to post my pregnancy success stories but i always said to myself when it happens i will def post my experience. Answers from experts on negative test 10 dpo. I was convinced when my nurse called me with my beta results that she was going to tell me it was too low, it was a chemical. So please do not give up hope your wee may not have been as concentrated ashe first on!!!! Let us know how you get on tomorrow when you retest xxxxx I've made it to 2dp5dt. ( can’t remember names). I started having Positive HpT on Saturday with first morning urine line was faint. i am 28 years old and dh is 33 years old. I also did a CBD and it said "pregnant 1-2 weeks". False positive tests can be caused by hemolysis (the destruction of blood cells) or Lipidemia (high content of fats in the blood). From dealing with insurance companies to worrying about the different stages of embryo development and dealing with side effects from all the drugs, it is important to keep the focus on one hurdle, one day at a time. Has this happened to anyone else and they really ended up being Index Share. My beta that day 9dp5dt, beta 5. There is definitely a second line, i don't need to hold it under a light or anything but it's still very faint. Irregular periods with faint positive pregnancy test. Period pain in the 2ww after 5dt. Crossing my fingers for continued success and a normal, comfortable 9 months ahead! Olinda, Brazil. Hi girls, I'm absolutely thrilled i got my BFP today but also slightly worried as my test is very faint. " Around the time of the first missed period (14+ days after ovulation), over 95% of HPTs are usually positive. What a wait! I know you don't want to get your hopes up, but it sounds positive to me! :) You can get a false positive when you've had a trigger shot that's still in your system, but that's not your case. We just got the call. Early hCG levels for twins can’t be expected after 3 weeks LMP that’s because: Can I officially say I'm in the 2nd trimester yet? Not sure exactly when it starts, but I'm damn close! I am too lazy to upload a bump picture right now, but I can say that (well, before eating anything in the morning at least) I'm more bump than bloat!! Over 8000!!! Wow!!! Feeling pretty good right now. it was a faint positive Hi all, Bizzybee it's not looking good for me this time either. Clear blue isn’t as good as the pink ones. Guess I had a bad HPT (but it was one of the early ones). Go figure. So I thought I was pregnant cause I had 4 like those test. Kayla. I got NOTHING! No line, not even a hint. there is a chance that it could still be the trigger shot. I know its till too soon but anxiety got the best of me. HCG levels – let’s face it, they’re hard to understand. But it depends on the brand, so check the manual that goes with your test, there you will probably find your answer. 0: BATTERY LIFE Shockingly, it was the opposite. Beta 38. very faint line (had to hold it up to the window, kinda close my eyes. Today I used one of the same as the first day, faint positive but maybe barely darker. I had a 5dt last week and my blood test was this am (14days post retrieval, 9 days post transfer). Yesterday 12dpt it was almost non existent. I had an old clear blue from last attempt in Aug so used that this morn and got a faint BFP however I then shot out and bought a FRER and it's still negative!! Now I do not know what to think?! FRER is supposed to be much more accurate but I can clearly see the blue line in the clearblue . BB are sore and super tired around 1pm every day. So you will notice spotting 5-7 days before your period is expected to start. Hours after the good news, period like cramps have set in, 9dpt, but before that, no cramps and no implantation bleeding. Sometimes , even if you get a positive pregnancy test at home , or if you detect the HCG hormone in your blood earlier than 14 days past transfer, when you go in for the definitive test (14 days after egg collection) you might end up with a negative result. You should be able to see something today with a hpt. Last night I was having lower uterine cramps again, very tired all day and a little nauseous. Who has experience with faint positive lines on HPT??: Bought Life brand HPT . hCG level at 3 weeks with twins 3 weeks LMP corresponding to 1 week Post Ovulation or 7 Days past ovulation. :) It's too early for me to feel anything, and it's way too early for me to take a HPT so I'm just trying to keep my mind off of it the best I can. On the 2nd, I was due to have my period start and took a pregnancy test. Since the loss I ve been preggy brain mad charted this month perfectly and my temps do look promising but trying not to get those hopes up too high! First beta test!!! 9dpt frozen Trigs. On 9 days past ovulation, there are no signs or symptoms that show a statistically significant positive impact on the probability of pregnancy. I had brown spotting a couple of days before getting a clear positive result from the clinic from my last cycle. Any good stories of positive HPT's not until 8 or 9dpt of 5dt? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 7dpt is way way too early, I understand your inpatience because I am exactly the same, but I would leave it at least another 3-4 days before you test again, you will ) anyway I got a really faint positive again. Some pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others and can accurately detect a pregnancy several days before a missed period. It would be great if you share any information about 6th month pregnancy symptoms. Some employers worry when they administer a 5 panel drug test that if there are any lines present, even faint ones, this indicates an issue. Although I had these same symptoms and had a positive pregnancy test but lost the baby. has anyone out there had a miscarriage following . Could this have been caused by the Ovidrel and should we continue to try and conceive while I'm underweight? 2. After a 5 day transfer, how early did you get a positive HPT? How many dpt? Here's what I've seen for a 5dt: No positive until 9dp5dt - very faint dollar I tested at 11dp3dt, so just one day difference really. Of course, IVF isn't an exact science when it comes to implantation, so you can end up a day or so out. Dr I took test and a very faint line came up on two test so they told me I was poz it was really faint. the problem is that, is it really normal to have a faint positive results on my pregnancy test? am i just expecting it to be positive? was it a sign of 12dpt/11dpiui - Still Faint; 11dpt/10dpiui - photo interpretation? 10dpt/9dpiui; 9dpt 8dpiui - testing out the trigger; 6dpiui 7dptat the wedding; 2dpiui/3dpt - Updates; IUI #8 is in the books July (12) June (8) May (10) April (25) March (19) February (16) January (12) Got a faint positive on HPT but negative Blood test is this possible??? i got a faint positive on a pregnancy test from home, went to the doctor and got a negative from the blood test. 9dpt 5dt faint positive

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