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  • And a CRX must be FUN. Skunk2 Camshaft Stage III - Designed for purpose-built race engines with high-rpm capabilities only, these cams provide maximum power! SK2 race valvetrain, increased compression, and increased airflow are REQUIRED. You will need to reuse your oil chain tensioner from your K2 EXEDY CLUTCH KIT +Grip FLYWHEEL for 2002-2006 ACURA RSX TYPE-S K20A2 K20A3 K20Z1 - $205. Not too shabby for a little roadster built with parts scavenged from home appliances, a doghouse and the contents of a dumpster. The newest engine in the Honda tuning community. The "K Series" is Honda's mass produced version of the roller rocker valve train assembly found in the S2000. 0 L K20A3 inline-four estimated by owner to make 182 horsepower to the wheels. 0L 210 hp I4 to discontinue production of the RSX, with the final units built in summer 2006. The K20A2 oil pump WILL cavitate past 8500rpm and the K20Z3 oil pump uses balance shafts that can reduce power output. wonder if Honda has really created the everlasting valve, or whether they are This page is about the K20A3, K20A2, K24A4, and K24A1 engines you'll find  This is our K Series Sidewinder Turbo Manifold! We designed this manifold to fit K Swapped vehicles. considering I will have a much better built motor/trans with KMOD VTEC Killer Conversion Kit Adds 40+whp to your Non VTEC K20a3, K24a1, K24a4, K24a8 Engine. I'm getting the car prepped and ready to go again. Pretty straight forward. I was thinking of rebuilding the bottom  Dec 19, 2013 Instead of taking the easy way out and just swapping a K20A2 for $1500, I decided I would build a K20A3. Less friction, more rpm potential, faster action cam profilesthis engine has untapped potential. It took a couple years for us to design what we feel is the best K-series swap radiator available. the k20a2 is found in the rsx type S and comes with the 6 speed tranny. Honda K20A3/K24A. 1 at 115mph. Beyond 9,000 the stock oil pump starts to cavitate. I'm doing a K20A type R engine, tranny, and ecu swap into my 02 ep3 si. The engine is an Acura k20a3 A complete K-series engine guide. I found a k20a off an RSX in Japan but in the description it says " k20a k20a3 "off base model RSX in Japan . K20a3 complete longblock (head & short block) K20a2 Short block only Good for a fully built K20z3 tranny with gears or use for casing no 6th gear Not parting out sorry! The seventh generation of the Honda Civic is an automobile which was produced by Honda from 2000 to 2005. Choose top quality brands Airtex, Delphi, Denso, Genuine, Spectra Premium. Do you want to remove all your recent searches? All recent searches will be deleted The Most Trusted Name In Forced Induction . Get that lumpy "race car like idle" but more importantly turn your 140whp dog of a motor into a 210-230whp motor (230whp Requires: CAI, 70mm TB, RBC IM, Race Header CP Pistons Honda Acura K20 Pistons For K20a, K20a2 and K20a3 Engines. I need any additional parts outside the RSX for a K20A3 swap on my EG. WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including Carbon Monoxide, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Stg. The VTEC system on engines like the K20A3 only activates on the intake cam at low RPM’s for improved fuel dispersion. Together, all the VIN numbers create a history about your Honda. The Honda K20 is a four cylinder, four stroke engine that came out in 2001. 3-340whp, & Stg. How fast is a K20a3 motor with I/H/E and kpro tuned in a eg6 in the 1/4 mile? Update: Street and a 1999 Civic EX with a FULLY built B18C1 (now) It is a JG Engine just want to know if it is possible to swap the heads, and if so is it going to make hp gains on my car. Honda Engines. Im at 6 pounds right now. This is the most economical ECU setup for K series engine swaps into 88-00 civic / 90-01 integra chassis. K-Pro is a must have to get maximum performance out of your k-series engine. Could this be the problem? Putting the K20A3 into a lightweight CRX will give you a fast but slow revving CRX You could call the K20A3 the "eta" motor for Honda. a used jdm imported (japan direct) honda k20a base model ivtec engine with under 55k miles. I know its not the best motor. View All Honda Products. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality replacement that offers supreme levels of quality, performance and reliability. You'll find over 5,739 Acura RSX parts at RSXstore. ***All turbo  FULL. The car was built from scratch. 4-360whp Each kit includes: Cams,   Many built in calibrations for common engine combinations Base maps are included only for K20A2, K20A3 (RSX Base), K20A3 (Civic SI) and K20A engines . Looking for some guidance. The JDM iS/Type S (not to be confused with the RSX Type-S), which was essentially the same as the base Acura RSX, featured the K20A3 engine with an output of 160 hp (120 kW) and is offered with either a 5-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission. 0L K20A3 2002-2009 *2007-2009 models applies only for vehicle built in Japan! New WATER PUMP for Honda Your Email Your Message. for sale we have a 2002-2005 honda civic si ep3 hatch k20a3 oem engine timing cover assembly #k20a2. The k20a2 and the k20a3 share the same 2. At high rpm, both intake valves open fully to improve engine breathing. This is not counting time spent designing, ordering parts, negotiating prices, etc. Low on price, but high on features and power potential. OTOH, putting a high revvying buzzbomb on a lightweight car will give you something really special. only mods the exist our race Used (normal wear), Hello have an engine need to get rid off sitting in my back yard. We build each engine to suit individual racing application. The most epic reMake of all time - the z59 This is the final result of 15 months and at least 800 hours of work in the garage. The HA Motorsports Budget K-Swap ECU features a reprogrammed K series ECU with a custom basemap tune based on your engine setup. Have never built an engine with the coils. With the proper tuning, Stage 1 cams have yielded 17+hp on K20A3 engines and they have seen gains as high 28+hp on nearly stock K24A engines using Stage 3 cams. K Series Valvetrain & Components (29) Engine Block Internals (16) K Series Bearings (7) K Series Connecting Rods (13) K Series Gaskets and Hardware (24) K Series Pistons (37) K Series Rotating Assemblies (2) Engine Accessories (28) Exhaust (9) Catback Exhaust Systems (2) Exhaust Accessories (4) K Series Headers (11) Turbo Manifolds (1) Fuel At first glance, most people would say that the car in this photo is an Ariel Atom, but it’s not. . K20A3 / K24 Stroker Kits The BC stroker kit for the Honda/Acura K Series engine platform incorporates the wider B16A bearing (. Honda Honda Product Categories. It was released in September 2000 as a 2001 model. Compared to its predecessor, it retained similar exterior dimensions, but increased significantly in interior space thus bumping up Civic to a compact car size segment. Is there a way to upgrade them or is there even a need to mess with them? The Honda K20 engine is actually more like a family of engines that was first introduced in 2001. The F20C pump is not a bolt on part, modifications will be required. See All im looking into a k series for my 7th gen and im not a hundred percent if its necessary to buy the type r. Applications: EG, DC2, EK (EKK2 Mounts Only) with K20A, K20A2, K20A3 or K20Z1 cylinder head. Under the hood sits a 2. Many built in calibrations for common engine combinations; Built in Base maps are included only for K20A2, K20A3 (RSX Base), K20A3 (Civic SI) and K20A  K20A3. 000 mile mark. K24a1 all motor build. Or Call to speak with a DriveTrain Genius. Learn how much it $ costs. What modifications need to be made to an engine to enable higher safe RPMs? They've built it the way they ship it for a reason. any iss Weak points on turbo K20A3 As some of you know, I'm currently running a bone stock (head and block) K20A3 with a 60-1 Turbonetics Cybernation kit. The K20A3 engine, sourced from the base RSX and Civic Si, is built for less power and lower rpm. 935" width) that offers more surface area than the . It came about due to my Time Attack car needing a proper Honda K20 dry sump system and no current off-the-shelf systems being quite what we wanted, mainly due to packaging reasons. Options wanted. Bore Size Cylinder bore size piston is designed to work in, listed in inches and millimeters; Relative Size Denotes whether this bore size is stock standard size, or an oversize listed in millimeters K24 blocks are ready to make big horsepower numbers. Season 13, Episode 12 454 Power Build Chevy vs. So I will have the power of an a2. The car was built and being sold by Tigerroad Performance with 220,000 miles on the chassis and 160,000 miles on the engine. But cuz it's an a3 and I'm going for high power 700 plus hopefully. Honda K20 Engine Build - read all about reconditioning and uprating a high mileage Honda K20 engine to give better performance and reliability. If no one ever tried locking the cams in an A3 head, we'd never have K20A3+K20a2 Frank motors, it took someone to try. 454 Budget Build Building a big block bow tie classic on a shoestring budget. 00 Sale! Show Details. EXEDY Globalparts Corporation (USA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EXEDY Corporation of Japan. JDM K20A Type R Engine Swap. i want to end up having the most powerfull k series i can possibly swap im i got 10 grand for the motor so just let me know what the bset combo of Honda JDM K20A Acura RSX Type R DC5 and K24A Motors. B20Z, LS/VTEC, B20/VTEC Need stronger main studs for your fully built race engine? ARP has the solution for you. 740" width bearing found in the OEM K Series crank and rod combination. 4Piston Ported K-series Oil Pump - K20/K24 The stock K20 oil pump is a great piece for up to 9,000 rpm bursts. Centered around the highly efficient Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger, the Kraftwerks Supercharger kit produces impressive results throughout the entire power band. The engine is an Acura k20a3 from an RSX… Hondata KPro is a fully programmable ECU for RSX (DC5), Civic Si (EP3), and K Swaps. The engine is an Acura k20a3 from an RSX. skunk2 camshaft set (stage 3): k20a3/k24 dohc i-vtec Skunk2 Camshaft Set (Stage 3) for Acura/Honda K20A3 & K24 DOHC i-VTEC Engines Note-1: Stage III profiles are designed for purpose-built race engines with high-rpm capabilities only! The Kraftwerks K Series "Race" Kit is built for the hardcore K engine builder. 180hp) Engine/Transmission Complete, MTK Kit, Aluminum Radiator Kit, Poly Engine Mount Kit, Superbrake Kit, Swivels Hubs, Drive Flanges, K Axle Upgrade, Coil-Over Shock Kit, Hondata K Pro Chipped ECU, K ECU and Engine Wiring Harness', Bump Stops, Chrome strut bar, and cable shifter. Full K-swaps parts list. Accord F23A 2. Feb 25, 2015 Or you can build your own using your B-series outer CVs and . The Civic and Integra are often the recipients of engine swaps, and upgrading them with Honda’s newer K-Series engines has gained significant popularity as more of these engines become available through second-hand sources. 3L VTEC Motors. We encourage you to begin regular (every 10,000 miles) visual inspections of the belt beginning around 90,000 miles and to purchase a Honda timing belt kit to ensure that the job gets done right the first time. com » is proud to present: performance Turbo Kits. Join the RSX Club Short Ram Intakes by HPS ram Air Intake Acura 02-06 RSX Base K20A3 Wrinkle Black 27-147WB Built for performance and show the HPS Shortram Air Intake Kit offers a Buy EXEDY KHC09 OEM Replacement Clutch Kit: Complete Clutch Sets - Amazon. There was like a rattling noise in the higher revs and the hyped VTEC-Kick was missing. The crank and rods are similar in construction to the K20A2 parts, but with beefier rods, bigger rod bearings and additional counterweights on the crank. Apr 27, 2012 Now when you take in to account that these were probably built with an unopened block, this motor isn't going to make much more power. 20 facts you don't know about K-swaps and 60 more jam-packed page TurboKits. I got a stock k20a3 ep3 with 67xxx miles and a greddy turbo kit. The 2002-2005 Honda Civic Si hatchback was powered by a 2. i wanted to know if i was to get a jdm type r k20a or a type s usdm k20a if there was any difference if i was to completely build the block. FR EN. well, as i rolled 123,000 miles on the ODO today, the stock clutch decided she had a good run haha on a leisurely drive home some youngster in a 96-98 red ek lowered with HID's and an exhaust and what sounded to be a B series of some sort, tried having his way with me, well i smashed it in second and after i let it spin for a couple seconds i slowly put but back to thread title, build your k20a3 up, theres plenty of us who built it up and have amazing numbers, i brought z1 cams and rockers with gears used with 25k for $100 shipped to my door, i already had kpro so it was a cheap upgrade, plus mag is a great tuner and can tune you for $150 << another amazing deal lol K Series Builds First introduced to the US as the engine for the 2002 Acura RSX and Civic Si, The K Series has proven itself a venerable, torque-strong powerplant. This is the final result of 15 months and at least 800 hours of work in the garage… The car was built from scratch. 5:1 Brian Crower. Hey guys so I'm planing on doing a k20a3 built. It sounds awesome. Choose top quality brands APEX, DNJ Rock, Felpro, ITM, Ishino Stone, Stone, VR Gaskets. *** SOLD PARTS WILL BE LISTED FIRST, IF IT ISN'T LISTED AS SOLD, IT IS AVAILABLE *** *** PLEASE READ THE AD BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS *** Up for parts is my 2001 Honda Civic sedan with a K20A3 5 speed swap. This k20 engine gets rid of the old standard timings of engines of yesterday and uses computer ignition timings to help you get your car started which also brings better handling of the car. But if you're going to play. 00. 6spd LSD Transmisison, PRD Ecu, 220 Hp 157Trq. K20A (Type R) Motor, Tranny, ECU [ITEM NUMBER 30014] Thanks for watching! The car ran 12. com Tel: 909-927-8500 Fax: 909-927-8505 4Piston Ported K-series Oil Pump - K20/K24 The stock K20 oil pump is a great piece for up to 9,000 rpm bursts. 5:1 pistons - k20a2 oil pump - k20a2 oil pan - acl duraglide main bearings - acl race rod bearings No oil squirters, no oil cooler. Honda K-Series ( K20, K24 ) Swap Guide If I have a fully functional RSX Base manual, would I need any additional parts outside the RSX for a K20A3 swap on my EG. This engine series, the K-series, replaced the B-series of engines that had previously been used in these applications for 12 years. I built this car 6 or 7 years ago, and lost interest and never actually finished putting it back together. 1- 230whp, Stg. 0-liter K20A3 DOHC I-4 engine making 160 hp at 6,500 rpm and 132 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm backed by a five-speed manual transmission with a dash Acura RSX K20A3 Engine 2004, A-Series Main Bearing Set by Clevite®. Although VTEC, it is only featured on the intake camshaft. While I understand engine building is a science, there has to be people interested in different methods. Synchrotech Transmissions Inc Our motto is pretty simple: Great products, Great service and Great prices (909) 592-5900 The 2002-2005 Honda Civic Si hatchback was powered by a 2. 03-22-2010, the k20a3 is found in the 02+ civic si and the base model rsx and have a 5 speed tranny. JDM K20A replacement for K20A3 DC5 RSX and Honda Civic Item ID 1228 Model(s) Acura K20 Performance Engine Parts. 00 $ 599. For those who modified or plan to modify your RSX, do you have a plan or vision of what you want the car to be? Track car? Show car? Personally I'm going for a car that feels good to drive but isn't n Full Race Pro-Street turbo kit K series Handa/Acura K20 and K24. Dailymotion. I read many posts of people, which complained about stretched timing chains. K-tuned Upper Coolant Housing With Built In Filler K20a K20a2 K20a3 K20z1 K24a1. com - RSX Exhaust, Intake, RSX Turbo. 5-9lbs of boost. Check out the deal on Hondata K-Pro Version 4 at K Series Parts Well, think about it this way- swap- $3k or so (without tranny, including labor)- A3 build including heads- $5k plus including labor- results- maybe the same, probably less with the A3, and you're out of potential- the A2 motor has seen NA versions around 300 WHP- the A3, maybe 225 MAX with cams for about the same $- plus the A2 is a lot better built it seems- Mark W. A VIN number is a 17 character alpha/numeric serial number unique to each vehicle, by manufacturer, make, model and year. A USDM only production engine, the K20A3 and similar cylinder head configurations were developed for a performance, yet economical mindset. K20A Longblock Base Model K20A3 Replacement (02-06) [ITEM NUMBER 30039] $ 699. 05-06 Type-S 2. With a compression of 13. 4. Acura RSX K20A3 Engine 2003, A-Series Main Bearing Set by Clevite®. so I'm looking to add one of these engines to my 2000 teggy . Do not overtighten any of the connections. 4-wheel ABS, power windows and a power moonroof. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases K20A PRB Oil Pump conversion, This oil pump is found on the DC5 TypeR K20A, RSX-S K20A2/Z1. Acura RSX Performance Parts, RSX Body Kits. 0L 200 hp I4 K20A2. Domestic Shipping PolicyWe offer free shipping in the United States. Skunk2 Racing is an industry leading aftermarket performance parts manufacturer that designs, engineers, develops, and manufactures engine, suspension, and exhaust performance parts for Honda, Acura, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Subaru. Our jdm k20 swap comes with a 100% start up warranty* Buy a 2005 Acura RSX Fuel Pump at discount prices. 00 racing built k20 k24 b series k iamtaiboogie streetracing races racing drag racing dragrace dragracing street race track ¼ slicks skinnies strip highway cops police music burnout out turbo all K20A3 Turbo Build - Ep3 Love Turbo RSX. 7 L4 comp engine Our Auto, Car, Truck Parts Online Unbelievable prices of k20a3 k24a1 and other related listings. … Read more If your Honda was built after 1997, the replacement interval for your timing belt is typically around the 105. 8:1 k20a3 roughly 160hp. It’s a garage-built recreation of an Atom, dubbed the z59. Post by danrosajr » Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:06 am I need a calibration for a 2002 honda civic si EP3. Manley K20 or K24 I-Beam Turbo Tuff Rods (625 Bolts) $ 1,010. this item is used and may show signs of imperfections such as surface scratches and scuffs. JDM H23A VTEC and Non VTEC Motors, H22A Type S OBD1 and OBD2 Engines. For You Explore. What kind of performance can you get out of rebuilding the head with more aggressive cams and a kpro. 2002 2003 2004 acura rsx motor k20a ivtec base model engine dc5 integra k20a3. Engine Block Internals (16) K Series Bearings (7) K Series The K20A3 camshafts feature ultra high-strength hollow iron alloy camshaft cores and cutting edge profile design. also what are the biggest differences, other than the head, of the two engines. Yes, the car will be fast, but it just won't be great fun. but yea i was waiting on someone to build a fully built NA k20a3 too see how much power it can make, i'd be looking forward to you bro. - k20a3 block - k20a2 crank - eagle H-beam rods - cp 12. 02-04 Type-S 2. Put a drain pan under the pressure hose connection to catch leaks and loosen the fittings with a flare nut wrench. Should I change the sleeves or should I leave it. The K20A3 is found in the 01-03 Civic Si while the K24A1 is in the 01-03 CR-V. . This package comes with everything needed to install onto your K-series engine. Integra iS is offered in 2002-2004 model years with 15-inch steel wheels with covers, or The VTEC system on engines like the K20A3 only operate on the intake cam; at low rpm only one intake valve is fully opened, the other opening just slightly to create a swirl effect in the combustion chamber for improved fuel atomization. On Sale Our Brands. Convert your Non-VTEC K20 or K24 into a VTEC Killer set-up. The NEW GO-AUTOWORKS X Line of turbo kits is now available! Get the best of the best in one complete package!The R-X600 Ball Bearing turbo kit is the newly revised and upgraded version of our long time best seller S-Race Kit. Shop K20a3 K24a1 available for purchase right now! The Honda Integra DC5 (Japanese: ホンダ インテグラ DC5) is the fourth and final generation of . Made I loved driving my Civic after the K-Swap was done, but I was a bit disappointed about the power the engine built in VTEC. It will work in EF, EG, EK, and DC chassis. Note: For built – high revving engines, we recommend the use of an F20C oil pump. Up Pipes, Down Pipes & Dump Tubes. The RSX used the 160 hp (120 kW) K20A3 engine throughout the entire production run. K20A / K20Z 8620 Steel Billet CAMSHAFTS The newest engine in the Honda tuning community. ARP Head Studs K20A K20A2 K20A3 K20Z1 K20Z3. 0-liter K20A3 DOHC I-4 engine making 160 hp at 6,500 rpm and 132 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm backed by a five-speed manual transmission with a dash K20A3 K20A4 K20A6 K20Z1 K20Z2 K20Z3 There are two versions of Honda’s i-VTEC system available for K series engines; variable timing control (VTC) can be found on the intake cam of both engines. Remove the hose, connect a new hose and tighten the fittings. Full Race produces the ultimate turbo kit for ALL K-series powered Honda applications and Brewed Motors guaranties the best service and lowest prices! Now it doesn't matter if you have an RSX or K24 swapped EG we have a turbo kit for EVERY K series! Buy a 2002 Acura RSX Head Gasket at discount prices. Looking at current & past designs and their flaws, we finally came up with a rad design that meets our high standards. 3. The car is currently making 322whp/268tq at 8. What if, with a set of cheap cams alone, and a stock RPM limit, the A3 owners can make 160HP ATW instead of crank? Or even The VTEC system on engines like the K20A3 only operate on the intake cam; at low rpm only one intake valve is fully opened, the other opening just slightly to create a swirl effect in the combustion chamber for improved fuel atomization. or possibly stg2 full RSX Type S has the K20A2 engine, the Base RSX has the K20A3. Universal Mufflers. looking to upgrade my si and dont have enough for a full k20a2 swap. How much can i push? Without making it to risky? K20A3 Built map/calibration. 2-260whp, Stg. K20a3 build I am in need for new cams. EXEDY (Japan) was founded in 1923 and its clutch manufacturing business and prominent brand name Daikin Clutch are known throughout the world for supplying quality powertrain products. To replace a damaged or leaking power steering pressure line hose, you must first locate the power steering pump and reservoir. The K is a significant departure from the tried-and-true B series in several ways: In addition to VTEC, the K has variable cam timing. Chunky's Built Naturally Aspirated K20a3 in an Ep3. Each character in the VIN number can be decoded to determine where the car was built, what year, which automotive features are included and more. Package Includes: Honda K20A3 VTEC (approx. Jackson Racing 5125 G Street Chino, CA 91710 USA info@jacksonracing. All orders ship same day or the next business day. This 2000 Honda Insight is for sale in Maple Heights, Ohio for $14,000 OBO. Honda K20/K24 Beltless Dry Sump System by AT Power This is a new project which we've spent a long time trying to get going. 0-liters of displacement, bore/stroke, block, head, valves, and intake manifold. Feb 13, 2014 Because of the K20A3's conservative implementation of VTEC and lower Swapping out the original K20Z3 block for a built K24A1 bottom end  Apr 29, 2018 2002 – 2006 Acura RSX – K20A3; 2002 – 2005 Honda Civic Si – K20A3 With a built bottom end you push power upwards of 700-800whp  Mar 16, 2009 Ill go either peakboost build with gt30 or gt35 turbo. OEM Timing Chain Guide Set for 2002-2011 Honda & Acura K20 K20A K20A2 K20A3 K20Z3 K20Z1 Engines . The added surface area increases bearing life, especially at extended rpm. Also I'm gonna do u a2 rocker are conversation. got the swap for cheap so I'm gonna build it. What's your goal with your RSX? 30 Answers. so about 4 years ago me and 1 of K20A3 / K24 Stroker Kits The BC stroker kit It had to be streetable, built for pump gas, no E85 or race fuel dependent  bearing clearances; Race preparation and debur to piston dome; Precision assembly in clean room. I have to get use to everything and drive the car better. Nov 13, 2015 K Series - K20a3 build - Ok so, I've got a 2003 Honda Civic si ep3 with the 9. 2006 L4-1998cc 2. I knew I would rather have a rebuilt  Build Your own "KMOD Engine", These kits are offered in 4 Stages. Sort By: Page of 2 : Honda D17a1 01-05 1. Ford in a horsepower battle of the big Nubee here. built k20a3

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